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<April 2022>
box scoreDAL 103@ WAS 1356:00 pm
DAL by 8.5 o/u 216.5DAL 112 @ WAS 104Blowout
box scoreTOR 102@ ORL 896:00 pm
TOR by 9.5 o/u 217.0TOR 113 @ ORL 104
box scoreIND 123@ BOS 1286:30 pm
BOS by 14.5 o/u 226.5IND 106 @ BOS 120
box scoreSAC 122@ HOU 1177:00 pm
SAC by 2.0 o/u 234.0SAC 118 @ HOU 116
box scoreLAC 153@ MIL 1197:00 pm
MIL by 8.5 o/u 217.5LAC 104 @ MIL 113Blowout
box scoreDET 110@ OKC 1017:00 pm
DET by 4.0 o/u 221.5DET 113 @ OKC 109
box scorePHO 114@ MEM 1227:00 pm
PHO by 7.5 o/u 228.5PHO 118 @ MEM 110
box scorePOR 111@ SAS 1307:30 pm
SAS by 14.5 o/u 228.5POR 107 @ SAS 122Blowout
box scoreMIN 136@ DEN 1308:00 pm
DEN by 4.0 o/u 242.0MIN 119 @ DEN 123
box scoreNOR 114@ LAL 1119:30 pm
LAL by 1.5 o/u 230.0NOR 114 @ LAL 116

Central Standard Time

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DAL 103 @ WAS 135Blowout

 171.04Luka DoncicPG/SGQ  DALSG36:173647601.500221.000105340.4-223.362.370.431.05-2.640.650.766.75-3.37
 370.42Jalen BrunsonPG/SG  DALPG32:082115210.692131.00021321.6-290.83-0.65-0.35-0.70-0.01-1.383.841.340.89
 91-0.25Maxi KleberPF/C  DAL 25:57625011.4005.00001110.8-3-1.690.36-0.35-1.58-0.010.65-0.49-0.010.89
 97-0.31Dwight PowellPF/C  DALC20:38806001.25041.00061217.3-18-1.35-1.660.04-1.58-2.640.65-
 115-0.44Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PF  DALPF27:05822110.5006.00001312.1-29-1.350.36-1.53-1.14-0.01-1.380.22-0.010.89
 132-0.62Reggie BullockSG/SF  DALSF34:18824200.25081.00020112.1-9-1.350.36-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-2.421.341.95
 162-1.06Frank NtilikinaPG/SG  DAL 3:11201000.5002.00000029.3-4-2.36-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.380.09-0.011.95
 167-1.13Marquese ChrissPF/C  DAL 9:46202200.2005.00000123.9+3-2.36-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.38-1.84-0.011.95
 173-1.17Brandon KnightPG/SG  DAL 3:11001000.0001.00000018.1-4-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 174-1.20Josh GreenSG/SF  DAL 13:42401000.4005.00001220.4-23-2.02-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.49-0.010.89
 175-1.22Davis BertansPF/C  DAL 10:23000000.0001.0000004.5-10-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 189-1.64Spencer DinwiddiePG/SG  DAL 23:24802100.3336.66763023.2-12-1.35-1.66-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.13-2.66-1.24
   Tim Hardaway Jr.   DAL                        
   Trey Burke   DAL                        
   Boban Marjanovic   DAL                        
   Sterling Brown NOTE  DAL                        
   Theo Pinson   DAL                        
   Moses Wright   DAL                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010311361433.43678.923261316233.7-1600.
 111.23Kentavious Caldwell-PopePG/SG/SF  WASSF33:483564010.684191.00032429.2+203.194.39-0.74-1.58-0.01-1.385.402.01-0.18
 180.99Kristaps PorzingisPF/C  WASC29:522429421.44418.85770231.2+121.340.361.220.172.620.65-0.731.371.95
 290.57Rui HachimuraSF/PF  WASPF28:412135411.57114.66730223.6+110.831.36-0.350.17-0.010.651.85-1.341.95
 79-0.15Daniel GaffordC  WAS 15:25607110.66731.00020111.1+19-1.69-1.660.43-1.14-0.01-1.380.801.341.95
 80-0.16Ish SmithPG/SF  WAS 30:161204901.50012.00001219.0+20-0.68-1.66-0.742.37-2.640.650.42-0.010.89
 88-0.20Anthony GillSF  WAS 19:191015101.75041.00032116.7+21-1.02-0.65-0.35-1.14-2.640.651.512.01-0.18
 90-0.23Corey KispertSG/SF  WASSG36:16613320.33361.0001139.1+39-1.69-0.65-1.14-0.262.62-1.38-1.130.660.89
 104-0.35Deni AvdijaSG/SF/PF  WAS 25:561434300.500101.00012121.2+5-0.341.36-0.74-0.26-2.64-1.380.360.66-0.18
 135-0.63Tomas SatoranskyPG/SG  WASPG15:01204700.00011.0002138.5+11-2.36-1.66-0.741.49-2.64-1.38-0.621.340.89
 148-0.85Thomas BryantC  WAS 2:43510000.6673.00000048.8+1-1.86-0.65-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.80-0.011.95
 165-1.10Raul NetoPG  WAS 2:43000100.0000.000000 +1-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.14-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
   Bradley Beal   WAS                        
   Kyle Kuzma INJ   WAS                        
   Cassius Winston   WAS                        
   Vernon Carey Jr. NOTE  WAS                        
   Isaiah Todd GLG WAS                        
   Jordan Schakel NOTE  WAS                        
  0.00Totals   240:0013517453374.54490.90922919218.2+1600.
Josh: He has been very good for a few weeks now, and this was an excellent performance
Maybe Add Kyle: KCP went off for a season-high 35 points to help Porzingis get some revenge on the Mavs. He's got 1 more gam this weekend and is OK as a streamer or flier with 4 games next week.
Josh: A couple of strong games in a row for Hachimura. Not sure he is a must, but without Kuzma, he has some upside
Stream Kyle: Rui had another good game and is worth considering more as a conditional streamer or specialist as needed while Kuzma remains out.
Josh: Seems to have re-stabilised himself after Dinwiddie's arrival
Josh: The PG rotation continues to be a mystery. He has proven to be a solid assist guy, but the minutes are always an unknown
Kyle: Smith played good minutes and put together a nice line, but this isn't anything to chase as we can't trust it to be consistent.
Droppable Kyle: DFS has 1 more game this week, so he's fine to hold, but he's also OK to let go as needed for another streamer.
Josh: Very up and down, but at least he hit threes. Worth a hold in some spots.
Droppable Kyle: Treat him as the specialist and streamer he is. Use as needed, and discard as needed.
Josh: Still got a lot of assist, but minutes vanished. He is a nice assist stream
Droppable Kyle: Coach Unseld can't help himself playing a needlessly deep rotation, and that hurt Sato's ceiling here. I'd be fine dropping as needed for another streamer.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Huge night in a revenge game .... oh wait. Nevermind. He stunk and he has been poor for a while now. It might seem like a tough drop, but I'm not sure it is
Droppable Kyle: You'd think all the acrimony from Dinwiddie about his time with the Wizards would have led to a better performance in his first game back. He still has 1 more game and is fine to hold, but he can be dropped as needed for another streamer, too.

TOR 102 @ ORL 89

 81.38Fred VanVleetPG/SG  TORPG39:291955352.36819.00003225.5+300.503.38-0.35-0.2610.512.67-2.73-0.01-1.24
 360.44Scottie BarnesSF/PFQ  TORSF36:151918700.462131.00060219.8+320.50-0.650.831.49-2.64-1.38-
 490.20O.G. AnunobySF/PF  TORC34:591426220.5008.80051214.7+17-0.340.360.04-0.702.62-1.380.290.020.89
 650.02Chris BoucherPF/C  TOR 14:33513012.6673.0000009.4-4-1.86-0.65-1.14-1.58-0.012.670.80-0.011.95
 100-0.32Precious AchiuwaSF/PF/C  TOR 16:131113100.66761.00020119.4-10-0.85-0.65-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.381.581.341.95
 102-0.34Gary TrentSG/SF  TORSG39:581731310.375161.00022221.6+150.161.36-1.92-0.26-0.01-1.38-2.151.34-0.18
 120-0.51Thaddeus YoungPF/C  TOR 12:17103230.0002.50021014.5-13-2.53-1.66-1.14-0.705.25-1.38-1.27-2.010.89
 146-0.84Pascal SiakamPF/C  TORPF42:3916011300.38918.66732222.9+4-0.01-1.662.00-0.26-2.64-1.38-2.09-1.34-0.18
 179-1.25Khem BirchPF/CD  TOR 3:37002000.0001.00001325.3-6-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.010.89
   Isaac Bonga   TOR                        
   Svi Mykhailiuk   TOR                        
   Yuta Watanabe   TOR                        
   Armoni Brooks   TOR                        
   Malachi Flynn   TOR                        
   David Johnson   TOR                        
   Justin Champagnie NOTE  TOR                        
   Dalano Banton OUT  TOR                        
  0.00Totals   240:00102134221124.41986.850201014173.1+650.
 200.92Mo BambaCINJ   ORLC32:4915110603.545111.00020316.4-2-0.17-0.651.611.05-2.644.701.071.341.95
 81-0.16Markelle FultzPG/SG  ORL 20:251205720.385131.00023237.5+5-0.68-1.66-0.351.492.62-1.38-1.581.34-1.24
 110-0.41Ignas BrazdeikisSF/PF  ORL 21:061332100.7147.00002019.3-13-0.511.36-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.382.29-0.01-0.18
 116-0.45Chuma OkekePF  ORLPF24:19622120.3336.00002014.9-19-1.690.36-1.53-1.142.62-1.38-1.13-0.01-0.18
 125-0.54Devin CannadyPG  ORL 29:19930210.4297.00002013.9+8-1.181.36-2.31-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.42-0.01-0.18
 131-0.61Admiral SchofieldSF/PF  ORL 20:04516100.5004.0000019.0+6-1.86-0.650.04-1.14-2.64-1.380.16-0.011.95
 144-0.82R.J. HamptonPG/SG  ORLSG27:56905210.30010.75041220.7-20-1.18-1.66-0.35-0.70-0.01-1.38-2.35-0.660.89
 152-0.92Moritz WagnerPF/C  ORL 27:11808100.37581.00023319.8-2-1.35-1.660.83-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.061.34-1.24
 154-0.94Robin LopezC  ORL 9:41403001.5004.00002028.10-2.02-1.66-1.14-1.58-2.640.650.16-0.01-0.18
 169-1.15Franz WagnerSG/SF/PF OUTORLSF0:20000000.0000.000001 0-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
 177-1.22Cole AnthonyPG/SG  ORLPG26:50814300.300101.00014224.4-28-1.35-0.65-0.74-0.26-2.64-1.38-2.350.66-2.30
   Wendell Carter Jr.   ORL                        
   Jalen Suggs Q  ORL                        
   Bol Bol   ORL                        
   Terrence Ross   ORL                        
   Gary Harris   ORL                        
   Jonathan Isaac X  ORL                        
  0.00Totals   240:008911452464.42580.909111914204.2-650.
Josh: Insane defensive night bnut another horrid shooting night.
Josh: Finally, over 30 minutes, and he delivered a big game. Hasn't been trustworthy, but he is rosterable
Josh: Got the minute back up after two down ones and played well
Droppable Josh: Can't hold with these minutes
Droppable Kyle: Boucher is best treated as a conditional streamer, and I'd likely be looking elsewhere with just 1 more game this weekend.
Josh: Still stuck at 20 minutes, but his per minutes numbers the last two have been awesome. A nice stream guy
Stream Kyle: Despite modest minutes, Fultz is producing well most games and is worth considering as a streamer.
Droppable Josh: Two many centres off the bench for Achiuwa to be a 12 or 14 team option
Droppable Kyle: Stream him and drop him as needed in most leagues.
Josh: Very hard to rely on him in 12 team leagues. Look at him as a specialist for steals
Kyle: Okeke got another start with WCJ out, but he's been a bit too inconsistent to treat as much more than a conditional option, not something to chase.
Josh: Had that one big game and that's it. No way to roster him in 12 or 14 team leagues
Josh: Recently signed and played 30 minutes. Tank in full effect
Josh: I think his year may be done given where they are.
Droppable Kyle: With his status in question for Sunday, Franz is OK to treat as a streamer as needed and let him go for another.
Josh: Honestly, he is a drop candidate with the minutes and production down the way they are. I expect some random 'rests' as well.
Droppable Kyle: Anthony's role has been a bit reduced of late, and he's fine to cut for another streamer or specialist as required.
Droppable Kyle: Not worth holding while he's day-to-day.

IND 123 @ BOS 128

 41.89Tyrese HaliburtonPG/SGQ  INDPG25:323061230.909111.00042625.9-82.354.39-1.92-0.705.25-1.386.492.69-0.18
 460.22Oshae BrissettSF/PF  INDPF33:571746120.33312.83361220.7-30.162.370.04-1.142.62-1.38-2.290.690.89
 68-0.01Goga BitadzeC RETINDC31:491314301.66761.00042213.8-2-0.51-0.65-0.74-0.26-2.640.651.582.69-0.18
 70-0.02Duane WashingtonPGGLG IND 18:03913011.50041.00041316.8-1-1.18-0.65-1.14-1.58-0.010.650.162.690.89
 71-0.03Lance StephensonSG/SF  IND 22:1311131100.57171.00021317.9+3-0.85-0.65-1.143.25-2.64-1.380.931.340.89
 87-0.20Jalen SmithPF/C  IND 22:371716010.57114.00002431.7+40.16-0.650.04-1.58-0.01-1.381.85-0.01-0.18
 130-0.60Terry TaylorSG/SFGLG INDSF18:41800110.50061.00021218.9-4-1.35-1.66-2.31-1.14-0.01-1.380.221.340.89
 143-0.79Isaiah JacksonPF/C  IND 16:11601001.6005.00001216.6-3-1.69-1.66-1.92-1.58-2.640.650.87-0.010.89
 153-0.93Justin AndersonSF  IND 14:04611000.33361.00010226.3-10-1.69-0.65-1.92-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.130.661.95
 156-0.96Buddy HieldSG/SF  INDSG36:51625710.20010.00005418.3-1-1.690.36-0.351.49-0.01-1.38-3.71-0.01-3.37
 170-1.15Keifer SykesPG  IND 0:02000000.0000.000000 0-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.380.02-0.011.95
   Myles Turner   IND                        
   Malcolm Brogdon   IND                        
   T.J. McConnell   IND                        
   Ricky Rubio   IND                        
   T.J. Warren   IND                        
   Chris Duarte Q  IND                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012317302593.51981.957231630207.0-
 151.11Jaylen BrownSG/SF RETBOSSG35:053223720.667181.00065531.5+62.680.36-1.141.492.62-1.384.694.04-3.37
 240.79Al HorfordPF/C  BOSPF34:3017210601.87581.00011511.8+40.160.361.611.05-2.640.654.360.660.89
 330.52Jayson TatumSF/PF  BOSSF37:133136611.41724.800101034.1-12.521.360.041.05-0.010.65-1.880.050.89
 610.05Derrick WhitePG/SG  BOS 30:031312301.50041.00082013.7+3-0.51-0.65-1.53-0.26-2.640.650.165.40-0.18
 78-0.15Daniel TheisPF/C  BOSC28:581008011.6258.00002314.9+3-1.02-1.660.83-1.58-0.010.651.65-0.01-0.18
 96-0.30Payton PritchardPGINJ   BOS 13:13624210.4005.00000316.3-1-1.690.36-0.74-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.49-0.011.95
 99-0.32Marcus SmartPG/SG  BOSPG34:231222510.44491.00023216.2+7-0.680.36-1.530.61-0.01-1.38-0.351.34-1.24
 128-0.60Grant WilliamsSF/PF  BOS 26:35705010.42971.00011113.7+4-1.52-1.66-0.35-1.58-0.01-1.38-0.420.660.89
   Robert Williams   BOS                        
   Aaron Nesmith   BOS                        
   Sam Hauser   BOS                        
   Nik Stauskas   BOS                        
   Luke Kornet   BOS                        
   Juwan Morgan   BOS                        
   Malik Fitts   BOS                        
   Brodric Thomas   BOS                        
   Matt Ryan   BOS                        
  0.00Totals   240:0012812402974.54283.929281519152.1+
Josh: Doesn't get much ebtter than this. Minutes low due to fouling out
Stream Kyle: Brissett was back in action and played great. He's worth considering as a flier for his final game this week if need, but with just 3 games next, I'd likely be looking elsewhere.
Josh: Minutes at 30 again without Williams. Numbers are ok, but more of a 12 team streamer than a must roster
Stream Kyle: White is playing well in bigger minutes recently and is worth considering as a flier as needed in most leagues.
Josh: Returned from a locker room trip to post another solid game
Maybe Add Kyle: Goga is worth using as long as he's available and starting.
Kyle: A nice game, but I wouldn't be chasing.
Josh: Started over Grant and numbers are ok, but I
Stream Kyle: Theis started and has some value as a streamer, but he also may not hold the starting job the rest of the way, so I wouldn't be chasing hard beyond deeper leagues.
Droppable Kyle: Smith still has value as a streamer, but with his minutes being more limited of late, he's fine to drop as needed for another.
Droppable Kyle: Grant moved to the bench with Theis starting. Grant got good minutes but failed to provide well enough to use him beyond deeper leagues at the moment.
Josh: Barely played as a strter. That's tough to predict, but he isn't a 12 team guy anyway
Kyle: Taylor earned a spot start over Anderson but only got modest run, so this is nothing to chase.
Hold Josh: Back in action, but de-emphasised so Goga could go off. Hard to suggest holding him
Watch Kyle: Jackson was back from his "headache" but only got limited run off the bench and isn't worth chasing beyond deeper leagues and conditional streaming at the moment.
Josh: He had been starting and playing well, but they went with the Red Rooster Terry Taylor instead today and limited him.
Kyle: Anderson was finally moved to a shorter bench role, and he can be dropped as needed for a better streamer.
Kyle: From a spot start last game to out of the rotation.
Droppable Kyle: Highly unlikely Brogdon plays again, it would seem. The fact the Pacers have had him as questionable for so long is absurd.

SAC 122 @ HOU 117

 31.96Donte DiVincenzoPG/SG  SAC 30:011939932.500101.00062321.5+150.501.361.222.375.252.670.364.04-0.18
 51.88Damian JonesC  SACC30:5717017206.77891.00031416.1+180.16-1.664.36-0.70-2.6410.773.712.010.89
 540.14Chimezie MetuPF/C  SAC 27:1018213000.61513.00001422.7-40.330.362.79-1.58-2.64-1.382.49-0.010.89
 640.02Harrison BarnesSF/PF  SACSF36:242542300.62516.50021321.6-61.512.37-1.53-0.26-2.64-1.383.27-2.010.89
 127-0.57Jeremy LambSG/SF  SAC 13:49400110.50021.0002009.2+2-2.02-1.66-2.31-1.14-0.01-1.380.091.341.95
 134-0.63Trey LylesPF/C  SACPF26:181401200.4449.85770020.2-7-0.34-1.66-1.92-0.70-2.64-1.38-0.351.371.95
 137-0.66Justin HolidaySG/SF  SACSG13:30311110.3333.0000019.8-17-2.19-0.65-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.38-0.55-0.011.95
 171-1.15Josh JacksonSG/SF  SAC 18:341112102.6005.50081222.6+17-0.85-0.65-1.53-1.14-2.642.670.87-8.000.89
 176-1.22Alex LenPF/C  SAC 3:50000000.0001.00000111.5+4-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.62-0.011.95
 184-1.33Davion MitchellPG/SG  SACPG39:2711121011.23113.66767125.3+3-0.85-0.65-1.532.81-0.010.65-4.29-2.66-5.49
   Domantas Sabonis   SAC                        
   De'Aaron Fox   SAC                        
   Terence Davis   SAC                        
   Moe Harkless TRADE  SAC                        
   Richaun Holmes   SAC                        
   Neemias Queta GLG SAC                        
  0.00Totals   240:00122124729611.51981.765341319180.5+
 101.35Garrison MathewsSG/SF  HOUSF32:352262221.636111.00020514.7+161.004.39-1.53-0.702.620.652.421.341.95
 131.17Kevin PorterPG/SG/SF  HOUSG38:1627441140.45824.50022528.2+21.842.37-0.743.257.88-1.38-0.53-2.01-0.18
 141.15Jalen GreenSG  HOUPG39:533368110.375241.00090328.2+32.854.390.83-1.14-0.01-1.38-
 93-0.27Usman GarubaPF  HOUC29:360014302.0003.0000125.4+12-2.70-1.663.18-0.26-2.642.67-1.91-0.010.89
 101-0.34Jae'Sean TateSF/PFOUT  HOUPF27:021512300.6258.80050415.2+8-0.17-0.65-1.53-0.26-2.64-1.381.650.021.95
 114-0.44Kenyon Martin Jr.SF/PF  HOU 20:58404011.20051.00020011.3-13-2.02-1.66-0.74-1.58-0.010.65-1.841.341.95
 142-0.77Bruno FernandoC  HOU 18:241207113.6679.00042227.9-17-0.68-1.660.43-1.14-0.014.702.36-10.71-0.18
 187-1.42Josh ChristopherSG  HOU 19:15402300.2229.00002223.0-25-2.02-1.66-1.53-0.26-2.64-1.38-3.06-0.01-0.18
 192-2.20Daishen NixSG  HOU 14:01002200.0004.00023222.6-11-2.70-1.66-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.38-2.55-5.36-1.24
   Christian Wood   HOU                        
   Alperen Sengun Off Inj  HOU                        
   Dennis Schroder   HOU                        
   Eric Gordon   HOU                        
   John Wall   HOU                        
   Anthony Lamb   HOU                        
   David Nwaba   HOU                        
   Trevelin Queen GLG HOU                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011717452697.42397.692261025176.3-
Must Add Josh: Still off the bench, but it doesn't really matter
Maybe Add Kyle: Donte has been playing well and is worth considering as a flier or streamer, but he only has 1 game this weekend and 3 next week, so I might be looking elsewhere.
Must Add Josh: Another big one from Jones. Shouldn't be available
Maybe Add Kyle: Jones was outrageous with a career-high 17 rebounds and 6 blocks. He should at least be getting streamed conditionally and is close to a must-add most places.
Josh: His first good game in I don't know how long. It is not reliable
Kyle: Garry Bird is back! Mathews finally put together a good game and earned big minutes after disappointing in fruitless starts that coach Silas has mechanistically employed instead of giving some of his better young players actual looks starting.
Kyle: Not quite as good as his last game but still amazing.
Josh: Huge double double, playing more than Lyles. This hasn't been the case and I wouldn't rush to add him
Watch Kyle: Metu had a good game, but I wouldn't be chasing this beyond deeper leagues.
Josh: I like Garuba, but this is an illustration of his game - no offense, but nice defense.
Watch Kyle: Garuba flashed some of his impressive talent on defense here and it hopefully playing himself into a regular role next season. Coach Silas whiffed on not playing Garuba more this season, but that's created an opportunity to buy low in dynasty.
Josh: Why even bother starting him?
Droppable Kyle: Coach Gentry starting Holiday for as long as he has is absurd.
Josh: He can put up fantasy stats but if Sengun plays, he won't.
Josh: After a string of good games, but he couldn't hit anything here. Still, vaue is high
Josh: Disappointing to see him play so litle. He can be a streamer, but this was disheartening
Droppable Kyle: If your league ends this week, I'd likely be letting Sengun go to stream in someone healthy who is more secure of a play Sunday.

LAC 153 @ MIL 119Blowout

 13.05Robert CovingtonPF/C  LACPF45:3343118223.625241.00022525.2+304.539.430.83-0.702.624.704.891.34-0.18
 22.67Amir CoffeySG/SF  LACSF42:313256740.625161.00070219.1+412.683.380.041.497.88-1.383.274.721.95
 230.81Luke KennardSG/SF  LACSG32:232334610.533151.00040122.1+201.171.36-0.741.05-0.01-1.381.202.691.95
 560.11Isaiah HartensteinPF/C  LAC 26:4614110511.6679.50023420.5+12-0.34-0.651.610.61-0.010.652.36-2.01-1.24
 95-0.30Xavier MoonSGGLG  LAC 18:43712401.6005.00000311.4+6-1.52-0.65-1.530.17-2.640.650.87-0.011.95
 133-0.63Terance MannSG/SF  LACPG31:441813501.58312.60053123.1+320.33-0.65-1.140.61-2.640.651.78-3.33-1.24
 139-0.70Rodney HoodSG/SF  LAC 21:06510110.5004.00001010.1+7-1.86-0.65-2.31-1.14-0.01-1.380.16-0.010.89
 155-0.95Ivica ZubacC  LACC21:141103401.7147.25040117.6+22-0.85-1.66-1.140.17-2.640.652.29-7.361.95
   Paul George INJ   LAC                        
   Kawhi Leonard   LAC                        
   Norman Powell INJ   LAC                        
   Marcus Morris   LAC                        
   Reggie Jackson   LAC                        
   Nicolas Batum   LAC                        
   Jay Scrubb   LAC                        
   Jason Preston GLG LAC                        
   Brandon Boston Jr. Q  LAC                        
  0.00Totals   240:0015323363497.60992.75024917149.1+1700.
 300.56Jevon CarterPG/SG  MILPG29:441822810.80010.00001115.2-220.330.36-1.531.93-0.01-1.384.42-0.010.89
 350.44Bobby PortisPF/C  MILPF26:022508310.600201.00011333.8-171.51-1.660.83-0.26-0.01-1.383.400.660.89
 580.08Jordan NworaSF  MILSF40:242834001.62516.83364323.0-222.011.36-0.74-1.58-2.640.653.270.69-2.30
 118-0.48Sandro MamukelashviliPF/C  MIL 22:47814202.5006.50021114.2-20-1.35-0.65-0.74-0.70-2.642.670.22-2.010.89
 119-0.49Serge IbakaPF/CTRADE  MILC27:479110300.5008.00002514.8-17-1.18-0.651.61-0.26-2.64-1.380.29-0.01-0.18
 123-0.53Pat ConnaughtonSG/SF  MILSG22:35511520.2229.00001118.2-25-1.86-0.65-1.920.612.62-1.38-3.06-0.010.89
 126-0.54Thanasis AntetokounmpoSFOUT  MIL 25:021202012.6679.00021217.8-11-0.68-1.66-1.53-1.58-0.012.672.36-5.360.89
 172-1.16George HillPG/SG  MIL 20:45404500.2508.00002019.8-21-2.02-1.66-0.740.61-2.64-1.38-2.42-0.01-0.18
 183-1.29Lindell WiggintonPG  MIL 24:541003410.3758.57172321.6-15-1.02-1.66-1.140.17-0.01-1.38-1.06-5.33-0.18
   Brook Lopez   MIL                        
   Jrue Holiday   MIL                        
   Khris Middleton   MIL                        
   Giannis Antetokounmpo   MIL                        
   Grayson Allen   MIL                        
   Wesley Matthews   MIL                        
   DeAndre' Bembry   MIL                        
  0.00Totals   240:001198383065.53294.611181519178.4-1700.
Josh: This is pure insanity. Expect numbers to be quartered next game. Kudos for such a huge line though
Kyle: Covington took advantage of several Clippers resting to post a career night with highs in points (43) and threes (11) to go with a full line.
Josh: Legit out of the rotation before today. Only use him if they rest again
Kyle: Coffey was amazing with 32 points but got outshined by Covington's huge night. This is nothing to chase. Coffey could be out of the roation next game.
Kyle: Kennard played well and has use as a streamer, but this also isn't something to chase with the Clippers having rested several guys here.
Josh: Even though he could get these minutes on another rest game, he won't shoot 80%, so this is a misleading game
Kyle: Carter had a nice game in a spot start, but this was with several players resting. It's nothing to chase.
Josh: Took a lot of shots with everyone out, but will lose relevance next game most likely
Kyle: Portis was great in a spot start, but he'll be in a much smaller bench role next game.
Josh: More minutes than Zubac again, but I can never trust Lue. Still top 50 over last two weeks
Maybe Add Kyle: Hartenstein has been getting good minutes and producing well. He's worth using as needed in most leagues.
Josh: Stepped up, as he has all season, when players go out, but he goes back out of the rotation most nights.
Kyle: Nwora got the spot start with the Bucks core resting.
Kyle: Ibaka played adequately in a spot start, but he could be out of the rotation next game, so I wouldn't give this much attention.
Kyle: Mann had a nice line in a spot start, but this isn't anything to chase with him likely back in a middling bench role next game.
Kyle: This was a bit of a rest game for Zubac, as his lower minutes were planned.
Josh: Wasn't on injury report, but got a rest anyway
Kyle: I guess Allen was only available as needed, getting rested with the core, though not officially listed out.
Josh: Wasn't on injury report, but got a rest anyway
Kyle: Matthews should be back starting next game. This was seemingly just a rest.

DET 110 @ OKC 101

 61.83Killian HayesPG/SG  DETSG40:042627852.48025.00003430.5-51.670.360.431.9310.512.670.18-0.01-1.24
 220.86Isaiah LiversSFQ  DETSF42:5717411311.66791.00012211.6+60.162.372.00-0.26-0.010.652.360.66-0.18
 260.68Frank JacksonPG/SG  DET 32:582642010.438161.00080425.9+231.672.37-1.53-1.58-0.01-1.38-0.805.401.95
 470.22Jamorko PickettSF  DET 39:101348403.30813.50020015.5+10-0.512.370.830.17-2.644.70-2.93-2.011.95
 84-0.18Braxton KeyPFNOTE  DET 30:031009112.41712.00010618.1+18-1.02-1.661.22-1.14-0.012.67-0.93-2.691.95
 85-0.18Saben LeePG  DET 34:4811151210.27311.80051217.8-3-0.85-0.65-0.353.69-0.01-1.38-
 151-0.89Isaiah StewartPF/CX  DETC6:092021001.0001.0000017.1-1-2.36-1.66-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.380.73-0.011.95
 163-1.08Saddiq BeySG/SF/PF  DETPF6:09300000.33331.00010024.4-1-2.19-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-0.550.661.95
 188-1.48Cade CunninghamPG/SGX  DETPG7:42200000.2504.00002134.0-2-2.36-1.66-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.20-0.01-0.18
   Jerami Grant INJ   DET                        
   Kelly Olynyk   DET                        
   Marvin Bagley III   DET                        
   Rodney McGruder   DET                        
   Cory Joseph   DET                        
   Hamidou Diallo X  DET                        
   Luka Garza GLG  DET                        
   Chris Smith   DET                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011015442998.42694.83318820184.9+450.
 400.37Theo MaledonPGGLG OKCPG37:062836612.45522.71473430.4-152.011.360.041.05-0.012.67-0.60-1.98-1.24
 440.28Lindy WatersSF  OKC 22:421645401.50012.00000221.2+1-0.012.37-0.350.17-2.640.650.42-0.011.95
 520.16Jaylen HoardSF  OKCPF40:0311120302.5569.0002019.9-16-0.85-0.655.54-0.26-2.642.671.00-5.361.95
 600.07Olivier SarrSG/C  OKC 29:391115202.57171.00021115.3+4-0.85-0.65-0.35-0.70-2.642.670.931.340.89
 111-0.42Isaiah RobyCNOTE  OKCC34:361609301.50010.75082218.0+6-0.01-1.661.22-0.26-2.640.650.36-1.30-0.18
 166-1.12Jeremiah Robinson-EarlSF/PF/C QROKC 10:34512200.16761.00022033.7+4-1.86-0.65-1.53-0.70-2.64-1.38-2.491.34-0.18
 190-1.77Vit KrejciPG  OKCSG40:37714300.2508.50044413.6-14-1.52-0.65-0.74-0.26-2.64-1.38-2.42-4.01-2.30
 193-2.27Aaron WigginsSG/SF/PF  OKCSF24:43703100.30010.25043124.0-15-1.52-1.66-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.38-2.35-7.36-1.24
   Shai Gilgeous-Alexander   OKC                        
   Josh Giddey   OKC                        
   Luguentz Dort   OKC                        
   Aleksej Pokusevski GLG  OKC                        
   Kenrich Williams X  OKC                        
   Tre Mann   OKC                        
   Derrick Favors   OKC                        
   Darius Bazley   OKC                        
   Mike Muscala   OKC                        
   Ty Jerome   OKC                        
  0.00Totals   240:0010111542418.42984.621291515166.1-450.
Maybe Add 12 teams Josh: Best game of his career, but this was one of the wrost most tanktastic games you will see. But, he is still a 12 team guy
Maybe Add Kyle: Hayes was fantastic with a career-high 26 points and a tremendous overall line. He should be on someone's roster in most leagues going forward, but he may not fit all team's needs.
Josh: Huge and with Bagley seeming like he will miss more time, he could be at least a 14 team guy
Stream Kyle: Livers got a start with Bagley out and could hold that role the rest of the way if Bags can't play, making Livers worth considering as a flier or streamer in at least deeper leagues.
Josh: Did a lot of work, but that was with all of the stupid rotations
Watch Kyle: Frank was amazing with huge minutes and big scoring, but it's hard to trust the minutes or production to be consistent, so I wouldn't be chasing too many places.
Must Add Josh: He keeps playing well in his opportunity and should be rostered
Maybe Add Kyle: Maledon is a good flier or streamer with another game Sunday and 4 next week.
Josh: He is a deep league three point streamer
Stream Kyle: Great production even though the minutes were short. Waters is at least worth considering as a streamer or flier with his recent play.
Josh: Playing him 39 minutes is a way to lose, they just couldn't pull it off. Expect a few more of these moving forward. They play the Pacers next, so more sheneigans could be afoot.
Watch Kyle: Pickett got big minutes with the Pistons resting everyone in the organization.
Josh: Signed today and drops 20 rebounds. Sure, this iw hy we don't play in April. Got the chance with Poku out.
Watch Kyle: Hoard was signed and started a few hours later. He was amazing, but this came with several players out, so it's hard to trust the minutes or production being consistent. This is mostly something to watch for conditional streaming and deeper leagues.
Watch Kyle: Sarr is getting good bench minutes and is worth considering as a streamer as needed.
Watch Kyle: Watch Lee for conditional streaming, but this isn't anything to chase.
Josh: Another solid game and he should be rostered
Josh: No injury, Pistons just tried to lose. They play the Pacers next, so more sheneigans could be afoot.
Kyle: Why start him at all? So dumb.
Josh: No injury, Pistons just tried to lose. They play the Pacers next, so more sheneigans could be afoot.
Kyle: WTF, is this? The most ridiculous rest situation I think we've ever seen for multiple players.
Droppable Kyle: Knee soreness? I'd expect a shutdown coming with him just having returned from a foot issue.
Josh: No injury, Pistons just tried to lose. They play the Pacers next, so more sheneigans could be afoot.
Kyle: Wow. The Pistons decided to do one of the dumbest rest games ever.
Kyle: Huge minutes, but the production was weak. Krejci is just a streamer in most leagues.
Josh: He is widly inconsistent and it's tough to lable him a must roster, so I won't.
Droppable Kyle: I wouldn't be holding on given the injury could sideline Bagley the rest of the season.
Kyle: Poku is OK to drop as needed, but the fact he was out with an illness offers hope of a quick return.
Droppable Kyle: Is he going to play again this season?

PHO 114 @ MEM 122

 320.53Devin BookerSG/SF  PHOSG37:154134400.60728.80053537.7-54.201.36-0.740.17-2.64-1.385.020.02-1.24
 420.30Mikal BridgesSG/SF  PHOSF32:531812321.72711.50022217.9-80.33-0.65-1.53-0.262.620.653.78-2.01-0.18
 570.08Cam PaynePG/SG  PHO 17:111115410.8336.00001117.2+6-0.85-0.65-0.350.17-0.01-1.382.93-0.010.89
 660.02JaVale McGeeC  PHO 22:118012012.5717.00003119.1+5-1.35-1.662.40-1.58-0.012.670.93-0.01-1.24
 82-0.16Chris PaulPG  PHOPG31:488111130.3336.60052313.6-11-1.35-0.65-1.923.255.25-1.38-1.13-3.33-0.18
 107-0.39Jae CrowderSF/PFOUT  PHOPF28:10821210.4297.00000410.5-8-1.350.36-1.92-0.70-0.01-1.38-0.42-0.011.95
 141-0.76Landry ShametPG/SG  PHO 16:55710200.7504.00001212.5-2-1.52-0.65-2.31-0.70-2.64-1.381.51-0.010.89
 149-0.89Torrey CraigSG/SF/PF  PHO 10:45310001.2504.00000115.7-3-2.19-0.65-2.31-1.58-2.640.65-1.20-0.011.95
 168-1.13Deandre AytonCOUT  PHOC25:219012100.5008.33332418.9-11-1.18-1.662.40-1.14-2.64-1.380.29-4.68-0.18
 191-1.97Cam JohnsonSF/PF  PHO 17:31102000.0005.50023221.4-3-2.53-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-3.20-2.01-1.24
   Bismack Biyombo   PHO                        
   Elfrid Payton   PHO                        
   Dario Saric   PHO                        
   Frank Kaminsky   PHO                        
   Aaron Holiday   PHO                        
   Ish Wainright   PHO                        
   Gabriel Lundberg   PHO                        
  0.00Totals   240:0011410392784.54786.588171725184.5-400.
 480.20De'Anthony MeltonPG/SG  MEMPG29:011736311.308131.00063324.6-20.161.360.04-0.26-0.010.65-2.934.04-1.24
 530.15John KoncharSG  MEM 24:131426010.6679.00000214.2+9-0.340.360.04-1.58-0.01-1.382.36-0.011.95
 69-0.01Dillon BrooksSG/SFSUSP   MEMSF35:113014700.393281.00072136.0+102.35-0.65-0.741.49-2.64-1.38-3.114.72-0.18
 75-0.08Ziaire WilliamsSFGLG  MEMSG34:401914300.467151.00040218.5+120.50-0.65-0.74-0.26-2.64-1.38-0.152.691.95
 103-0.34Xavier TillmanPF/C  MEMC28:281306710.50010.60050316.4+15-0.51-1.660.041.49-0.01-1.380.36-3.331.95
 105-0.37Brandon ClarkeSF/PFX  MEM 28:191105320.45511.50021117.4+4-0.85-1.66-0.35-0.262.62-1.38-0.29-2.010.89
 109-0.40Santi AldamaPF/C  MEM 21:061205111.6258.50040317.7+3-0.68-1.66-0.35-1.14-0.010.651.65-4.011.95
 121-0.51Kyle AndersonSF/PF  MEMPF28:016010510.5006.00004213.7-7-1.69-1.661.610.61-0.01-1.380.22-0.01-2.30
 181-1.27Jarrett CulverPG/SGNOTE  MEM 11:01002100.0002.00001110.4-4-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.27-0.010.89
   Jaren Jackson Jr.   MEM                        
   Ja Morant IN  MEM                        
   Desmond Bane   MEM                        
   Tyus Jones   MEM                        
   Steven Adams INJ   MEM                        
   Tyrell Terry   MEM                        
   Killian Tillie   MEM                        
   Yves Pons   MEM                        
  0.00Totals   240:001227483072.451102.821281118169.0+400.
Droppable Kyle: This was the Grizzlies' final game of the week, making him OK to drop if you don't play past Sunday.
Kyle: A good line from Payne, but this is nothing to chase with his modest minutes most games.
Josh: More minutes with Ayton's playing time down due to fouls
Kyle: McGee was back in action and played well. He's just a conditional streamer and specialist as needed.
Josh: He sure took a lot of shots, which is expected
Kyle: Brooks was great, but if you don't play past Sunday, he's OK to drop.
Josh: Nice to see him score this way, but the role in this game is not indicative of his role moving forward
Josh: I Still somewhat believe in Tillman as an NBA starting centre, but he has been squeezed this season. The assists are nice. He is a dynasty buy low
Josh: Fine to have, but also fine to drop, especially with Johnson back
Josh: Spot start for JJJ, but you can drop him back
Josh: Had some foul issue, so minutes dropped a bit
Droppable 12 teams Josh: Good that he is back, but he isn't a 12 team guy unless other starters are out.
Droppable Kyle: Johnson returned from his quad bruise but was poor in modest minutes. He's just someone to watch in case he plays better as we go.
Kyle: Don't be surprised if the Grizzlies do another mass rest in at least one of their games next week, too.
Kyle: If your league ends Sunday, it's OK to drop Bane in most leagues.
Kyle: The Grizzlies don't have anymore games this week, so he's OK to drop if your league ends Sunday.
Kyle: If you don't play next week, Adams is a drop for a streamer.

POR 111 @ SAS 130Blowout

 380.38Keon JohnsonSF  PORSG25:272043310.53315.00000125.1+40.672.37-1.14-0.26-0.01-1.381.20-0.011.95
 590.07Kris DunnPG/SG  POR 23:001202811.54511.00001122.2-26-0.68-1.66-1.531.93-0.010.651.07-0.010.89
 620.04Brandon WilliamsPG  PORPG29:111734310.40010.85771220.5-60.161.36-0.74-0.26-0.01-1.38-1.001.370.89
 72-0.05Greg BrownPFNOTE  PORPF29:281329120.5008.75043418.4-8-0.510.361.22-1.142.62-1.380.29-0.66-1.24
 106-0.37Ben McLemoreSG/SF  POR 20:331221010.44491.00021322.5-18-0.680.36-1.92-1.58-0.01-1.38-0.351.340.89
 112-0.43Drew EubanksPF/C  PORC29:011306310.45511.75041320.2-22-0.51-1.660.04-0.26-0.01-1.38-0.29-0.660.89
 113-0.43Keljin BlevinsPG  POR 18:321023120.4449.00011124.0-11-1.020.36-1.14-1.142.62-1.38-0.35-2.690.89
 124-0.54Didi LouzadaSFNOTE  POR 16:52311210.5002.0000025.0+7-2.19-0.65-1.92-0.70-0.01-1.380.09-0.011.95
 147-0.85Elijah HughesSG  POR 6:53000010.0000.000002 +12-2.70-1.66-2.31-1.58-0.01-1.380.02-0.011.95
 150-0.89Reggie PerryPF  POR 18:5911110001.5569.00022126.6+3-0.85-0.651.61-1.58-2.640.651.00-5.36-0.18
 158-1.00C.J. EllebySF  PORSF22:04003610.0008.00000015.4-30-2.70-1.66-1.141.05-0.01-1.38-5.13-0.011.95
   Damian Lillard   POR                        
   Josh Hart   POR                        
   Anfernee Simons INJ   POR                        
   Jusuf Nurkic   POR                        
   Trendon Watford   POR                        
   Joe Ingles   POR                        
   Nassir Little Q  POR                        
   Eric Bledsoe   POR                        
   Justise Winslow INJ   POR                        
  0.00Totals   240:00111154227122.44692.700201020200.0-950.
 280.57Keldon JohnsonSF/PFP  SASPF27:122155600.600101.00042422.4+230.833.38-0.351.05-2.64-1.381.712.69-0.18
 340.45Zach CollinsPF/CP  SAS 24:591509522.6005.750122321.8+2-0.17-1.661.220.612.622.670.87-1.95-0.18
 390.37Tre JonesPGD  SASPG33:11905920.50081.00010211.3+17-1.18-1.66-0.352.372.62-1.380.290.661.95
 500.20Devin VassellSG/SFP  SASSF27:162244300.60015.00001326.0+131.002.37-0.74-0.26-2.64-1.382.56-0.010.89
 510.19Josh RichardsonSG/SF  SAS 20:461222121.6258.00002021.3+11-0.680.36-1.53-1.142.620.651.65-0.01-0.18
 67-0.01Jakob PoeltlC  SASC23:011306301.600101.00010220.1+17-0.51-1.660.04-0.26-2.640.651.710.661.95
 74-0.07Joshua PrimoSG  SASSG30:321323410.400101.00031017.9+4-0.510.36-1.140.17-0.01-1.38-
 83-0.17Lonnie WalkerSG/SF  SAS 22:281213121.5569.50022023.4+11-0.68-0.65-1.14-1.142.620.651.00-2.01-0.18
 122-0.52Jock LandaleC  SAS 14:0210230011.0003.66732120.0-4-1.020.36-1.14-1.58-2.640.652.16-1.34-0.18
 185-1.34Keita Bates-DiopSF/PFQ  SAS 16:33304200.3333.50022115.7+1-2.19-1.66-0.74-0.70-2.64-1.38-0.55-2.01-0.18
   Dejounte Murray Q  SAS                        
   Doug McDermott D  SAS                        
   Devontae Cacok   SAS                        
   Romeo Langford D  SAS                        
   Robert Woodard   SAS                        
   Joe Wieskamp GLG  SAS                        
   D.J. Stewart   SAS                        
  0.00Totals   240:0013016443496.56881.786281416199.9+950.
Josh: A very strong performance from Collins, but I wouldn't read into it
Kyle: Zach was great in extra minutes of a blowout win. It'll be interesting if he finds his way to a bigger role and better health next season, but it's hard to trust his production beyond deeper leagues at the moment.
Josh: He is going to have a few good games down the stretch. His role is somewat secure, but he isn't a must roster
Stream Kyle: A good game, but Johnson is inconsistent even in good minutes and is best viewed as a conditional streamer.
Josh: Nice assist guy when Murray sits, like today
Watch Kyle: Jones got a spot start with Murray out. This is just something to watch for conditional streaming if Murray is out again.
Josh: A big night from Vassell against poor opposition. He has been up and down and can be a 12 team guy, but not sure the upsdie is that high
Josh: Nice assist and steals guy again
Josh: No blocks, which is why you would've added him. But, still, starting give a bit of upside.
Maybe Add Kyle: Brown is worth considering as a flier or stream with Watford and Winslow's returns in question.
Josh: Got his minutes back up, but I fear his role isn't going to be reliable.
Watch Kyle: Walker is too inconsistent to consider more than a conditional streamer in most leagues.
Josh: For deep leagues, Perry is putting up some solid numbers
Kyle: Is Murray actually ill, or was this a weird rest from the Spurs despite the fact they're fighting for a play-in spot with the Lakers? Here's hoping Murray is available Sunday.

MIN 136 @ DEN 130

 71.50Karl-Anthony TownsPF/CQ  MINC31:123249012.611181.00063531.9+32.682.371.22-1.58-0.012.673.334.04-1.24
 210.88Patrick BeverleyPG/SG  MINSG26:51905460.2508.83361418.3+7-1.18-1.66-0.350.1713.14-1.38-2.420.690.89
 310.55Malik BeasleyPG/SG  MIN 23:081544220.400101.00030020.6+5-0.172.37-0.74-0.702.62-1.38-
 430.29D'Angelo RussellPG/SG  MINPG36:342423410.50012.909113122.9+11.340.36-1.140.17-0.01-1.380.424.07-1.24
 450.25Taurean PrinceSF/PF  MIN 28:081613410.66791.00031217.0+7-0.01-0.65-1.140.17-0.01-1.382.362.010.89
 630.03Anthony EdwardsSG/SFQ  MINSF40:011838710.40015.75042219.8-10.331.360.831.49-0.01-1.38-1.51-0.66-0.18
 94-0.29Jordan McLaughlinPG  MIN 16:23931300.7504.00000210.3+6-1.181.36-1.92-0.26-2.64-1.381.51-0.011.95
 108-0.39Naz ReidC  MIN 15:04921111.6005.50021519.3-5-1.180.36-1.92-1.14-0.010.650.87-2.010.89
 138-0.68Jarred VanderbiltPF/C  MINPF22:39404111.4005.00010210.1+7-2.02-1.66-0.74-1.14-0.010.65-0.49-2.691.95
   Jaden McDaniels   MIN                        
   Josh Okogie   MIN                        
   Jaylen Nowell Q  MIN                        
   Jake Layman   MIN                        
   Leandro Bolmaro NOTE  MIN                        
   Nathan Knight   MIN                        
   McKinley Wright   MIN                        
  0.00Totals   240:00136193826144.50086.861361123170.1+300.
 91.37Nikola JokicPF/C  DENC43:2338019810.66721.833124228.7+43.69-1.665.151.93-0.01-1.385.471.40-2.30
 161.08Monte MorrisPG/SG  DENPG30:572343620.667121.00032020.3+21.172.37-
 270.60Aaron GordonSF/PF  DENSF37:552445300.818111.00022115.0+91.342.37-0.35-0.26-2.64-1.385.131.34-0.18
 76-0.08Bones HylandPG/SG  DEN 28:331424711.214141.00063228.3+4-0.340.36-0.741.49-0.010.65-4.934.04-1.24
 89-0.20Jeff GreenSF/PF/C OUTDENPF18:028014201.0003.66731412.1-2-1.35-1.66-1.920.172.62-1.382.16-1.340.89
 92-0.27JaMychal GreenPF/C  DEN 18:171203100.83361.00020215.5-14-0.68-1.66-1.14-1.14-2.64-1.382.931.341.95
 136-0.64Davon ReedSG  DEN 12:37002111.0002.0000026.5-10-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.14-0.010.65-1.27-0.011.95
 160-1.04Will BartonSG/SF  DENSG31:17815400.250121.00012419.0+4-1.35-0.65-0.350.17-2.64-1.38-3.640.66-0.18
 180-1.27Austin RiversPG/SG  DEN 14:22001100.0003.0000018.6-17-2.70-1.66-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.38-1.91-0.011.95
 186-1.35DeMarcus CousinsPF/C  DEN 4:37311100.5002.00004553.4-10-2.19-0.65-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.380.09-0.01-2.30
   Jamal Murray   DEN                        
   Michael Porter Jr.   DEN                        
   Bryn Forbes NOTE  DEN                        
   Vlatko Cancar   DEN                        
   Zeke Nnaji   DEN                        
   Markus Howard   DEN                        
   Facundo Campazzo NOTE  DEN                        
  0.00Totals   240:0013012443672.53586.897291823207.5-300.
Josh: Big night from Morris who has been solid as aback end guy most of the year
Josh: Minutes a bit highert here and numbers were solid with the steals.
Josh: Surprising to see him back and he shot well for his threes. Still only a streamer
Watch Kyle: Beasley was back in action and played well in his middling minutes, but he's just a streamer as needed in most leagues, not someone to chase.
Josh: Finally, a good game. It had been very rough, but this was encouraging
Kyle: Finally got out of the swamp he was in for the last month. Hopefully this good play persists in the final games.
Josh: Prince outplayed Vanderbilt and has some deeper stream value
Josh: Big minutes for Bones again and he is a top 100 guy over the last two weeks. I don't trust Malone and there are rumours of a Murray return in the next couple of days.
Stream Kyle: Another good game, and Bones is worth considering as at least a streamer in most leagues.
Josh: There is some talk he plays in a game or two, but I wouldn't grab him
Kyle: Murray supposedly has a chance of returning sometime in the final games, but even if he does, I wouldn't expect big minutes.

NOR 114 @ LAL 111

 121.20Brandon IngramSF/PF  NORSF34:462908712.588171.00095333.6-12.18-1.660.831.49-0.012.672.626.07-3.37
 190.97C.J. McCollumPG/SG  NORPG40:553247420.522231.00044231.6+32.682.370.430.172.62-1.381.472.69-2.30
 250.69Jonas ValanciunasC  NORC37:5917112611.60010.80051515.6+10.16-0.652.401.05-0.010.651.710.020.89
 98-0.31Herb JonesSF/PF  NORSG36:101211111.4449.75040413.4-1-0.68-0.65-1.92-1.14-0.010.65-0.35-0.661.95
 117-0.48Jaxson HayesPF/C  NORPF23:50601020.50041.00022213.0-5-1.69-1.66-1.92-1.582.62-1.380.161.34-0.18
 129-0.60Larry Nance Jr.PF/C  NOR 15:54401110.6673.0000018.5+1-2.02-1.66-1.92-1.14-0.01-1.380.80-0.011.95
 157-0.98Naji MarshallSF  NOR 14:20702000.5004.75040218.1+1-1.52-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.380.16-0.661.95
 159-1.02Devonte' GrahamPG/SGQ  NOR 14:13511100.4005.00001019.00-1.86-0.65-1.92-1.14-2.64-1.38-0.49-0.010.89
 164-1.09Jose AlvaradoPGINJ   NOR 7:482023001.0001.0001008.3+5-2.36-1.66-1.53-0.26-2.64-1.380.73-2.691.95
 182-1.27Trey MurphySG/SF  NOR 14:05002000.0003.0000029.6+11-2.70-1.66-1.53-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.91-0.011.95
   Zion Williamson INJ   NOR                        
   Garrett Temple   NOR                        
   Tony Snell   NOR                        
   Willy Hernangomez   NOR                        
   Gary Clark   NOR                        
   Jared Harper   NOR                        
   Kira Lewis   NOR                        
  0.00Totals   240:001147372384.51979.862291321170.6+
 410.36Avery BradleySG/SF  LALSG33:471021130.8005.0000117.6-3-1.020.36-1.92-1.145.25-1.382.22-0.010.89
 550.12LeBron JamesPG/SG/SFINJ   LALSF39:313838410.56523.750126337.0-23.691.360.830.17-0.01-1.382.82-1.95-4.43
 73-0.06Dwight HowardC  LALC22:18605011.66731.0002027.4-6-1.69-1.66-0.35-1.58-0.010.650.801.341.95
 77-0.15Malik MonkPG/SG/SF  LAL 34:041325720.45511.50023218.6+6-0.510.36-0.351.492.62-1.38-0.29-2.01-1.24
 86-0.18Anthony DavisPF/CP  LALPF36:4223112610.47117.66792426.7+41.17-0.652.401.05-0.01-1.38-0.09-3.98-0.18
 140-0.72Russell WestbrookPG  LALPG30:351224500.33315.00001622.3-12-0.680.36-0.740.61-2.64-1.38-2.86-0.010.89
 145-0.83Stanley JohnsonPFNOTE  LAL 22:16401120.0002.6676038.9-2-2.02-1.66-1.92-1.142.62-1.38-1.27-2.661.95
 161-1.04Wenyen GabrielPF  LAL 4:19204000.5002.00001229.6-2-2.36-1.66-0.74-1.58-2.64-1.380.09-0.010.89
 178-1.23D.J. AugustinPG  LAL 16:28310000.2504.00001112.9+2-2.19-0.65-2.31-1.58-2.64-1.38-1.20-0.010.89
   Austin Reaves   LAL                        
   Talen Horton-Tucker   LAL                        
   Carmelo Anthony   LAL                        
   Trevor Ariza   LAL                        
   Wayne Ellington   LAL                        
   Kent Bazemore   LAL                        
   Kendrick Nunn   LAL                        
   Mason Jones   LAL                        
  0.00Totals   240:00111114024101.47682.710311524171.0-
Josh: Why, did he go from not playing at all, to starting and getting 34 minutes, Lakers deserve to lose.
Kyle: What the heck? Bradley went from out of the rotation to starting? This team is so weird. Coach Vogel doesn't trust anyone beyond LeBron and AD, and you can't really blame him.
Watch Kyle: Howard started to match up with the Pelican's bigger lineup, but I wouldn't expect him to stick as a starters against most teams.
Josh: Maitasined value with LeBron and AD back so keep rollng
Stream Kyle: Monk played well, but he's just a streamer to use as needed, especially with LeBron and AD back.
Josh: I did not expect 37 minutesin his return. The Lakers might be cooked after this loss, so we want to watch how much he plays, but it's great he is back
Must Add Kyle: Davis was back in action from his foot sprain and wasn't on any restriction.
Droppable 12 teams Josh: With the team healthy, he is not someone that needs to be held
Droppable Kyle: Hayes isn't commanding enough minutes to be worth using as much more than a conditional streamer and someone for deeper leagues.
Josh: Vogel kept his minutes way down because of fouls and he wasn't playing well.
Droppable 14 teams Josh: He is clearly worse than Alvarado at this point and minutes are dwindling
Droppable Kyle: Minutes are short with the team healthy.
Josh: Disappointing ot se him play this little, but he could take more of Graham's playing time soon
Droppable Kyle: Alvarado's role is getting squeezed with the team healthy.
Josh: Out of the rotastion entirely
Kyle: Out of the rotation with Davis and LeBron back.
Josh: Out of the rotation, weirdly.
Kyle: Out of the rotation with Davis and LeBron back.
Josh: From starting to not playing at all
Kyle: Out of the rotation with Davis and LeBron back.