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Ajinca, Alexis

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 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis3/7/2014 10:52 AMliam4 100% (1)Got all excited he could solve my rebound/block needs... but rough last two games
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis3/2/2014 4:53 PMAlphaBlitzer 0% (0)Too bad I just don't trust Monty "Iron Hand" Williams.
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis3/2/2014 1:06 PMJohnRuck 100% (2)When given minutes he produces. I've been keeping an eye on him all season being that I'm from NOLA and watch the majority of our games
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis3/2/2014 11:20 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (3)He's finally strung together a few good games, the opportunity has been there for roughly two months. Monty can stop the musical chairs at C if he keeps it up.
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis3/2/2014 9:12 AMshawnj_99 100% (1)With season-ending injuries to Smith/Ryno, AA is in a great position to get minutes. Only Stiemsma&Withey to contend with. I'm buying.
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis3/2/2014 7:24 AMalbertkly 100% (1)Looks like he's getting more minutes and making a better percentage of free throws. Slight bump?
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis1/7/2014 2:13 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Smith will be the lead dog among the group that also includes Ajinca and Stiemsma. Ajinca will play more when the Pels face a true center.
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis1/7/2014 10:15 AMdyraks 0% (0)Who has the better upside smith or ajinca I think we know what smith is but does ajinca possess more potential
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis1/7/2014 9:58 AMfsr085 100% (1)Worth a closer look in standard leagues now that Ryan Anderson was diagnosed with a Herniated Disc?
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis1/5/2014 11:44 PMAlphaBlitzer 17% (6)A lot to like about his game and situation, vastly improved and complements Davis nicely with his range and d. I think he could start rest of the way even with Anderson and Smith around. Take a chance
 CommentFilterAjinca, Alexis1/4/2014 9:00 PM#16907 100% (5)????/