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Tim Duncan

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 FilterTim Duncan11/15/2015 11:33 PMjaviers 0% (0)For a league with offensive rebound, would you rather take Gortat or Duncan? Duncan is projected with higher per game value but Gortat with more games.
 FilterTim Duncan10/21/2015 7:39 PMnzhelev 100% (2)Thanks for clearing this up! It makes a lot more sense now.
 FilterTim Duncan10/21/2015 6:56 PMjoshlloyd48 67% (3)That is exactly spot on
 FilterTim Duncan10/21/2015 5:40 PMdrstats 100% (5)nzhelev, your discrepancy is coming where you forgot to factor in games played. If you take the m/g for each of those guys you mention, times their projected games played, then sum up all those minutes, you get 7882. Divided by 82 games, you get 96.12 minutes per game.
 FilterTim Duncan10/21/2015 5:24 PMnzhelev 0% (1)Looked at the Depth chart for the spurs on this website. If you sum all the minutes for Aldrige + Duncan + West + Diaw + Bonner + Marjonovic, you get 113 mins. There are 96 mins to be spread for PF + C. Where is the dicrepancy coming from, and can we then trust the Spurs big men projections?
 FilterTim Duncan10/20/2015 3:41 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (1)I don't think he'll be routinely sitting back to backs and getting tons of DNP but if you can get Gortat for him, I would. There's probably more risk with Dieng or Towns as we don't know exactly how that rotation will play out.
 FilterTim Duncan10/20/2015 9:40 AMnzhelev 0% (0)I accidentally drafted Duncan in an auction draft while bidding up the price. What can we expect from him this season? Will he be sitting on back to backs and raking dnp-s throughout the season? I need to decide if I should try to move him banking on the name recognition before the season starts for someone like say Towns, Dieng or Gortat?