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Al Jefferson

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 FilterAl Jefferson11/16/2015 9:33 PMdbomb 33% (3)would you trade mirotic for Al?
 FilterAl Jefferson11/15/2015 7:48 PMtransition3s 100% (1)I'm glad he had a good game. Too bad I can't drop him, today was judgement day for big Al.
 FilterAl Jefferson11/14/2015 2:16 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Yup. That change of the offense to use less of the dump-it-to-Al-in-the-post and to go with more ballhandling, passing, and pick-and-roll has really muted Jefferson's role this season. Sucks, and I'm not sure it improves without the Hornets having some of their current scorers get injured or for the frontcourt to get decimated.
 FilterAl Jefferson11/14/2015 6:08 AMrunninpinoy68 0% (0)so frustrating
 FilterAl Jefferson11/14/2015 4:30 AMhitchrock 0% (0)Is it him just working his way back? Haven't heard too much from any source
 FilterAl Jefferson11/13/2015 8:41 PMtransition3s 50% (2)talk me off the cliff
 FilterAl Jefferson10/28/2015 9:01 PMHoop213 100% (1)20 mins tonight what happened to Al Jeff?
 FilterAl Jefferson10/14/2015 10:55 AMAuzzurri 100% (1)Agree with Gehrenberg. Putting aside the contract yr myth (specially with old vets) even with the weight loss he has lost a step and is no longer no.1 option. i also agree teh projection is probs closer to his floor but its not like his ceiling is to far off from it (16-17ppg 9reb) anyone expecting 20-10 Al Jeff needs to readjust expectations
 FilterAl Jefferson10/14/2015 10:16 AMgehrenberg 0% (0)There is definitely room for upside and the protection is probably closer to his floor than his ceiling, but this offense now runs through Kemba with Big Al as a secondary option, he has definitely lost a step I IMO as well, considerably slower last year and has had a few serious injuries
 FilterAl Jefferson10/14/2015 9:05 AMliamgallagher 0% (0)14.2 pts? lost weights & contract year. why does he slide too much?