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Roy Hibbert

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 FilterRoy Hibbert11/14/2015 4:45 PMthegreek 0% (0)I see you bumped him back up some today, looks a bit more realistic now.
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/14/2015 4:40 PMthegreek 0% (1)Kyle, but why not project him at 1.4 blocks on day one so I don't draft the guy then 8 games in you cut the blocks projection by 50%. Did new management take over at the 7 game mark? WTF
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/14/2015 3:11 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)Hibbert is a streaky guy, and in every season of his career, except 2011-12, he has averaged more blocks in the first half of the season than he has in the second half. History suggests this is just a decent stretch for blocks for him and that Hibbert will regress.
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/14/2015 3:02 PMthegreek 0% (0)Blocks and points were dropped significantly even though minutes projected higher than current averages. Don't understand this one, the guy is finally in good shape and blocking shots in bunches.
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/13/2015 7:53 AMLGLP86 0% (0)Hey Josh, what did we do with Hibbert Projection. What got dropped?
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/13/2015 5:59 AMthegreek 0% (0)Anyway, the projection actually reflects more minutes than he's been averaging but far less blocks and points which doesn't make sense. Lakers g thanks for the tanking insight, I will look to move him!
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/13/2015 4:40 AMJuggernaut 100% (3)Hey man, they're 1-7. If they were REALLY tanking, they would be 0-8. Come on.
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/13/2015 2:55 AMImadogg 0% (0)When the Lakers do start tanking? What have we been doing all year??
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/13/2015 1:20 AMlakersg 0% (0)Better sell him soon. When the Lakers do start tanking and they will, his minutes will dwidle or he might be traded. He could be a backup on some contending team. His contract does end this year.
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/12/2015 9:26 PMthegreek 0% (4)Why did you suddenly destroy Hibbert projection whn he's trending upward not downward? Was this some sort of mistake?
 FilterRoy Hibbert11/12/2015 11:16 AMantbanks 0% (0)His projection seems way off, to me, but I understand why you might be loath to give him high marks. He's one of those unglamorous fantasy players, but his role on the Lakers seems set, and his per-minute numbers should be good this year because the Lakers NEED him to protect the rim in their abysmal defense. BLK should be 2+. They got shit else on D. Guess I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride...