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Augustin, DJ

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 UnderratedFilterAugustin, DJ3/13/2014 10:29 PMjohnd2442 0% (0)Sorry, but it bears repeating: BBM raised this guy's projections a while back, and while I doubted it at first, you guys were right on. Another good game tonight: 13 pts, 8 assists, 1 steal, 3 3ptFGs.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ3/11/2014 11:42 PMbrandonislegend 0% (2)Agreed...great pick up maybe some bumps?
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ3/11/2014 11:40 PMjohnd2442 100% (2)He has been a nice free agent addition recently. Thanks to BBM for adjusting his points-based league rating to make me want to pick him up. He's really paid off.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ2/28/2014 5:32 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)He'll take playing time more so from Hinrich and Snell than DJ.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ2/28/2014 5:12 PMmrg12686 0% (0)Could Jimmer affect his production if he signs with the Bulls? Or will he just ride the pine
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ2/28/2014 4:56 PMGoyle 100% (1)Don't think it's the loss of Deng. Think it has more to do with a healthy Hinrich and his shooting coming back down to earth.
 OverratedFilterAugustin, DJ2/28/2014 4:20 PMbalogunad 0% (0)Last three performances really bad. Anomaly or start of a trend with Deng gone?
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ1/22/2014 11:50 AM#13887 88% (8)Last month, he has been +3pts, +0.5 threes, +0.4rbs, +0.3 ast, +0.5stl, -0.2to better than his projections. Recent numbers are even more out of line. Definitely need a bump.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ1/21/2014 1:50 PMwebslinger48 40% (5)Chicago thought they traded for DJ Augustin, but somehow got with Damian Lillard. Solid 3's, assists, FT%. Nobody expects it to last, but so far he hasn't gotten the memo.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ1/17/2014 1:34 PMmhubes 0% (2)Can't shoot the ball but 10 points 6 dimes seems like his floor
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ1/17/2014 11:39 AMjddowning 83% (6)I really think it's time to up his minutes projections.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ1/9/2014 9:18 AMjlongrc 100% (1)If rumors about a Hinrich trade are true, value could get way up there -- FG% may be too big of a problem to matter, though
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ1/8/2014 11:33 AMmhubes 100% (3)Looks like a bump is needed here. Could gain even further value as season progresses
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ12/31/2013 5:29 PMJulioIP 100% (1)His minutes are def up.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ12/31/2013 12:05 PMpgaz13 0% (0)Consider a bump in minutes for DJA? Avg. 30+ mpg over last month.
 UnderratedFilterAugustin, DJ12/30/2013 5:19 PM#17062 100% (1)
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ12/23/2013 3:29 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)There's terrible, and there is Marquis Teague terrible. DJA shouldn't have a problem holding down the backup gig behind Hinrich.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ12/23/2013 5:20 AMozankent 0% (0)still terrible? I guess it's time for an update.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ12/17/2013 1:22 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)I'm a former DJA backer and he'll be playing for his NBA life, but his track record is terrible and Hinrich will dominate the minutes while he's active.
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ12/16/2013 9:27 PMBrosencephalon 0% (0)Decent numbers tonight. Does DJ have deep league value worth a speculative add? (16+ deep league)
 CommentFilterAugustin, DJ12/10/2013 12:36 PMk-rok 0% (0)Adrian Wojnarowski @WojYahooNBA Chicago is a strong frontrunner to sign D.J Augustin, league sources told Yahoo. After Toronto release, clears waivers Wednesday at 5 pm.