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 FilterPau Gasol2/27/2015 8:52 AMthegreek 0% (0)My only problem was the lagging upgrades in projections even after he played 50 games at 18-12-2-3. I customized his projections to give me a more accurate read on my team.
 FilterPau Gasol2/26/2015 8:19 PMbonezi89 50% (4)Thank you for that meaningful contribution...
 FilterPau Gasol2/26/2015 10:53 AMwxyz99 100% (3)Not only that, but who would have ever guessed he stayed this healthy?
 FilterPau Gasol2/26/2015 10:28 AMhalpink31 88% (8)Nobody in their right might would have predicted this kind of year for Pau. Projections are educated guesses. Blaming your season BBM is ridiculous. They do an amazing job.
 FilterPau Gasol2/26/2015 10:13 AMehrenberggreg 100% (6)There was really no reason to think he was going to be a top 10 ranked player before the year started
 FilterPau Gasol2/26/2015 8:59 AMmroberts 0% (0)Win some, lose some. I invested a pretty good wad of auction cash on Noah instead of Pau based on the projections, wish I could have a do-over on that one...
 FilterPau Gasol2/26/2015 8:38 AMpatentboy23 22% (9)BBM dropped the ball on the pre-season projection
 FilterPau Gasol2/11/2015 7:57 AMCortmanwasdead 100% (5)due for a bump?
 FilterPau Gasol1/12/2015 9:49 PMthegreek 0% (0)Pau now winning the Gasol battle. Thibideau is getting every ounce out of the elder Gasol! Do we still project him to miss 20% of remaining games?
 FilterPau Gasol11/25/2014 8:41 AMstrictlyfs1 0% (0)I agree whole heartedly that bbm guys are do an excellent job. Just venting and blaming myself for it.
 FilterPau Gasol11/24/2014 10:54 PMtc2000 0% (0)cant blame them for the projection, he was declining for the last two years and in a situation with a crowded front court
 FilterPau Gasol11/24/2014 10:14 PMstrictlyfs1 100% (1)Wish bbm had ranked him higher so I could of drafted him. Man is putting up great stats!
 FilterPau Gasol11/15/2014 10:30 AMzheeduh 0% (0)Needs some serious bumpage
 FilterPau Gasol11/13/2014 8:52 PMstrictlyfs1 100% (2)This guy is on fire. Jphan and buser - what are your thoughts on this guy ROS?
 FilterPau Gasol11/8/2014 4:58 AMjustin7201 100% (1)Sell high? Reasonable he keeps this up?
 FilterPau Gasol10/15/2014 1:27 PMjphanned 0% (0)Back at practice Wednesday after sitting out Tuesday due to some tightness in his back. Thibs said he looked good, so nothing to worry about here.
 FilterPau Gasol10/15/2014 8:53 AMTrusted Advisor silentjim 0% (0)Gasol's jumper has looked good, but he looks a bit rusty with his low post moves (some wild left handed hooks thus far). I'd imagine he'll get his offense back, but its possible his point output need to be tempered a bit
 FilterPau Gasol10/14/2014 5:21 PMvan_ity 0% (0)does thibz know how to use this guy at the offensive end?
 FilterPau Gasol10/14/2014 3:46 PMmbuser 0% (0)Sat out Tuesday practice with some tightness in his back, but it's not considered serious.
 FilterPau Gasol4/12/2014 2:54 PMjphanned 0% (0)Pau and Nash didn't practice Saturday and it's becoming more and more likely neither will play again this year.
 FilterPau Gasol4/2/2014 4:59 PMjphanned 100% (3)A ton of new status updates just came through and can all be found here:
 FilterPau Gasol4/1/2014 1:16 PMjphanned 0% (0)Said he'll travel with the team for Wednesday's game too in second game of B2B, so looks like a full go for this week.
 FilterPau Gasol3/26/2014 1:35 PMmbuser 100% (2)He's a drop if you are in dire straits for the current week's matchup, but still too early to assume this will cost him the rest of his season.
 FilterPau Gasol3/26/2014 1:15 PMIdoBasketball8 0% (2)A drop at this point, given his shaky end-of-season shut down antics and the Lakers' current situation?
 FilterPau Gasol3/26/2014 12:50 PMmbuser 0% (0)Status Update added: he's out for the Thursday/Friday back-to-back.
 FilterPau Gasol3/25/2014 9:19 PMjphanned 0% (0)As noted in his latest status update, we'll know if he'll be available for the Lakers' upcoming two-game road trip after his evaluation on Wednesday morning.
 FilterPau Gasol3/25/2014 1:08 AMmbuser 0% (0)Gasol hasn't even been officially declared out for Tuesday yet, so can't assume he's out Thursday or beyond.
 FilterPau Gasol3/24/2014 9:38 PMJzyls 0% (0)Any reason to think he plays again this week? Such a good schedule too
 FilterPau Gasol2/4/2014 4:31 PM#8608 0% (2)Out two weeks minimum. Pick up Hill?
 FilterPau Gasol2/3/2014 2:33 AMjphanned 100% (3)They could, but I'm not seeing much of a reason for them to. Pau isn't going to change their playoff fate - still not getting past OKC/SA - and he's 33 so not ideal to build around either.
 FilterPau Gasol2/3/2014 2:22 AMbrandonislegend 0% (1)Considering the Suns have 4 first round picks....I think they could add one of those and make the deal happen...well see.
 FilterPau Gasol2/2/2014 11:30 PMjphanned 100% (2)LA had a chance to deal Pau for Bynum for financial relief earlier but passed. Unless McDonough throws in some assets (picks), Gasol/Okafor isn't going to happen.
 FilterPau Gasol2/2/2014 9:25 PMvordeau 0% (0)Does the Pau to Suns trade rumors change his outlook? Seems like the Lakers are more likely to trade him than sit him.
 FilterPau Gasol2/2/2014 12:42 PMjohnd2442 0% (1)Good point, 8521, but with the Lakers stinking it up, it might behoove him to get fully healthy for next year while the Lakers also look after their own interests and play young guys. Just a thought.
 FilterPau Gasol2/2/2014 7:46 AM#8521 33% (6)Remember he's in a contract year, so that trumps minor ailments in most cases. Pau has no incentive to shut it down, it will actually cost him money.
 FilterPau Gasol1/29/2014 2:26 PMmbuser 100% (1)Can't argue with the numbers: 36th in per-game (and rising) since mid-November. All the more reason to see if the market will bring back a top talent with fewer long-term concerns.
 FilterPau Gasol1/29/2014 10:01 AMjohnd2442 100% (3)Fighting a groin injury now. But BBM rankings love him. Still, isn't he a classic sell high guy right now?
 FilterPau Gasol1/29/2014 8:48 AMvordeau 0% (0)Only place I can find any mention of this is yahoo player notes. Guessing that's where you found it?
 FilterPau Gasol1/29/2014 1:52 AMtc2000 0% (0)any truth to the rumor he be shut down? (toe and groin)
 FilterPau Gasol1/29/2014 12:12 AMmhubes 0% (0)Balling big time over the past month. Not sure how I feel about him the last month of the year, but over the next 3 he should be a stud.
 FilterPau Gasol1/21/2014 10:59 AMbig3 67% (6)Should we sell high after this run?
 FilterPau Gasol1/9/2014 11:12 AMmhubes 0% (2)30/15/7 day stats all show obvious improvement. Doubtful he's only at 16.3ppg ROS. Needs points bump
 FilterPau Gasol12/21/2013 6:18 PMtomm0 100% (1)Yup right after I dealt him he started to heat up!
 FilterPau Gasol12/21/2013 4:44 PMmbuser 0% (0)Reverse jinx, tomm0: 18/10/4 with 2 blk in 32 mpg in four games since you posted. Pau and Swaggy sure were having fun on Friday night.
 FilterPau Gasol12/13/2013 9:43 PMtomm0 100% (3)Projections seem a little high rest of the way considering how he's been recently. I know the Lakers as a whole haven't been great since Kobe's returned, but injuries could linger all year
 FilterPau Gasol11/17/2013 8:27 PMImadogg 75% (4)If you don't think Kobe will help Pau's play, you need to watch more Lakers. He's hurting but either way he just can't be the #1 guy. Kobe will take a huge load off him and let him produce.
 FilterPau Gasol11/17/2013 5:40 PMmbuser 100% (4)Should help his quality of looks a bit, but between respiratory issues, foot strain, and knee procedures.. it's going to come down to health for Pau, not something Kobe can influence.
 FilterPau Gasol11/17/2013 4:59 PMbig3 50% (4)Does Kobes return significantly increase Pau's value?
 FilterPau Gasol11/8/2013 8:03 AMBrosencephalon 80% (5)Perfect time to buy low imo. I just sent out a few offers.
 FilterPau Gasol11/8/2013 12:10 AMmbuser 100% (2)Brutal offense tonight. Pau needs Kobe back, and quick.
 FilterPau Gasol11/7/2013 5:26 PMHoundie 67% (3)Will he get it going soon?
 FilterPau Gasol11/3/2013 1:56 AMjohnd2442 100% (1)really, really hoping Pau's knees hold up.
 FilterPau Gasol10/25/2013 8:12 AMswiese12000 100% (7)No more Howard + offense runs through Pau until Kobe comes back.
 FilterPau Gasol10/24/2013 9:47 PMgaryhu 0% (4)Why did Gasol's projection jumped up so much from last season?
 FilterPau Gasol10/2/2013 10:26 PMwhiffspree 100% (1)14th round? Where are you getting that projection from?
 FilterPau Gasol3/26/2013 9:54 PMmrfuentes27 100% (1)Pau has to be a starter now that MWP is out, not a confidence booster
 FilterPau Gasol3/26/2013 5:51 PMmbuser 0% (0)Now there is talk that he'll be back to the bench. Just an ugly situation all around.
 FilterPau Gasol3/26/2013 2:52 PMliam4 33% (3)Rough so far. Need him for some offset to losing Marc and Joakim Noah's production on my team. Does he pick it up?
 FilterPau Gasol3/23/2013 10:38 AMbradyf9 100% (1)Crucial 4 game week for the playoffs next week. Let's hope Pau gets a little more active. 14 8 1.5 would be great.
 FilterPau Gasol3/17/2013 9:53 PMmbuser 100% (1)The projections reflect that he's out through at least Friday.
 FilterPau Gasol3/17/2013 9:48 PMferris 100% (1)do the projections reflect the possible new problems that pau is having?
 FilterPau Gasol3/14/2013 10:41 AMmbuser 100% (1)Yes, they do.
 FilterPau Gasol3/14/2013 10:04 AMhsahardid 50% (2)Do the projections reflect that gasol is expected to return to the starting lineup next week?
 FilterPau Gasol2/6/2013 4:53 PMmbuser 100% (1)LAL projections updated to reflect Gasol missing the minimum 6-8 weeks.
 FilterPau Gasol1/29/2013 9:28 AMvtec1jk 100% (1)Too soon to adjust Pau. I think we need to wait 3-4 more games to see what happens with the lakers.
 FilterPau Gasol1/29/2013 1:03 AMmbuser 100% (2)Adjust his minutes to what?
 FilterPau Gasol1/28/2013 9:06 PMRapierman 50% (2)Further update: Gasol reportedly said that he would accept his bench role for the rest of the season. Definitely adjust his minutes (and any effects on his stats).
 FilterPau Gasol1/28/2013 1:50 PMmbuser 100% (1)Getting him back closer to the rim does him all kinds of good. 3PA are down, FTA are up. His overall impact will still depend on those minutes, though.
 FilterPau Gasol1/28/2013 12:41 AM#24434 100% (3)Pau is playing better since coming back from his concussion. A move to the bench hasn't hurt his value at all so far. Bump?
 FilterPau Gasol1/21/2013 8:06 PMhsahardid 50% (2)Do Pau Gasol's minutes need to be adjusted due to move down to bench. Is Earl Clark getting an upgrade?
 FilterPau Gasol12/29/2012 9:52 AMkslight 100% (3)Upped his 3s attempted and will keep adjusting if he keeps this up
 FilterPau Gasol12/29/2012 4:54 AMtwilo28 75% (4)I think Gasol's projections are way too low. He is clearly back now and hitting 3's on top of that. Healthy and with Nash in tow, he should be primed for a big ROS.
 FilterPau Gasol12/28/2012 1:38 PMmbuser 100% (2)They are not a figment of your imagination. As for more going forward: the system wants shooters playing off the P&R, so the 3PA could continue to be there. We'll want to monitor.
 FilterPau Gasol12/27/2012 10:49 PMvtec1jk 25% (4)Are his 3s since his return for real?
 FilterPau Gasol11/26/2012 3:32 PMkslight 100% (4)He along with the other Lakers have been adjusted.