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Trevor Ariza

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 FilterTrevor Ariza4/8/2015 9:47 PM#47938 100% (2)Model of consistency.
 FilterTrevor Ariza3/2/2015 12:02 PMChubs33 0% (0)Does this guy deserve a bump? Been top 30 for past 2 months. Is the return of Dwight what is inhibiting a more optimistic outlook?
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/12/2015 11:10 PM#47938 100% (3)Jphann deserves a lot of praise for telling us to hold on strong. Never doubted Ariza or the site as usual. Carry on with the good work sir.
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/12/2015 7:59 PMbhart71 0% (0)Been on fire in the first half last 3 games...maybe fatigue is indeed a factor in 2nd halves.
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/5/2015 6:58 PMneocache 0% (1)Well, he's pretty horrible lately. Maybe I should have pointed out that 3pt% is category on this league. So its another thing he could drag down.
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/5/2015 6:41 PM#19032 0% (0)Can I play in your league??
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/5/2015 6:33 PMthisguy 0% (0)yes, even if you don't need a SF, 3s, STLs, or for some reason hate players from HOU
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/5/2015 6:01 PMtc2000 0% (0)lol yessss
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/5/2015 5:46 PMneocache 100% (6)Was dropped in my 12 team league. Use waiver 1 on him?
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/3/2015 8:54 AMehrenberggreg 100% (1)He's ranked 64 on the year in per game and I don't think a new contract is causing him to miss some open three pointers his percentage will normalize and all the other stats are still there if people are selling I am buying
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/3/2015 8:21 AMbb142 67% (3)it's quite an accomplishment to suck this much playing beside howard + harden. i mean seriously, getting so many open looks and bricking it like he does.. it's hard to do
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/2/2015 10:28 PMclub298 60% (5)Am I the only one who remembers what happened last time this guy got paid??? jphanned said he'll be fine.Yeah in the next contract year
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/2/2015 9:23 PMblackthug 0% (0)I traded Kelly Olynik away for this guy and thought I was getting steal. really starting to wonder now...
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/1/2015 10:44 AMjrapp111 100% (1)jphanned - when will "he be fine" though? Seems like he just sucks now.
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/22/2014 11:04 PMjphanned 0% (0)Combination of Dwight's prolonged absence and heavy minutes has him fatigued and in a shooting slump. He'll be fine.
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/22/2014 10:57 PMjrapp111 0% (0)So this guy just sucks now or what?
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/19/2014 12:52 PMmbuser 0% (0)He's as thrilled as anyone to have Howard back to draw attention on the interior. 38% from three with him on the court, 31% with him off this season.
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/19/2014 10:51 AMkei0145 50% (6)Last year was clearly an outlier in shooting %s
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/12/2014 12:01 AMbrandonislegend 0% (0)T Jones and Howard can't come back soon enough for this guy.
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/4/2014 1:12 PMjphanned 100% (1)46% FG and 43.1% 3PT with Dwight on the floor, 33.1% FG and 30.3% 3PT with Dwight off this season. Using the media site here, but believe you can find it on
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/4/2014 1:09 PMBeard 0% (0)Do any of you know where specifically find on/off data between teammates? (i.e. what is Ariza's FG% when Howard is on/off?)
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/4/2014 10:45 AMtc2000 0% (0)hes been inefficient with his fg% since dwight's been out, lets hope the big guys back soon
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/4/2014 6:51 AMbb142 100% (1)How long till this guy is finished building his brick house? smh..
 FilterTrevor Ariza10/25/2014 1:24 PMmbuser 100% (1)Yes, it's not so unusual for a player to improve in 3P% as Ariza has. His also increasing his volume dramatically speaks to a conscous effort to change/improve in that respect.
 FilterTrevor Ariza10/25/2014 1:23 PMliam4 0% (0)Has his three just vastly improved? 32% average until '12-13, 36.4% that season, and 40.7% last year. Seems like he mastered the corner 3, will he still get them without Wall
 FilterTrevor Ariza10/25/2014 1:15 PMmbuser 0% (0)He's made 39% of his 3PA over the past two seasons and should once again push for 50% of his total attempts being from three-point range.
 FilterTrevor Ariza10/25/2014 1:05 PMliam4 0% (0)Could 3's be a little high? Best 3FG% in career by far last year
 FilterTrevor Ariza10/15/2014 3:43 AMjeocon10 0% (0)Y! just tweaked some O-ranks. One negative is Ariza's jumping up from 70 to 56. Think we can get a summary of all changes?
 FilterTrevor Ariza10/2/2014 11:42 AMjphanned 100% (2)Ariza's role shouldn't change dramatically in Houston, a role in which he posted top-26 value last year. Expect Beal to improve, but asking him to close a 60+ spot gap in the rankings is a bit much.
 FilterTrevor Ariza10/2/2014 11:28 AMhsahardid 0% (1)Probably a stupid question, but why is Trevor Ariza ranked ahead of Matthews and Beal on the monster board. Based on his floor and ceiling in Houston, I thought he would be in the range of 60-70.
 FilterTrevor Ariza7/13/2014 5:18 PMmbuser 100% (1)Similar minutes and usage should be available for Ariza with Parsons in DAL. So his value will depend on whether or not he can stay healthy and maintain the 3P%.
 FilterTrevor Ariza7/13/2014 1:16 AMmbuser 100% (1)Let's see what happens with Parsons first. He'll play plenty in a sixth man role, but certainly won't match his 35 mpg from last season as a reserve.
 FilterTrevor Ariza7/13/2014 12:02 AMbechteljay 0% (0)what do you think of Ariza's value in Houston?
 FilterTrevor Ariza3/9/2014 10:15 100% (4)Hopefully not followed by 2011-2014 Dorell Wright.
 FilterTrevor Ariza3/9/2014 12:56 AM#27680 100% (3)This is like 2010-2011 Dorell Wright all over again
 FilterTrevor Ariza3/8/2014 11:36 PMkdavehill 75% (4)Top 10 projection? We have a winner for best "underrated/undrafted in most leagues" player.
 FilterTrevor Ariza3/1/2014 10:46 PMBrosencephalon 0% (0)Barring injury I don't think this will change. He's been on fire.
 FilterTrevor Ariza3/1/2014 9:14 PMbolt 100% (6)So did anyone envisage this guy putting up top 25 value this year? I sure as heck didn't.
 FilterTrevor Ariza2/13/2014 10:49 AMNMV112 0% (0)It's doubtful. I would love that also. ESPN is somewhat subjective with their eligibility. When Beal went down, Webster mostly played SG. Ariza mainly guards SFs too. Unlikely to change.
 FilterTrevor Ariza2/13/2014 10:11 AMEnderDantes 0% (0)Any way to try and get him SG eligibility at ESPN? He's got it in Yahoo and he plays the 2 and 3 in games
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/8/2014 3:48 PMdnaman 0% (0)I just traded for him (gave up Tristan), so i hope he gets back to his projections, esp 3s and stls!
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/7/2014 9:18 PMfredmoseley 0% (0)Just a slump. Give it another week or so.
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/7/2014 9:11 PMzheeduh 100% (1)I don't think so. Beal was around at the beginning of the season when Ariza was killing it.
 FilterTrevor Ariza1/7/2014 8:43 PMkaprunner001 0% (0)Losing shot volumes and minutes due to Beal?
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/30/2013 9:02 PMmbuser 100% (3)The threes and steals just keep coming. Staying healthy is the final frontier for Ariza.
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/30/2013 1:06 PMj_diggs 75% (4)does he deserve a bump in projections? he hasn't dropped off in the past month
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/2/2013 10:01 PMcadavi 100% (3)is he a sell high due to Beal out or this shooting gonna stick?
 FilterTrevor Ariza11/25/2013 3:25 PMjboldt73 0% (5)Time to drop Webster?
 FilterTrevor Ariza11/25/2013 12:35 PMmgnola 100% (1)Back in starting lineup tomorrow per Wittman.
 FilterTrevor Ariza11/2/2013 4:16 PM#17062 100% (7)For minutes alone, he deserves a bump.
 FilterTrevor Ariza11/2/2013 2:24 AMHemmaCuda 0% (0)38 minutes per game whoop whoop
 FilterTrevor Ariza10/31/2013 1:00 PMbtbycb 89% (18)Anyone of you think last night's game was a fluke?
 FilterTrevor Ariza3/21/2013 2:02 PMmbuser 100% (1)Nothing substantial. Webster/Temple/Price there, as well.
 FilterTrevor Ariza3/21/2013 1:39 PMk-rok 100% (1)more minutes if Beal is out?
 FilterTrevor Ariza2/28/2013 1:14 AMmbuser 100% (2)Seems to have adjusted well to his new reserve role, can't argue against that. Both %s in unfamiliar territory lately.
 FilterTrevor Ariza2/27/2013 8:53 PMSonglo11 0% (1)His FG% has been ridiculous good over the past month. Due for a bump?
 FilterTrevor Ariza2/24/2013 7:07 PMWillet 50% (4)
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/19/2012 1:22 AMmbuser 100% (2)No - figure he's out another week or so.
 FilterTrevor Ariza12/18/2012 4:58 PMbecomingking 0% (1)any update on trevor arizas injury?