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avatarkslight (3048 posts)  8/31/2019 8:11 AM

For new users, please check our Help page, and let is know if you have any questions.

We have some Draft Kit articles to get you started, and we’ll be adding more continuously.

Here’s a brief list of important additions:

  • Extra Values added.  This allows you to see up to 10 values for each player including Josh’s Projections (per game, totals, per-minute), Kyle’s projections (per game, totals, per-minute), Past Season rankings (regular, playoffs, summer, etc.), Past Date ranges.  Once we get short-term projections added, you’ll be able to view those too.  You can manually add Extra Values, or you can click “Add Defaults” on a page to get started.  This should make drafting much easier with the ability to see multiple values next to each other when making decisions.
  • Balance  Value added. This is a z-score showing how balanced a player’s categories are (only applies to category-based leagues).  Balance is not necessarily a good thing, but it lets you know which players rely more on single categories.

Short-term tools (h2h tools, weekly projections, etc.) are usually available a couple of weeks before the season.  The season begins October 22nd.

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avatarkylemckeown16 (422 posts)  8/31/2019 8:18 AM

Welcome back everyone! This is going to be a fun fantasy season. Make sure to post any questions or comments on the player pages or message board.  

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