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 FilterRyan AndersonToday 1:31 AMNeonChaos 0% (0)Ryan Anderson is a sniper. Looks like AD will be playing more 5 this year, and Gentry is fielding him out there at the 4 alongside AD as a rebounder/stretch 4. This is an amazing run he's on.
 FilterD'Angelo RussellYesterday 10:34 PMelbowslayer 0% (0)yea im punting TO,FG%.... appreciate the help!
 FilterD'Angelo RussellYesterday 10:24 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)I don't believe in Green having a high ceiling ROS, so I'd be okay taking a punt, but only if you need the types of stats that Russell can bring
 FilterHasheem ThabeetYesterday 10:23 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)Nah mate, we don't have Thanksgiving over here
 FilterD'Angelo RussellYesterday 10:11 PMelbowslayer 0% (0)Would you guys drop a hot jeff green for him ros? 10 team h2h?
 FilterIsh SmithYesterday 10:01 PMgehrenberg 100% (1)Tyreke Evans is expected to play this week it's hard to imagine ish smith won't see his playing time cut
 FilterIsh SmithYesterday 9:42 PMtpetridis 0% (0)Why are his weekly projections still so low? 11 mpg? Really? He has played btw 30-38 min the past 5 games and has put up impressive numbers every game. What more does he need to do to increase his projections?
 FilterOtto Porter JrYesterday 9:40 PMBBQed 0% (0)>rronaldlee ... go and get him....he deserves it
 FilterHasheem ThabeetYesterday 8:28 PMtransition3s 0% (0)Josh, did you eat any turkey today? Or was it yesterday?
 FilterRobert CovingtonYesterday 8:06 PM#16561 86% (7)I think Covington is Philly's best player. I also think he could be a fantasy freak in the very near term. He's hitting his stride and the 3s/STL/BLK/REB combo is pretty outrageous if he can get his FG% to even a mediocre level. He has a true NBA body and should get 32 min. Am I crazy?
 FilterOtto Porter JrYesterday 7:59 PMrrronaldlee 100% (4)just dropped in my league, must own guy?
 FilterVictor OladipoYesterday 7:23 PMbbm1516 100% (1)Noticed a big drop in projections. Worth unloading him for Monroe and Middleton?
 FilterGordon HaywardYesterday 4:04 PMastearns 100% (2)I see your work Captain America! Welcome back.
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonYesterday 3:57 PMcottonschwab21 100% (1)If you think he has more value than he currently has listed on bbm, you can customize his projection yourself to more accurately reflect what you expect him to do. You don't always have to wait for bbm to do it.
 FilterNicolas BatumYesterday 3:03 PMBucketts 100% (3)hgounga- that offer wld be insulting
 FilterKyle LowryYesterday 3:00 PMBucketts 0% (3)Trade Lowry for J Butler..I have Curry,Knight,Clarkson as my other PG.
 FilterGorgui DiengYesterday 2:52 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)Only if he gets 25+ minutes which is very unlikely. He's played well in the minutes, which we assumed he would but Mitchell is playing him exclusively behind Towns, so his value is tied to Towns
 FilterGorgui DiengYesterday 2:48 PMjshadow4 0% (0)is he trending back up onto standard league radar?
 FilterNicolas BatumYesterday 2:23 PMhgounga 8% (12)Looking to acquire Batum for Igoudala & Joe Johnson I have Tyreke Evans on the IL do you think this is a fair trade
 FilterKristaps PorzingisYesterday 1:38 PMBenniepie 100% (5)Trade away Monta for KP? League with no Percentages and TO, but with DD. It was either trade off Monta or Mirotic. I was hoping both these players would breakout
 FilterKawhi LeonardYesterday 12:24 PMkchung4388 83% (6)He's so good. No hype on this guy. All business. Very efficient. Literally helps you in every category
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonYesterday 11:22 AMBloodandGold 0% (0)Need a little bump in value ?
 FilterBruno CabocloYesterday 10:51 AM#48285 100% (1)LMAO
 FilterBruno CabocloYesterday 10:08 AMHawks 20 100% (4)Happy Thanksgiving All
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 9:36 AMbenrv21 83% (6)was offered middleton for Jones...take it since hes either injured or sucks
 FilterBruno CabocloYesterday 9:23 AMkslight 100% (6)Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here too. This will mostly be a day off though everything should be updated if you wish to prepare for tomorrow.
 FilterBruno CabocloYesterday 8:50 AMBrosencephalon 100% (6)Happy Thanksgiving, BBM fam! Hope everyone has a good long weekend.
 FilterJerryd BaylessYesterday 8:49 AMalnychay2 0% (0)Is he standard league relevant at this point or is it a result of MCW's struggles and the fact that he is shooting a high % from 3?
 FilterNerlens NoelYesterday 8:45 AMgucci55 0% (0)Is floating a buy low offer still a good idea? He fits my build perfectly, but has looked, uh... bad. Is it just the knee?
 FilterKevin LoveYesterday 8:44 AMsautah 0% (0)Fg% bump?
 FilterDwight PowellYesterday 7:46 AMstevenomes 100% (2)Yeah cut him loose. Was fun while it lasted.
 FilterAaron GordonYesterday 7:29 AMBloodandGold 0% (0)Time to give up on him ?
 FilterDwight PowellYesterday 2:17 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)It seems that way
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 1:05 AMjjhollaway 0% (0)Whats up with Lawson getting 2 minutes? sad, he used to be a decent pg
 FilterTy LawsonYesterday 12:21 AMjjhollaway 0% (0)Whats up with Lawson getting 2 minutes? sad, he used to be a decent pg
 FilterRodney Hood11/25/2015 11:31 PM#17008 100% (1)cause they ignant
 FilterTerrence Jones11/25/2015 10:12 PMageorgis 0% (0)Didn't watch the game, but the matchup seems the most likely explanation. Grizzlies started Barnes at the 4 and look like they played natural wings at the 4 all game. Looks like Rockets countered with Ariza sliding to 4 with Brewer playing a lot at 3.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/25/2015 9:45 PMkrzychnip 0% (0)Anyone see why his minutes were so low tonight? I only saw box scores and he wasnt in foul trouble
 FilterClint Capela11/25/2015 9:44 PMrbi99 0% (0)FG% based off of four shots is not all that much. Now DH is no longer sitting on b-2-b.
 FilterDwight Powell11/25/2015 9:39 PM#19032 100% (2)Is he pretty much ruined now with Javale back? Disappointing.
 FilterRicky Rubio11/25/2015 9:33 PMtomm0 100% (1)Yeah he's a nightmare
 FilterRicky Rubio11/25/2015 9:30 PM#54982 100% (3)For somebody who's supposedly not injury prone, he sure seems pretty injury prone. Just so frustrating to own.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/25/2015 8:52 PMcbishop1 75% (4)Getting fed up with this guy...
 FilterElfrid Payton11/25/2015 8:23 PMDhelix_80 100% (1)All in fantasy hate Skiles but this decision to move Dipo into a 6th man role was logical. Payton, Vucevic and Oladipo all enjoyed usage tonight by staggering their minutes more.
 FilterKlay Thompson11/25/2015 8:19 PMBrosencephalon 100% (1)Tough call imo, and I'm starting to worry a bit as an owner. He just looks incredibly pedestrian out there. I get that the Dubs are blowing teams out and he's not necessarily being relied on, but he's been underperforming pretty severely - especially his %. On the flipside, form is temporary, class is permanent. He could just as well turn it on overnight.
 FilterTimofey Mozgov11/25/2015 6:14 PMmkmk 0% (0)Why did ESPN changed his status from O to DTD? I did not see any injury update.
 FilterWesley Matthews11/25/2015 5:55 PMkslight 0% (0)We're not assuming he's playing since it's the second of a back-to-back. Haven't heard anything yet.
 FilterWesley Matthews11/25/2015 5:48 PMjaywords1 0% (0)Haven't seen any concern about him playing tonight on a back-to-back. Is he good to go?
 FilterRodney Hood11/25/2015 4:13 PMgaryhu 0% (0)why are people dropping this guy?
 FilterFrank Kaminsky11/25/2015 4:11 PMdyraks 0% (0)have little to go on. hence why I want to look at production from the past week or two and put that into some usable (mental data) to make some speculative decisions...we all know 1 to 2 weeks info doesn't mean much but if that info leads somewhere ahead of the curve I'm all for the speculative add in the deep league. then if it doesn't work out like I hoped back to the wire they go
 FilterNikola Jokic11/25/2015 4:10 PMncognito 100% (3)Malone said, "I did not expect Nikola Jokic to be our starting center 14 games into the season. But he has earned it."
 FilterFrank Kaminsky11/25/2015 4:08 PMdyraks 0% (0)custom projection (unless I'm missing something) uses BBM projections I'm looking for actual per minute production over the past week or 2 then using that while I can input the minutes that I believe could be on the way. to get an idea of how a perticular player may develop given the opportunity. I'm looking at players that for whatever reason don't have a great history therefore BBM projections..
 FilterRodney Hood11/25/2015 3:59 PMgaryhu 0% (0)why are people dropping this guy?
 FilterVictor Oladipo11/25/2015 3:52 PMjstutey 100% (2)Seriously Oladipo and Vucevic are the talent on this team. Skiles is an idiot.
 FilterKlay Thompson11/25/2015 3:23 PM#54982 0% (0)Does this guy need a serious downgrade? Or are we still this confident?
 FilterSerge Ibaka11/25/2015 3:19 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Ibaka said that he's not going to seek out three-pointers as much this season, and he's been doing just that, averaging only 1.5 3Pt Attempts per game this season after averaging 3.2 3Pt Attempts last season. I don't know if I'd be buying low, because this production seems in line with his dip in FG% from last season. The only thing I'd expect Ibaka to improve upon is his current FT%, and it's only so low because he's taken so few attempts.
 FilterAl-Farouq Aminu11/25/2015 3:13 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)ThisGuy - It depends who you'd be picking up from week-to-week, but I think Aminu's value is pretty secure and should be relatively consistent this season. He's probably one of your last guys, but he's a solid last guy in 10-team leagues with his contributions in most categories.
 FilterWesley Johnson11/25/2015 3:01 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Only even consider adding him in deeper leagues. Doc Rivers has said that he will probably shuffle the SF position as needed this season. There is some small hope for a big role for Johnson, but that would likely only come true if Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson were both to continue struggling. As things stand now, Johnson is unlikely to have a consistent enough role from game to game, even as a starter, to be worth using in standard leagues.
 FilterAaron Gordon11/25/2015 2:56 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)There's a part of me that is still holding out hope that Frye only plays limited minutes as the starter and Gordon's role increases off the bench, but I don't trust anything good to happen under Skiles' watch.
 FilterJrue Holiday11/25/2015 2:44 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Holiday has been limited to 23 mpg, so I'd take the upside shot that Williams MIGHT be able to get more run. No guarantee there, though, I believe the Cavs are going to try and limit Williams from playing too many minutes. That, of course, doesn't always happen though.
 FilterJrue Holiday11/25/2015 2:42 PMtremajj 0% (0)Holiday or Mo Williams tonight?
 FilterFrank Kaminsky11/25/2015 2:41 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Kaminsky has had an intriguing last for games, but PJ Hairston missed the first three games, and with Marvin Williams getting run at SF, there were more frontcourt minutes available. What's curious is that Kaminsky still got 19 mins in Hairston's return and Spencer Hawes lost minutes. We're no overreacting to the bump in minutes, yet, but we're keeping an eye on it.
 FilterNene Hilario11/25/2015 2:38 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)I also have been dropping Stauskas in a lot of my 14-team leagues, but I'm not sure I'd be targeting Nene. He can have the occasional big night off the bench, but Nene's health has been a persistent issue throughout his career, and he's stuck in a rather limited backup role most nights even when healthy. Nene only missed one shot in the last two games, so his production in those games wasn't "real." He won't keep that up.
 FilterThaddeus Young11/25/2015 2:34 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Kitchles - It's not a complete mirage. It would take a lot of research to try and quantify all of the extra production we've seen from Young this season, but in general, we did see his rebound % go up once he was traded to BKN last season, so it probably has a lot to do with how he's asked to play in that offense next to Lopez. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
 FilterJusuf Nurkic11/25/2015 2:03 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)#19032 - Love it, man. That's a great grab. Jealous. :)
 FilterDraymond Green11/25/2015 1:59 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)LGL - Thanks for the nudge. We'll look at it. His assists have been awesome.
 FilterJusuf Nurkic11/25/2015 1:58 PM#19032 100% (2)He was actually dropped and on the wire in my 16 team H2H. Only had to drop Ezeli for him. Only problem is stashing JV and Nurk now with no IR spots. We'll see if I can last.
 FilterTy Lawson11/25/2015 1:57 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)While I am holding Lawson in a league or two through at least the end of this week, I don't know that I'd spend any FAAB on him unless the situation changes. Right now, it's looking like Lawson might be the #3 PG with Beverley expected to return. Crappy shituation.
 FilterTy Lawson11/25/2015 12:30 PMpatentboy23 0% (0)Worth $5 FAAB (waiver) bid in 14 teamer?
 FilterDraymond Green11/25/2015 12:05 PMLGLP86 0% (0)I think an assist/FT% bump and steal dump is warranted. But is still a stud.
 FilterCJ Miles11/25/2015 11:44 AMNYripper 0% (0)I made this:
 FilterJusuf Nurkic11/25/2015 11:38 AMMartiaci 0% (0)Drop Hood for him to stash in a H2H 9-Cat League? If I add him and lives up to projections, I beat everyone in my league at least 5-4 by a large margin. I also have Drummond and Whiteside.
 FilterThaddeus Young11/25/2015 11:33 AMkitchles 0% (0)He's grabbing 3.5 more rebounds per/36 than his career rate. Is Brook Lopez a beast at boxing out, or is this a complete mirage? Kind of important for me because my points league emphasizes rebounding and I'm considering selling high on Thad...
 FilterVictor Oladipo11/25/2015 11:08 AMbrendans 0% (0)from @omagicdaily: "This should be made clear regarding Victor Oladipo. He is still going to play starter's minutes. Skiles wants to change how team starts." They'll probably get killed still to start (Skiles calls Dipo the team's best defender)...wouldn't be surprised if he gets swapped for Payton after a couple games but who knows...
 FilterNene Hilario11/25/2015 11:00 AMshadygr8 0% (0)i am about to drop staukas for him in a 14 team 9 cat league
 FilterVictor Oladipo11/25/2015 10:57 AMdishinNswishin 100% (3)might not be a bad thing....but to put Frye as the replacement? Skiles shouldn't be a coach in the nba.
 FilterVictor Oladipo11/25/2015 10:55 AMmkmk 0% (0)From @JoshuaBRobbins: One side effect of this move, Skiles said, is that Oladipo should have more scoring opportunities and driving opportunities now.
 FilterVictor Oladipo11/25/2015 10:48 AMnemlich22 0% (0)He's coming off the bench tonight. How does this make any sense?
 FilterVictor Oladipo11/25/2015 10:48 AMgehrenberg 0% (0)Oladipo coming off the bench. Don't know what the minutes will look like, but I would guess a slight decrease in minutes could be offset by an uptick in usage
 FilterFrank Kaminsky11/25/2015 10:47 AMageorgis 100% (4)You can do all of this in custom projections. Just hit the "customize projection" button on the player page, hit the "copy bbm" button and then adjust the minutes. Exactly what you're looking for.
 FilterFrank Kaminsky11/25/2015 10:37 AMdyraks 0% (0)make it a little interactive...idk just a thought i find myself doing math often to see what a players value in categories that may be useful for my team depending if any player reaches a particular minute level...
 FilterFrank Kaminsky11/25/2015 10:33 AMdyraks 0% (0)for example if kaminsky who is trending up minutes wise ( for whatever reason doesnt matter ) and i believe he could be in the 25min avg i a week or so what would his stat line look like? i could enter the minutes and your per 36 avg (not projection but actual) per minute does the math and spits out a 25 min avg or 30 minutes or whatever we choose?
 FilterJusuf Nurkic11/25/2015 10:33 AMTFergBaby 0% (0)in my 14 team league he hit waivers and was scooped with a 67$ bid. which honestly i dont think is necessarily incorrect. there just aren't that many bidding opportunities compared to football. i bid 20$ fwiw
 FilterFrank Kaminsky11/25/2015 10:30 AMdyraks 0% (0)is it possible to build in a row (in the per 36 section of player page) that would allow us to in put a min total we feel could be possible based on our beliefs at that time? then use the per 36 section's per minute avgs to extrapolate the estimate?
 FilterJusuf Nurkic11/25/2015 10:13 AMbrendans 100% (2)I think it's going to take Nurkic quite a while to get back into good game shape, even after he's cleared to play. I like him later in the season but I think a lot of people will be disappointed with him when he first comes back. Some workout footage and Malone talking about him here: Nurkic segment is about halfway through
 FilterJusuf Nurkic11/25/2015 9:51 AMhsahardid 0% (1)Been available for a week or two in my 12 team h2h league. Based on fg% and to punt, I would interested in picking up nurkic but I would have to drop terrence jones. If i'm not benefiting from jones fg%, is nurkic worth the pickup when he gets closer to returning or is his current projection shaky due to jokic and lauvergne role in rotation?
 FilterKobe Bryant11/25/2015 9:47 AMmcoleman 100% (3)There were 3 shots in a row last night where he air balled twice and planted one between the backboard and rim all within 3 minutes. You could clearly see that he wants to be the same old Kobe and it's not there.
 FilterKobe Bryant11/25/2015 9:44 AMEnderDantes 100% (2)Nope... Only going to get worse. Watching their games is absolute torture. I'm a Kobe fan, but he's horribly stunting the development of the young guys while he has carte blanche to shoot fadeaways at will over 5 defenders.
 FilterWill Barton11/25/2015 9:43 AMmcoleman 0% (0)Woofie, I watched the game. It seemed like his role was to guard Jamaal Crawford, and he didn't look great doing it. Missed a few open looks....he'll be OK.
 FilterWesley Johnson11/25/2015 9:00 AMsif2988 0% (0)25 min in his first start though--and was also limited to 25 because of foul trouble
 FilterKobe Bryant11/25/2015 8:55 AM#55137 0% (0)having watched Kobe's entire career, even as a "hater" it's hard to imagine his FG% be worse than Iverson's... He will rebound, right?
 FilterAl-Farouq Aminu11/25/2015 8:51 AMdarthfoz 100% (2)this guy, Aminu gets an interesting blend of stats, and, more importantly, is getting a ton of minutes. I think above 31 in almost every game. I mean maybe you could match his value streaming in a 10 person league, but I would try to trade him first. He is a decent asset
 FilterWesley Johnson11/25/2015 8:47 AMdarthfoz 0% (0)sif, don't waste your time. he only gets 15min/game and even if he gets 20 i can't see him being relevant in even really deep leagues
 FilterAl-Farouq Aminu11/25/2015 8:45 AMthisguy 0% (1)Hovering around a 100 rank, I'm thinking of dropping for a streamer in 10team. Thoughts?
 FilterWesley Johnson11/25/2015 8:41 AMsif2988 0% (1)Been a BBM fave in past years. Now a starter. Seems like a good pickup, no?
 FilterSerge Ibaka11/25/2015 8:35 AMdarthfoz 100% (1)Alnychay2, I don't think there is any reason to not buy low on him if you can. All of his per/36 numbers are in line with the past, the issue is really his %s. Maybe now with increased 3s for 2nd year in a row he doesn't touch 50% FG, but his FT has improved almost every year and once that bounces back to 80% he should be returning really close to his projection
 FilterCJ Miles11/25/2015 8:31 AMgameover 0% (0)points and minutes need a bump here
 FilterKobe Bryant11/25/2015 8:18 AMLGLP86 100% (2)With me puntin FG% he cracks a top 50 player for me...But should I still drop him for the next hot agent?
 FilterSerge Ibaka11/25/2015 8:11 AMalnychay2 0% (0)Any OKC fans know what is going on with Serge? I want to buy low on him but man he has been off this year.
 FilterLaMarcus Aldridge11/25/2015 7:39 AMdarthfoz 100% (2)Last year was only year he attempted more than 1x 3 a game. He is back to less than .5 attempts, so I would be really surprised if he hit .2/game