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Ty Lawson

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 FilterTy Lawson11/26/2015 1:05 AMjjhollaway 0% (0)Whats up with Lawson getting 2 minutes? sad, he used to be a decent pg
 FilterTy Lawson11/26/2015 12:21 AMjjhollaway 0% (0)Whats up with Lawson getting 2 minutes? sad, he used to be a decent pg
 FilterTy Lawson11/25/2015 1:57 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)While I am holding Lawson in a league or two through at least the end of this week, I don't know that I'd spend any FAAB on him unless the situation changes. Right now, it's looking like Lawson might be the #3 PG with Beverley expected to return. Crappy shituation.
 FilterTy Lawson11/25/2015 12:30 PMpatentboy23 0% (0)Worth $5 FAAB (waiver) bid in 14 teamer?
 FilterTy Lawson11/21/2015 11:22 PMtring 0% (0)picked him up for my streaming spot last week, what a waste...
 FilterTy Lawson11/20/2015 9:13 AMbostonrider 100% (2)does galloway have better outlook than lawson ROS??
 FilterTy Lawson11/20/2015 4:11 AMjoshlloyd48 100% (2)I don't like Lawson this season at all. To be benched, ot even for Beverley, but for Terry, is not a good sign in the first game under a new coach
 FilterTy Lawson11/20/2015 2:58 AMBenniepie 0% (0)Ty Lawson going to find himself again by mid December?
 FilterTy Lawson11/18/2015 12:03 PMtransition3s 60% (5)Worth #3 waiver? 12 team h2h, he would fill a streaming spot.
 FilterTy Lawson11/15/2015 12:25 AMlakersg 100% (2)Oh plus Harden has to have the ball in his hands to be effective
 FilterTy Lawson11/15/2015 12:24 AMlakersg 100% (2)Yup. Lawson is not only playing with Harden, Houston is a stack team. If you have him, try trading him for another PG with assists (i.e. Jack). Use his Lawson name.
 FilterTy Lawson11/14/2015 1:40 AMhcmhdo 0% (0)Is his current projection too optimistic? Here's hoping he'll eventually figure out how to play w/Harden.