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 FilterJimmy ButlerToday 8:51 PMeido03 0% (0)2 for 22
 FilterIsh SmithToday 7:45 PMwebslinger48 100% (1)If Smith is averaging 25 mpg in January and Jrue and Tyreke are healthy I will eat my hat (if I wore one). He wasn't even on the team six weeks ago. He's a fine player but hard to imagine him in the Pels long term plans, especially considering their record with him starting.
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsToday 7:45 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Quoting a Tweet here: Regarding KAT mins: Sam told me every game they can steal without having to wear KAT down is a bonus. Schedule is hard on 20 year old kids. From this tweet:
 FilterClint CapelaToday 7:44 PMbrysiu 0% (0)Ain't FTA at the moment a bit too high? At least until we see some hack-a-Clint moves I would expect something closer to 3 at the current PT.
 FilterMichael Carter-WilliamsToday 7:23 PMknyx13 0% (0)I'm really tempted to drop him for Bayless
 FilterKevin MartinToday 6:57 PMjerkyboy 0% (0)Is the funk real?
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 6:17 PM#16561 0% (0)Um... like I said. COVINGTON.
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsToday 5:28 PMkitchles 0% (0)I think he's one of those guys who will make statements with his rotations rather than keeping them consistent and logical. To make it worse, he hates answering questions from the media, or just lies to them. So there's little chance of knowing why KAT is playing less. I highly doubt it lasts tho.
 FilterMichael Carter-WilliamsToday 5:14 PMkitchles 100% (1)His career trajectory is more depressing than Sophie's Choice.
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsToday 5:09 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)Yet he ignores the fact that they can and should play together
 FilterAnthony DavisToday 5:06 PMdpracho 0% (0)
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsToday 5:04 PMkitchles 0% (0)Sam Mitchell, showing that he's a kindred spirit to Byron Scott. Giving Gorgui extended runs based on the whims of marginally improved play. KAT is still a beast.
 FilterJerryd BaylessToday 4:54 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)MCW is trending down, Kidd loves Bayless. He's season projection has been bumped. I'm okay with owning him now, you kind of have to with his production
 FilterDarren CollisonToday 4:44 PMJayde 0% (0)My general optimism on Collison right now is dwindling as long as Rondo is healthy. I was a Collison owner last year and liked him a lot, but he doesn't seem to be getting enough minutes or production value at the moment.
 FilterKarl-Anthony TownsToday 4:39 PMkahlev 0% (0)Anyone know what's going on with KAT's minutes right now? I can't understand why they are holding back his minutes.
 FilterAnthony DavisToday 4:20 PMJayde 0% (0)I feel like comment deja vu here! AD down on the court and carried to the locker room due to a minor knee collision with CP3. Not very encouraging.
 FilterAnthony DavisToday 4:19 PMImadogg 0% (0)He's out. I'm at the game. Cp3 bumped him around half court on the break and he dropped. Looks like knee, they carried him out. FUCK
 FilterAnthony DavisToday 4:19 PMmcoleman 0% (0)Just carried off the court...we had a 3 game streak of health!
 FilterMarkieff MorrisToday 4:18 PMcbishop1 0% (0)This dude is killing me, should have got Marcus
 FilterRicky RubioToday 3:49 PMjclee4 0% (0)I'm sorry in H2H he is getting frustrating to own, This guy will cost you match ups in the future, Has a terrible playoffs schedule and will probably sit 30% of those games in the end. What a headache.
 FilterJerryd BaylessToday 3:39 PMliam4 0% (0)I see the love for him in the daily articles, but why not in the projection? Fair assumption he'll prob regress?
 FilterJohn WallToday 3:28 PMdemandy 0% (0)anyone watch some wizards games recently? they just can't seem to get it together right now...wall's output has been suffering, outside of his game with 6 steals recently
 FilterHarrison BarnesToday 3:25 PMTFergBaby 0% (0)landed on markieff's foot. twisted pretty bad imo. hope he is ok
 FilterHarrison BarnesToday 3:23 PMeasymoneylife 0% (0)Anybody see the injury? Was it bad?
 FilterRicky RubioToday 3:17 PMLGLP86 0% (0)Agreed...I'm punting FG% and TO this season and he is a top 25 player. He's going to sit on my roster till the end of season.
 FilterKelly OlynykToday 3:15 PMluke pettigrew2 0% (0)Josh I like olynik too but he seems to do all of his damage against Washington . Waffling between him and Amir since I need production now
 FilterPatrick BeverleyToday 3:00 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)It seems that way after today.
 FilterOtto Porter JrToday 2:57 PMrrronaldlee 0% (0)thanks Kyle, debating rather dropping bogut or JR smith for porter?
 FilterPatrick BeverleyToday 2:56 PMTFergBaby 0% (0)Is he settled back into his 30 minute role? With lawson playing 16~ minutes off the bench when harden isn't in the game? I think that is what a lot of people have been clamoring for since the original trade.
 FilterRicky RubioToday 2:52 PMAuzzurri 0% (0)Rough ride specially in a H2H weekly league. lol the weeks i play him i get burnt, weeks i sit him he goes well.
 FilterJared DudleyToday 2:49 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)I really like Olynyk for his ability to contribute in pretty much every cat, but Dudley looks like he'll have the bigger role out of that trio
 FilterRicky RubioToday 2:48 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)I'm not getting rid of him. He's a top 70 9cat player, who is even higher in H2H when punting FG%. I'm not dropping him
 FilterJared DudleyToday 2:36 PMluke pettigrew2 0% (0)Best pickup in 14 team roto Dudley, Green (Miami) or olynik ?
 FilterMeyers LeonardToday 1:57 PMfoulout 0% (1)Leonard > Pachulia in a 10 team h2h, punt ast?
 FilterRicky RubioToday 1:48 PMjclee4 0% (0)Time to get rid of this guy
 FilterElfrid PaytonToday 1:47 PMDhelix_80 100% (1)Skiles looking like a mad genius with this Oladipo 6th man move. Everyone benefiting. Team winning. Vucevic only played less because Bucks benched Monroe and went small.
 FilterClint CapelaToday 1:46 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)Assuming 12 team league, I'd be okay taking that chance
 FilterMeyers LeonardToday 1:31 PMtbwstoner 50% (2)Drop T Jones? 8cat/roto/10team
 FilterClint CapelaToday 1:27 PMmh0408 0% (0)Worth dropping Bogut for him? My league acts fast - don't want to miss out on the speculative add in case he plays up to his per 36
 FilterNikola VucevicToday 1:22 PM#26133 100% (1)I was so high on him this season, i took him late second round over so many guys who are easily outperforming him. Worst feeling!
 FilterClint CapelaToday 1:07 PMMassmonic 0% (0)BBM most improved player as he was ranked dead last (440?) in the preseason rankings.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 1:05 PMNYripper 100% (6)5 total 3s/stl/blk per game ROS might even seem conservative. Cheers to Josh for preaching patience through the injury.
 FilterMeyers LeonardToday 12:50 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)@Imadogg. I do prefer Leonard to Jokic as his role seems more reliable.
 FilterMeyers LeonardToday 12:49 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)Dieng and Gordon for sure should be dropped for Leonard. I still want Jokic
 FilterClint CapelaToday 12:49 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)Interesting to see how he plays next to Howard
 FilterClint CapelaToday 12:39 PMgehrenberg 0% (0)Ranked 7th in per 36 rankings so far
 FilterClint CapelaToday 12:37 PMNYripper 0% (0)Something to monitor. Dude's had some impressive spot starts.
 FilterTerrence JonesToday 12:35 PMLagunaLaker 0% (1)Drop TJones for Meyers Leonard?
 FilterTerrence JonesToday 12:20 PMcbishop1 0% (0)Not starting tonight?
 FilterVictor OladipoToday 12:20 PMCortmanwasdead 0% (0)Strange but i guess it depends if it results in a win Charlie, seems to be working for them so far.
 FilterMeyers LeonardToday 12:12 PMscottkdouglas 0% (0)Drop Dieng, Jokic or Gordon for him? 9cat/h2h/12team
 FilterMeyers LeonardToday 11:57 AMImadogg 50% (2)Drop Jokic for him asap right?
 FilterJahlil OkaforToday 11:48 AMPhillyBoy 100% (3)Super fast daily projection update with Noel being scratched late. Thanks keep up the great work!
 FilterVictor OladipoToday 11:40 AMcharlie_brown102 100% (2)Napier and Nicholson off the bench before Oladipo and Gordon. Is skiles the most retarded coach ever?
 FilterLeBron JamesToday 11:20 AMTFergBaby 100% (2)Any concern he sits games down stretch for h2h playoff schedule?
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 10:32 AMTFergBaby 100% (1)Yeah but it is just their approach, they always look to exploit the 2nd round 4 year deals. Agents and players aren't going to want to deal with this organization. Okafor is also a fraud, good job passing on STAPS. My rant is over
 FilterJahlil OkaforToday 10:30 AMrexs 0% (0)It wasn't at the arena, and he wasn't the person who initiated the conflict
 FilterJahlil OkaforToday 10:27 AMrexs 0% (0)even though he was defending a teammate who got punched in the head, and being heckled the whole, he should be suspended because it was caught on a cell phone camera? No police report and no investigation? Yet Matt Barnes wasnt suspended, though he drove to his old house with motive to fight Derek Fisher and did so. I think he gets a scolding and nothing more.
 FilterOtto Porter JrToday 9:04 AMkylemckeown16 100% (1)Ronald - Yes. It's hard to find a league where Porter shouldn't be owned right now.
 FilterDanilo GallinariToday 8:50 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)All of those guys are nice targets, too, if unloading Galo. I believe in all of those guys to maintain relative value moving forward, though we may not see consistenty crazy performances from Knight going forward. Dude has been great so far.
 FilterD'Angelo RussellToday 8:47 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Russell is rebounding even when he doesn't get the ball enough to be a facilitator, which makes me feel like he's finding ways to stay productive, and that makes me feel good about holding him in most leagues until the damn breaks and Russell is truly allowed to play on the ball more or Kobe is vaporized by Father Time and starts sitting more games to open touches for Russell.
 FilterDanilo GallinariToday 8:32 AMscottkdouglas 0% (0)Thanks Kyle, I'm punting FT's but not FG as I have CP3, Bledsoe, Drum, & DJA. Rondo is interesting to pair with CP3, Conley also since he hits 3's/gets stls as well... what do you think of Knight/Kemba/IT3 as possible targets?
 FilterPatrick PattersonToday 8:28 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)I would much rather take the potential defensive upside of Biyombo than to roster Patterson. Despite playing in every game this season and having plenty of opportunity to try and carve out a larger role, Patterson has only scored in double figures twice, and he doesn't offer much anywhere else. He's a poor man's Marvin Williams.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 8:25 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)McDaniels was a contract holdout after being drafted in the second round and only agreed to a one-year non-guaranteed deal. I was surprised McDaniels was traded, too, but I think he saw the possibility that KJ was going to become an issue off the court and didn't want to deal with it, so he traded for a scoring point guard in Isaiah Canaan, which they needed after trading MCW. It all makes sense from a certain perspective.
 FilterTerrence JonesToday 8:22 AMkylemckeown16 100% (1)HairlineAirlines - I wouldn't really be panicking to get rid of Jones. He's actually played pretty well over the last couple weeks besides a couple bummer games. He's played 28+ minutes in 5 of his last 6 games. That's good. It appears he's maybe been on the perimeter more so far this season, because his 3Pt attempts are up, and his rebounds are down, but that is kind of a decent tradeoff.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 8:21 AMTFergBaby 0% (0)You also don't develop players playing with D-League talent. Could argue it actually hurts the development and creates bad habits. Essentially he went too extreme. And the KJ McDaniels trade is still inexcusable.
 FilterTerrence JonesToday 8:16 AMkylemckeown16 100% (1)BENRV21 - ABSOLUTELY. Middleton's shooting should improve, and hopefully he starts pickpocketting a little more. It's funny, he's shooting 39% from the field but 45% from 3Pt-land. Definitely a slight buy-low and much more security than Terrence.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 8:11 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Hinkie is Ra's al Ghul from Batman. He thinks you have to burn down the city to bleed out the corruption, and that's what he did to the Sixers. You don't get a high draft pick if you win games, and players don't develop by sitting on the bench behind crappy vets like Jason Thompson. It's ugly, but it's necessary.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 8:07 AMTFergBaby 0% (0)Sure, they definitely have some assets for the future. I just think Hinkie's hardball nitty ways are going to bite him. Like why wouldn't you just keep KJ McDaniels, 3yr/10million is a asset in the current CBA environment. Embiid getting healthy is a long shot. I don't want to flood the comments, sixers def have some potential but they also deserve hate
 FilterLou WilliamsToday 8:06 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Too many bodies there for him to get enough run when everyone is healthy. Granted, Byron Scott may decide to start Lou at center the rest of the way and completely make the minutes crunch in the backcourt irrelevant. (Sarcasm.)
 FilterJahlil OkaforToday 8:02 AMkylemckeown16 100% (1)The league has got to come down with a suspension. Not sure how long it will be, but they also might want to send a message to the rookie and make him sit multiple games for such a public incident that involved violence. I would guess a minimum of one game and a potential for three, so we'll probably rest on two games because of how contrite Okafor seems to be. That can weigh when the league contacts the player.
 FilterDanilo GallinariToday 7:57 AMkylemckeown16 100% (1)Might as well aim for guys like Rondo, Reggie Jackson, Jeff Teague, Mike Conley. 9-cat makes Rondo look mediocre in the rankings, but if you're pinting TOs and the percentages, Rondo is the 14th best player in that punt build for H2H.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 7:50 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)As for Covington's FG%, that's reason enough for me not to own him in Roto leagues. To me, he's really only a cumulative plus in H2H leagues where you aren't as worried about him killing you in FG% every week. He'll have both good and bad weeks. A sub-40 FG% is usually something that should be avoided in Roto leagues, where you're aiming to hit 48% or so as a team.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 7:44 AMkylemckeown16 0% (0)There was a report that came out last season that said the Sixers agreed to a 7-year plan with Hinkie, so Sixers fans' best hope is that Embiid gets healthy, the Sixers draft Ben Simmons, and Dario Saric comes to the NBA next season. If that happens, and they start to actually fill out the team with vet leadership, the page could turn next season, and beside the Simmons thing, everything else should fall into place.
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonToday 7:35 AMkylemckeown16 100% (1)He's kind a poor-man's Al-Farouq Aminu right now. Love he potential for RHJ to be a boon to people in H2H leagues this season, but I'm not sure he does enough all around to roster in anything smaller than 14-team leagues right now. You could argue his potential is worth a stash and wait in 12-team leagues, but I think I'd have someone who is contributing more overall instead of just steals and rebounds most nights. Ultimately, it depends on your team's needs, though.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 7:29 AMTFergBaby 0% (0)His fg% is always going to be a drag. Sixers guard play is so horrific it is really hurting the development of their core frontcourt players; Okafor, Noel, and Lord Covington. Truly a awful franchise.
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonToday 7:22 AMak murthy 0% (0)While his ceiling is capped by lack of points and three's, his ability to contribute steals, rebounds, and some assists make him a potentially useful piece for a variety of H2H team builds
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonToday 7:20 AMak murthy 0% (0)2 big things in Rondae's favor: 1. His minutes are trending up to 30mpg and 2. The Nets could be sellers in the trade market. Both of those are big positives for an increased opportunity and increased fantasy production. He's already proven to be able to contribute in steals and rebounds, which can be valuable contributions from a small forward.
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonToday 6:43 AMLGLP86 0% (0)I'm excited about this kid...Top 125 if he can get the minutes. Which makes him a good stream options for them steals.
 FilterRobert CovingtonToday 6:41 AMmanpanzee 0% (0)I agree. I have him projected at borderline top-40 in 32 mpg. Philly is really embarrassing right now and it seems like they're giving Covington a lot of run in their desperate attempt to actually win a game. I think his fg% will fix itself, but the recent TO binge is a little concerning.
 FilterDanilo GallinariToday 6:34 AMscottkdouglas 0% (0)looking to upgrade in assists, which PG's would folks target with DG? (9cat/h2h/12tm)?
 FilterDanilo GallinariToday 5:11 AM#36696 0% (0)would you start Gallo against Kawhi tonight or rather Miles against Chicago?
 FilterJahlil OkaforToday 3:38 AMLGLP86 100% (1)Not rest of season....maybe a 1 game suspension.
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonToday 2:32 AMjbs5635 0% (2)No, don't you know if you pay for BBM you then aren't supposed to think for yourself or have any accountability for your team? Just pay for it and if things go wrong with your team or a player blame BBM 100%.
 FilterLou WilliamsToday 2:06 AMLGLP86 0% (0)I missed the claim for JR. If he can't turn in any good games by end of week I'm afraid he would not be fantasy relevant anymore until he really get back to 25+ MPG...
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonToday 12:18 AMCortmanwasdead 100% (6) The easy to use player customize projection tool is one of the reasons why I paid money. Its kinda nice to think for yourself sometimes and to mess with a BBM projection here and there based on how you think a player will do. BBM have to be a little more cautious with how they set projections, they can't just change them on a whim and really thats how it should be.
 FilterTerrence JonesToday 12:05 AMHairlineAirlines 0% (1)Hey Kyle, at what point should we start to consider offloading t-jones for a hot free agent? I'm starting to lose some hope of him turning this negative trend around.
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonYesterday 9:58 PMbonezi89 100% (13)BBM comments page has really turned into open slather this season...everyone needs to chill tfo.
 FilterPatrick PattersonYesterday 7:45 PMshotcaller510 0% (3)spot add for the rest of the week or pickup Biyombo?
 FilterRondae Hollis-JeffersonYesterday 7:42 PM#26633 0% (10)@cottonschwab21 if i customize projection why i paid money?
 FilterRyan AndersonYesterday 6:31 PMNeonChaos 100% (1)Ryan Anderson is a sniper. Looks like AD will be playing more 5 this year, and Gentry is fielding him out there at the 4 alongside AD as a rebounder/stretch 4. This is an amazing run he's on.
 FilterD'Angelo RussellYesterday 3:34 PMelbowslayer 100% (1)yea im punting TO,FG%.... appreciate the help!
 FilterD'Angelo RussellYesterday 3:24 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)I don't believe in Green having a high ceiling ROS, so I'd be okay taking a punt, but only if you need the types of stats that Russell can bring
 FilterHasheem ThabeetYesterday 3:23 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)Nah mate, we don't have Thanksgiving over here
 FilterD'Angelo RussellYesterday 3:11 PMelbowslayer 100% (1)Would you guys drop a hot jeff green for him ros? 10 team h2h?
 FilterIsh SmithYesterday 3:01 PMgehrenberg 100% (2)Tyreke Evans is expected to play this week it's hard to imagine ish smith won't see his playing time cut
 FilterIsh SmithYesterday 2:42 PMtpetridis 33% (3)Why are his weekly projections still so low? 11 mpg? Really? He has played btw 30-38 min the past 5 games and has put up impressive numbers every game. What more does he need to do to increase his projections?
 FilterOtto Porter JrYesterday 2:40 PMBBQed 0% (0)>rronaldlee ... go and get him....he deserves it
 FilterHasheem ThabeetYesterday 1:28 PMtransition3s 0% (0)Josh, did you eat any turkey today? Or was it yesterday?
 FilterRobert CovingtonYesterday 1:06 PM#16561 86% (7)I think Covington is Philly's best player. I also think he could be a fantasy freak in the very near term. He's hitting his stride and the 3s/STL/BLK/REB combo is pretty outrageous if he can get his FG% to even a mediocre level. He has a true NBA body and should get 32 min. Am I crazy?