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Hayward, Gordon

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 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon2/20/2014 11:05 AM#17062 0% (0)He's gotta get on track soon, right? Buy low?
 UnderratedFilterHayward, Gordon1/24/2014 10:15 AMbraziladam 100% (2)If he can play like this ROS, he gets the big contract he wants and is a serious keeper candidate
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon1/8/2014 2:16 AMbruin99 100% (4)Looks like he figured out how to shoot. And daaaaamn!
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon12/23/2013 10:18 PMliam4 100% (2)monster line tonight, near triple double and 4 blocks. but still can't shoot
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon12/23/2013 12:29 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)There is hope because it's the 3P% that is painfully low and bringing down the FG%. His 2P% is in line with last season.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon12/22/2013 8:56 AMcmm325 100% (1)Any hope his FG% improves? right now it's deplorable
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon12/7/2013 12:49 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 67% (3)40.1% 3PT over his first three seasons, currently at 28.2% and an enemic 15.4% over the past nine games.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon12/7/2013 5:03 AMbolt 100% (3)Nice counting stats but it looks like the increased volume is reducing efficiency.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon11/30/2013 6:13 AMliam4 0% (0)Brutal over the last couple weeks. But hopefully he'll get right
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon11/30/2013 5:51 AMjboldt73 100% (2)Why would you do that?
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon11/29/2013 9:07 PMSonic Phantom 0% (10)when do i drop this guy?
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon11/21/2013 1:24 AMwackawacka 100% (3)1 of 17? What the heck?
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon11/14/2013 4:10 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (2)The only Jazz player who has lived up to expectations. Volume comes down a bit when Burke returns, but a great bet to finish top-50. Bumped minutes up to 36.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon11/13/2013 10:57 PMliam4 100% (9)Great game tonight, looking strong
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon10/27/2013 12:39 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (7)Clearly he'll have his hands on the ball a lot, even after Burke is back. Moved his numbers around a bit and added +1 mpg, as well.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon10/26/2013 8:24 PMovernerd 100% (4)He's earning rave reviews and his role as the number one option for the starting unit seems locked in. He'll be creating a lot for himself and others. 5 APG is not out of the question.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon3/20/2013 3:10 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Yes, he was already bumped based on the expectation that he's locked into that starting gig.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon3/19/2013 8:27 PMadamfuqua 100% (1)do we know if he's starting regularly now??? time for a bumb?
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon3/5/2013 4:26 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)I expect the AST to settle back down once MoWill is back in the mix. He's been the best distributor on this team when it's Watson/Burks out there at PG.
 UnderratedFilterHayward, Gordon3/5/2013 3:47 PM#4586 50% (2)Any adjustments after 6 games back? AST and REB are up. Percentages and attempts are all over the map.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon2/26/2013 12:16 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)Some really nice numbers, no question, but 34 and 36 minutes are what stand out relative to realistic projections.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon2/25/2013 11:37 PM#14355 100% (2)best 3 game stretch of the season
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon2/24/2013 9:49 PMvtec1jk 100% (3)Needs to monitored this week for an adjustment.
 CommentFilterHayward, Gordon1/9/2013 3:30 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Slight bump given. Definitely a player to watch with Mo Williams out of commission.
 UnderratedFilterHayward, Gordon1/9/2013 1:17 PMDrRazvi 100% (2)Trending up. Slight bump in order?