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 FilterDoug McDermott10/23/2015 6:28 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (1)There's also Collison who will play the two also. Lee has the most guaranteed role and I sneakily think he could have a mini breakout. BUt, if I was choosing for my team, I'd go with Doug and see how it plays out in the first week as his upside is greatest.
 FilterDoug McDermott10/23/2015 6:10 PMstomper90 0% (0)Very curious about this... His minutes have been all over the place in the pre-season. Some days I think he is going to break out where others not so much. I am in a 14 team league and have him in my last roster spot. I need pts + 3's... and can't decide on him, Courtney Lee, or Belinelli. From everything I read Belinelli might surprise in Sac this year and will eat into Mclemore's minutes.
 FilterDoug McDermott10/23/2015 5:53 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (1)Just because he is coming off the bench, doesn't mean he won't get starter's minutes while Dunleavy is out. Hoiberg likes him in a bench role with the second unit, but I don't think that means he plays 20 mpg.
 FilterDoug McDermott10/23/2015 5:48 PMstomper90 0% (0)Do we think that his projections are a little off? He's coming off the bench, but no way I see him getting 30mpg. I also think he'll shoot a little big better from 3pt given more mpg? Thoughts?