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Kobe Bryant

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 FilterKobe Bryant11/25/2015 9:47 AMmcoleman 100% (3)There were 3 shots in a row last night where he air balled twice and planted one between the backboard and rim all within 3 minutes. You could clearly see that he wants to be the same old Kobe and it's not there.
 FilterKobe Bryant11/25/2015 9:44 AMEnderDantes 100% (2)Nope... Only going to get worse. Watching their games is absolute torture. I'm a Kobe fan, but he's horribly stunting the development of the young guys while he has carte blanche to shoot fadeaways at will over 5 defenders.
 FilterKobe Bryant11/25/2015 8:55 AM#55137 0% (0)having watched Kobe's entire career, even as a "hater" it's hard to imagine his FG% be worse than Iverson's... He will rebound, right?
 FilterKobe Bryant11/25/2015 8:18 AMLGLP86 100% (2)With me puntin FG% he cracks a top 50 player for me...But should I still drop him for the next hot agent?
 FilterKobe Bryant11/23/2015 3:14 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)Forget about it in roto, and you need to punt FG%. Counting stats are okay though, but the breakdown threat is real
 FilterKobe Bryant11/22/2015 11:42 PMgehrenberg 0% (0)His fg% value is worse than dwights ft% value I don't think Kobe is ownable at all in roto leagues
 FilterKobe Bryant11/22/2015 11:27 PMImadogg 0% (0)He will lose fg% by himself haha. Not exactly low volume. Also beware, he hasn't played any b2bs. He's said his body just can't move after a game, so he's gonna sit out a lot.
 FilterKobe Bryant11/22/2015 11:24 PMgehrenberg 0% (0)What categories are you punting? He's tough to own in 12 team leagues if you aren't punting fg% he can lose that category by himself
 FilterKobe Bryant11/22/2015 10:58 PMshotcaller510 0% (0)Dropped in my league and cleared waivers. Drop Lou Willams and pick up Kobe or Jeremy Lamb? H2H 12-team
 FilterKobe Bryant10/26/2015 4:04 PMLGLP86 0% (0)Nice bump...