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Marcus Thornton

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 FilterMarcus Thornton2/15/2015 12:27 PMmbuser 0% (0)Another player who could be on the move this week, although $8.6M isn't the easiest salary level to make work.
 FilterMarcus Thornton2/15/2015 8:11 AMrockme 100% (1)Earning more and more minutes
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/10/2014 10:40 AMantbanks 25% (4)It's time, homiez...
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/10/2014 10:11 AMDrRazvi 0% (3)needs some tweaking
 FilterMarcus Thornton2/19/2014 5:44 PMbalogunad 0% (0)You think he's worth a flier for say a Mirza Teltovic? 10 cat 3pt %? Have his projections been updated?
 FilterMarcus Thornton2/19/2014 11:55 AMmbuser 0% (0)Could be on the way to BKN (for Terry/Reggie). JKidd playing an 11-man rotation limits the upside in the move, though.
 FilterMarcus Thornton1/25/2014 1:55 AMantbanks 100% (3)Hey! It's too early for the annual Marcus Thornton surge! Not til February/March/April!
 FilterMarcus Thornton12/9/2013 8:32 AMk-rok 33% (3)I think he deserves some attention now - 6th man roll might bbelong to him now...
 FilterMarcus Thornton11/19/2013 10:56 PMchenkyte 100% (5)Just dropped him. No injury No foul and No time.
 FilterMarcus Thornton10/31/2013 2:46 AMCortmanwasdead 60% (5)It might have been a dud first game but he still played 31 min! let's hold off on any downgrades for now
 FilterMarcus Thornton10/31/2013 12:21 AMchenkyte 33% (3)Definitely need a downgrade due to postion battle.
 FilterMarcus Thornton10/18/2013 4:21 PMmbuser 50% (2)Thornton has always been a tremendous per-minute player. Even if McLemore starts, it's going to be platoon-ish.
 FilterMarcus Thornton10/18/2013 2:08 PMjohnd2442 0% (0)His ADP is awfully high at about 100. His projected mpg at 28 is interesting too. If he doesn't start, do his projected minutes stay the same?
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/17/2013 10:13 PMfromak 100% (1)Don't say that yet--he still doesn't have the consistency that can be relied on for H2H playoffs
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/9/2013 9:39 PM#27680 100% (5)Goal for 2013-2014 Season: Don't draft Thornton and trade for him in February
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/9/2013 12:04 PMbolt 100% (3)In the last 2 weeks he's scored at a higher rate than Lebron, Durant and almost everyone else (yes, even John Salmons).
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/8/2013 12:12 PMmbuser 100% (2)Love it. Pretty sure we have to call him fantasy basketball's "Mr. March"
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/8/2013 10:35 AMantbanks 100% (3)Ahem. Just look at this dude's March and April splits compared to any other month of the season, over his entire career....
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/6/2013 1:24 PMantbanks 100% (3)Aww shit! It's time for the annual Marcus Thornton late-season garbage time heroics! Can't believe I slept on this and didn't target him in any of my leagues...
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/6/2013 12:19 PMmbuser 100% (2)I've been doing more than monitoring. Bumped him yet again, this time he's at 28 mpg. Which likely means Keith Smart will change his mind.
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/5/2013 11:14 PM#14355 80% (5)I think it's time to monitor this guy.
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/5/2013 10:05 AM#17062 100% (4)Scoring bump needed, certainly.
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/2/2013 12:05 PMmbuser 100% (2)I have no idea what's going on here. Thornton suddenly leading the Kings in mpg over the past two games (28), followed by Pat Patterson (26), then Tyreke (24), with IT lagging (19).
 FilterMarcus Thornton3/2/2013 8:49 AMtomm0 100% (3)Think he deserves a bump? Been playing much better lately
 FilterMarcus Thornton2/26/2013 11:42 PM#14355 0% (2)I think it's time to monitor this guy
 FilterMarcus Thornton12/26/2012 1:10 PMmbuser 100% (1)Yes, too early. Tyreke not playing is the reason for the upswing. Once Evans is active, he's back to a smaller role.
 FilterMarcus Thornton12/26/2012 3:12 AMxevo 100% (1)bum....pp??? too early?
 FilterMarcus Thornton12/11/2012 12:18 PMmbuser 100% (3)Smart is killing me with these rotations. Killing me!
 FilterMarcus Thornton12/10/2012 11:48 PM#17963 100% (13)this guy's projections have to be dropped like an anvil. even with tyreke out he can't get minutes.
 FilterMarcus Thornton11/28/2012 11:55 AMmbuser 100% (5)Adjusted SAC minutes, including Thornton. But Salmons as a starter is doomed for failure, right?
 FilterMarcus Thornton11/28/2012 2:28 AMMoneyball16 80% (5)Probably time to give him less than 32 minutes in the porjections.