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Chris Paul

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 FilterChris Paul11/19/2015 10:07 PMgehrenberg 0% (0)He might be ranked back in the top 10 by the end of this game
 FilterChris Paul11/19/2015 10:06 PMbrycee 100% (2)Welcome back CP3!!! He is ballin baby!!
 FilterChris Paul11/13/2015 3:14 PMgehrenberg 100% (1)I'm sure in his past he also had 7 game sample sizes where he was ranked 65th it's just too small a sample to make a conclusion when we have so much other data to go off of
 FilterChris Paul11/13/2015 2:52 PMLGLP86 100% (2)I'll be worry if he's playing less minutes as he get old...but nothing show that he is dialing it back...Long season to go...If your selling I'm buying...
 FilterChris Paul11/13/2015 2:31 PM#49292 0% (7)your all talking about his past, thats history now...its not like hes a wine that he gets better as he ages
 FilterChris Paul11/13/2015 10:45 AMmcoleman 0% (0)I disagree....and I bet he returns top 6 value by the end of the season. I've traded for him 3 straight years in buy low moments...gonna try again this year.
 FilterChris Paul11/13/2015 7:55 AMLGLP86 0% (0)Managers often freak out when any of their 1st pick get hurt...Don't go crazy over things you can't control and just enjoy the game...
 FilterChris Paul11/13/2015 7:01 AMgehrenberg 100% (6)Chris Paul's 9 cat rankings last 8 years 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 3, 1, 1 why are the first 9 games being weighted more heavily by people than the last 8 years?
 FilterChris Paul11/13/2015 5:04 AMbb142 0% (7)still.. i doubt he'll return 1st round value in <12 players leagues. Probably gonna be a top 20 finish, so i get why people are upset. myself for example made the mistake and drafted him at #6 before westbrook. but well.. it is what it is
 FilterChris Paul11/12/2015 11:51 PMragatx 100% (7)Only a waste if you're in a November only league. sheesh
 FilterChris Paul11/12/2015 11:11 PM#49292 0% (10)waste of a top 5 pick! bust!
 FilterChris Paul11/10/2015 5:58 PMrexs 0% (0)chris paul has injuries to fingers on both hands and a pulled groin. He was a stud last yearand no reason to think his numbers wont return to same status as he regains his health
 FilterChris Paul11/10/2015 5:45 PM#21988 33% (6)CP3 is not the player he once was
 FilterChris Paul11/7/2015 6:03 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)It seems more uncertain today than what it did last night. I'd guess 50/50
 FilterChris Paul11/7/2015 5:37 PMTheballerofthelands 0% (0)Any ideas if he is going to play tonight?
 FilterChris Paul10/14/2015 10:15 PMbiff_tannen 100% (1)That is the way I am thinking with my pick at 5.
 FilterChris Paul10/14/2015 10:11 PMRockyD 0% (0)I'm in a 9 cat head to head 10 team league. Davis, Curry, Harden and Durant will go before my 5th pick. Is Paul the best pick at 5?