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McRoberts, Josh

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 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh4/2/2014 7:12 PMmcoleman 50% (2)Started him over Hawes...if you cost me a 3-peat, I will never forgive you McBob.
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh4/2/2014 4:56 PMMeggaMortY 100% (3)Picked up McBob in a H2H weekly league for Grand Final week. What a disaster!
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh2/20/2014 1:26 AMk-rok 100% (4)Very productive...I think he deserves a slight upgrade...
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh1/9/2014 4:17 AMAlphaBlitzer 0% (1)Broken jump shot preventing a breakout. Just as mrfuentes27 said: this is as good as it gets.
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh12/28/2013 2:08 PMjlongrc 100% (4)I think a lot of fantasy owners are glancing at the points/boards and missing the very real value of all the assists plus threes from a big man
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh12/18/2013 8:55 PMChipotleandPatron 0% (0)Yeah, clearly looks like a fluke after tonight's game. As an outsider who doesn't catch a lot of bobcats games, I think I just expected seller to come on a little sooner...
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh12/18/2013 1:22 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)31 mpg in the eight games prior to tonight.
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh12/17/2013 8:04 PMChipotleandPatron 100% (2)Unable to watch tonight's game, but on paper it looks as though the pf spot is turning into more of a timeshare… Reason for concern?
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh12/7/2013 9:42 AMmrfuentes27 100% (1)game without MKG was dissappointing. He already ranges 29-33 mins. this is as good as it gets
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh12/4/2013 1:28 AMk-rok 0% (0)Any chance MKG injury gives McRoberts a slight bump?
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh11/23/2013 4:06 PMjlongrc 100% (2)I'm going to take a chance on him - I need boards, assists, and blocks. He's been pretty steady with the assist numbers and he's consistent (though low) on the glass.
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh11/12/2013 8:09 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Yep, the vast majority of his run was already coming at PF. He should stay pretty steady with Al Jeff back in the mix.
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh11/12/2013 1:34 PMjboldt73 0% (0)He'll play PF with AL Jeff back, do you think Zeller or Bismack will rob any minutes?
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh11/12/2013 12:50 PMzheeduh 0% (0)How many minutes is he going to get moving forward, with Al Jeff back?
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh11/2/2013 12:06 PM#27680 100% (4)His assists are pretty good for a center eligible player
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh10/20/2013 12:41 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Moved them closer to even, but it's going to be something of a platoon in almost every conceivable scenario where they are both healthy.
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh10/20/2013 10:30 AMjjs5010 0% (0)"Steve Clifford said pregame he likes how this is going with Josh McRoberts as the starter at power forward." Upgrade? Or still platoon with Zeller?
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh3/16/2013 3:22 PMensignwkm 100% (2)Try Lindsey Hunter's rotations.
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh3/16/2013 1:57 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 67% (3)Dunlap's rotation is nearly impossible to predict from a game-to-game basis.
 CommentFilterMcRoberts, Josh3/15/2013 10:17 PMensignwkm 100% (4)bump mcbob?