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Dante Cunningham

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 FilterDante Cunningham2/28/2015 11:25 PMjphanned 0% (0)A ton of his value is coming from low TO's, so no, not standard league relevant.
 FilterDante Cunningham2/28/2015 11:14 PMjaviers 0% (0)Is he going to remain standard league relevant during the gap between AD's returns and Ryan Anderson's?
 FilterDante Cunningham4/3/2014 1:42 PMcoffeelover665 0% (0)wtf hahahahahah. not even out for an nba problem smh
 FilterDante Cunningham4/9/2013 12:15 AMmbuser 0% (0)This is the time of year where anything is possible.
 FilterDante Cunningham4/8/2013 9:46 PM#17062 0% (0)Possible he'll be better than projected next week? Been getting more shots, minutes lately.
 FilterDante Cunningham2/4/2013 1:28 AMmbuser 100% (2)We've got him projected to stay in that 27-28 mpg range, but real peaks and valleys in the game log.
 FilterDante Cunningham2/3/2013 2:21 PMseahawks126 0% (2)He's been receiving pretty good minutes lately. Think it will stick? He's played well when given the opportunity.
 FilterDante Cunningham1/6/2013 8:23 AMkslight 100% (2)Yes, he got the bulk of the minutes over Williams and filled in for Pek when he went out. Upped him to 32 m/g until we learn more about Love.
 FilterDante Cunningham1/6/2013 2:24 AMk-rok 50% (2)How do you see the minutes distribution in MIN now?
 FilterDante Cunningham1/5/2013 6:20 PMTSquaredUA 0% (9)Starting tonight but you only have him projected for 26 minutes
 FilterDante Cunningham11/13/2012 8:11 AMmbuser 100% (3)Short-term minutes are up thanks to the Budinger injury. He'll be needed to play some SF.
 FilterDante Cunningham11/12/2012 5:47 PMolric 25% (4)Need little bump in ptsV and rebV cats