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 FilterStanley JohnsonToday 6:44 AM#48340 0% (0)I think SVG really likes him and is going to give him a lot of PT because he has too much raw talent
 FilterKent BazemoreToday 6:17 AMdishinNswishin 100% (1)yes, you should not be feeling good about that trade. Bazemore is what he is at this point in his career despite hot start. Clarkson young player with growing role throughout season. Should have thought more long-term.
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonToday 5:58 AM#27761 0% (0)there will be nights where he is a poor man's Aminu, and nights where he is a rich mans. Typical rookie ups and downs but its clear that the Nets view him as a centerpiece of their future.
 FilterKent BazemoreToday 5:36 AMqqmao 0% (0)I traded Clarkson for Baze hoping for better %s and more steals. Other stats are a wash. Day after trade committed, Baze gets benched. Should I be killing myself right now?
 FilterKent BazemoreToday 5:15 AMdrkinbote 0% (0)Minutes are a worry if you picked him up for the volume pts/3s, but for many, it'll be hard to find danny green-lite numbers off the waiver (12h2h) in my opinion. And for what it's worth, the guy was put in for the pivotal 4th quarter defensive stops. Still feel like he's worth owning for the defensive stats alone, despite 20-25 minute outlook.
 FilterDeMarre CarrollToday 5:12 AMajh22 50% (2)Trade Mason Plumlee and Markieff Morris for DeMarre? 9cat H2H, 12 tm
 FilterTJ WarrenToday 4:26 AMLGLP86 100% (1)Dwayne Wade till his wheels are off...
 FilterTJ WarrenToday 3:53 AMrighaya 0% (1)Rondae, Stanley, TJ, or ... D Wade? ROS 12league
 FilterMarco BelinelliToday 3:38 AMPelagamj 0% (0)are last two games what we should expect from belinelli? lower minutes and lower production more realistic ROS than the string of good games in Nov?
 FilterStanley JohnsonToday 2:20 AMgameover 100% (3)this is the time to pick him up, arrow firmly pointing upward
 FilterMichael Carter-WilliamsToday 2:07 AMrrronaldlee 50% (2)MCW or collison? both dropped from my league, i m holding JR smith and Bazemore, who should i drop or add?
 FilterNikola MiroticToday 1:22 AMJayde 0% (0)San Antonio has been killing everyone on defense.
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonToday 12:55 AMhugandi 0% (0)Is he a poor man's Aminu or a rich man's Aminu? Thinking of making that move....
 FilterKawhi LeonardToday 12:04 AMbonezi89 100% (1)Haha I know I know, just an amazing statline really.
 FilterNikola MiroticYesterday 11:29 PMDonnie99 0% (1)What's wrong with him? his aways stats is good but his home stats, meh
 FilterKent BazemoreYesterday 7:12 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)It's a worry definitely, but it's always a concern for players who are giving good fantasy value who aren't actually good real life players. The risk of them getting minimised or replaced is always there, and Bazemore is one of those to me. Let's see how the next week plays out.
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 5:44 PMkitchles 36% (14)I'm proclaiming that he's this year's Hassan Whiteside.
 FilterMason PlumleeYesterday 5:10 PMcastorius 100% (5)He's been on a pretty consistent double digit rebounding tear the past several games. Unless Meyers Leonard is gonna take some PT from him, I think he should be able to reasonably maintain.
 FilterReggie JacksonYesterday 4:24 PMkitchles 100% (1)The package I gave up did have CP3 in it. I shouldn't have bitched though, let's keep this page about Reggie. GOOD GAME TONIGHT BUDDY
 FilterDarren CollisonYesterday 4:24 PMHawks 20 100% (2)Thinking about picking up DC and dropping Ish Smith, what do you think?
 FilterAl-Farouq AminuYesterday 4:22 PMcastorius 0% (0)Is there something up with his lack of steals this year? He's been getting more minutes than past years, but even still less steals. Is he gambling less?
 FilterKent BazemoreYesterday 4:21 PMJayde 0% (0)Another 20 minute night. Think this is still an injury thing, or is this a more permanent role with Sefolosha back? Seems like his value would plummet if he doesn't get back up to decent minutes?
 FilterReggie JacksonYesterday 4:19 PMJayde 100% (2)That doesn't really make sense to me. He's averaging 7.8 ast/g over the last 2 weeks which is 6th in the league. Unless you gave up CP3, Harden, or Westbrook I'm not sure what more you could have hoped for?
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 4:17 PMjasonelman5 67% (3)I have my fingers crossed (and think) that tonight is as grim as it's going to get. Terrence Jones has earned a strange, hard to explain fantasy clout to his name over the past few seasons (his huge upside accounted for). I'm personally going to sit on my hands and wait for him to have a 6/8 shooting performance with three 3's and two blocks, and sell to someone who wants to roll the dice. His sell potential if he picks it up even a little bit is enough incentive to hold tight for a bit longer.
 FilterStanley JohnsonYesterday 3:59 PMyzaker 80% (5)Speculate on Stanley and drop Nurkic?
 FilterAl JeffersonYesterday 3:33 PMtransition3s 0% (2)Judgement day, Al Jefferson has been terminated from my roster in my standard league.
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 3:32 PMkitchles 0% (0)Woah, he just got PF eligibility a few minutes ago I guess. Nice.
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 3:02 PMdishinNswishin 83% (12)bye bye....
 FilterMichael Carter-WilliamsYesterday 2:55 PMnzhelev 100% (1)Got dropped in my 12 team H2H league before the games started today. Should I scoop him with a waiver claim or tonight was a fluke?
 FilterDeMarcus CousinsYesterday 2:44 PMphoeniix 0% (1)Got a trade offer for my Cousins & Bledsoe for his Harden, Collison, and T. Jones. I'm going to decline but would it be worth it to counter for Harden and Gobert?
 FilterJoakim NoahYesterday 2:28 PMrainier88 0% (1)What's up here? Own TJones wanna cut bait.
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsYesterday 2:24 PMkitchles 0% (0)I think his ceiling is going to be capped in part by new team trainer Arnie Kander's conservative influence on minutes/GP. MN hired him away from DET--this season KCP's and Drummonds mpg have both increased by 5. Kander takes the long long view and seems to prefer minutes in the 30-32 range. And no playing thru injuries. (Held out Rubio last night, who wanted to play.)
 FilterAndre IguodalaYesterday 2:23 PMphoeniix 29% (7)Worth a #3 waiver claim to pick up? Thumbs up if you agree.
 FilterMichael Carter-WilliamsYesterday 2:21 PM#28271 0% (0)Still hanging on.. really solid line tonight with 30 minutes, will he keep a role in the rotation or was this an outlier due to Vasquez being out?
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 2:16 PMwubeone 75% (8)Played bad in first half (15 min). Did not even get off bench in 2nd half. Time to panic? Oh, wait, I'm already panicing. Time to cut the tie?
 FilterNerlens NoelYesterday 2:15 PMsolidoak 20% (5)Should i drop Noel and pick up Clint Capela? or am i not thinking strait?
 FilterReggie JacksonYesterday 2:15 PMkitchles 100% (1)Projection adjusted downward today is what prompted it, and I have no mind of my own. I need assists and his assist barrage at the end of last year doesn't appear to be real at this point. Yes, he's going to have the ball in his hands, but he has an established propensity for shooting over passing, and I should've seen that.
 FilterStanley JohnsonYesterday 2:11 PMTFergBaby 80% (5)it was against houston and harden?
 FilterReggie JacksonYesterday 2:06 PMdemandy 100% (1)@kitchles any particular reason that prompted that? Dropped 31/4/8 with 2 steals and 3 treys tonight...Yeah he is going to have his bad games but the guy has the ball in his hands constantly, so much upside each night.
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 1:58 PMkitchles 0% (0)He leads the league in shots that clank off the side of the rim and into the bottom of the backboard, and his confidence seems really rattled. I think this stretch of games marks the official beginning to the twilight phase of his career.
 FilterStanley JohnsonYesterday 1:55 PMbrycee 0% (0)@transition3s - just contemplating the same move
 FilterStanley JohnsonYesterday 1:48 PMtransition3s 0% (0)I don't believe this is his break out, but I dropped Terrance Jones for him. I wish I could write expletives about Terrance Jones right now.
 FilterJimmer FredetteYesterday 1:40 PMshaolin36ers 0% (0)Jimmer dropped 37 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists, a steal, 2 threes on 12-17 from the field and 11-12 from the FT line. I think his NBA projection should be adjusted to that. Jimmer-mania is alive in the D-League.
 FilterStanley JohnsonYesterday 1:32 PMdarrenloveland 25% (4)The breakout is upon us
 FilterReggie JacksonYesterday 1:24 PMkitchles 0% (5)Big downward bump. He is who we thought he was. I should've never traded for him. Whoops.
 FilterNikola JokicYesterday 1:01 PMmkmk 0% (0)He finally has C position eligibility in ESPN!
 FilterDeAndre JordanYesterday 12:07 PMgehrenberg 100% (1)Don't forget his numbers were inflated last year with griffin missi a chunk a time. Lead to more rebounds and shot attempts.
 FilterDeAndre JordanYesterday 11:55 AMkitchles 100% (1)Blocks and assists (lol) are up. Hack-a-Jordan is negatively affecting his minutes and FTArate. The projection looks fair to me, which is depressing.
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 11:50 AMkitchles 0% (0)He would become extremely attractive to me with PF eligibility. Does ESPN fiddle with that stuff very often, or is he likely going to be soley Center eligible all season?
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 11:44 AMJayde 100% (3)Let's be honest here... as much I I don't always agree with some of the subjective comments, Martin pretty much deserves it. He was projected at 190ish in 9-cat and is currently ranked 256th while doing worse as a starter. You'd have to be in a pretty ridiculously deep league to find value in him, which is pretty much what Kyle was alluding to.
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 11:28 AMmrg12686 100% (1)Kyle - I take issue with your rant not highlighting how injury prone he is. If you're gonna hate on a guy, you can't half ass it.
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 11:14 AM#54982 60% (5)Please don't stop Kyle. Your humor is much needed and appreciated here. You even prefaced your comment with "rant". If someone can't tell that it's hyperbole then it's his problem. Ridiculous.
 FilterDeAndre JordanYesterday 10:57 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Most of his stats look typical. He got a lot of minutes in December last season and went on that rebounding tear, but he's averaging just 32 mpg right now, so he's only pulling down 12 boards per game, but his blocks are up per-minute. Is there something specific you're hoping he does better in?
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 10:51 AMhsahardid 83% (6)I like the commentary so I don't think sif2988 speaks for everyone. Feel free to comment.
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 10:45 AMkylemckeown16 100% (2)This is the players comments section of the site, not the projections. So, I think it's fair if I offer my commentary on the players here. Also, Martin is taking 8.4 FGA per game over the last two weeks. He's not being aggressive at all despite having a starting role. The comment of "anything but 42-team league" is hyperbole. I'll try to cut back on making any comments that aren't 100 percent void of opinion in the future and just report facts. Sorry if I've mislead at all.
 FilterTyreke EvansYesterday 10:40 AMJayde 0% (0)Fair enough, but I'm looking beyond the whole B2B/rest issue initially...more concerned about playoffs and ROS. I very much question Payton given what we've seen over the last month, even holding fast. In categories leagues with FG%, I honestly question his value very heavily, even looking optimistically.
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 10:38 AMsif2988 29% (7)Kyle, you keep doing this. Your emotions seem to be inseperable from your analysis, and as a result it's making your recommendations hard to trust, which is a shame because you're one of only two guys running this thing day-to-day. "Like" him or not, KM is worth rostering in deep leagues. Just some perspective--I mean for it to be constructive.
 FilterThabo SefoloshaYesterday 10:37 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)That feels like trading a quarter for two dimes. I'd ride out Green's crappy shooting or look to grab a better H2H player than Thabo who is going to help you more overall. Is TJ Warren available? That's a flier worth taking.
 FilterThabo SefoloshaYesterday 10:29 AMMartiaci 0% (2)Drop Danny Green for Thabo in a 12 Man h2h?
 FilterTyreke EvansYesterday 10:26 AMkylemckeown16 100% (3)The projections can't always account for every variable. I described a pretty complex situation with a lot of moving parts. It's really about whether or not you want to assume the risk of owning Evans versus owning Payton.
 FilterTyreke EvansYesterday 10:15 AMJayde 0% (0)Kyle: Not really sure how to reconcile that with the current projections and values? Evans is projected as having generally better stats than Payton (+5 PTS, +1 REB, -1 AST, +5% FG%, double 3s, wash on most other stats) so where are the projections wrong? Just minutes?
 FilterAlex LenYesterday 10:06 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)ScottKD - Len is only a deep-league option. He has started two games for Tyson recently. He played 16 and 28 minutes, and that will probably continue to fluctuate as the Suns will often go small with neither Tyson or Len playing.
 FilterDeAndre JordanYesterday 10:01 AMillusionz 0% (0)jordan is usually a slow starter to begin the season right?
 FilterKristaps PorzingisYesterday 10:01 AMkylemckeown16 100% (1)JBS - Thanks so much for the heads up on that. It's all fixed.
 FilterAaron GordonYesterday 9:35 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)AJH22 - Whether or not I'm holding Gordon is dependent a lot on the league and my team. I still have him stashed in some leagues where there's nothing but trash on the wire, but if there's someone worth picking up, I have not hesitated to drop Gordon. The Magic have won 3 straight with Oladipo on the bench. I'm just waiting for all other teams to realize this genius and to start putting their best players in bench roles. Unfortunately, the wins probably keep Gordon in his limited role for now.
 FilterAaron GordonYesterday 9:29 AMajh22 0% (0)How long are we holding onto Gordon? I think we all know his production is off the charts and it is just a matter of playing time. He certainly is not worth starting now, but I don't want to drop only because Skils *could* decide to play him more minutes beginning with any game. With ~25-27 min, this guy is a stud. What to do?
 FilterKristaps PorzingisYesterday 9:28 AMjbs5635 0% (0)It appears he was credited with another rebound on the 25th but it isn't showing up here. I checked 4 sources so far and they all have him at 9 boards on the 25th.
 FilterTJ WarrenYesterday 9:24 AMkylemckeown16 100% (2)Thanvor - I have Warren stashed in most of my leagues, especially anything 14-team or larger. His FG% is amazing for Roto leagues, and there's plenty of upside in pretty much every category except blocks. I'd recommend taking a flier on him in all 12-team H2H leagues and larger, and 10-team leagues where you have someone worth dropping. I'm not guaranteeing that his minutes stay big, but I believe in the kid to eventually become the third option on that team behind Bledsoe and Knight.
 FilterIsh SmithYesterday 9:15 AMkylemckeown16 100% (1)I don't think we're getting an answer on the Ish Smith situation until Friday or next Monday. The Pelicans will probably run a weird deep rotation Tuesday and Wednesday for the B2B. Until we see the minutes distribution on a non-b2b game, we aren't going to have a true idea of whether or not Ish can hold any value moving forward.
 FilterTJ WarrenYesterday 9:10 AMthanvor 0% (0)@kylemckeown16 - @joshlloyd48: what do you think about this guy, 4 games in a row with 15 pts or more... is he finding his rhythm?
 FilterTony WrotenYesterday 9:04 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Depends on who you have to drop and whether or not you're employing a punt strategy. I'd only be rostering Wroten in H2H leagues where I don't care about the percentages or turnovers, and I wouldn't stash him in a 12-team league because I don't think he plays more than backup guard minutes. Also, he could very well be under restrictions when he first returns. I think people's expectations for him are too high if they're stashing him in anything but deeper H2H leagues. That's my opinion.
 FilterIsaiah CanaanYesterday 8:55 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)LGL - Canaan is a good streaming option for probably another week or two, but when Kendall Marshall and/or Tony Wroten returns, Canaan could find himself on the bench again and will likely have a lot less possessions when he does play. I don't believe too much in his long-term value if the Sixers get healthy.
 FilterNikola JokicYesterday 8:52 AMkylemckeown16 100% (3)One fantasy outlet reported news from a week ago this morning. Ridiculously absurd to do so without context. When this report oringially came out last week, I was excited. I went out an added Jokic everywhere. However, with the current trend of his minutes faltering in a deep rotation, I'm either dumping Jokic or at least strongly considering it. He was a flier. Now he's a dyer. It rhymed. I tried.
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 8:46 AMkylemckeown16 0% (1)Rant: I can't take it anymore. I'm probably dumping this guy in anything but a 42-team league. I'm not offering this as strategy. I just don't like him, and I don't want to weather whatever this funk is. He doesn't do enough or have enough upside in the current T-Wolves offense for me to waste nights losing sleep over his weird jump shot that isn't falling anymore.
 FilterTyreke EvansYesterday 8:40 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)I wouldn't look on Tyreke with such optimism that I'd drop someone like Payton for him. Tyreke is supposed to have some limitations in his return. That may mean limited minutes, and it may mean sitting out one game of a few back to backs at first. Evans is also likely playing a lot more at SF this season than PG with Jrue Holiday actually playing this season. Too much risk with Tyreke for that move.
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 8:37 AMkylemckeown16 100% (2)Capela. He is the starting PF, and it sounds like Bickerstaff is a big believer in what the guy offers. By league type: Capela should be owned in H2H where you don't care about FT%, and Dieng can be grabbed on a flier in 12-team Roto leagues for his help in percentages and the possibility that he is going to earn a bigger role going forward.
 FilterGorgui DiengYesterday 8:31 AMkylemckeown16 25% (4)I think we're reacting a little too much to a couple games here. Dieng is stuck behind Towns. Towns isn't going to play less minutes all season. Mitchell said he's been playing Dieng down the stretch to give them better p-n-r defense in the 4th. That won't hold true in the long run, especially in games where they aren't competing. Unless Dieng starts playing A LOT next to Towns, he isn't going to hold value consistently for standard leagues. OK to take a flier right now, but doubtful mins stick.
 FilterOJ MayoYesterday 8:27 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)It seemed like Mayo was starting in place of Jabari, so I don't know how long he'll keep his job as a starter. I'm not grabbing Mayo anywhere but very deep leagues.
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 8:22 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)I'm not sure how you were seeing that. He hasn't been at that number for a couple of weeks and last night he was set down to 6mpg.
 FilterEnes KanterYesterday 8:19 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)I would consider using Kanter in 12-team Roto for his help in the percentages if your draft went poorly in that regard, but otherwise, as long as he's getting just 21 mpg, Kanter is going to be frustrating to own unless you're playing in a deep league. In 10-team leagues, he's generally not getting enough value, as Josh said, but he's a good stash guy where possible in case Adams or Ibaka got hurt.
 FilterNazr MohammedYesterday 7:59 AMjjhous02 0% (0)Sephiroth_98
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 7:55 AMrexs 100% (1)I checked all the settings 4 times, they just corrected it in the last 30 minutes. Thank you bbm
 FilterGorgui DiengYesterday 7:53 AMSephiroth_98 0% (1)Drop Dieng for Jokic?
 FilterRicky RubioYesterday 7:53 AMLGLP86 0% (0)Ricky...Ricky...Ricky...
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 7:51 AMLGLP86 100% (2)I see him as 4.5 mpg for the weekly projection...I think you need to fix your settings. Choose the date ranges...
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 7:21 AMrexs 0% (1)in weekly projections he is at 36 min/gm
 FilterEnes KanterYesterday 7:18 AMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)He's not a must hold in a 10 team league. They just aren't using him enough
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 7:17 AMrexs 0% (0)when deciding on my weekly lineup, using the schedule analyzer tool, it is very disconcerting seeing him so highly ranked, and it is not only affecting him but how other players are ranked as well.
 FilterOJ MayoYesterday 7:17 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)He was a replacement for Jabari Parker so it feels difficult to predict he will remain starting over Parker all season
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 7:16 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)He isn't projected at 36 minutes a game anywhere. We've got him at 6 mpg. He's been out of rotation two of last three games with a backup game in the middle where Terry was out of rotation
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 7:13 AMrexs 0% (0)Is there any way you can adjust ty lawson projections, at least for the week.I don't see any way he is going to get 36 minutes/game this week when he isn't even in the rotation
 FilterTyreke EvansYesterday 7:13 AMJayde 0% (1)Does it seem reasonable to view Tyreke as a straight upgrade over Elfrid Payton, provided the injury doesn't slow him down too much?
 FilterClint CapelaYesterday 6:57 AM#48340 0% (0)Capella or Dieng in a 10 team H-2-H league?
 FilterEnes KanterYesterday 6:54 AMtopangatx27 0% (0)worth a hold in a 10 team league? KCP, TJ warren among others on the wire.
 FilterOJ MayoYesterday 6:02 AMtinog 0% (0)Is it possible he can lock down teh SG role here? Or was it a case of no vasquez and once healthy vasquez moves into PG role with Bayless playing SG.
 FilterKevin MartinYesterday 5:42 AMLGLP86 33% (3)He is just hit the wire...Should I drop Kobe for him?
 FilterNikola JokicYesterday 5:42 AMscottkdouglas 100% (2)That quote was from 6 days ago:
 FilterNikola JokicYesterday 5:35 AMBenniepie 0% (4)Jokic just 'earned' the starting spot. Drop Meyers Leonard for Nikola Jokic?
 FilterIsaiah CanaanYesterday 5:35 AMLGLP86 0% (0)At this point I think it would be better off with him than Kobe for my punt FG%...What do ya think?
 FilterJeremy LambYesterday 5:28 AMzheeduh 0% (0)Even when his FG% goes back down (which has yet to be known) he's still going to have late round value.