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 FilterBrandon Bass3/9/2015 11:05 AMNMV112 0% (0)Pretty decent run lately even with Olynyk back. Basically a poor man's Greg Monroe who doesn't really kill you anywhere and has even started hitting a few threes.
 FilterBrandon Bass2/25/2015 10:38 AMjphanned 0% (0)Olynyk is returning soon from an ankle injury and will cut into his minutes.
 FilterBrandon Bass2/25/2015 10:34 AMarian487 0% (0)Should this guy be ranked higher now that Sully is out for the season? The PF position is pretty thin in Boston...
 FilterBrandon Bass2/23/2015 10:10 AMmbuser 0% (0)There is a chance, although Jerebko and Crowder will be in the mix at PF, as well. The Celtics' 4-4-4 playoff schedule (Weeks 21-23) gives Bass a bit more appeal, as well.
 FilterBrandon Bass2/23/2015 8:58 AMgholdbhurg 0% (0)Seems hes the only legit PF now, as Olynyk and Zeller will be alternating at C slot. Any chance he heats up just in time for playoffs, and be of top100 value? :)
 FilterBrandon Bass1/30/2015 12:59 PMmbuser 0% (0)Foul trouble vs. UTA and a funky rotation vs. MIN. Expecting a bit closer to what we saw in his initial starts, when he averaged 32 mpg.
 FilterBrandon Bass1/30/2015 12:50 PMdmildagreat 0% (0)Projected for 29.2 minutes tonight. Seems optimistic based on the last 2 games.
 FilterBrandon Bass1/22/2015 11:18 PMjphanned 100% (1)Keep in mind that all of this is to shop him for a trade to another team where he isn't going to see anywhere near this PT. But if you're looking for a really short-term add, he'll be pretty solid as Olynyk will probably miss some time.
 FilterBrandon Bass1/22/2015 11:05 PMImadogg 0% (0)It's time?
 FilterBrandon Bass11/1/2014 8:30 PMjphanned 0% (0)Started the second half in place of Kelly Olynyk, who had a pretty underwhelming first half. Not really reason to panic but worth monitoring at least.
 FilterBrandon Bass3/6/2014 7:29 AM#21988 0% (2)Minutes bump with Wallance out for the year?
 FilterBrandon Bass2/19/2014 11:13 AMyort05 0% (0)Losing time to Olynyk. Daily projection needs to be updated.
 FilterBrandon Bass1/21/2014 9:35 AMmhubes 0% (0)Needs bump down. No longer starting (for now)
 FilterBrandon Bass12/9/2013 11:39 AMjphanned 100% (2)Olynyk will more than likely be back this week, which puts a bit of a damper on everything.
 FilterBrandon Bass12/9/2013 9:12 AMmhubes 0% (0)Has played great with Olynyk out. Team is 6-2 since then. Might get more mins for short term, deserves some bumps.
 FilterBrandon Bass11/2/2013 11:03 AMmrpoker 38% (8)He's going to be a 13-15pts, 5-7reb, 1stl, 1blk, low TO's with good shooting %'s. Deserves to be ranked top100
 FilterBrandon Bass11/2/2013 1:09 AMmbuser 100% (1)Pretty quick turn from Olynyk/Sullinger to Faverani/Bass. But he'll be giving more minutes to the youngsters on average than we saw tonight.
 FilterBrandon Bass11/2/2013 12:38 AMChubs33 100% (1)Minutes seem legit. Cheap source of boards and %'s?
 FilterBrandon Bass10/31/2013 11:14 AMmbuser 0% (0)Sullinger suspension for game 1 is what opened up those minutes for him.
 FilterBrandon Bass10/31/2013 10:01 AMmrpoker 0% (0)With the talent the Celtics have Bass will surely see more mins than 24?
 FilterBrandon Bass4/8/2013 2:23 PMmbuser 0% (0)Yeah, that's essentially what we've got set up now.
 FilterBrandon Bass4/8/2013 10:01 AMbackinaday 0% (0)sure hope so
 FilterBrandon Bass4/8/2013 1:18 AMvnmslsrbms 100% (1)Could this be a 30/30/30 split (some leftover for others) between Garnett, Green, and Bass?
 FilterBrandon Bass4/7/2013 4:10 PMmbuser 0% (0)KG back in the lineup on Sunday.
 FilterBrandon Bass4/7/2013 1:17 PM#17062 0% (0)Bump.