Updated Feature: Playoff Column now shows week-to-week

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avatarkslight (2248 posts)  1/11 6:36 AM

For example, 12 4341 meaning 12 total games and week 1 with 4 games, week 2 with 3 games, etc.

The Player Profile pages also show this with the player details in the upper-left.

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avatarlachre (12 posts)  1/11 6:58 AM

Love it...thank you!

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avatarsc126  (6 posts)  1/11 8:29 AM

Thanks a lot. This is very helpful. Where can I find the playoff column?

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avatarkslight (2248 posts)  1/11 8:36 AM

Make sure your playoff dates are configured under League Settings, and you can then select a playoff column using Edit Display Columns on most pages.

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avatarchann23 (12 posts)  1/11 10:18 AM

I think this is making each player's row twice the height now and it looks a lot clunkier for me...is there any way to fix this? I can only see half the players per screen now.

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avatarkslight (2248 posts)  1/11 10:37 AM

This should be fixed.

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avatarsmell my doom (9 posts)  1/11 10:40 AM

For those who don't have playoffs, is there a "total games left" column anywhere so I can see which players have the most total games left etc.?  This is handy when trading, especially after the All Star Break.  Thanks!

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avatarJonathanarad  (2 posts)  1/11 2:05 PM

amazing, thank you very much

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avatardonkeanu  (15 posts)  1/11 4:21 PM

very helpful!

but can you also add the total for each week aside from the total of the whole playoffs?


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avatarjbernstein  (10 posts)  1/11 5:48 PM

Is there a way to do the same thing for an entire team? Maybe putting the totals on the Team Analysis page.

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avatar#80003  (46 posts)  1/12 8:00 AM

jbernstein, under Team analysis select Edit Display Columns, under Stats check Playoff games and it will count games for entire team

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avatarRECONCOMM  (10 posts)  1/12 10:15 PM

Super helpful. Thank you so much!

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