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<December 2018>
ViewDEN 107@ CHA 1135:00 pmFinalCHA by 1.0 o/u 218.5DEN 109 @ CHA 110
ViewPHI 117@ DET 1115:00 pmFinalDET by 2.0 o/u 220.5PHI 109 @ DET 111
ViewIND 112@ ORL 905:00 pmFinalORL by 3.5 o/u 206.5IND 102 @ ORL 105Blowout
ViewTOR 105@ BKN 1065:30 pmFinalTOR by 8.5 o/u 221.0TOR 115 @ BKN 106
ViewSAC 129@ CLE 1105:30 pmFinalSAC by 3.0 o/u 223.0SAC 113 @ CLE 110Blowout
ViewMEM 107@ NOR 1036:00 pmFinalNOR by 5.0 o/u 214.0MEM 104 @ NOR 110
ViewOKC 112@ CHI 1146:00 pmFinalOKC by 8.5 o/u 218.5OKC 114 @ CHI 105
ViewLAL 120@ SAS 1336:30 pmFinalLAL by 1.0 o/u 224.0LAL 112 @ SAS 112
ViewMIA 115@ PHO 987:00 pmFinalMIA by 8.5 o/u 210.5MIA 110 @ PHO 101Blowout
ViewGSW 105@ MIL 957:30 pmFinalMIL by 2.0 o/u 241.5GSW 120 @ MIL 122

Central Standard Time

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DEN (107) @ CHA (113)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  190.74Juan HernangomezF 3  DENY36:3015110212.6679.66730211.2-0.09-0.441.46-0.67-0.032.482.75-1.012.20
  330.32Paul MillsapF 90 OUTDENY18:471603112.5008.88991427.30.09-1.45-1.15-1.13-0.032.480.352.751.01
  510.07Jamal MurrayG 97  DENY36:422005720.40020.80051425.00.80-1.45-0.411.632.45-1.34-2.320.241.01
  66-0.11Malik BeasleyG 16  DEN 32:471647200.385131.00021217.90.092.620.34-0.67-2.51-1.34-1.811.281.01
  81-0.24Nikola JokicC 100  DENY33:2216011612.33318.80054528.70.09-1.451.831.17-0.032.48-3.970.24-2.56
  89-0.29Monte MorrisG 16  DEN 24:301223201.41712.00000019.4-0.620.58-1.15-0.67-2.510.57-
  95-0.33Mason PlumleeF 20  DEN 20:09707202.6005.50021513.5-1.50-1.450.34-0.67-2.512.481.01-1.641.01
  97-0.34Trey LylesF 3  DEN 18:43515213.18211.00001025.3-1.86-0.44-0.41-0.67-0.034.39-
  204-1.32Torrey CraigF 1  DENY18:30004000.0005.00000610.7-2.75-1.45-0.78-1.59-2.51-1.34-3.710.032.20
    Isaiah ThomasG 26  DEN                       
    Gary HarrisG 80  DEN                       
    Will BartonG 83  DEN                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010785524612.386101.80826928
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  310.35Kemba WalkerG 100  CHAY36:212126811.36411.917125225.30.980.58-0.042.09-0.030.57-1.894.63-3.75
  410.16Tony ParkerG 2  CHA 22:231914321.42914.75081035.80.62-0.44-0.78-0.212.450.57-0.99-0.801.01
  540.04Frank KaminskyF 7  CHA 16:271126201.50081.00010122.2-0.790.58-0.04-0.67-2.510.570.350.652.20
  560.01Miles BridgesF 39  CHA 16:13712212.4297.00000018.7-1.50-0.44-1.53-0.67-0.032.48-0.480.032.20
  60-0.02Cody ZellerC 14  CHAY31:33804121.28671.00041513.4-1.33-1.45-0.78-1.132.450.57-2.052.531.01
  62-0.07Malik MonkG 4  CHA 22:011630101.417121.00030226.20.091.60-2.27-1.13-2.510.57-1.071.902.20
  71-0.14Marvin WilliamsF 51  CHAY32:3614310210.33312.75041119.6-0.261.601.46-0.67-0.03-1.34-2.64-0.391.01
  99-0.38Michael Kidd-GilchristF 2  CHA 15:27605001.50041.00020313.7-1.68-1.45-0.41-1.59-2.510.570.191.282.20
  107-0.44Jeremy LambG 68  CHAY20:33714010.4297.00000214.7-1.50-0.44-0.78-1.59-0.03-1.34-0.480.032.20
  134-0.63Nicolas BatumG 64  CHAY26:26407101.00041.00041411.1-2.04-1.450.34-1.13-2.510.57-2.962.531.01
    Shelvin MackG 1  CHA                       
    Willy HernangomezC 4  CHA                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011313482089.38486.89538920
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: With Millsap going down, it's hard t leave Hernangomez on the wire in standard leagues. He has been very impressive and there is a real chance he is the team's starting power forward next season as well.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: With Millsap set to miss time, Hernangomez could stick in the starting lineup even when Will Barton returns by shifting up to PF. There's some additional upside with Hernangomez now if you were previously too dubious of his long-term value.
Kyle: Millsap broke his toe and is expected to miss some time, but it's unclear just how long he'll be out. I'd wait until we get a timeline before making any potential drop decisions with Millsap in shallower leagues.
Kyle: Parker will likely continue to have these mini explosions, but a look through his game log illustrates how streaky those performances have been. He's fine to stream in the hopes of a good game or two, but Parker is not a must-roster player in most leagues.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Deeper rotisserie leagues may want to give Frank a look.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: With Marvin Williams back in action, the hope of Bridges getting a larger role soon don't seem likely. He's fine to move back to the wire for a stream or better flier.
Maybe Add 12 teams Kyle: Code Z's minutes keep popping. It could be worth grabbing him as a flier or stash, especially in rotisserie leagues where his percentages are always useful.
Kyle: Monk got hot and earned some extra run. He may be worth a little extra attention for the next couple games, but I'm not buying this as more than a hot night. Leave him on the wire in standard leagues.
Josh: Came through strong with Harris out, but is just a 16 team guy in reality.
Kyle: Beasley played well and got big minutes with Gary Harris out again. Beasley is worth streaming when Harris is out, but he's otherwise in too inconsistent of a role to consider rostering beyond deeper leagues.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Only missed one game due to his shoulder injury and was strong. I don't like him as a 12 team guy, but his recent production says otherwise, so you have to consider him.
Stream Kyle: Williams returned to action after sitting out the previous game with a shoulder sprain. Big Willie Style has been decent lately and has some streamability in 12-team leagues, but I wouldn't count on his production being consistently rosterable in standard leagues.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Lyles might start at PF and have a much bigger role with Paul Millsap expected to miss some time with a broken toe. The Nuggets could also go with Juan Hernangomez at PF, so Lyles isn't guaranteed a consistently large role, but he is worth considering grabbing as a flier to see if he can step into the starting PF job and potentially stake his claim to taking over the job permanently next season.
Kyle: MKG moved back to the bench with Marvin WIlliams returning from a one-game absence.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Lamb had his first poor game in over a month. I'd grab him if he gets dropped, and I'd consider sending out a buy-low offer.
Josh: Back to the dud column for Batum. His one game was nice, but he has been poor for a large chunk of the season. I would still hold in most 12 team formats, ,but it would depend on who is on the wire.
Kyle: After his big games in the previous outing got people's hopes up, Batum fell flat Friday. He was in foul trouble a lot of the game, so that's partially why his minutes are low. If you took a flier on him, I'd likely hold for another game at least.

PHI (117) @ DET (111)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  21.93Jimmy ButlerF 100  PHIY38:593816631.48127.917120131.73.99-0.44-
  81.26Wilson ChandlerF 2  LACY37:031028223.8005.0000058.5-0.970.580.71-0.672.454.392.590.032.20
  91.18Ben SimmonsG 100  PHIY40:2918014613.727111.00024315.00.45-1.452.951.17-0.034.394.401.28-2.56
  180.75Mike MuscalaF 1  LAL 29:461843213.53813.00002520.30.452.62-1.15-0.67-0.034.391.340.03-0.18
  103-0.41J.J. RedickG 83  PHIY34:291822501.278181.00062325.10.450.58-1.530.71-2.510.57-5.553.78-0.18
  128-0.59Amir JohnsonC   PHIY16:16002030.0002.0000269.4-2.75-1.45-1.53-1.594.94-1.34-1.470.03-0.18
  141-0.68T.J. McConnellG 4  PHI 21:031001500.7147.00003018.2-0.97-1.45-1.900.71-2.51-1.342.670.03-1.37
  144-0.71Furkan KorkmazG   PHI 4:14203011.2504.00001145.2-2.39-1.45-1.15-1.59-0.030.57-1.390.031.01
  188-1.11Landry ShametG 9  LAC 15:43301000.33331.00011317.7-2.21-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.640.651.01
  197-1.21Jonah BoldenF   PHI 1:58000000.0000.00001119.5-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.031.01
    James EnnisF 1  PHI                       
    Jonathon SimmonsG 1  PHI                       
    Joel EmbiidC 100  PHI                       
    Tobias HarrisF 99  PHI                       
   0.00Totals    240:00117940261112.48990.952211628
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  200.73Andre DrummondC 100  DETY33:4321010022.368191.00071227.50.98-1.451.46-1.592.452.48-3.154.411.01
  67-0.11Reggie JacksonG 70  DETY34:121314521.385131.00024321.0-0.44-0.44-0.780.712.450.57-1.811.28-2.56
  76-0.20Zaza PachuliaC   DET 14:17805310.40051.00041321.8-1.33-1.45-0.41-0.21-0.03-1.34-0.562.531.01
  80-0.24Jose CalderonG   DET 13:38710120.6005.00001017.7-1.50-0.44-2.27-1.132.45-1.341.010.031.01
  113-0.48Jon LeuerF   DET 10:112022101.0001.0000013.9-2.39-1.45-1.53-0.67-0.03-1.340.850.032.20
  124-0.58Langston GallowayG 7  DET 30:431225110.33315.00001420.9-0.620.58-0.41-1.13-0.03-1.34-3.310.031.01
  132-0.62Bruce BrownG   DETY31:41715300.6005.0000228.9-1.50-0.44-0.41-0.21-2.51-1.341.010.03-0.18
  158-0.80Luke KennardG 17  DET 18:15513100.5004.00001311.0-1.86-0.44-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.340.190.031.01
  159-0.81Blake GriffinF 99  DETY37:4631012600.46715.708244531.42.75-1.452.201.17-2.51-1.34-0.16-5.36-2.56
  160-0.82Glenn Robinson IIIG   DETY15:34513010.2867.00001120.6-1.86-0.44-1.15-1.59-0.03-1.34-
    Ish SmithG 8  DET                       
    Wayne EllingtonG 25  DET                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011174922103.41689.811371624
Josh: Back to back 38 point games, this one coming without Embiid.
Kyle: Butler was awesome with Joel Embiid out, clearing the path for Butler to soar.
Josh: A strong defensive performance from CHandler, but he isn't someone I'd be relying upon to come close to this.
Kyle: Chandler got big minutes with Joel Embiid missing from the frontcourt rotation, but I wouldn't trust him to put up nights like this consistently. He's best used in deeper leagues and maybe as a streamer in 14-teamers.
Josh: Took a lot of Embiid's production, but his absence is short-term, so you can ignore this.
Kyle: Muscala was great, but Joel Embiid was out, which cleared a lot of opportunity for Musky Mike. Muscala is best considered for deep leagues and as a streamer, but if Embiid ever needs to miss time, Muscala would be a nice interim streamer.
Josh: Got back on track, especially with teh free throws.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: This was a nice game from The Drummer, including his 7-of-7 from the line, but he's struggled a little of late and may be worth throwing out a buy-low offer for.
Kyle: Johnson got the spot start at center with Joel Embiid out but didn't do much. 3 steals is cool though.
Josh: Made the start with Johnson out and was okay, but it doesn't really move the needle much.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Brown is worth watching in deeper leagues. With Ish Smith (groin) expected to miss 3-6 weeks, The Shark (Doot, Doot, Doot,) should help eat up the minutes Smith is leaving behind. Brown got the spot start here because both Reggis Bullock and Stanley Johnson, the initial spot starter announced, was ruled out just before the game.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: With Ish Smith out for 3-6 weeks, Kennard could see his role grow or at least pop on a given night.
Josh: Even with Johnson out, he can't do anything.
Josh: Why is this guy starting?

IND (112) @ ORL (90)  Blowout

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  170.79Kyle O'QuinnC 3  IND 27:2512010222.54511.00000217.4-0.62-1.451.46-0.672.452.481.260.032.20
  270.50Thaddeus YoungF 82  INDY30:561427411.60010.00001415.4-0.260.580.340.25-0.030.572.000.031.01
  290.45Bojan BogdanovicF 80  INDY29:142623210.55618.80050129.91.870.58-1.15-0.67-0.03-1.342.320.242.20
  380.18Aaron HolidayG 1  IND 21:41717312.3758.00000116.0-1.50-0.440.34-0.21-0.032.48-
  65-0.11Cory JosephG 8  IND 24:511513211.58312.00011023.4-0.09-0.44-1.15-0.67-0.030.572.08-2.261.01
  112-0.47Darren CollisonG 78  INDY26:19203810.2005.0000018.2-2.39-1.45-1.152.09-0.03-1.34-
  114-0.48Tyreke EvansG 34  INDY22:501113310.25081.00063025.9-0.79-0.44-1.15-0.21-0.03-1.34-2.803.78-1.37
  116-0.50Myles TurnerC 97  INDY20:351016001.5717.50021418.7-0.97-0.44-0.04-1.59-2.510.571.09-1.641.01
  133-0.62Doug McDermottF 1  IND 13:42713100.50041.00021218.6-1.50-0.44-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.340.191.281.01
  139-0.66T.J. LeafF   IND 15:41806100.42971.00021224.5-1.33-1.45-0.04-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.481.281.01
  171-0.94Alize JohnsonF   IND 3:23000001.0001.00000012.8-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.510.57-0.720.032.20
  203-1.29Edmond SumnerG   IND 3:23002000.0002.00001038.4-2.75-1.45-1.53-1.59-2.51-1.34-1.470.031.01
    Wesley MatthewsG 32  IND                       
    Domantas SabonisF 81  IND                       
    Victor OladipoG 46X IND                       
   0.00Totals    240:001129532688.47393.83318917
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  420.13Aaron GordonF 97  ORLY33:5520314411.44418.33332125.20.801.602.950.25-0.030.57-0.82-3.93-0.18
  470.10Nikola VucevicC 97 PORLY25:3822110200.529171.00032131.81.16-0.441.46-0.67-2.51-1.341.501.90-0.18
  84-0.26Khem BirchC 1  ORL 4:084020021.00011.00020018.2-2.04-1.45-1.53-1.59-2.512.480.851.282.20
  88-0.29Terrence RossG 54  ORL 26:001112110.50010.00000315.4-0.79-0.44-1.53-1.13-0.03-1.340.430.032.20
  121-0.56Jerian GrantG 1  ORL 25:40513310.50021.0002339.2-1.86-0.44-1.15-0.21-0.03-1.340.111.28-1.37
  150-0.76Jonathan IsaacF 62  ORL 20:36606003.2508.66732422.0-1.68-1.45-0.04-1.59-2.514.39-2.80-1.01-0.18
  161-0.84Mohamed BambaC 26  ORL 18:14407101.2229.00000119.8-2.04-1.450.34-1.13-2.510.57-3.550.032.20
  168-0.92Wesley IwunduF   ORL 4:08200200.5002.00000019.4-2.39-1.45-2.27-0.67-2.51-1.340.110.032.20
  169-0.92Jonathon SimmonsG 1  PHIY22:02202200.3333.0000015.1-2.39-1.45-1.53-0.67-2.51-1.34-0.640.032.20
  186-1.11Evan FournierG 76 EJECTORLY29:03910300.36411.00002417.9-1.15-0.44-2.27-0.21-2.51-1.34-1.890.03-0.18
  193-1.16Isaiah BriscoeG NOTE FA 4:08001000.0000.00001011.5-2.75-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.031.01
  194-1.17D.J. AugustinG 55  ORLY22:20510200.3336.00002014.4-1.86-0.44-2.27-0.67-2.51-1.34-1.310.03-0.18
  198-1.24Jarell MartinF   ORL 4:08000000.0002.00000019.4-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.34-1.470.032.20
    Markelle FultzG 18X ORL                       
   0.00Totals    240:00908472037.40489.769131418
Josh: He did what he always does - produce. He is a fantasy beast, but he only played because Sabonis was out. If the injury lingers, KOQ has value, otherwise, he has none.
Kyle: With Domantas Sabonis out, Myles Turner in foul trouble, and the game turning into a blowout, O'Quinn stepped into a nice role and big production. Sabonis had food poisoning, so he should be back for the next game.
Kyle: It's nice to see Gordon have a good game even when the team is blown out.
Josh: The assists keep on coming, but his value will likely drop significantly when Oladipo returns.
Josh: Continues to be subpar, even with Oladipo out. He is more of a 14 team league player.
Josh: Foul trouble limited him.
Kyle: Turner was in foul trouble and didn't need to return with the game in hand.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: The defense was there, but foul trouble limited the playing time. I still view him as a 12 team guy
Kyle: It was a blowout, limiting everyone's production on the Magic, but the 3 blocks in limited minutes are nice.
Josh: Why is this guy starting?

TOR (105) @ BKN (106)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  31.61Kawhi LeonardF 100  TORY37:393253441.47621.87583335.72.933.64-
  350.22Jonas ValanciunasC 88X MEMY26:192408001.66715.66760327.71.51-1.450.71-1.59-2.510.574.56-2.052.20
  550.03Pascal SiakamF 88  TORY36:401616212.40015.75041223.60.09-0.44-0.04-0.67-0.032.48-1.73-0.391.01
  92-0.31Fred VanVleetG 54  TOR 27:02821310.28671.00020014.2-1.330.58-1.90-0.21-0.03-1.34-
  104-0.41Serge IbakaC 85  TOR 20:10806102.28671.00042226.0-1.33-1.45-0.04-1.13-2.512.48-2.052.53-0.18
  125-0.58Delon WrightG 43  MEM 16:50513120.2508.00001022.1-1.86-0.44-1.15-1.132.45-1.34-2.800.031.01
  147-0.76Danny GreenG 53  TORY34:03204200.5002.0000022.9-2.39-1.45-0.78-0.67-2.51-1.340.110.032.20
  162-0.88Kyle LowryG 99  TORY35:483131111.1258.00005517.7-2.21-0.44-1.153.47-0.030.57-4.380.03-3.75
  187-1.11O.G. AnunobyF 3  TOR 16:55314000.2005.00001017.3-2.21-0.44-0.78-1.59-2.51-1.34-
  191-1.14C.J. MilesF 1X MEM 13:34403100.0001.80052215.8-2.04-1.45-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.720.24-0.18
    Jeremy LinG 7  TOR                       
    Marc GasolC 96  TOR                       
   0.00Totals    265:0010511412597.39389.828291519
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  240.64Jarrett AllenC 91  BKNY32:2212010222.83361.00024314.4-0.62-1.451.46-0.672.452.483.421.28-2.56
  370.19D'Angelo RussellG 92  BKNY31:532925510.591221.00016238.22.400.58-0.410.71-0.03-1.344.060.65-4.94
  90-0.30Spencer DinwiddieG 69  BKN 30:441712810.412171.00023229.10.27-0.44-1.532.09-0.03-1.34-1.651.28-1.37
  115-0.49Rondae Hollis-JeffersonF 24  BKNY35:401114210.35714.00000216.8-0.79-0.44-0.78-0.67-0.03-1.34-2.560.032.20
  138-0.66Rodions KurucsF 10  BKN 13:34603010.5006.00001322.1-1.68-1.45-1.15-1.59-0.03-1.340.270.031.01
  145-0.72Ed DavisC 10  BKN 20:331015010.0003.50021410.2-2.57-1.453.32-1.59-0.03-1.34-2.22-1.641.01
  148-0.76Jared DudleyF   BKN 11:153101001.0001.0000033.8-2.21-0.44-2.27-1.13-2.51-1.340.850.032.20
  154-0.80DeMarre CarrollF 11  BKN 28:251028110.33312.00020319.4-0.970.580.71-1.13-0.03-1.34-2.64-4.552.20
  166-0.90Allen CrabbeG 29X BKNY25:011134100.3339.66732321.1-0.791.60-0.78-1.13-2.51-1.34-1.97-1.01-0.18
  174-1.01Joe HarrisG 54  BKNY35:33619200.25081.00013313.8-1.68-0.441.08-0.67-2.51-1.34-2.800.65-1.37
    Caris LeVertG 41  BKN                       
   0.00Totals    265:0010611602282.43998.692132028
Josh: JV has done well against the Nets in the past, but I didn't see this coming at all. That is two strong games in a row and he remains a 12 team guy.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: I'd be seeing how much you can get for him while he's hawt.
Josh: A big game without big FG%?! Very interesting.
Must Add 10 teams Josh: Still avauilable in too many leagues. He has been the clear beneficiary of the LeVert injury.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Dinwiddie should be on more rosters than he is.
Josh: A rare dud.
Kyle: Ibaka wasn't great, but he wasn't that bad, either.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: The big minutes are great to see, and worth watching to see if they stick, but I wouldn't look at RHJ as more than a streamer in most leagues still.
Josh: FInally saw the court and was solid and I would add him in deep dynasty formats and I think he could be a top 100 player in the future.
Kyle: Kurucs was in the rotation over Shabazz Napier, which is a welcome sight. Napier is a fine player, but the Nets have enough ballhandlers in the rotation already.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Green can put up standard league production, but he's so inconsistent from game to game that it's hard to consider him a must-roster player in most leagues. He's probably best viewed as a streamer.
Kyle: If this is just a shooting slump Lowry is going through, he might be a buy-low candidate, but he sat out a game with a sore back recently, so he might be somewhat of a sell-high. It's a situation worth watching.
Sell High 12 teams Josh: If you still can sell high, I would. Noah isn't coming for his job, but he is preventing Gasol from getting to 36 minutes a night.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Gasol's minutes were up big early this season and look to be falling with a veteran backup in Noah joining the roster. It might be worth trying to sell high on Gasol's early production.

SAC (129) @ CLE (110)  Blowout

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  12.02De'Aaron FoxG 93  SACY29:0330421230.75016.66731426.22.582.62-1.533.934.94-1.346.97-1.011.01
  150.85Buddy HieldG 92  SACY32:442554202.529171.00021224.01.693.64-0.78-0.67-2.512.481.501.281.01
  320.34Marvin Bagley IIIF 82  SAC 25:031711111.8899.00002118.20.27-0.44-1.90-1.13-0.030.575.900.03-0.18
  63-0.10Willie Cauley-SteinC 81  SACY26:5710063201.0005.00021310.6-0.97-1.45-0.04-0.212.45-1.344.16-4.551.01
  74-0.18Nemanja BjelicaF 32  SACY29:461314200.7508.00001212.6-0.44-0.44-0.78-0.67-2.51-1.343.500.031.01
  119-0.54Kosta KoufosC   SAC 14:14608200.6005.00001117.5-1.68-1.450.71-0.67-2.51-1.341.010.031.01
  122-0.56Bogdan BogdanovicG 65  SAC 22:561514400.38918.00000332.6-0.09-0.44-0.780.25-2.51-1.34-2.400.032.20
  146-0.72Justin JacksonF 2  DAL 22:36710300.4297.00000120.0-1.50-0.44-2.27-0.21-2.51-1.34-0.480.032.20
  155-0.80Iman ShumpertG 2  HOUY23:07604101.3758.00001020.0-1.68-1.45-0.78-1.13-2.510.57-
  167-0.90Troy WilliamsG   SAC 3:44001001.0001.00000111.1-2.75-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.510.57-0.720.032.20
  199-1.24Yogi FerrellG 1  SAC 2:56000000.0002.00000028.3-2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.34-1.470.032.20
  202-1.28Frank Mason IIIG   SAC 6:54001100.0002.00001018.1-2.75-1.45-1.90-1.13-2.51-1.34-1.470.031.01
    Harry GilesF 8X SAC                       
    Harrison BarnesF 84  SAC                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012913353165.57198.5717918
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  230.65Alec BurksG 3  SAC 37:562237910.57114.75042019.11.161.600.342.55-0.03-1.342.16-0.39-0.18
  360.21Jordan ClarksonG 61  CLE 29:532644110.57919.00012130.91.872.62-0.78-1.13-0.03-1.343.15-2.26-0.18
  111-0.46Larry Nance Jr.F 70  CLEY31:051107000.8005.75041510.8-0.79-1.450.34-1.59-2.51-1.342.59-0.391.01
  120-0.54Channing FryeF   CLE 3:506200001.0002.00000022.5-1.680.58-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.341.680.032.20
  136-0.64Cedi OsmanF 49  CLEY32:201016320.30813.50022321.2-0.97-0.44-0.04-0.212.45-1.34-3.39-1.64-0.18
  156-0.80Collin SextonG 70  CLEY34:412301200.56316.83365429.41.33-1.45-1.90-0.67-2.51-1.342.240.87-3.75
  163-0.88Rodney HoodG 11 OUTPORY14:47400100.33331.00020213.2-2.04-1.45-2.27-1.13-2.51-1.34-0.641.282.20
  165-0.90Ante ZizicC 5  CLE 4:38203000.5002.00000018.6-2.39-1.45-1.15-1.59-2.51-1.340.110.032.20
  170-0.94Tristan ThompsonC 29  CLEY29:31406200.6673.0000328.8-2.04-1.45-0.04-0.67-2.51-1.340.930.03-1.37
  175-1.01Jalen JonesG NOTE FA 4:38001200.0001.00000010.3-2.75-1.45-1.90-0.67-2.51-1.34-0.720.032.20
  200-1.24Jaron BlossomgameF GLG CLE 16:41200000.3333.00001010.3-2.39-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.640.031.01
    David NwabaG 1  CLE                       
    J.R. SmithG 1X CLE                       
    Kevin LoveF 95  CLE                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011010352040.53181.737191617
Josh: His shooting has been amazing this season, a huge improvement over his rookie season.
Kyle: Fox has been great this season. I wish I had seen this coming.
Josh: Nice to see him get back on track after a slight slump of late, but the steals are still non-existant.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: George Hill is gone, but we can't get a full grasp on the rotation because Hood got injured and Dellavedova hasn't joined the team yet. This is obviously a great line, but Burks isn't usually this sort of stat stuffer. I'd be okay with grabbing him and seeing what happens with the understanding that this is the best case scenario.
Maybe Add 14 teams Kyle: Burks was outrageous Friday, but his role is not guaranteed going forward. It's fine to stream him in to see if he can carve out a bigger short-term role if Rodney Hood needs to miss any game, but if Hood is healthy, Burks won't have a big enough role to be more than a streamer in standard leagues going forward.
Josh: Returned from his back injury and scored well, and efficiently, but the rest looks pretty weird. He is a must roster guy.
Kyle: Bagles was back in action after sitting out the two previous games with back tightness. He got dropped a lot of places and probably shouldn't have been. I'd be grabbing him.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Like Burks, benefitted from Hill and Hood's absence. Shot well, which doesn't happen often and he can be a 12 team guy for now.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Clarkson took advantage of the extra opportunity available with George Hill traded and Rodney Hood (foot) leaving the game. Clarkson is certainly rosterable in standard leagues because of his scoring, but he doesn't help much anywhere else.
Josh: A lot of minutes for Bjelica, who had been struggling to get too much more than 20 a game recently. I'd leave him for 14 team leagues.
Kyle: The extra minutes are nice to see for The Pizza Man, but Bjelica's starting role seems tentative with Marvin Bagley waiting in the wings.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Will he continue starting when Nwaba returns? We don't know, but this is very encouraging and he could be worth looking at if he can get 26 a night.
Kyle: Nance started at PF with George Hill traded to the Bucks. Sam Dekker was also sent out, going to the Wizards, and John Henson came to the Cavs. Nance may see some short-term rise in value, but until the Cavs commit to him as their starting center, it's hard to trust that Nance will have consistent standard league value the rest of the way.
Kyle: Hold him dearly, and never let him go. The minutes weren't where they should be, but the production was still good. I'd hold, and I'd add if anyone is silly enough to drop him.
Josh: Brutal shooting, but the minutes and attempts aren't going anywhere. I still believe he can be considered foro 12 team formats.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Great shooting, empty stat line. You can imagine how bad this would look if the shots didn't fall and that's why he does struggle in fantasy. He is still a must roster player.
Must Add 12 teams Kyle: Sexton should be rostered in most standard leagues for his scoring, but his lack of contributions elsewhere does limit his value severely. With George Hill traded to the Bucks, Sexton should have a clear path to 32-35 minutes nightly the rest of the way.
Josh: Is the drop off coming? I've been talking about him dropping off for a while and it looked like it may not come, but his last couple haven't been great and he is someone to watch if he trends down.
Kyle: Thompson had a terrible game, but I'd expect him to bounce back in the next contest. There's no reason to think the Cavs are going away from him just yet, though the trade of George Hill may shift their perspective on the rotation slightly.

MEM (107) @ NOR (103)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  41.57Kyle AndersonF 42X MEMY32:4219111433.66712.50040217.40.62-0.441.830.254.944.393.66-3.302.20
  130.89JaMychal GreenF 9  LAC 27:312438020.75012.75042535.91.511.600.71-1.592.45-1.345.23-0.39-0.18
  300.37Marc GasolC 96  TORY32:351516402.417121.00040220.6-0.09-0.44-0.040.25-2.512.48-1.072.532.20
  87-0.28Joakim NoahC 16  MEM 16:311305310.6258.75042429.4-0.44-1.45-0.41-0.21-0.03-1.341.92-0.39-0.18
  110-0.46Omri CasspiF INJ  FA 10:34403101.50021.00020113.9-2.04-1.45-1.15-1.13-2.510.570.111.282.20
  126-0.58Garrett TempleG 4  LACY32:55824310.3339.00002421.0-1.330.58-0.78-0.21-0.03-1.34-1.970.03-0.18
  140-0.67Mike ConleyG 97  MEMY34:359031010.16712.83361118.7-1.15-1.45-1.153.01-0.03-1.34-5.790.871.01
  143-0.69MarShon BrooksG NOTE FA 14:31701010.6005.50020020.7-1.50-1.45-1.90-1.59-0.03-1.341.01-1.642.20
  152-0.78Shelvin MackG 1  CHA 23:22511510.2867.00002216.8-1.86-0.44-1.900.71-0.03-1.34-2.050.03-0.18
  206-1.41Jaren Jackson Jr.F 63X MEMY14:44300001.2504.50022419.3-2.21-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.510.57-1.39-1.64-0.18
    Avery BradleyG 21  MEM                       
    Justin HolidayG 35  MEM                       
    Dillon BrooksG X MEM                       
    Chandler ParsonsF 4  MEM                       
    Delon WrightG 43  MEM                       
    Jonas ValanciunasC 88X MEM                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010784230107.47083.750281125
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  71.39Anthony DavisF 98  NORY35:5125011324.476211.00053429.01.69-1.451.83-0.212.456.300.083.16-1.37
  340.29Julius RandleF 94  NORY34:5226113320.52619.62582327.91.87-0.442.57-0.212.45-1.341.58-3.71-0.18
  530.05Jrue HolidayG 86X NORY39:0520051101.46715.85773221.40.80-1.45-0.413.47-2.510.57-0.161.49-1.37
  78-0.22Solomon HillF   NORY30:151441000.6258.00001211.8-0.262.62-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.341.920.031.01
  96-0.33Tim FrazierG 1  MILY29:287146101.0003.00004310.0-1.50-0.44-0.781.17-0.03-1.342.510.03-2.56
  177-1.02Darius MillerF 3X NOR 19:48313000.2005.00000410.0-2.21-0.44-1.15-1.59-2.51-1.34-
  195-1.18E'Twaun MooreG 14X NOR 25:24402100.16761.00021212.3-2.04-1.45-1.53-1.13-2.51-1.34-2.881.281.01
  201-1.25Cheick DialloF 11  NOR 4:51001000.0001.00001116.4-2.75-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.720.031.01
  207-1.44Nikola MiroticF 66  MIL 20:26402100.16761.00023420.3-2.04-1.45-1.53-1.13-2.51-1.34-2.881.28-1.37
    Frank JacksonG 9  NOR                       
    Stanley JohnsonF 2  NOR                       
    Elfrid PaytonG 73  NOR                       
   0.00Totals    240:001037422555.45284.833241825
Must Add 12 teams Josh: Even I'm a little surprised by this performance. Don't expect this sort of offense, but he is a must roster player and has been for a while.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Sweet Christmas! If you didn't trust his value so far, it's at least worth taking a squeeze on Anderson after this outrageous performance.
Josh: When JJJ get sin foul trouble, Green steps up. When JJJ plays 30 minutes, he will not be a rodterable player. It seems as simple an equation as that. While JJJ is getting into foul trouble every gane, you may as well try Green out.
Stream 14 teams Kyle: Green is playing well in his bench role, and he's seen a mini explosion with Jaren Jackson getting into foul trouble, but when Jackson is playing well most nights, Green will be minimized. I wouldn't get overly excited about Green's production.
Sell High 12 teams Josh: If you still can sell high, I would. Noah isn't coming for his job, but he is preventing Gasol from getting to 36 minutes a night.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Gasol's minutes were up big early this season and look to be falling with a veteran backup in Noah joining the roster. It might be worth trying to sell high on Gasol's early production.
Sell High 12 teams Josh: Started over Mirotic despite how well Mirotic had played and the Pelicans lost at home. Im not sure this rotation will stick, so I would at least inquire as to what I can get for him in a trade
Kyle: Randle remained in the starting lineup even with Nikola Mirotic returning to action. This role switch is not locked in, so it might be worth seeing what someone is willing to trade for Randle. He's a sell-high candidate.
Kyle: Hill should only ever be looked at in deeper leagues.
Josh: What year is it? In his second game for the season, Noah made us reminisce and he is a worthy deep league add.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Noah should be on watch lists for deeper leagues, but he'll only serve in a backup center role as long as Marc Gasol is healthy.
Josh: Not his finest performance, but nothing to worry about.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Remained in his bench role and struggled and you can definitely find better waiver options in standard leagues.
Droppable 14 teams Kyle: Moore has devolved into a threes streamer.
Josh: Fouls are killing this guy
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Jackson is in a mini slump because he's been in foul trouble. It's a known issue that will resolve itself. I'd be trying to buy low everywhere.
Buy Low 12 teams Josh: Back from his illness and came off the bench. I get the feeling he may stick there for a while, but I also don't think he will be as bad as this. I would attempt a buy very low.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Mirotic missed the previous two games with an illness, and he was brought off the bench behind Julius Randle in his return to action Friday. Based on his crap performance, it looks like he may have still been sick. I'd be trying to buy low if I could.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: I don't think he is giving up minutes to Parker. He should be rostered in all leagues, at least until he is traded.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Holiday doesn't seem to be ceding minutes, but the introduction of Kris Dunn and Bob Portis to the rotation could make the rotation switch up a bit. However, until we see that happen, Holiday should be rostered in all standard leagues.
Josh: JV has done well against the Nets in the past, but I didn't see this coming at all. That is two strong games in a row and he remains a 12 team guy.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: I'd be seeing how much you can get for him while he's hawt.
Kyle: I haven't researched it, so forgive me for rumor mongering, but the fact that Stanley was such a late scratch Friday screamed "he's part of ongoing trade talks" to me. I wouldn't doubt that the Pistons have soured on waiting on his potential. Be on the lookout in case Johnson gets moved to a team that would commit to him playing a bigger role despite his uneven play.

OKC (112) @ CHI (114)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  250.61Paul GeorgeF 100  OKCY36:281925740.37516.83363122.00.620.58-0.411.637.42-1.34-2.480.87-1.37
  430.12Russell WestbrookG 100  OKCY35:03242171340.42921.571710536.01.510.584.074.397.42-1.34-1.49-4.34-9.71
  520.07Jerami GrantF 75  OKCY34:011333002.5569.00001110.9-0.441.60-1.15-1.59-2.512.481.170.031.01
  59-0.02Dennis SchroderG 70  OKC 26:451915300.500141.00041223.20.62-0.44-0.41-0.21-2.51-1.340.592.531.01
  61-0.05Nerlens NoelF 6  OKC 15:01202023.2504.00001112.3-2.39-1.45-1.53-1.592.454.39-1.390.031.01
  135-0.63Terrance FergusonG 2  OKCY25:58712000.6005.0000017.1-1.50-0.44-1.53-1.59-2.51-1.341.010.032.20
  137-0.66Steven AdamsC 92 LROKCY31:0621010021.52917.42974428.70.98-1.451.46-1.592.450.571.50-7.26-2.56
  164-0.89Hamidou DialloG   OKC 9:41402100.6673.00001415.3-2.04-1.45-1.53-1.13-2.51-1.340.930.031.01
  176-1.01Alex AbrinesG NOTE FA 14:48313100.2504.00001317.3-2.21-0.44-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.34-1.390.031.01
  185-1.07Patrick PattersonF   OKC 11:09002000.0001.0000003.3-2.75-1.45-1.53-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.720.032.20
    Andre RobersonG X OKC                       
    Markieff MorrisF 22  OKC                       
   0.00Totals    240:00112105125126.45794.667242222
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  61.45Lauri MarkkanenF 86X CHIY28:282447231.66712.80052524.91.512.620.34-0.674.940.573.660.24-0.18
  101.12Justin HolidayG 35  MEMY36:242046030.66712.00001314.60.802.62-0.04-1.594.94-1.343.660.031.01
  77-0.21Jabari ParkerF 72  WAS 23:231607410.42914.80051327.60.09-1.450.340.25-0.03-1.34-0.990.241.01
  82-0.25Ryan ArcidiaconoG 2  CHIY33:20315220.3333.0000125.3-2.21-0.44-0.41-0.672.45-1.34-0.640.031.01
  85-0.26Zach LaVineG 88  CHIY36:242524720.55618.75049334.61.690.58-0.781.632.45-1.342.32-0.39-8.52
  86-0.28Cameron PayneG NOTE FA 11:36511511.33331.00022125.0-1.86-0.44-1.900.71-0.030.57-0.641.28-0.18
  102-0.41Shaq HarrisonG 8  CHI 14:40200012.3333.0000039.0-2.39-1.45-2.27-1.59-0.032.48-0.640.032.20
  117-0.51Wendell Carter Jr.F 38X CHIY20:44602212.4005.66732317.6-1.68-1.45-1.53-0.67-0.032.48-0.56-1.01-0.18
  172-0.95Robin LopezC 39  CHI 23:241105200.50010.50022324.1-0.79-1.45-0.41-0.67-2.51-1.340.43-1.64-0.18
  190-1.12Chandler HutchisonF X CHI 11:35202110.5002.00020010.9-2.39-1.45-1.53-1.13-0.03-1.340.11-4.552.20
    Denzel ValentineG X CHI                       
    Wayne SeldenG 2  CHI                       
    Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotG   CHI                       
    Otto PorterF 80  CHI                       
    Kris DunnG 57  CHI                       
   0.00Totals    239:58114123925156.52482.696232026
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Markkanen has debuted with a fury this season. He was remarkably efficient Friday, so this may not be quite where to settle in our expectations, but it's great to see these performances.
Must Add 12 teams Josh: I don't think he is giving up minutes to Parker. He should be rostered in all leagues, at least until he is traded.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: Holiday doesn't seem to be ceding minutes, but the introduction of Kris Dunn and Bob Portis to the rotation could make the rotation switch up a bit. However, until we see that happen, Holiday should be rostered in all standard leagues.
Kyle: The counting stats are insane.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Grant should be on someone's roster in all standard leagues.
Josh: A strong shooting perfromance against a bad defense, Schrider is trending down despite today's game. I would hold him in most cases, but I wouldn't consider him unexpendable.
Josh: Only 23 minutes and that could easily fall whe Bobby Portis is back. It's almsot abandon ship time.
Sell High 10 teams Kyle: Parker's minutes were down, and he may be in for an even bigger squeeze with Bob Portis and Kris Dunn returning. While it's OK to hold Parker for another game or three to see where things go, it's time to start entertaining the idea that you may have to drop him in standard leagues sooner than later. I'd see about trying to sell high.
Kyle: Arcidiacono is about to see his role become flaccid with the return of Kris Dunn imminent.
Josh: Playing as the defacto point guard. I wonder if that will continue when Dunn is back in the next couple of games.
Buy Low 12 teams Josh: Was really bothered by Adams and I don't think people who have him on their teams should be drawing conclusions that he played just 21 minutes because of Markkenen's presence. Look back literally one game and you'll big minutes for Wendell. We still have to adjust to Boylen as well, who could be weird, but Carter is a string defender who will have better night. I'm buying low.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Carter had a poor game, but his long-term prospects are sound. He's a fine player to continue stashing through lulls.
Josh: Feasted, as all bigs do, against Chicago, but the ft% is a significant issue.

LAL (120) @ SAS (133)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  140.87LeBron JamesF 100X LALY37:2135381120.46428.66791435.33.461.600.713.472.45-1.34-0.42-3.091.01
  280.49Kyle KuzmaF 91  LALY38:422728220.54522.50022325.72.040.580.71-0.672.45-1.342.49-1.64-0.18
  490.09JaVale McGeeC 82  LALY24:0612012001.66761.00042116.2-0.62-1.452.20-1.59-2.510.571.842.53-0.18
  70-0.13Kentavious Caldwell-PopeG 58  LAL 26:461220020.364111.00020217.8-0.620.58-2.27-1.592.45-1.34-1.891.282.20
  79-0.24Lonzo BallG 54X LALY37:5313241110.313161.00012319.5-0.440.58-0.783.47-0.03-1.34-4.050.65-0.18
  109-0.45Tyson ChandlerC 2  LAL 18:314040101.00011.0002136.2-2.04-1.45-0.78-1.59-0.03-1.340.851.281.01
  127-0.59Sviatoslav MykhailiukF   DET 11:13621000.6673.00000210.8-1.680.58-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.340.930.032.20
  157-0.80Josh HartG 28X LALY36:10705000.37581.0001039.3-1.50-1.45-0.41-1.59-2.51-1.34-1.230.652.20
  178-1.02Michael BeasleyF 1T FA 7:48401000.4005.00000331.6-2.04-1.45-1.90-1.59-2.51-1.34-0.560.032.20
  180-1.07Isaac BongaG   LAL 1:07000000.0000.000000 -2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.032.20
  183-1.07Lance StephensonG 6  LAL 0:23000000.0000.000000 -2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.032.20
    Mike MuscalaF 1  LAL                       
    Rajon RondoG 61  LAL                       
    Brandon IngramF 48X LAL                       
    Reggie BullockF 9  LAL                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012011432481.460100.81021824
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  120.94DeMar DeRozanG 100  SASY36:133608902.55020.778181133.23.64-1.450.712.55-2.512.482.40-0.371.01
  260.53Jakob PoeltlC 23  SAS 23:521408203.83361.00043518.7-0.26-1.450.71-0.67-2.514.393.422.53-1.37
  450.10Rudy GayF 69  SASY25:421026221.5008.00003117.8-0.970.58-0.04-0.672.450.570.350.03-1.37
  570.00Davis BertansF 9  SAS 20:381343100.57171.00010315.0-0.442.62-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.341.090.652.20
  72-0.15Bryn ForbesG 11  SASY17:361102210.50081.00030122.0-0.79-1.45-1.53-0.67-0.03-1.340.351.902.20
  75-0.19Dante CunninghamF   SASY27:09827410.3758.00001013.8-1.330.580.340.25-0.03-1.34-
  91-0.31Marco BelinelliG 11  SAS 27:081133100.5008.00000112.3-0.791.60-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.340.350.032.20
  98-0.34LaMarcus AldridgeF 99  SASY22:381408101.375161.00020331.0-0.26-1.450.71-1.13-2.510.57-2.481.282.20
  106-0.43Patty MillsG 12  SAS 29:171421500.4449.80051317.3-0.260.58-1.900.71-2.51-1.34-0.400.241.01
  173-0.99Derrick WhiteG 52  SAS 7:332020001.0001.00001011.0-2.39-1.45-1.53-1.59-2.51-1.340.850.031.01
  182-1.07Quincy PondexterF   SAS 1:07000000.0000.000000 -2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.032.20
  184-1.07Chimezie MetuF   SAS 1:07000000.0000.000000 -2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.032.20
   0.00Totals    240:0013313482747.50591.848331018
Kyle: My, my, Mr. DeRozan. Nicely done.
Kyle: Best player ever? I think so, at least until Giannis passes him by in 10 years. :)
Maybe Add 14 teams Josh: He continues to play well and you can stream him in for big man numbers. He was terrible to begin the season but looks more confident now.
Watch 14 teams Kyle: Poeltl seems to be finding his way with the Spurs more recently. Keep an eye on him. He could work his way into a good role as the season progresses. #PertPlus #NoDandruff
Sell High 12 teams Josh: Killing it without Ingram and Rondo after struggling to begin the season. I would try and find the Lakers fan in mhy league and trade him there.
Sell High Kyle: By the Power of Grey Skull. Kuzma has emerged like Prince Adam to become the Mighty Kuz-Ma-Man. He's fine to ride with and enjoy the production, but if you could sell high on the Mighty Kuz-Ma-Man before he turns back into lowly Prince Adam, it'd be worth considering.
Kyle: The blocks have tailed off some, and his minutes haven't been where they were, but McGee continues to offer standard league value and doesn't appear in any danger of losing his job.
Josh: Two strong games in a row for Lonzo, but the caveats of no Ingram and Rondo.
Must Add 10 teams Kyle: Big Baller has ironed out the kinks playing next to LeBron, partly because the Lakers started playing them apart more often. Congrats to all the patient people whose patience paid off. I let him go in a trade in one league that I am currently feeling like a boob for having made. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Aldridge might be worth throwing a very-buy-low offer out for.
Josh: Started for Ingram, but struggled. I do think he has short-term 12 team value, but isn't a must roster player.
Kyle: Hart got the spot start with Brandon Ingram out, but he didn't do much with his big minutes. I still think Hart is rostered in WAY too many leagues. There's no clear path to a standard-league role for him with how the Lakers have ran their rotations recently, making Hart a poor stash candidate, IMO.
Josh: Back to a non factor after a strong stretch. You can drop him if you stashed him.
Josh: Took a lot of Embiid's production, but his absence is short-term, so you can ignore this.
Kyle: Muscala was great, but Joel Embiid was out, which cleared a lot of opportunity for Musky Mike. Muscala is best considered for deep leagues and as a streamer, but if Embiid ever needs to miss time, Muscala would be a nice interim streamer.

MIA (115) @ PHO (98)  Blowout

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  111.11Bam AdebayoC 59  MIAY32:0422010211.6679.909110118.61.16-1.451.46-0.67-0.030.572.754.002.20
  160.82Justise WinslowF 42  MIA 31:252048611.8758.66734218.30.802.620.711.17-0.030.575.07-1.01-2.56
  440.12Goran DragicG 68  MIAY21:1511111030.41712.00003030.5-0.79-0.44-1.903.014.94-1.34-1.070.03-1.37
  500.07Kelly OlynykF 41  MIA 22:191314311.455111.00021424.9-0.44-0.44-0.78-0.21-0.030.57-0.321.281.01
  58-0.01Rodney McGruderG 6  LACY28:301445000.5569.00000319.8-0.262.62-0.41-1.59-2.51-1.341.170.032.20
  68-0.12Tyler JohnsonG 25X PHO 21:451225300.5569.00000118.4-0.620.58-0.41-0.21-2.51-1.341.170.032.20
  69-0.13Josh RichardsonF 91INJ  MIAY38:33823511.30010.00000111.2-1.330.58-1.150.71-0.030.57-2.720.032.20
  73-0.16James JohnsonF 28  MIAY16:35803121.4449.00001026.0-1.33-1.45-1.15-1.132.450.57-0.400.031.01
  149-0.76Derrick JonesF 1  MIA 6:30510000.6673.00000219.9-1.86-0.44-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.930.032.20
  205-1.37Dwyane WadeG 43  MIA 21:04201210.00061.00023220.2-2.39-1.45-1.90-0.67-0.03-1.34-4.461.28-1.37
    Dion WaitersG 13  MIA                       
    Ryan AndersonF 1  MIA                       
    Hassan WhitesideC 81  MIA                       
   0.00Totals    240:00115154032105.48886.889181216
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  460.10Deandre AytonC 95  PHOY29:1416011201.72711.00003221.00.09-1.451.83-0.67-2.510.574.400.03-1.37
  480.10Troy DanielsG   PHO 31:521864000.46213.00000217.90.454.66-0.78-1.59-2.51-1.34-
  64-0.11Mikal BridgesF 29  PHOY34:341232320.36411.50020215.1-0.621.60-1.53-0.212.45-1.34-1.89-1.642.20
  100-0.40Trevor ArizaF 58X WASY33:141027600.36411.00001013.5-0.970.580.341.17-2.51-1.34-1.890.031.01
  101-0.40De'Anthony MeltonG 1  PHOY24:441233410.44491.00014323.9-0.621.60-1.150.25-0.03-1.34-0.400.65-2.56
  105-0.42Richaun HolmesF 7  PHO 18:461104002.7147.50022223.1-0.79-1.45-0.78-1.59-2.512.482.67-1.64-0.18
  108-0.44Elie OkoboG 1  PHO 22:02405520.4005.00003515.9-2.04-1.45-0.410.712.45-1.34-0.560.03-1.37
  142-0.69Josh JacksonF 27  PHOY23:43905421.2504.77896125.9-1.15-1.45-0.410.252.450.57-1.39-0.17-4.94
  179-1.07Jamal CrawfordG 1  PHO 21:51601300.25081.00021419.9-1.68-1.45-1.90-0.21-2.51-1.34-2.801.281.01
    Kelly Oubre Jr.F 48X PHO                       
    Dragan BenderF 1  PHO                       
    Devin BookerG 99X PHO                       
    T.J. WarrenF 46  PHO                       
   0.00Totals    240:009814422774.45679.750162021
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: I'll only get sucked in when it's Bam Adeabyo, who I think is going to be a stud. For now, he needs to be rostered while Whiteside is out and we'll see what happens after that.
Stream 10 teams Kyle: Adebayo got the spot start at center with Whiteside away from the team for the birth of his first child. Adebayo has streaming value, but when when Whiteside returns, the Heat frontcourt will become a cluster funk again.
Josh: Winslow has a great record against the Suns, for what reason I have no diea. I am not getting sucked into any sort of big performance against this team.
Stream 12 teams Kyle: Winslow has streaming value, but his role and production aren't consistent enough to consider him a must-roster player. It's certainly worth taking a flier after this game though.
Josh: Finally back in thre lineup and put up a solid line. If anyone dropped him, add him.
Kyle: Dragic was back in action after sitting out the 8 previous games. He played well despite being on a minutes restriction. Dragic will be held out of Saturday's game for rest.
Josh: Back into the starting lineup as his tummy wasn't feeling sore any more.
Kyle: Ayton was back in the starting lineup after a benching in the previous game. I'd consider him a buy-low candidate in some respects.
Josh: Why is this guy being resurrected? While these guys are injured, Daniels can be s olid soruce of threes, but I wouldn't be shocked if this is his best performance of the season.
Kyle: Daniels played well in extra run, but the Suns are missing key players. Stream Daniels for threes in deeper leagues, but I wouldn't be chasing the ghost with him in standards.
Kyle: It was a good game for Olynyk. He has streaming value as all the Heat frontcourt players do, but when Whiteside is back in the lineup, Olynyk's value will be more ephemeral.
Josh: This is why I like Bridges, but there is no consistency in his minutes or production. He is someone to watch for now.
Maybe Add 10 teams Kyle: I think Bridges long-term role is sound. He's one of the Suns' best five players, and he has a good chance of holding the starting job the rest of the season. I like him as a stash player in standard leagues as long as you're not far outside of playoff contention.
Buy Low 12 teams Josh: He can't shoot at all at the moment and people are frustrated. Send your buy low offers.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Richardson has had a couple poor games. It may be worth seeing if he's being discounted in a trade.
Josh: Started over Eli Okobo and they split the minutes almost equally. Thursday, it was Okobo who outperformed him and this has all the signs of a complete cluster****. I would add Melton over Okobo, but I'm not confident with it.
Watch 12 teams Kyle: Melton got a spot start at PG with Elie Okobo moving to the bench and Devin Booker still out. Melton should be on watch lists in all leagues in case he can find his way to a big role consistently, but the Suns are known to be in pursuit of a starting PG, so it's hard to expect Melton or Okobo to have big role consistently unless the Suns commit to them as their developmental PGs for the whole season.
Josh: More of a stream guy than a must roster player.
Kyle: Holmes went back to the bench after his spot start in the previous game. He seems to play better in a limited bench role. Keep streaming him as needed, but Holmes' role is too small to count on him consistently.
Kyle: Okobo moved to the bench so Melton could start at PG with Booker still out. It's still fine to roll with Okobo as a flier in deeper leagues, but I wouldn't consider him more than a streaming flier in standard leagues, and I'd likely let someone else squeeze right now.

GSW (105) @ MIL (95)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  51.49Klay ThompsonG 100Q GSWY34:442045642.50016.00003223.90.802.62-0.411.177.422.480.670.03-1.37
  210.70Andre IguodalaG 8  GSWY27:531538211.60010.00000215.6-0.091.600.71-0.67-0.030.572.000.032.20
  390.18Stephen CurryG 100  GSWY35:372044810.412171.00023325.60.802.62-0.782.09-0.03-1.34-1.651.28-1.37
  83-0.26Jonas JerebkoF 1  GSW 24:391245100.40010.00000217.7-0.622.62-0.41-1.13-2.51-1.34-
  93-0.32Shaun LivingstonG 1  GSW 18:55600302.7504.00001211.5-1.68-1.45-2.27-0.21-2.512.481.760.031.01
  129-0.60Alfonzo McKinnieF   GSW 17:08933100.3339.00000122.9-1.151.60-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.34-1.970.032.20
  131-0.61Kevon LooneyF 4  GSWY27:44807400.6676.00011411.7-1.33-1.450.340.25-2.51-1.341.84-2.261.01
  151-0.77Jordan BellF 23  GSW 16:04403101.6673.00002113.6-2.04-1.45-1.15-1.13-2.510.570.930.03-0.18
  181-1.07Quinn CookG 1  GSW 0:07000000.0000.000000 -2.75-1.45-2.27-1.59-2.51-1.340.020.032.20
  189-1.11Kevin DurantF 100X GSWY37:091118610.214141.00047326.7-0.79-0.440.711.17-0.03-1.34-5.712.53-6.13
    Damian JonesC 1X GSW                       
    Draymond GreenF 97  GSW                       
    DeMarcus CousinsC 87  GSW                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010519433276.44989.85771720
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  220.66Giannis AntetokounmpoF 100  MILY33:5722015522.61513.66794525.81.16-1.453.320.712.452.482.91-3.09-2.56
  400.17Eric BledsoeG 97  MILY29:291421440.50012.00005424.1-0.260.58-1.900.257.42-1.340.510.03-3.75
  94-0.32Malcolm BrogdonG 49  MILY30:431517310.417121.00044224.1-0.09-0.440.34-0.21-0.03-1.34-1.072.53-2.56
  118-0.52Tony SnellG 1  MIL 21:26514010.20051.00020111.4-1.86-0.44-0.78-1.59-0.03-1.34-
  123-0.57Pat ConnaughtonG 9  MIL 22:22913100.5008.00000014.9-1.15-0.44-1.15-1.13-2.51-1.340.350.032.20
  130-0.61Brook LopezC 87  MILY34:201416001.38513.75041119.2-0.26-0.44-0.04-1.59-2.510.57-1.81-0.391.01
  153-0.79Sterling BrownG   MIL 15:48204300.3333.0000017.9-2.39-1.45-0.78-0.21-2.51-1.34-0.640.032.20
  192-1.16Ersan IlyasovaF 5  MIL 12:35204210.1437.00002229.8-2.39-1.45-0.78-0.67-0.03-1.34-3.630.03-0.18
  196-1.19Thon MakerC 3  DET 12:23202000.2005.00000116.3-2.39-1.45-1.53-1.59-2.51-1.34-
  208-1.58Khris MiddletonF 99  MILY26:571018010.28614.25042427.5-0.97-0.440.71-1.59-0.03-1.34-4.13-6.22-0.18
    George HillG 3  MIL                       
    Pau GasolC 5X MIL                       
    Nikola MiroticF 66  MIL                       
   0.00Totals    240:009575418103.39192.696231821
Josh: A lot of season highs for Iguodala, just in time for him to go back to the bench for Draymond.
Kyle: Iguodala had a nice game, but he doesn't produce like this consistently and will move back to the bench when Draymond Green returns in short order.
Josh: His steals are back.
Kyle: Another nice game from JJ, but he'll see his role reduced when Draymond returns.
Josh: A lot of minutes again, but not a great game, he still has 12 team value, untuiil Boogie returns.
Josh: A rare stinker of a shooting night for KD. He has predictably dropped off with Curry back.
Kyle: Ilyasova was back in action after missing the two previous games with a concussion.
Josh: Middleton returned and got into foul trouble and his minutes were low. This is still a situation I am watching moving forward.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Middleton was back in action after missing the previous game for personal reasons. He got into early foul trouble. Middleton has had a couple bumps lately, but I'd bet on his bounce back. He's a good buy-low target.
Droppable 12 teams Kyle: Hill will likely be limited to a bench role on the Bucks behind Eric Bledsoe and Malcolm Brogdon. I wouldn't expect Hill to be more than adequate for deeper leagues.
Buy Low 12 teams Josh: Back from his illness and came off the bench. I get the feeling he may stick there for a while, but I also don't think he will be as bad as this. I would attempt a buy very low.
Buy Low 10 teams Kyle: Mirotic missed the previous two games with an illness, and he was brought off the bench behind Julius Randle in his return to action Friday. Based on his crap performance, it looks like he may have still been sick. I'd be trying to buy low if I could.