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Kawhi Leonard

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 FilterKawhi LeonardToday 12:24 PMkchung4388 100% (6)He's so good. No hype on this guy. All business. Very efficient. Literally helps you in every category
 FilterKawhi Leonard11/10/2015 1:41 PMdcentury 100% (3)so much green :)
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 11:34 PMbonezi89 0% (0)Yeah I think it's more of a case of avoiding efficiency drainers, really like him in punt ast and punt block teams from this year. Less appeal in punt points than last.
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 10:54 PMgurumike22 0% (0)Yeah, he's an interesting guy. I was pondering trying to pair him with a big blocks guy (Gobert/Noel/Ibaka), who are good at TOs, but a couple of whom would negate some of the %'s.
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 10:14 PMbiff_tannen 100% (1)I always felt with Kawhi, you can really go anyway you want with 2nd and 3rd pick. Leonard contributes across the board so anyone fits nicely... EXCEPT I would try to preserve his advantage in percentages and TO's, so avoid drags in any of those three cats.
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 10:01 PMgurumike22 0% (0)If you took Kawhi at pick 10 in a 14 team league who, or what sort of player, would you try and follow him up with at pick 19?
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 9:19 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)Sorry mate, my bad, looked at the wrong line. He has that potential but it's inflated by TO, that's why I wouldn't take him that high.
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 7:44 PMbiff_tannen 0% (0)huh? Perhaps we are not looking at the same thing... but last two months 9 cat, it says right here on basketball monsters player stats... 4th overall.
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 5:28 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)He was 4th last two weeks not two months. I wouldn't be looking at him in the top5, but I'm ok with him at 10 or even 9
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 4:38 PMbiff_tannen 100% (1)Question for you Josh... if you think Kawhi's usage would be at a similar level to last half of last season, and Kawli was 4th overall fantasy value in last two months, plus you got to figure he still has plenty of room to improve at just 24 years old, would you consider him as a top 5 pick in 9 cat leagues?
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 2:29 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)He is the focal point on this team, they are running so much through him so far and it will take time for Aldridge to get adjusted. Yes, they brought back those guys, but Kawhi should see his usage at a similar level to last half of last season
 FilterKawhi Leonard10/14/2015 2:05 PMbuckshot 0% (0)They added Aldridge and brought back Green/Manu. Why would his points go up so much?