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Danny Green

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 FilterDanny Green11/20/2015 6:38 PMchargermonster 0% (0)green is shooting really poorly and shooting comes and goes, but what is concerning is the lack of defensive stats as well
 FilterDanny Green11/20/2015 7:16 AM21bigfundamental 0% (0)Here's one for kyle and josh. Green or Korver ROS in a roto 8 cat. Both are concerning in different ways so i can't make up my mind.
 FilterDanny Green11/18/2015 9:30 AMbmr13 0% (0)I sure did...I'll continue to faithfully hold Green for now, but Jamal Crawford has always been a terrific player in our league setup (no %'s), and his per 36 value is there
 FilterDanny Green11/18/2015 8:56 AMKyosuke 100% (1)I think you got your quick answer on both player discussion logs bmr
 FilterDanny Green11/18/2015 8:06 AMbmr13 0% (6)I know they keep saying hold, hold, hold, but would anyone support dropping Danny Green for J. Crawford in a 9-cat points league?
 FilterDanny Green11/16/2015 8:42 PMBenniepie 25% (4)Do you think Mirotic is a good buy low for danny green? I was thinking Mirotic or Tyson Chandler.
 FilterDanny Green11/15/2015 2:04 PMLGLP86 0% (0)His alias is called IcyHot in case you guys didn't know...I would be buying him...
 FilterDanny Green11/15/2015 1:39 PMkylemckeown16 100% (3)Green is really just shooting poorly, that's it. He's playing the same minutes as last season, but he's shooting 30-freaking-% from the field right now. That WILL change. If you drafted Green, he's the type of player that can see his value change from top-50 to top-140 all because his shot isn't dropping and the three-pointers aren't there. His best value is in 9-cat leagues that reward his lack of turnovers. H2H players like his blocks. If you don't need him for blocks, hard to love right now.
 FilterDanny Green11/15/2015 1:37 PMgehrenberg 100% (3)It's the same story every year for Danny green. He starts slow, people say he's a bust they drop him, fast forward a few months and he's a top 40 9 cat player
 FilterDanny Green11/15/2015 1:35 PMhairychicken 100% (3)Danny Green just showed up on my waver wire...drop KCP for him?
 FilterDanny Green11/15/2015 10:53 AMyzaker 75% (4)Is he still a hold?
 FilterDanny Green11/15/2015 2:34 AMdewgongoo 0% (1)he get complacent after that contract?
 FilterDanny Green11/9/2015 11:14 PM#49292 0% (5)still with today's game, sighs. TJones + Him gives me so much stress :( Been thinking hard to drop for a hot/trending free agent
 FilterDanny Green11/3/2015 2:43 PMJuggernaut 100% (1)yeah, frustrating must-hold, must-add player if someone dropped.
 FilterDanny Green11/3/2015 12:15 PMtopangatx27 100% (5)it's been painful. typical danny green slump?