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 FilterKawhi LeonardToday 11:52 AMdrstats 0% (0)bonezi89 - that's what Custom Projections are for. Just set his Assists to 3.0. Problem solved. :)
 FilterNerlens NoelToday 11:51 AMbitaites 100% (1)i have been offered Noel for W Barton. comments?
 FilterNikola JokicToday 11:26 AMscottkdouglas 0% (0)IMHO, he seems to have limited upside, less so than Mirotic last yr. When he gets almost 30mpg, he seesm to put up solid but unspectacular numbers - seems like he's always in foul trouble early lately. Lack of blocks is tough as well. I still own him, but am struggling to see his upside that's been talked about.
 FilterJohn WallToday 11:18 AMcanowhoop 0% (0)Who do you think is a proper buy-low offer for someone like Wall? I'm currently debating an offer of Covington, in hopes that Wall returns to round 2/3 value.
 FilterNikola JokicToday 11:09 AMmanpanzee 0% (0)I don't think Jokic is worth holding in most leagues right now, but he's someone to watch and jump on anytime an opportunity for minutes opens up. Think Mirotic last year -- unusable most of the time, but serious value if you had him in the right windows.
 FilterNikola JokicToday 10:55 AMLGLP86 0% (0)I picked up Dieng wherever available and dropped my lowest projected guy.
 FilterNikola JokicToday 10:47 AMhairychicken 0% (0)I'm thinking of dropping Jokic for Dieng. Hard to see any long term payoff with the return of Nurkic. Also, seems like it will be hard to deny Dieng 25 min a game with his current/past output. Thoughts?
 FilterKobe BryantToday 10:46 AMLGLP86 0% (0)After this week run...His per-36 with punt FG% is starting to get hard to own. I think he is due for a cut on punt FG% team if he can't churn in any more 20/5/5 lines...
 FilterMichael Carter-WilliamsToday 10:13 AMpeezus 0% (0)We are dropping in shallow leagues, correct?
 FilterMatt BarnesToday 9:50 AMbostonrider 50% (2)playing time sustainable?
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 9:46 AMbenrv21 0% (0)you could argue his steals could be bumped...not to the 7 hes avg over last 3 but def little over 2
 FilterTerrence JonesToday 9:35 AMdondada83 100% (1)Kyle/Josh, drop Jones for Capella or Dieng? Or hold? Comp H2H 12 Team
 FilterKawhi LeonardToday 9:16 AMbonezi89 0% (3)Can I just say one thing that bugs me every time I look at his projection...his assists are literally 0.1 off him being the only player to have a categorical positive in every category! Just give him that last nudge BBM!
 FilterPaul GeorgeToday 8:46 AMChris Smith 0% (0)Time to bump PG up in points? Since he's switched back to SF after his 5th game in the season he's averaged 30 a game
 FilterEmmanuel MudiayToday 8:17 AMJonPerryDAL 0% (0)Punting TO and FG% - would you rather have Mudiay or Clarkson ROS?
 FilterDeron WilliamsToday 7:28 AMkenjlev18 0% (0)At what point might an upgrade be in order?
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 7:15 AMgehrenberg 100% (1)His per 36 projection is basically the same as last year, the only difference is he is playing more minutes
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 7:08 AMDonnie99 0% (0)Super aggressive projection for Covington? Especially pts?
 FilterD'Angelo RussellToday 6:43 AMshadowxp 0% (0)Russell or Bayless? 10-man ROTO
 FilterVictor OladipoToday 5:39 AMMajorMilou 100% (3)Oladipo's projections seem too low at this point; it's difficult to predict obviously after just a couple games but it seems his usage is way up off the bench and asked to attack the basket more, resulting in more FTA, more attempts at the rim, and higher assists. Right now at 26mpg he is projected as lower than Russell or Mudiay in 8-cat although he's been playing well (unfortunately) in new role
 FilterJordan ClarksonToday 4:50 AMbonezi89 0% (0)3s need a bump I think, he's taking more and making more and is on record as saying it's the part of his game that he wants to build on this season. I think he's actually the most consistent 3 pt shooter on the Lakers atm believe it or not!
 FilterMarkieff MorrisToday 4:45 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)Only thing down on a per 36 basis is his scoring and FG%, which tie in pretty closely. If his FG% rises back to normal, his points will be, but the minutes do need to be considered. I'll take a look.
 FilterRaymond FeltonToday 4:44 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)JJ Barea is out, so that is helping him and he is picking up the slack from Parsons. Short answer: No.
 FilterRaymond FeltonToday 4:04 AMmarkalbert2kx 0% (0)Increase in minutes sustainable?
 FilterJrue HolidayToday 4:02 AMBenniepie 100% (4)This guy was dropped in my 12 man H2H League with no percentages and TO. Good idea to drop Cory Joseph for Holiday?
 FilterMichael Carter-WilliamsToday 3:47 AMdorwell84 0% (0)He was pretty bad the last 7 games or so. Hard to believe there will be a quick turnaround. And he's also not in the Oladipo situation where he can use the bench spot to lift up his production against the second units.
 FilterMarkieff MorrisToday 3:15 AMbolt 0% (0)Time to downgrade - below projection across the board and isn't getting 31mpg. With possible attitude/motivation issues as the cherry on top.
 FilterClint CapelaToday 3:10 AMnchristie 0% (0)Drop Markieff for Capela? 10 Weekly H2H, punting asts, ft%, need solid fg%, pts, rebs, stls, blks...
 FilterKenneth FariedToday 2:30 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)I haven't tweaked the projections for tomorrow yet. I'm getting on that now
 FilterKenneth FariedToday 2:09 AMdarrenloveland 0% (0)Why is he suddenly expected to drop 30+ fantasy points in Fanduel tomorrow? He's coming off a mild injury, hasn't seen much action lately, and MIL is a pretty good rebounding team (where most of Faried's value is). Just curious on this projection.
 FilterJerryd BaylessToday 1:56 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)I'm going to be adjusting all of that very soon. He will get a bump
 FilterJerryd BaylessToday 1:27 AMjaviers 0% (0)Bayless is projected to play only 26 minutes per game over the next week. Does that need adjustment or are you waiting for a confirmation that the switch to the staring position is here it stay?
 FilterTJ WarrenToday 12:52 AMmayorion_barry 0% (0)Is it bad that I'm tempted to drop Marcus Morris (not even the worst player on my roster) for him?
 FilterClint CapelaToday 12:50 AMcadavi 0% (0)just dropped TJones for him
 FilterNikola JokicToday 12:34 AM#19032 0% (0)Is there any reason why Jokic doesn't have C eligibility on ESPN? Also, do you think he'll really have any long-term value with Nurkic returning in a few weeks? Doesn't look too promising so far.
 FilterMirza TeletovicToday 12:04 AMBenniepie 0% (1)This guy looks like he's doing really well in 20 mins.. Worth a pick up?
 FilterPatty MillsYesterday 11:51 PMCoverthepaint 0% (0)How is this guy still a 200+ projection? Outside last year where he was recovering for injury he's been a per minute stud and he's getting more minutes than ever this year and is still in that top 115 range he was when he was last healthy.
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsYesterday 11:44 PM#54982 100% (1)I don't understand why it matters if Towns plays too many minutes and hits the rookie wall. Who cares. If it happens then play him less. If it doesn't then great. Porzingis can play 40 no problem but this guy is limited to 25? It's not like Minnesota is a contender or anything.
 FilterOtto Porter JrYesterday 11:32 PMLagunaLaker 0% (0)Otto or Tjones ROS? 12 team pts league
 FilterRodney HoodYesterday 11:22 PMchiho 0% (0)rank: hood, tj warren, will barton
 FilterTyson ChandlerYesterday 11:20 PMmateyy 100% (1)I just made that same move in a league that counts percentages--he could put it his efficiency together at some point this season. But as the first casualty of small-ball in a copycat league, I'm willing to bet that when he does put it together his minutes will be limited--as will his counting stats. Let someone else waste a roster spot on him.
 FilterTyson ChandlerYesterday 11:08 PMBenniepie 100% (2)Drop Chandler for Leonard? I'm really worried about this guy and he's just been warming a spot. League has no percentages and TO and T.Chandler is not doing so hot even when he's on the floor... Very frustrated.. I'd like to hold him and hope that he'll pump out those DD, but if his age and injury keeps pulling him down, I think i'm going to have to let him go..
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 11:06 PMjclee4 0% (0)Why does this guy suck so badly?
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 10:58 PMdishinNswishin 100% (4)Have shown patience with this guy all year but he's next on the hot seat....
 FilterGorgui DiengYesterday 10:23 PMgklee87 0% (0)Sounds like Mitchell prefers Dieng in the 4th so 25 min seems doable...hold in 14 team points league?
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 10:22 PMfalco. 0% (0)I would say definitely worth #2 waiver in a punt-ft strat, and slightly less obvious in a normal team. But I would probably still do it (and maybe try to offload to the team who has Dwight)
 FilterDanny GreenYesterday 10:10 PMLordPedro 0% (1)I have a trade offer in a 9 cat h2h for danny green for roy hibbert. Pull the trigger?
 FilterMarkieff MorrisYesterday 9:57 PMdishinNswishin 83% (6)Just dropped this bum for Cappela and i don't regret it for one second....
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 9:48 PMnomster 100% (8)Clint has a much higher upside than Koufos
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 9:48 PMgranthill338 0% (0)use #2 waiver priority on Clint? 12 team h2h
 FilterGorgui DiengYesterday 9:33 PMtransition3s 43% (14)Dieng (agree) or Terrance Jones (disagree)?
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 9:13 PMkr0z3n 0% (0)Clint or Koufos for the rest of the season outlook?
 FilterAl-Farouq AminuYesterday 9:03 PMthisguy 50% (2)projected #55 in 9 cat, but #112 in actuality this season. I honestly don't see anything that drastic in his game changing. #112 might be where he remains
 FilterCarmelo AnthonyYesterday 8:54 PMDhelix_80 0% (0)Disregard. Was just a glitch of some kind.
 FilterDonatas MotiejunasYesterday 8:52 PMjrchax 0% (3)Supposedly going to return within the next two weeks, worth a stash?
 FilterTJ WarrenYesterday 8:49 PMalnychay2 100% (3)I feel like we know Lou Will's ceiling. TJ Warren has nothing but upside and the minutes are trending up. I doubt Lou Will will be a huge factor down the stretch, but TJ could be.
 FilterMarkieff MorrisYesterday 8:42 PMcottonvalley 0% (2)Drop Markieff Morris for Meyers Leonard? H2H League.
 FilterRobert CovingtonYesterday 8:41 PMNYripper 0% (0)TOs are indeed ugly, but 41 combined 3s/stl/blk this week. Dude's looking top-40 even with the efficiency stat issues, a major profit from where you likely drafted him--to say of nothing of those who found him on the wire!
 FilterTJ WarrenYesterday 8:40 PMLordPedro 100% (1)Thanks for the input [alnychay2]. Trying to be patient for Lou to wake up this season has been tough. Too much Kobe chucking possessions
 FilterCarmelo AnthonyYesterday 8:39 PMDhelix_80 0% (0)What the...? First they announce he's sick so late many of us had him in and then they check him in for a minute so it counts as a game played!? Knicks trolling Anthony owners hard tonight!
 FilterRobert CovingtonYesterday 8:23 PMthisguy 0% (0)Covington's TOs will likely decrease when Wroten returns
 FilterRobert CovingtonYesterday 8:20 PMthisguy 0% (0)He is playing point forward since a lot of the other players on PHI don't play team ball and pass. Getting tons of TO's since he's not used to passing so much
 FilterTJ WarrenYesterday 8:16 PMalnychay2 100% (1)I just made that exact move. I don't regret it, Lou hasn't been startable.
 FilterRobert CovingtonYesterday 8:16 PMfiestaoffire 0% (0)Any reason for the insane TO rate? Just shaking the rust off or is he involved more in the offense?
 FilterTJ WarrenYesterday 7:58 PMLordPedro 100% (5)Drop Lou Williams for TJ Warren?
 FilterGreg OdenYesterday 6:56 PMkslight 0% (0)We will be adding a difference column for these two which should be what you need.
 FilterJerryd BaylessYesterday 6:38 PMJayde 0% (0)Ok thanks for the input. Morris is a little worse (~20 ranks) than normal in our 11-cat league because we have 3PT%.
 FilterJerryd BaylessYesterday 6:32 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)If Marcus Morris is your worst player, I would CONSIDER making that move, and I personally would be OK making it, but Morris is in a good position, having the starting SF job in Detroit, and if this experiment with Bayless starting doesn't work, Kidd has other options he can consider in a few games. There's some risk in that move.
 FilterHarrison BarnesYesterday 6:30 PMsaintsintosea 0% (0)Are we waiting it out with HB? Casspi is on the ww and he projects similarly, with worse TO. Drop for Casspi?
 FilterNikola JokicYesterday 6:27 PMscottkdouglas 100% (1)Any reason to think Jokic gets better than his current string of games? Dieng is starting to look like the better option, no?
 FilterGorgui DiengYesterday 6:21 PMHawks 20 0% (0)What to do, finally played alongside Towns?
 FilterJerryd BaylessYesterday 6:04 PMJayde 0% (0)Hey Kyle, I am thinking of adding Bayless but still having a lot of difficulty with H2H projections here. He's ranked ~40 in my league full season but projected ~140. Where is the reality here? (e.g. what level player is worth dropping here... I assume an 8th rounder like Marcus Morris is probably worth the swap?)
 FilterTJ McConnellYesterday 5:54 PMh0wodd 0% (0)Drop TJ for Shane Larkin in a 14 team H2H league?
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsYesterday 5:53 PMhsahardid 100% (1)On the positive side, it looks gieng and kat are closing the game together. Maybe the coach will finally realize this is by far their best frontcourt combination defensively and offensively.
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsYesterday 5:49 PMhsahardid 100% (1)Didn't steal a game against the clippers and still benched him. I don't agree with the rationale of not giving him consistent 30+ mins. He was handling it and wasn't getting injured. Wiggins played a ton of mins last year and didn't hurt him. Just a bunch of b.s.
 FilterGreg OdenYesterday 5:42 PMJonathanHarris 100% (1)Is there a way to run a BBM report that would show Actual Value, Projected Value, and Variance in 3 columns. If you sorted by variance, it would become a "Buy low" or "Sell high" report that would be very useful!
 FilterTJ McConnellYesterday 5:33 PM#19032 100% (1)Still holding TJ. Someone dropped Cory Joseph in my 16 teamer. Would you drop TJ for Cory?
 FilterTyson ChandlerYesterday 5:05 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Chandler has better Rotisserie upside because of what we've seen him do with his percentages over his career, though he's struggled to find a groove on offense this season with the Suns. Bogut is better in H2H because he can dish and get blocks in limited minutes. If Chandler isn't producing in the percentages, though, his value is really hurt in all formats.
 FilterRodney HoodYesterday 5:01 PMkylemckeown16 100% (1)I would take Hood's higher overall potential this season. Smith's role will shrink a little if the Cavs get healthy with Irving and Shumpert back over the next month or so.
 FilterDeMarcus CousinsYesterday 4:42 PMwebslinger48 100% (1)Demarcus Cousins...While his talent is undeniable, there's always something with him. He's already had two injury stints in the first month of this season plus a suspension. Last season he only played 59 games due to a viral infection and other factors. Any time he misses is catastrophic to fantasy teams because your points and rebounds fall off a cliff without him. A headache to own.
 FilterDraymond GreenYesterday 4:36 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)TJF673 - The only reason why that should give you any pause is because of the loss of scoring, but Draymond's across-the-board production is too good to pass up. Do it.
 FilterMichael Carter-WilliamsYesterday 4:27 PMmareshcj 0% (0)Commence mass panic. Enough talent here to hold in 12-tm, or drop for any top 100/streamer spot?
 FilterDraymond GreenYesterday 4:25 PMak murthy 100% (1)Yes, go accept that, right now, run don't walk, stop reading this what are you waiting for take that deal
 FilterDraymond GreenYesterday 4:08 PMtjf673 100% (5)Would you guys trade Mccollum and Dwill for Draymond?
 FilterJimmy ButlerYesterday 4:04 PMkylemckeown16 100% (3)Jump at it. Don't overthink it. Go get Jimmy.
 FilterDarren CollisonYesterday 3:59 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)MarkAlbert2KX -- Not much of one if we do. His role is in flux a bit as Geroge Karl seems to have started reducing Rondo's minutes to a more reasonable number. As that happens, Collison could edge closer to the current projection. Also, a big reason why his scoring is down is because he's struggling with his shot. That will normalize. I'll have someone else look at it, too, though.
 FilterNerlens NoelYesterday 3:54 PMak murthy 100% (2)@kylemckeown exactly. And if you were to trade Noel now you'd get very little value in return. You'd be better off waiting and seeing if he can achieve some of his ridiculous upside. If you remember last year he got off to a rough start but really turned it on at the end of the season. We could see the same trajectory this year as their young players gel
 FilterJimmy ButlerYesterday 3:52 PMnejcjelovsek 100% (3)got offer jimmy butler for covington and t young. h2h 14 team 11players. should i take it?
 FilterJohn WallYesterday 3:46 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)It's the entire Wizards. There's a lot of discontent there right now. Ted Leonsis is a patient owner, but if they continue to spiral, a shakeup could be coming. Apparently, the team has struggled to integrate their new offense, and it delayed them putting in their new defense, which the team is now trying to learn on the fly according to Wall. Gortat is calling for Nene to start again. It's a weird situation affecting a lot of the team right now. The page should turn eventually.
 FilterNerlens NoelYesterday 3:43 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)When Kendall Marshall is healthy and playing (probably starting, imo), I would bet that Noel finds himself again. Ish Smith helped him become great last season, and another seasoned pass-first PG could do the same.
 FilterNerlens NoelYesterday 3:40 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)I know it's hard to be patient, but we are only a month into the NBA season. It can take a long time for new players to figure out how to play together, and the issue hasn't just been Noel and Okafor. It's also the fact that they have other new players mucking things up, too. Not a lot of consistency from game to game for them to find a consistent balance.
 FilterOJ MayoYesterday 3:35 PMkylemckeown16 100% (1)Mayo is starting today, so I'd hold onto him until we see how this plays out. However, I personally think the starting run will be short lived, since he's replacing Jabari Parker. It's hard to believe that Parker will spend much time in a bench role.
 FilterDanny GreenYesterday 3:23 PMKoalaballa 100% (1)Very frustrating. Holding him and JV. Probably wouldn't be worth much in a trade (unless your trade partner pays for BBM) and you can't outright drop him...
 FilterJerryd BaylessYesterday 2:56 PMkylemckeown16 100% (1)Bayless should be picked up anywhere he's available. Depending on how Sunday's game goes, I'll decide later whether I need to do a mass dropping of MCW from my rosters.
 FilterOJ MayoYesterday 2:36 PMshadygr8 0% (0)drop him for staukas or mcconnell ? in 14 team league
 FilterJerryd BaylessYesterday 1:27 PMHawks 20 0% (0)With Bayless starting over MCW today, what do you guys think?
 FilterJerryd BaylessYesterday 1:06 PMJayde 0% (0)Not expecting miracles here, but seems like his projections are a little low? Making it hard to project H2H results. Seems like his 3a/g are too low and his minutes are a couple shy. 3pt% is also way better and seems like enough of a sample size given his volume to justify a slight bump? Seems odd to be recommending him in the daily but still have him projected as a 13-14th round player.
 FilterNerlens NoelYesterday 11:58 AMlakersg 20% (5)Nerlens Noel is a bust so far. I don't think he will regain his form from last year. Not with Jahlil there. Better to trade him for any value now.
 FilterJohn WallYesterday 11:16 AMPetrocelli 100% (1)What the hell is up with Wall? I am actualy considering benching him, and he is my most expensive player.
 FilterDarren CollisonYesterday 9:31 AMmarkalbert2kx 0% (0)Projected rank 79 in 8 cat. Bayless 134. Are we expecting a downgrade?