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Deron Williams

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 FilterDeron Williams3/20/2015 10:02 PMmbuser 0% (0)He looked terrible out there tonight, so they ran with Jack instead.
 FilterDeron Williams3/20/2015 9:46 PMslamdankchamp 0% (0)Any speculation on D-Williams twentytwo minutes tonight? He only has three fouls and is on the bench.
 FilterDeron Williams2/19/2015 12:56 PMdunishr 100% (1)As opposed to guys like Dragic and Reggie Jackson, D-Will has zero leverage. He has an albatross of a contract that doesn't have an ETO until 2016-17 (and there is no way he's turning down that $22.3 mil). He's staying put.
 FilterDeron Williams2/19/2015 12:49 PMmrpoker 0% (0)I'm surprised Deron hasn't demanded a trade! Why would he want to come off the bench on a crappy team?
 FilterDeron Williams2/19/2015 12:29 PMmbuser 33% (3)BKN would be trading for Jackson to give him what he wants, and that's a big-minute starting gig. There is no point in trading for him to have him sulking on the bench.
 FilterDeron Williams2/19/2015 12:20 PMmrpoker 0% (2)I think Deron will go back to the starting position, how can they keep benching a former all star?? He is finally healthy as well!
 FilterDeron Williams2/19/2015 12:04 PMmbuser 0% (1)Stays roughly the same, assuming Jack is dealt. Jackson steps into Jack's role as the starter, DWill keeps coming off the bench.
 FilterDeron Williams2/19/2015 12:00 PMAaronCassaro 0% (0)How will this Nets trade affect Williams’s value?
 FilterDeron Williams2/9/2015 9:39 PMPaulK555 0% (0)Please make it stop. Are we thinking the rib injury is still causing him some pain and affecting his shot? I sure hope so..
 FilterDeron Williams2/6/2015 4:12 PMmbuser 0% (0)He'll play minutes if he's healthy whether starting or not, given that they'll go to Sergey Karasev and Bojan Bogdanovic otherwise. He won't get the starting spot back in the short-term, and the only way he forces the issue as an eventuality is with sustained strong play.
 FilterDeron Williams2/6/2015 4:04 PMmookie11 0% (1)Does Deron ever get the starting spot back? Or is he done?
 FilterDeron Williams1/31/2015 1:45 PMmbuser 0% (0)Doesn't appear to be too far away given that he did some contact work in practice with no reported issues. I would not drop Wade for him but I would agree that it's time to consider an add in general.
 FilterDeron Williams1/31/2015 12:57 PMjclee4 0% (0)I'm thinking about doing the same thing. You guys think he plays next week?
 FilterDeron Williams1/31/2015 2:20 AMan0n0mus 0% (1)Time to pick up Williams in a 9cat 12 team league? Thinking of dropping wade for him.
 FilterDeron Williams1/26/2015 5:24 PM21bigfundamental 0% (0)I've got your point Justin and I think you make a lot of sense. But the Nets want to shop williams and the Hornets want Stephenson nowhere closer to the moon, so why not swapping? And a 2 point guard backcourt next year could work for Charlotte. Last thing, they badly need high profile guys to exist over there (no offence intended to the Hornets fans)
 FilterDeron Williams1/26/2015 5:07 PMjphanned 0% (0)So they're going to make a panic move for a 6-week period? What happens next season when they have both Deron and Kemba on the books?
 FilterDeron Williams1/26/2015 4:59 PM21bigfundamental 0% (0)dramatically i mean!
 FilterDeron Williams1/26/2015 4:59 PM21bigfundamental 0% (0)Am i the only one to think that kemba walker's surgery opens up tramatically a trade involving D-Will and Stephenson
 FilterDeron Williams1/13/2015 2:47 PMmbuser 0% (0)We talked about him in the "Gobert Report" podcast, and that's pretty much it. He won't play huge minutes again at any point, so the potential payoff is okay but not substantial. Crazier things have happened, but can't see how anyone takes on his $43M for the next two seasons.
 FilterDeron Williams1/13/2015 2:08 PM#27761 0% (0)I think he's a pessimistic hold. one of the following will happen A) Trade - Value big uptick B) No trade - timeshare all year C) no trade - gets job back but only gets 28 mins D) hurt all year you get nothing.....I'd expect B to be most likely, but nets do go 4-4 in playoffs
 FilterDeron Williams1/13/2015 1:29 PMiomarv 0% (0)I reconsidered my attempt to drop him and think D-Will is a HOLD, specially with an evaluation coming soon and trade rumors circulating.
 FilterDeron Williams1/12/2015 1:30 PMmbuser 100% (2)I wouldn't read too much into his timetable before we get the results of his evaluation in a few days. Rib injuries can take 2-4 weeks, although they vary greatly based on severity and the Nets really didn't go into much detail.
 FilterDeron Williams1/12/2015 12:52 PMballa 50% (2)I'd say pick him up if you're in a position to hold players. My question is how did BBM arrive on the 1/30 projected return date? Past similar injuries?
 FilterDeron Williams1/10/2015 8:23 AMiomarv 0% (2)Prefer to add Calderón for him if on waivers
 FilterDeron Williams1/9/2015 11:50 PMthisguy 100% (3)he's only my waiver wire. Is he a must pickup? I mean he hasn't been himself, but for FREE, I may bite.
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 7:06 PMrrronaldlee 50% (4)I want to drop this guy.......
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 3:05 PMkerim34 100% (2)Am thinking trade for wiggins
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 2:42 PMmbuser 100% (1)Don't see him as a drop in standard leagues unless you are completely desperate for production right now, but it's also doubtful that he'd clear waivers.
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 2:33 PMGFlexy 100% (1)drop in a 10 teamer? sigh. i always used to laugh at owners that had to deal with his ankles.
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 2:14 PMkerim34 0% (0)Buse thoughts on whether to keep williams or not?
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 2:03 PMdrw3722 0% (0)steve blake had the same injury in 2012 and he was out 4 weeks. Although the severity of the fracture could be worse with williams rib.....punt team!!!!
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 1:45 PMdishinNswishin 100% (5)I sure do hate this guy...never again.
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 1:16 PMmbuser 0% (0)There's a range depending on the severity, plus this is the cartilage and not the bone. We've pushed him out to three weeks for now.
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 12:59 PM#2664 0% (0)Fractured rib, how long players usually be out because of this?
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 3:07 AMdrw3722 100% (1)I am at the end of my patience level as well Aaron. I would hate to cut him and then he get healthy in two weeks and traded to a team in need of a pg....
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2015 12:51 AMAaronCassaro 0% (0)Do you think it's time to cut him and move on? I feel like even if he's eventually healthy he won't see minutes over 20.
 FilterDeron Williams1/4/2015 7:33 PMehrenberggreg 0% (0)He just can't stay healthy he finally played decently and got hurt at the end of the game
 FilterDeron Williams1/4/2015 7:01 PMkenjlev18 0% (0)They seem to like playing Williams off the bench, but hopefully his minutes will rise, and Jack's will fall.
 FilterDeron Williams1/4/2015 6:19 PMdishinNswishin 0% (0)Hopefully, the Jarret Jack era is over in Brooklyn after tonight.
 FilterDeron Williams12/29/2014 9:12 PMdunishr 100% (1)This is an awfully strange way to showcase a player for a trade... especially one making $20 mil per year. Par for the course with the Nets, I suppose.
 FilterDeron Williams12/29/2014 8:17 PMdishinNswishin 0% (0)Bruh, can they just trade this guy already....ridiculous.
 FilterDeron Williams12/26/2014 2:52 PMrockme 0% (0)what is your view on him ROS, still a top 50? Thinking to trade Melo for him...
 FilterDeron Williams12/21/2014 5:47 PMHoundie 0% (0)Sorry was just speculative. I have a trade in for Farried but if Willy goes to Sac it may be a bad deal.
 FilterDeron Williams12/21/2014 4:59 PMjphanned 100% (1)Guys, this deal is nowhere near being completed.
 FilterDeron Williams12/21/2014 4:57 PMHoundie 0% (0)Does he get a bump up or down at Sac? Average Colli was a keeper at Sac. Does DWill become a star?
 FilterDeron Williams10/22/2014 10:53 AMmbuser 0% (0)The Nets are resting all of their regular starters on Tuesday: Marquis Teague, Alan Anderson, Sergey Karasev, Cory Jefferson, Mason Plumlee to start.
 FilterDeron Williams5/15/2014 12:55 PMjphanned 100% (2)Said it's possible he'll have surgery on both his ankles this offseason. Already next to Dwyane Wade on my early avoid list for next season.
 FilterDeron Williams4/9/2014 9:12 PMmbuser 0% (0)Kidd said he'd consider resting some guys with the Nets essentially locked into the No.5 seed. Deron and JJ could be candidates with Pierce and Livingston sitting tonight.
 FilterDeron Williams3/20/2014 3:06 AMleezy3000 0% (0)Own him in two leagues this year after having in at least one league every season since 2010-2011. Finally reaping the rewards...Hopefully he can keep this level of production up.
 FilterDeron Williams1/24/2014 12:07 PMbolt 88% (8)He's going to need a big 2nd half to hit this projection.
 FilterDeron Williams11/24/2013 4:10 PMdanzim01 100% (2)is this a good time to buy low on williams, or are those ankles going to tank his season? might try to flip goran dragic for him (right after his productive streak during bledsoe's absence)
 FilterDeron Williams3/12/2013 12:38 PMmbuser 100% (1)Obviously 42/11 is the outlier, but the point that his usage is up in general still stands.
 FilterDeron Williams3/12/2013 9:29 AMcastorius 100% (1)He has been on an absolute tear since he came back from his last injury - look at his game logs since Feb.19th - possible bump soon?
 FilterDeron Williams1/31/2013 5:04 PMmbuser 100% (2)Maybe it wasn't the injuries working against him, after all?
 FilterDeron Williams1/31/2013 10:53 AMvtec1jk 0% (2)needs a FG adjustment
 FilterDeron Williams1/25/2013 3:01 PMmbuser 100% (1)39% 3PT and 96% FT since PJC took over.
 FilterDeron Williams1/25/2013 10:45 AMvtec1jk 100% (1)He needs to be tweaked and adjusted for the Post little General Era
 FilterDeron Williams1/9/2013 1:54 AMmbuser 100% (3)Making some shots? Do you believe in miracles?
 FilterDeron Williams1/8/2013 9:34 PMvtec1jk 100% (3)Goodbye Avery!!!! Finally Deron is putting up decent numbers
 FilterDeron Williams1/1/2013 5:25 PMmbuser 100% (2)The preseason ankle, the aggravation of the wrist, and on top of it he's tired. Dropped him a bit more, we'll see if it's enough this time.
 FilterDeron Williams1/1/2013 1:07 PMk-rok 100% (2) Todays news are not helping his value, perhaps another downgrade is required...
 FilterDeron Williams12/17/2012 5:04 PMmbuser 100% (3)The extended FG% woes are very troublesome, indeed. You can probably still capitalize on name value in a lot of leagues.
 FilterDeron Williams12/17/2012 1:30 PMvtec1jk 100% (4)These injuries to Deron are making me want to ship him fast and cheap!