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Ryan Anderson

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 FilterRyan Anderson11/27/2015 1:31 AMNeonChaos 100% (1)Ryan Anderson is a sniper. Looks like AD will be playing more 5 this year, and Gentry is fielding him out there at the 4 alongside AD as a rebounder/stretch 4. This is an amazing run he's on.
 FilterRyan Anderson11/22/2015 2:43 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)With Omer Asik and Anthony Davis missing so many games thus far, I think the 29 mpg projection for the season is pretty accurate given that he's had to take on a larger role early in the season than what seems to have been planned. I don't think we're looking at a change to Anderson's projection unless he moved into the starting lineup permanently (which he should but probably won't) or if Gentry comes out and says, "We are going to play him even more going forward."
 FilterRyan Anderson11/22/2015 4:16 AMbracki 100% (2)any chance for a bump?