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Kevin Durant

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 FilterKevin Durant11/23/2015 5:25 PMkylemckeown16 100% (1)RE Injury Risk: I wouldn't be trading a top-5 player for Durant, but if I could sell a second-round guy to get Durant, I'd probably make that trade. It's a risk vs. reward thing. Are the better stats you'll get from Durant worth taking on the risk that his body implodes in on itself like an exploding star collapsing into the black hole that he would become for your fantasy team?.
 FilterKevin Durant11/23/2015 5:09 PMscottkdouglas 0% (0)How risky is he ROS, durability wise?
 FilterKevin Durant11/23/2015 4:09 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Kind of a tough call, but it really depends on who else is on your roster. I would throw in all your 4 game players who know you want to use first, and then if your options dictate that a 2-3 game Durant is better than your other options, yes. OKC does only have 3 games this week (M, W, Sat).
 FilterKevin Durant11/23/2015 11:47 AMtyson2877 100% (1)start him this week?
 FilterKevin Durant11/11/2015 5:49 PMgrakebliffin 100% (2):(