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Paul George

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 FilterPaul George11/25/2015 5:41 AMHawks 20 75% (4)Paul George
 FilterPaul George10/14/2015 2:38 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)His stats should make him a great pick there if he plays as projected, but I'm cautious with his leg still. Late second is more my area of grabbing him.
 FilterPaul George10/14/2015 2:05 AMknyx13 0% (0)Is PG worth a 2nd round pick this year in a 10 or 12 man H2H?
 FilterPaul George9/22/2015 2:44 PMafiliaci 100% (1)FG% and FGA should increase. FG% *should* go up as he plays more 4 (generally what happens when 3s move up to 4). FGA seem low based on past history and new team personnel.