Miles Plumlee

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Draft2012 (Pick 26)
3/14/2014 8:54 PM
Out Eye contusion Open link
Plumlee left Friday's game after being poked in the left eye and did not return, although he remained on the bench and there were not early indications that the injury was serious. Channing Frye, Markieff Morris, and Alex Len would see the extra run if this does end up affecting Plumlee's availability vs. the Warriors on Sunday.
3/9/2014 7:10 PM
Active Sprained right knee Open link
Plumlee will return on Sunday after missing the past two games with a right knee sprain. He'll come off the bench for his return, with Alex Len making his third consecutive start at center. Plumlee figures to get his starting spot back once he's closer to 100% percent, and it's worth noting that Len played just 11 minutes despite starting vs. the Thunder on Thursday.
3/6/2014 12:25 PM
Out Sore right knee Open link
Plumlee took part in portions of Thursday's shootaround, but the Suns have opted to hold him out of a second consecutive game in order to give his sore knee a bit more time to heal. Alex Len will be in the starting lineup vs. the Thunder, with Markieff Morris and Shavlik Randolph seeing extended run off the bench. Plumlee is day-to-day in advance of the Suns' next game, Sunday vs. Golden State.
3/4/2014 7:17 PM
Out Sore right knee Open link
Plumlee was expected to play Tuesday vs. the Clippers, but ended up being a late scratch with a right knee sprain. Plumlee has been playing through a sore right knee, an injury he suffered in practice a week ago. Alex Len will start at center alongside Channing Frye, while Markieff Morris and Shavlik Randolph will see extended run off the bench.
3/4/2014 12:21 PM
Questionable Sore right knee Open link
Coach Jeff Hornacek called Plumlee a game-time decision for Tuesday with a sore right knee. Plumlee has been playing through the injury since he hurt it in practice a week ago. Markieff Morris would likely draw the start at power forward with Channing Frye sliding over to center if Plumlee was forced to miss any time, with Marcus Morris and possibly Shavlik Randolph seeing additional run as well.

Season Stats

   153-0.29Current SeasonPHO7924.
   202-0.43Last MonthPHO1620.
   157-0.33Last 2 WeeksPHO723.
   190-0.38Last WeekPHO423.
   424-0.96NBA 12-13IND143.
   215-0.39NBA Preseason 13PHO619.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment2/23/2014 12:01 AMjohnd2442 100% (2)His last four games were painful; I finally couldn't take it and released him.
 Comment2/3/2014 4:33 PMjohnd2442 100% (1)Definitely agreed; his recent production has not been impressive. Obviously a potential Pau Gasol-to-Phoenix deal would hurt badly. Hopefully that doesn't happen and Plumlee continues to get minutes.
 Comment2/3/2014 3:17 PMrickyroma23 0% (1)despite being a terrific early season pickup, his decreased production and minutes are hurting me. I'm thinking about replacing him with mozgov for slight improvements across the board. thoughts?
 Comment2/1/2014 11:05 PMzheeduh 0% (0)His minutes are steadily trending down. Is this a temporary thing?
 Comment1/22/2014 2:43 PMmrg12686 100% (2)Plum is a soph so they will try to develop him too. If they are out of contention they may move Frye which could open minutes for both. Not having Bledsoe seems to hurt his scoring though.
 Comment1/22/2014 11:00 AMbraziladam 0% (2)PHX holding pretty desperately to playoff seed. Gotta think they'll parse Prof. Plum's minutes down to develop Len if EBled's prognosis isn't clear soon
 Comment1/21/2014 10:08 AMbraziladam 67% (3)He's in the midst of a gruesome slump. He'll be on some WWs soon
 Underrated1/14/2014 10:56 AM#14370 100% (7)Plumdog Millionaire is improving as the year goes on (ft%, stls, to) he's a top 100 fantasy player this year.
 Comment12/29/2013 1:27 AMcadavi 100% (4)another one to add to a punt FT% build - strategy has worked so well this year
 Comment12/19/2013 12:52 PMcmm325 0% (2)Top 50 last two weeks. How many more weeks in the top 120 before he gets a bump?
 Underrated12/19/2013 1:21 AM#14370 100% (4)he's not going away. bump
 Comment12/10/2013 11:02 PMmaddy1784 33% (3)He continues to slide.
 Comment11/26/2013 10:47 AMhalpink31 100% (2)Still blocking shots at solid rate but playing time and rebs trending down.
 Comment11/23/2013 1:34 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)Moved his OReb down, along with his FT%. Was a 60% shooter in college, but not so much this season.
 Comment11/23/2013 9:07 AMbraziladam 100% (2)His OREB are inflated, has pulled 4 in only 2 games--the first two of the season
 Comment11/12/2013 2:53 PMovernerd 100% (5)Regress to what exactly? Before this year he had barely played. He's an athletic 6'11 guy with good lateral quickness and timing. So long as the minutes remain so will the blocks.
 Comment11/12/2013 7:55 AMjimbajuice 0% (0)what's the deal with these blocks? If they regress he takes a big hit
 Underrated11/11/2013 4:49 PMovernerd 100% (3)Picked up C eligibility for yahoo. Also think his blocks projection needs a bump.
 Comment11/9/2013 3:49 PMSonic Phantom 8% (13)worth swapping this guy for adams or hensen?
 Comment11/5/2013 1:57 PMholty85 67% (3)Does anyone like him in daily play tonight?!
 Comment11/4/2013 12:23 AMSonic Phantom 100% (2)was tonight's line a matchup issue for plums? mins, fg reduction w/ frye healthy and productive?
 Underrated11/2/2013 11:05 PMkhan 25% (4)Should get bumped up at the end of this week. Great debut. Could provide similar value this year to what Nikola Vucevic did last year. Will be interesting to see how he plays against elite centers.
 Comment11/2/2013 5:15 PMkslight 100% (1)Plumlee's along with all ESPN positions have been updated. Thanks
 Comment10/31/2013 1:17 PMhalpink31 100% (2)I think there are going to be a lot of undervalued Suns players this year.
 Comment10/31/2013 11:10 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)He looked surprisngly polished. Gave him a bump and let's see what he can carry forward.
 Underrated10/31/2013 10:04 AMmrpoker 100% (1)I know it's a one game sample, but he def. looks like hes on the rise.
 Comment10/30/2013 11:31 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (6)Great start, just keep in mind that PHX essentially played 7 players tonight, so Len/Markieff will be coming for FC minutes.
 Comment10/30/2013 10:32 PMyzaker 100% (5)ALL aboard on the Miles Plumlee trainnn choo choo! I know I know its early.. but took a flier on him
 Comment10/28/2013 8:23 AMswiese12000 33% (3)They need to get Frye on the court and prove to other GMs that he can handle 20+ mns/gm before they can get anything of value in a trade.
 Comment10/27/2013 12:40 PMgcbillinois 0% (0)In tank/rebuild mode, what purpose does Frye serve? Trade him for whatever.

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/14/2014MEM91 - 97 (-6)Y-0.07PHO30:0312040100.66790.000010
4/12/2014@ DAL98 - 101 (-3)Y0.08PHO16:334060121.00020.000011
4/11/2014@ SAS104 - 112 (-8)Y-0.71PHO24:416090000.50060.000022
4/9/2014@ NOR94 - 88 (+6)Y-0.76PHO24:142061000.50020.000012
4/6/2014OKC122 - 115 (+7)Y-0.27PHO18:238060000.60051.000203
4/4/2014@ POR109 - 93 (+16)Y-0.66PHO25:1360162100.50040.400522
4/2/2014LAC108 - 112 (-4)Y0.38PHO26:0413071100.85771.000112
3/30/2014@ LAL99 - 115 (-16)Y-0.48PHO10:346021000.75040.000004
3/28/2014NYK112 - 88 (+24)Y0.04PHO22:57110123000.83360.500211
3/26/2014@ WAS99 - 93 (+6)Y-1.08PHO17:594030000.66730.000031
3/24/2014@ ATL102 - 95 (+7)Y-0.89PHO19:470060100.00030.000011
3/23/2014@ MIN127 - 120 (+7)Y-0.76PHO14:412060010.50020.000020
3/21/2014DET98 - 92 (+6)Y0.73PHO24:1711050210.80051.000303
3/19/2014ORL109 - 93 (+16)Y-0.20PHO20:2310090020.500100.000022
3/17/2014@ BKN95 - 108 (-13)Y-1.19PHO18:213062000.25040.500221
3/16/2014@ TOR121 - 113 (+8)Y-0.64PHO16:159041010.50060.750425
3/14/2014@ BOS87 - 80 (+7)Y-0.62PHO20:355070011.00020.500222
3/12/2014CLE101 - 110 (-9)Y-0.15PHO26:1490101000.80050.500205
3/10/2014@ LAC105 - 112 (-7)Y0.33PHO26:1512090020.600100.000000
3/9/2014@ GSW107 - 113 (-6)-0.94PHO10:192041000.33330.000011
3/6/2014OKC PHO             
3/4/2014LAC PHO             
3/2/2014ATL129 - 120 (+9)Y-0.73PHO11:452040100.33330.000012
2/28/2014NOR116 - 104 (+12)Y-0.65PHO21:295080100.33361.000120
2/26/2014@ UTA86 - 109 (-23)Y-0.53PHO24:346070110.37580.000022
2/25/2014MIN101 - 110 (-9)Y-0.24PHO16:596070120.42970.000021
2/23/2014HOU112 - 115 (-3)Y-0.10PHO24:208070100.57170.000002
2/21/2014SAS106 - 85 (+21)Y-0.72PHO18:374041001.00011.000221
2/19/2014BOS100 - 94 (+6)Y-0.44PHO19:504080130.33360.000044
2/18/2014@ DEN112 - 107 (+5)Y-0.55PHO21:512081100.20050.000006
2/11/2014MIA97 - 103 (-6)Y-0.76PHO14:082060000.33330.000002
2/8/2014GSW122 - 109 (+13)Y-0.10PHO21:5412070100.500101.000211
2/5/2014@ HOU108 - 122 (-14)Y-0.70PHO25:565060010.50040.500213
2/4/2014CHI92 - 101 (-9)Y0.37PHO31:1980100300.60051.000222
2/1/2014CHA105 - 95 (+10)Y0.15PHO21:5460110020.60050.000001
1/30/2014@ IND102 - 94 (+8)Y-0.56PHO19:064060210.25080.000023
1/29/2014@ MIL126 - 117 (+9)Y-0.52PHO20:498032010.57170.000022
1/27/2014@ PHI124 - 113 (+11)Y-0.99PHO32:25140132000.400150.500432
1/26/2014@ CLE99 - 90 (+9)Y-0.74PHO17:5330100000.33330.500204
1/24/2014WAS95 - 101 (-6)Y0.05PHO27:2614060020.87580.000042
1/22/2014IND124 - 100 (+24)Y-0.05PHO29:4411071100.62580.500201
1/19/2014DEN117 - 103 (+14)Y-0.67PHO24:122041110.20050.000012
1/17/2014DAL107 - 110 (-3)Y-1.34PHO20:486020000.42970.000120
1/15/2014LAL121 - 114 (+7)Y-0.79PHO26:376060010.28671.000222
1/13/2014@ NYK96 - 98 (-2)Y1.07PHO32:51120111320.44491.000415
1/11/2014@ DET108 - 110 (-2)Y-0.32PHO22:1912042000.600100.000011
1/10/2014@ MEM99 - 104 (-5)Y0.13PHO32:5580110220.50060.500415
1/8/2014@ MIN104 - 103 (+1)Y-0.12PHO31:5611092100.50080.750416
1/7/2014@ CHI87 - 92 (-5)Y0.24PHO34:4911070320.455110.500221
1/4/2014MIL116 - 100 (+16)Y-0.65PHO20:499090000.50040.714713
1/2/2014MEM91 - 99 (-8)Y0.47PHO34:3780120130.50080.000012
12/30/2013@ LAC107 - 88 (+19)Y-0.54PHO20:526071030.60050.000223
12/28/2013PHI115 - 101 (+14)Y1.02PHO32:28220131130.714140.500422
12/27/2013@ GSW86 - 115 (-29)Y-0.74PHO18:269070000.44491.000120
12/23/2013LAL117 - 90 (+27)Y-0.34PHO30:58170201020.571140.200535
12/21/2013DAL123 - 108 (+15)Y-0.43PHO28:506080000.75040.000010
12/20/2013@ DEN103 - 99 (+4)Y-0.91PHO24:5570120100.42970.250414
12/18/2013SAS101 - 108 (-7)Y0.66PHO33:44130130220.66790.500224
12/15/2013GSW106 - 102 (+4)Y0.26PHO28:5960102030.33361.000203
12/13/2013SAC116 - 107 (+9)Y1.18PHO26:5312092430.500120.000024
12/10/2013@ LAL114 - 108 (+6)Y-0.51PHO19:236060000.75040.000013
12/6/2013TOR106 - 97 (+9)Y-0.22PHO19:249070020.50060.750414
12/4/2013@ HOU97 - 88 (+9)Y-0.65PHO20:554090020.28670.000023
12/3/2013@ MEM91 - 110 (-19)Y-0.45PHO30:0511081020.62580.500241
11/30/2013UTA104 - 112 (-8)Y0.31PHO24:519071130.50080.500202
11/29/2013@ UTA112 - 101 (+11)Y0.41PHO32:45150102010.66790.750403
11/27/2013POR120 - 106 (+14)Y-0.47PHO22:1880101110.50060.500423
11/25/2013@ MIA92 - 107 (-15)Y-0.22PHO24:308030110.57170.000011
11/24/2013@ ORL104 - 96 (+8)Y0.13PHO26:168070220.400100.000012
11/22/2013@ CHA98 - 91 (+7)Y-0.61PHO24:2040110030.33360.000213
11/20/2013SAC106 - 113 (-7)Y-0.38PHO29:4112070030.55690.400513
11/19/2013@ SAC104 - 107 (-3)Y-1.53PHO30:1910061100.55690.000522
11/15/2013BKN98 - 100 (-2)Y-1.01PHO35:176071020.300100.000045
11/13/2013@ POR89 - 90 (-1)Y0.28PHO31:55100101110.62580.000014
11/10/2013NOR101 - 94 (+7)Y0.92PHO27:5480120150.44490.000001
11/8/2013DEN114 - 103 (+11)Y-0.50PHO31:13180110020.538130.500824
11/6/2013@ SAS96 - 99 (-3)Y0.28PHO28:1915061120.583120.500213
11/5/2013@ NOR102 - 98 (+4)Y-1.39PHO29:2210050100.400100.333612
11/3/2013@ OKC96 - 103 (-7)Y-1.19PHO23:450050010.00020.000033
11/1/2013UTA87 - 84 (+3)Y0.51PHO34:51130131030.545110.500201
10/30/2013POR104 - 91 (+13)Y0.80PHO39:56180150030.571141.000221