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 FilterTrevor ArizaToday 5:49 PMgoodude 0% (0)++
 FilterEric GordonToday 11:18 AMDonnie99 0% (4)2 words, contract year :D
 FilterChandler ParsonsToday 9:52 AMgehrenberg 0% (0)No clue what to expect here there's a wide variett of outcomes. He was the first player to undergo this version of the microfracture surgery.
 FilterChandler ParsonsToday 8:56 AMSachmo 0% (0)i sure hope so
 FilterMarkieff MorrisToday 7:50 AM#21895 0% (0)What has a trade request got to do with games played though?
 FilterEric GordonToday 7:39 AMgehrenberg 100% (1)70 games played seems very optimistic since rookie year he's never played more than 64
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/7/2015 5:12 PMblandfor 100% (4)Those per 36 board numbers need to come up, he was at 11.9 last year and at 10.8 for projections on here, all toronto did was take out amir johnson and Tyler H and now patterson and carrol will see time at the 4, his boards are gonna go up not down
 FilterKyrie Irving10/7/2015 3:35 PM#37671 67% (3)would he be worth taking a risk in the 2nd or 3rd round?
 FilterDavid Lee10/6/2015 5:10 PMconradstrasser 0% (0)Only 21 mins p/g for Lee?
 FilterDeMarcus Cousins10/6/2015 2:52 PMnenefromtheblock 0% (0)Any reason as to why he's projected to only play 70 games?
 FilterDonatas Motiejunas10/5/2015 7:01 PMwackawacka 0% (0)Shouldn't his projections be dropped a bit based on his injuries?
 FilterMichael Kidd-Gilchrist10/5/2015 2:37 PMYentzen 50% (2)Will PJ Hairston gain the most minutes out of this?
 FilterChandler Parsons10/4/2015 9:00 PMxer08 0% (0)Will he be ready at the start of the season?
 FilterLuol Deng10/2/2015 4:46 AMdrdoom 0% (0)why proj fg% so low? maybe spo is a better offensive coach than mike brown or tom thibodeau? i don't think last year's fg% was a fluke.
 FilterDerrick Rose9/29/2015 8:15 PMimits 100% (3)Geez - dude is made of glass - Can't believe he's still just 26, seems like forever since he was truly healthy
 FilterJusuf Nurkic9/28/2015 7:45 PMxer08 0% (2)Anyone thinks he will be ready at season opener?
 FilterTristan Thompson9/24/2015 10:30 PMDonnie99 0% (0)The ever reliable broussard strikes again XD, Correction is needed I think. Cleveland is yet to agree with the 3 year extension.
 FilterMarkieff Morris9/23/2015 10:07 AMmkmk 100% (1)With his court dates and trade requests, why is he still projected with 82 games?
 FilterPaul George9/22/2015 2:44 PMafiliaci 100% (1)FG% and FGA should increase. FG% *should* go up as he plays more 4 (generally what happens when 3s move up to 4). FGA seem low based on past history and new team personnel.
 FilterAl-Farouq Aminu9/21/2015 9:26 PMxer08 100% (1)Thought on Al-Farouq Aminu? Potential sleeper pick this year?
 FilterSamuel Dalembert9/18/2015 4:42 AMjbtropics 0% (0)Can we except minutes in the 20s
 FilterChanning Frye9/18/2015 4:31 AMjbtropics 0% (1)How many minutes can we except ?
 FilterNicolas Batum9/17/2015 1:43 PMtufflucker 100% (3)"Hornets' head coach Steve Clifford said that a lot of the offense this season will go through Nicolas Batum." Will this affect his projection at all?
 FilterNikola Vucevic9/15/2015 10:00 PMxer08 0% (0)Looking at the Monster Board H2H, him being ranked at 18... Isn't that a bit too high? Listening from Josh Llyod's youtube's video on the Magic's season preview, Josh mention that stats would be dropping for Nikola Vucevic. I just think rank 18 is a bit high for him at the moment.
 FilterJimmy Butler9/10/2015 11:40 PMjay14bay 100% (7)ranked 45 atm in H2H monster board - seems low. could have 2nd round value
 FilterDamian Lillard9/9/2015 8:11 PMfluke8 100% (3)Do we all agree that he won't fall into the top 20? I'm having a hard time believing this as yes the FG% and TO will take a hit but he should easily hit more than 22+PPG and 2.6 3PM ..
 FilterNemanja Bjelica9/9/2015 3:20 PM#26436 67% (3)He is absolutely dominant in FIBA, aren’t the minutes and the numbers a bit low?