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Kaman, Chris

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 CommentFilterKaman, Chris4/1/2014 5:06 PMbalogunad 0% (0)I started to keep him until today JIC but needed to drop someone to pick Korver back up. Even though Korver gave me a dud yesterday. Fell into the finals despite crying about injuries last week.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris4/1/2014 12:55 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Will draw a surprise start at C alongside Pau Gasol tonight.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/28/2014 4:06 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (2)Yep, because Pau is expected to return and Kaman will go back to racking up DNP-CD's like he has most of March.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/28/2014 3:59 PMYentzen 0% (0)Kaman's projection isnt appearing for next week.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/27/2014 7:23 PMbalogunad 100% (1)In the words of Soulja boy and Drake "He Made it!"
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/27/2014 6:42 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Yeah this shouldn't affect his availability for Thursday. 20 minutes until tip-off and he's still not at the arena yet.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/27/2014 6:27 PMGoyle 0% (0)Should still at least play tomorrow, right? Ugh a game against MIL would have been really nice.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/27/2014 6:17 PMphilzilla 0% (0)If he doesn't play I'll be so pissed. Wasted one of my 4 picks this week on him in the tightest of matchups.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/27/2014 5:56 PMbalogunad 0% (0)Unbelievable.............Sucks that he will probably miss the game
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/24/2014 9:38 PMJzyls 0% (1)Why just 1 game? Do you really think Gasol will be back by Thurs?
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/24/2014 1:54 PMmrg12686 0% (1)Worth a pick up with Gasol likely out or was his run in February a fluke?
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/19/2014 1:29 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Gasol out for one more game, daily LAL minutes have been updated accordingly.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/19/2014 12:12 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (2)If Gasol plays, then Kaman won't play any minutes of consequence, and Gasol had a good practice on Tuesday.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/19/2014 11:19 AMpocket flask 0% (0)Why doesn't Kaman show up in Daily Play? Do you think he is out tonight?
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/17/2014 7:06 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)No word yet. Bumped Kaman up to 10 for now, but we'll get a lot more clarity on the Lakers frontcourt minutes after the trade deadline on 2/20.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/17/2014 5:43 PMpocket flask 0% (0)Any word on Gasol and Kaman Minutes this week?
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/14/2014 9:57 AMjohnd2442 0% (0)very fair point...but I still need to try to sell high on kaman right now and see if I can get something of more certain long term value.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/14/2014 2:01 AMImadogg 100% (4)Sick game once again. As a Lakers fan, it's obvious to see Kaman can ball, yet coach refuses to play him when everyone is healthy. Gonna hold onto him until the deadline. If Pau goes then Kaman = $$$
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/13/2014 12:17 PMKoalaballa 0% (0)Good point
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/13/2014 12:00 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Check the comments below RE: Kaman. We'll give him minutes when we hear news that D'Antoni's plans change.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/13/2014 11:26 AMKoalaballa 0% (0)for some reason Kaman is not showing up in my weekly projections for the week following the ASG (17-23)
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/11/2014 11:37 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 80% (5)D'Antoni continues to be very resistant to the idea of having two post players on the floor at once:
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/11/2014 11:30 PMNMV112 0% (1)You don't think that after this breakout D'antoni will consider playing Pau at the 4 and Kaman at the 5 (assuming no trade obviously)?
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/11/2014 2:28 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)He's absent in weekly for now (which defaults to next week) because unless a trade happens he's expected to continue to DNP-CD and not play at all once Gasol returns.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/11/2014 2:12 PMpocket flask 0% (0)Kaman is listed in daily and ROY projections but absent in weekly. Can you fix it?
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/9/2014 3:52 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (4)As a Kaman owner in a deep 16x14 league, would not mind a Pau deal at all. Been super productive on a per-minute basis all year. All he needs is a steady 22-24 mpg to be relevant.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/3/2014 11:51 AMjohnd2442 0% (0)35771 - I'd think Hill AND Kaman would be beneficiaries to Gasol being out. That said, I would be surprised if Kaman didn't play in all four of the Lakers games this week.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/2/2014 6:11 PM#35771 0% (0)how is kaman projected 4 games if he hasnt played 1 since jan 17, plus shouldnt hill be more of the beneficiary?
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/2/2014 4:21 PMjohnd2442 0% (0)I'm not sure how to answer that streutker, but it bears noting that the Lakers have 4 games next week. Almost seems worth the gamble if you are streaming a spot.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/2/2014 1:20 PMstreutker12 0% (1)just purely as a pickup for this week who is the one to grab with pau out.....kaman, kelly, or j hill
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/2/2014 11:36 AMkslight 0% (1)His weekly looks good because Gasol is out. Once Gasol returns, his value returns to its normal low.
 OverratedFilterKaman, Chris2/2/2014 8:35 AMManchvegasBob 0% (1)Projection results seems awry for this guy . . .
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris3/8/2013 5:24 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)You'll have to forgive me there. He went from having an "opportunity to start the rest of the way" to a DNP-CD in the span of five days.
 OverratedFilterKaman, Chris3/8/2013 2:34 PMdmildagreat 100% (2)His minutes are over projected for the dailys.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/23/2013 1:45 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Could play Sunday if all goes well, but I wouldn't get too excited: he only averaged 17 mpg the eight games prior to his injury.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/22/2013 10:30 AMfedas18 100% (1)Practiced on Thursday for the first time since 1/28. Should be back soon
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris2/8/2013 2:31 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)It now seems likely that he'll be held out through the ASB.
 InjuredFilterKaman, Chris2/8/2013 7:33 AMfedas18 100% (1)Any sense of when these headaches will go away?
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris1/18/2013 8:57 AMkslight 100% (1)Reduced his m/g to 23 and boosted Brand up to 23.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris1/18/2013 2:05 AMbolt 50% (2)Barely rosterable unless you're good at guessing the rare nights he gets 25+.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris12/18/2012 2:42 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Carlisle has been running an unusual amount of small lineups out there lately. For instance, Collison and Fisher both over 30mpg over the past 10 days.
 CommentFilterKaman, Chris12/18/2012 11:46 AMbolt 100% (1)Thought his minutes would ramp up again but seems not even though he's playing pretty well. And Dirk still to come back.