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Hawes, Spencer

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 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer4/1/2014 11:21 AMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Could bounce back yes, but on a short 3-game week with 2 games on days (Wed, Fri) where you're likely leaving him on your bench.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer4/1/2014 2:46 AMbolt 0% (0)Could bounce back a bit depending on Varejao's health?
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer3/28/2014 12:02 PMjohnd2442 100% (2)per the latest BBM podcast, this guy is looking like a dump now with his newly limited minutes + CLE's poor fantasy playoff schedule.
 UnderratedFilterHawes, Spencer3/14/2014 8:52 AMjstutey 100% (6)This guy has been a stud for Cleveland so far.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer3/3/2014 2:39 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)Not a big surprise here, but Mike Brown said he'll "likely" keep starting Hawes at center after AV gets back, although a near-platoon is still expected.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/20/2014 11:18 AMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (5)Yeah that's assuming Varejao stays healthy, which is iffy at this point given his history and the various injuries he's been dealing with. Sneaky upside should Varejao continue to miss games.
 TradedFilterHawes, Spencer2/20/2014 11:17 AMliam4 0% (2)Seems like a real hit to value. Goes from rank 45 all year, to new projection of ~90 in 9-cat.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/20/2014 10:45 AMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (2)All projections/minutes for Cavs and Sixers players have been updated.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/20/2014 9:11 AMhsahardid 0% (0)I read a trade just went down with Hawes going to cavs. What are the ramifications to projections for all affected?
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/20/2014 8:55 100% (2)Keep his value with the Cavs? Especially while Varejao is out.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/11/2014 11:39 AMliam4 0% (0)I was referencing 9 cat non-points. I think his assists, 3's, points would be in jeopardy given his prior history. 6 seasons, never before more than 11.4pts, 0.5 3, 2.6 A
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/11/2014 12:25 AMjohnd2442 0% (0)What I meant was, he's been top-65 pretty much all year in my points-based league.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/11/2014 12:25 AMjohnd2442 0% (1)At least for points-based leagues, Hawes is nowhere near top-35 value. Top-65 is right about where he's been most of the year, so I'd love it if he kept that value. Tonight's game wasn't great though.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/9/2014 3:40 PMliam4 0% (1)I'm not sure. On a team with more talent, he'll certainly have value but he could very well be more top 65 than 35. Assists, 3's could regress
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/9/2014 11:54 AMjohnd2442 100% (1)I think I'm with Odin here. Any team giving up a 1st round pick is likely going to play Hawes the 31 mpg he is at now. I can't see his value changing much...if at all right now *if* he gets dealt.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/8/2014 12:08 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)That is and has been the position here for pretty much the entire season. He's only at 31 mpg on the season, so that's not so hard to approximate elsewhere.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/7/2014 10:10 PModin426 100% (2)Matt, do you think if he's traded he'd go to a unfavorable position? Id think whoever gets him plans on using him, esp if they give up a first rounder in next years draft
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/7/2014 2:40 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)johnd, the 76ers have played 35 games since I wrote that comment in late November. Still can't assume he goes in the tank, but we're 2 weeks away from the deadline instead of 2.5 months.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/7/2014 1:01 PMbolt 100% (5)And owners in Yahoo leagues now have a helpful RW blurb stating his value will "sink like a stone". Might as well hold and hope for the best.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/7/2014 11:43 AMseanmcfadden 100% (3)As a buyer, who is looking to add a player with rebounds, blocks, and decent FT%... I can say I still wouldn't offer more than a top 75 player for him due to trade risk involved.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/7/2014 10:40 AMjohnd2442 0% (3)No way would I sell, unless you can get a better player. Like Matt just wrote, there's no guarantee he'd go to a bad situation. There's no proof his value is unlikely to stay.
 RumorFilterHawes, Spencer2/7/2014 10:10 AMdotslasher 0% (3)trade rumors surrounding hawes. Time to sell? Unlikely to keep his value after a trade
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/27/2013 2:03 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)I would treat him as a top-40 player, given current numbers and that we're still 2.5 months away from trade deadline. We're not assuming he'd go to a bad situation.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/27/2013 1:14 PMpsat 0% (0)Why do you have Trill-Hawes' FT % so low? He's shooting much higher than that this season and last season
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/27/2013 11:24 AM#4586 0% (0)Do these projections assume he stays with the Sixers all year? If I speculate that he will get traded, should I discount the values, or have you already done that? Hard to do... just curious.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/23/2013 7:52 AMChipotleandPatron 100% (9)Trill-Hawes
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/23/2013 12:30 AMcozmofo 100% (11)They said he wont keep this up.. but there's no stopping H-LOVE train!
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/17/2013 6:02 PMgcbillinois 31% (16)Better than 50% chance that Turner and Spencer get traded. If so, both would lose a ton of value. Sixers want Wiggins, not an 8
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/17/2013 5:58 AMcampbellnba 42% (12)Are the trade rumours worrying anyone?
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/14/2013 8:45 PMtrojanmamba 0% (0)And to think his free throw shooting is probably at the bottom of what he is capable of thus far
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/13/2013 11:15 PMunbigote 100% (2)He showed serious skills (especially for a big man) during his one year at U Dub
 UnderratedFilterHawes, Spencer11/13/2013 9:37 PMcozmofo 100% (6)Fk mee..WHO IS THIS GUY!!
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/8/2013 8:59 PMbolt 100% (4)Should we start calling him SPENCER HAWES! yet?
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/7/2013 11:50 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)It's hard to overstate the quality of his looks to this point - currently sitting on 61% 2PT and 50% 3PT.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer11/7/2013 2:23 PMmhubes 100% (12)I think it's time for a bump. If he plays 32 mins a game, he's geting at least 15 pts and 9 rebs. Top 40 value.
 UnderratedFilterHawes, Spencer11/4/2013 3:15 PM#17062 100% (5)At the very least, taking more shots this year than his last month in 12-13.
 UnderratedFilterHawes, Spencer11/4/2013 2:14 PMrtracy12 100% (13)1st round value from a 10+ round pick? let's hope this trend continues. thank you yahoo rankings
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer10/15/2013 12:37 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (5)Massive opportunity for him on a very thin team. He's going to have a huge role and could really post a profit based on his ADP.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer10/15/2013 12:07 PMjohnd2442 0% (0)Oh, and centers who play a lot are always valuable!
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer10/15/2013 12:07 PMjohnd2442 0% (0)Really fascinated that in a points based league, Hawes is rated really highly - in the 4th round! I guess with a projected minutes avg at 33 per game, he should put up respectable stats.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer3/22/2013 1:43 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (5)We're all in. Go Spencer, you can do it!
 UnderratedFilterHawes, Spencer3/22/2013 8:23 AMmcoleman 100% (5)So Hawes is a -0.15 projection for the rest of the year? His playing time isn't going anywhere and he's showing a very positive trend. Time to get "too carried away here."
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer3/21/2013 2:10 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)That only seems to happen 97% of the time a comment is posted around here.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer3/21/2013 1:47 PMrico381 100% (2)Heh. Of course he gets two steals a few hours after you post that.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer3/20/2013 6:45 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Zero steals in his last 515 minutes played (17 games) and one steal in his last 791 minutes played (25 games).
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer3/17/2013 12:29 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 33% (3)A huge game to follow up his 6/5 performance his previous time out. I wouldn't get too carried away here.
 UnderratedFilterHawes, Spencer3/16/2013 9:59 PMcrucified77 50% (4)Has a huge game, awesome last week and 2 weeks... deserves a projection boost.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer2/6/2013 12:34 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)Yes, that boost was given yesterday.
 UnderratedFilterHawes, Spencer2/6/2013 10:12 AMrysta84 100% (2)Obviously, there should be a boost to him now that T Young went down w/ hammy issue.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer1/23/2013 4:59 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Clearly outplaying Lavoy Allen these days, although the Sixers are struggling as a team. Bynum should be coming back around the ASB, but Hawes gets a bump at least until then.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer1/23/2013 9:56 AMensignwkm 0% (3)A bump now? Started second half vs. MIL. Starting gig in near future?
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer1/6/2013 8:43 AMkslight 100% (2)We have him at 25 m/g short-term which is where he's been the past 10 days. His long-term minutes are lower because we assume Bynum will be back.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer1/6/2013 2:46 AMk-rok 100% (1) His minutes and production lately are much higher than projected...
 UnderratedFilterHawes, Spencer12/19/2012 12:50 AMchenkyte 50% (4)A bump here?
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer12/17/2012 3:09 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)If there's one thing we know about Hawes, it's that three games is WAY too small of a sample size for increased optimism.
 CommentFilterHawes, Spencer12/16/2012 10:55 PMSonglo11 25% (4)Been picking it up last three games. Need bump