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Thaddeus Young

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 FilterThaddeus Young11/25/2015 2:34 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Kitchles - It's not a complete mirage. It would take a lot of research to try and quantify all of the extra production we've seen from Young this season, but in general, we did see his rebound % go up once he was traded to BKN last season, so it probably has a lot to do with how he's asked to play in that offense next to Lopez. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
 FilterThaddeus Young11/25/2015 11:33 AMkitchles 0% (0)He's grabbing 3.5 more rebounds per/36 than his career rate. Is Brook Lopez a beast at boxing out, or is this a complete mirage? Kind of important for me because my points league emphasizes rebounding and I'm considering selling high on Thad...