Marc Gasol

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Draft2008 (Pick 48)
3/22/2014 6:55 PM
Active Left ankle sprain Open link
Gasol will play and start in Saturday's game vs. the Pacers. He had an MRI earlier in the day and was diagnosed with a Grade 1 ankle sprain, an injury he suffered during the third quarter of Friday's loss. Mike Conley went down with a Grade 2 sprain earlier which cost him some time and has hampered his effectiveness since, so Gasol looks to be in the clear here so long as he can avoid an aggravation of some sort.
2/18/2014 11:31 AM
Active Left knee re-aggravation Open link
While he officially remains a game-time decision on Tuesday, Gasol himself said "I will play" after morning shootaround was complete. An MRI scan on Gasol's left knee was "clean" and revealed no structural damage, but he's been fitted with a larger brace as a precaution. It should be noted that his production has noticeably dropped off since he's returned, as he has been far from 100 percent. Coach David Joerger said "Gasol needed the whole summer off to get back to 100 percent." His projections have been bumped down accordingly.
2/15/2014 2:01 AM
Questionable Left knee re-aggravation Open link
Gasol re-aggravated his left knee injury after bumping knees with Jameer Nelson on a screen in the third quarter of Wednesday's game, and did not return. He will have an MRI at some point during the All-Star break but it likely won't be Thursday and not in Memphis. Regarding his injury, Gasol said, "We're going to get it checked to make sure everything is OK. But it feels a lot better than it did the first time." There is swelling on the knee, but he said, "I felt a little something ... But I'm pretty confident and positive." That's certainly encouraging news, and it looks like he avoided another injury that will cost him time. What was initially concerning was that it was the same knee he hurt earlier this season (grade 2 MCL sprain) that sidelined him for almost two months.

Season Stats

   440.09Current SeasonMEM5933.414.
   430.07Last MonthMEM1634.816.
   280.20Last 2 WeeksMEM736.618.
   230.28Last WeekMEM437.619.00.310.
   90.37NBA 12-13MEM8035.
   170.26NBA 11-12MEM6536.514.
   263-0.50NBA Preseason 13MEM527.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment3/11/2014 10:51 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Can you please send me a PM with more detail as to what "seem to be off" means specifically? Thanks
 Comment3/11/2014 6:39 AMhsahardid 0% (0)His fg% and ft% seem to be off when you run weekly projections through end of standard playoffs w/ease. Am I missing something?
 Comment3/8/2014 12:39 AMehrenberggreg 100% (4)His game is finally rounding back into shape just in time for the playoffs
 Comment2/27/2014 3:48 PMmrg12686 100% (1)He's playing better over his last 3 games, sell high or bump needed?
 Comment2/12/2014 9:23 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (3)Updated news blurb posted. Doesn't look like he'll miss any time.
 Comment2/12/2014 8:08 PMChubs33 100% (1)That's not good. Anyone worth picking up again?
 Comment2/7/2014 9:57 PMvordeau 67% (3)He's just returning from a major injury, give him time. It's not like he lost his talent all of a sudden.
 Comment2/7/2014 9:31 AMliam4 50% (6)Those that disagreed, I'd love to know your thinking on return to form
 Comment2/6/2014 9:39 AMliam4 50% (6)Small downgrade likely in order here as well; not been the same yet since his return
 Comment1/25/2014 11:41 PMtmblackflag 100% (4)Last two games pretty bad, hope he gets back into a groove soon.
 Comment1/15/2014 5:04 PMkslight 0% (0)He will likely play but with limited minutes.
 Comment1/15/2014 4:49 PMbolt_la 100% (1)is he playing tonight? Do you guys know if he's going to play back to backs already?
 Comment1/14/2014 6:19 PMMLDIII 100% (7)Starting tonight
 Comment1/14/2014 2:11 PMliam4 100% (4)"Pain-free". Practice went well, speculation of return Friday in local papers
 Comment1/12/2014 7:51 PMjbs5635 100% (5)Going through full practice tomorrow...very good to hear!
 Rumor1/11/2014 9:26 0% (0)Cleared for 5 on 5?
 Comment1/5/2014 7:13 PMfac541 100% (2)Projected return now pushed back another week?
 Comment1/2/2014 12:31 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Nothing yet. We're still projecting Jan 7 for a return date, which was the mid-point between projections by Gasol (today) and doctors (Jan 12).
 Comment1/2/2014 2:46 AMwackawacka 100% (2)any word on his injury?
 Comment12/22/2013 7:49 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Just added news to Status Updates page: Gasol expected back in roughly two weeks.
 Comment12/17/2013 5:58 PMmrfuentes27 50% (2)MCL Grade II Sprain 1+ Instability Rehabilitation Program, 3 wks Return to running if 75%, 4 wks resume basketball exercises
 Comment12/17/2013 2:44 AMsjr1230 100% (6)Started rehabbing ! Marc Gasol ?@MarcGasol 12h It feels great to move again! #TheTerminatorEye #CastAway
 Comment12/2/2013 12:27 AMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (4)His games played projection has, yes. No reason for us to change his per-game value as he should resume posting near first-round value when he returns.
 Injured12/2/2013 12:25 AM#22686 100% (1)Projections haven't been updated?
 Comment11/30/2013 12:30 AMwebslinger48 100% (1)The AP story said 3-4 weeks before he starts rehabbing; to expect him back on the court in 3-4 weeks is wishful thinking, I think.
 Rumor11/28/2013 4:09 PMLakerpunjabi 80% (5)just put in a waiver for him. here's to hoping he returns asap! happy thanksgiving!
 Comment11/28/2013 10:20 AMwisegeeks 75% (4)I hope it's really just 3-4 weeks. I was able to scoop him just now in one of my leagues. This will be a big turning point for me.
 Comment11/28/2013 9:21 AMchenkyte 100% (1)Just 3-4 weeks out? What a great news for owners like me!
 Comment11/23/2013 12:08 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Grade 2 MCL sprain, out indefinitely. Good news is that it doesn't require surgery. Timetable usually around 6 weeks; Stiemsma suffered same injury earlier this year, 6-8 week timetable for him.
 Comment11/23/2013 6:17 AMliam4 100% (1)Def wait for MRI, he walked out on his own. Possible it is just a sprain.

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Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014DAL106 - 105 (+1)Y0.93MEM46:0219099210.692130.250402
4/14/2014@ PHO97 - 91 (+6)Y-0.30MEM37:2218083000.538130.800532
4/13/2014@ LAL102 - 90 (+12)Y0.54MEM36:16180154300.438160.800531
4/11/2014PHI117 - 95 (+22)Y0.98MEM30:38211102020.750120.667310
4/9/2014MIA107 - 102 (+5)Y0.30MEM44:34200143210.500160.571724
4/6/2014@ SAS92 - 112 (-20)Y-0.08MEM25:466065110.42970.000013
4/4/2014DEN100 - 92 (+8)Y-0.13MEM35:4524053010.500160.8001036
4/2/2014@ MIN88 - 102 (-14)Y0.31MEM33:1818074100.500180.000002
3/31/2014@ DEN94 - 92 (+2)Y-1.31MEM33:1113082010.316190.333322
3/30/2014@ POR98 - 105 (-7)Y-0.24MEM35:5720054010.471170.667615
3/28/2014@ GSW93 - 100 (-7)Y-0.14MEM36:3917071220.438160.600532
3/26/2014@ UTA91 - 87 (+4)Y0.61MEM34:3318074200.583120.800513
3/24/2014MIN109 - 92 (+17)Y-0.49MEM26:42140123100.462130.400511
3/22/2014IND82 - 71 (+11)Y-0.09MEM38:5410092120.364110.667313
3/21/2014@ MIA86 - 91 (-5)Y-0.58MEM23:5214061000.545110.667321
3/19/2014UTA96 - 86 (+10)Y1.16MEM37:28200103040.429141.000812
3/15/2014@ PHI103 - 77 (+26)Y0.33MEM27:5911046320.50060.833652
3/14/2014@ TOR86 - 99 (-13)Y0.49MEM32:318035140.37581.000211
3/12/2014@ NOR90 - 88 (+2)Y-0.19MEM38:4715094110.417120.833643
3/11/2014POR109 - 99 (+10)Y0.12MEM37:3319097010.571140.600523
3/8/2014CHA111 - 89 (+22)Y0.14MEM24:4814093020.417121.000421
3/7/2014@ CHI85 - 77 (+8)Y0.02MEM33:25180101030.500161.000253
3/5/2014@ BKN94 - 103 (-9)Y0.32MEM27:3618071210.500140.800522
3/3/2014@ WAS110 - 104 (+6)Y0.55MEM34:1710078330.400100.500421
3/1/2014CLE110 - 96 (+14)Y0.60MEM39:5622186010.571140.833622
2/28/2014@ OKC107 - 113 (-6)Y0.04MEM33:1517033110.700100.600522
2/26/2014LAL108 - 103 (+5)Y0.77MEM31:43140125120.600100.667313
2/22/2014@ CHA89 - 92 (-3)Y0.37MEM37:3615034310.333150.833605
2/21/2014LAC102 - 96 (+6)Y0.62MEM30:55170103140.438160.750424
2/18/2014NYK98 - 93 (+5)Y0.10MEM25:488074020.57170.000014
2/12/2014@ ORL86 - 81 (+5)Y-0.44MEM22:484051100.40050.000002
2/11/2014WAS92 - 89 (+3)Y0.60MEM34:1118073200.636111.000433
2/9/2014@ CLE83 - 91 (-8)Y0.69MEM39:418095340.273111.000232
2/8/2014@ ATL79 - 76 (+3)Y-0.55MEM38:378087010.286140.000013
2/5/2014DAL96 - 110 (-14)Y-0.68MEM37:3212045200.50060.750864
2/3/2014@ OKC77 - 86 (-9)Y-0.71MEM37:3613031000.455110.750412
2/1/2014MIL99 - 90 (+9)Y-0.20MEM31:2119062020.600150.250414
1/31/2014@ MIN94 - 90 (+4)Y0.28MEM40:139062220.400101.000112
1/29/2014@ SAC99 - 89 (+10)Y-0.21MEM32:4112055020.600100.000210
1/28/2014@ POR98 - 81 (+17)Y0.39MEM34:4515084310.538131.000153
1/25/2014HOU99 - 81 (+18)Y-0.35MEM23:316052010.33361.000204
1/24/2014@ HOU88 - 87 (+1)Y-0.56MEM31:229072010.42970.750423
1/20/2014NOR92 - 95 (-3)Y-0.98MEM36:2214084100.333120.750853
1/17/2014SAC91 - 90 (+1)Y1.10MEM30:5316032240.538131.000215
1/15/2014@ MIL82 - 77 (+5)Y-1.43MEM14:280050000.00040.000020
1/14/2014OKC90 - 87 (+3)Y-0.75MEM24:1212041000.42970.750812
1/12/2014ATL MEM             
1/10/2014PHO MEM             
1/7/2014SAS MEM             
1/5/2014@ DET MEM             
1/3/2014@ DEN MEM             
1/2/2014@ PHO MEM             
12/30/2013CHI MEM             
12/28/2013DEN MEM             
12/26/2013@ HOU MEM             
12/23/2013UTA MEM             
12/21/2013@ NYK MEM             
12/18/2013@ DAL MEM             
12/17/2013LAL MEM             
12/15/2013MIN MEM             
12/13/2013@ NOR MEM             
12/11/2013OKC MEM             
12/9/2013ORL MEM             
12/7/2013GSW MEM             
12/5/2013LAC MEM             
12/3/2013PHO MEM             
11/30/2013BKN MEM             
11/27/2013@ BOS MEM             
11/25/2013HOU MEM             
11/22/2013SAS86 - 102 (-16)Y-0.93MEM9:502023000.33330.000010
11/20/2013@ GSW88 - 81 (+7)Y1.03MEM38:36180114140.429141.000633
11/18/2013@ LAC106 - 102 (+4)Y0.21MEM40:5223098200.364220.875833
11/17/2013@ SAC97 - 86 (+11)Y0.31MEM39:2319089000.571141.000332
11/15/2013@ LAL89 - 86 (+3)Y1.62MEM41:3118088330.400151.000612
11/13/2013TOR87 - 103 (-16)Y-0.11MEM33:08180104000.429140.750804
11/11/2013@ IND79 - 95 (-16)Y0.08MEM29:3315063210.385130.833622
11/9/2013GSW108 - 90 (+18)Y1.07MEM41:3618073130.533151.000204
11/6/2013NOR84 - 99 (-15)Y-0.72MEM30:4111014110.364110.750433
11/4/2013BOS95 - 88 (+7)Y0.03MEM35:0314082000.600101.000213
11/2/2013@ DAL99 - 111 (-12)Y0.44MEM35:3923051000.571141.000715
11/1/2013DET111 - 108 (+3)Y0.37MEM37:0115085120.50080.778921
10/30/2013@ SAS94 - 101 (-7)Y-0.22MEM34:0114092100.467150.000021