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Favors, Derrick

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 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick2/21/2014 12:44 PMalwayzcrunkk 100% (2)even after ASB corbin says he needs more time..definitely a frustrating guy to own this year.
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick2/17/2014 12:31 AMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Nothing yet, but you would guess the ASB would've given him enough time to get his hip right. Will update his status when news comes in.
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick2/16/2014 6:14 PMEnderDantes 0% (0)Any word on Favors for this week? He's been pretty horrible in 2014.
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick2/15/2014 11:05 PM#35771 0% (0)missed 3 games, followed by 4 poor performances. his hip injury may be more troubling than we assume. can we see a kanter return??
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick12/8/2013 11:22 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Nothing yet. He's day-to-day, we'll add an update today to the Status Updates page if something comes through.
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick12/8/2013 10:52 AMalbertkly 0% (0)Any news on his status for next week? Yahoo forces you to set your lineups Sunday night :(
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick11/8/2013 3:14 PMscatron 100% (3)Sell high? Perhaps you mean buy low - he's 70 places behind his projection.
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick11/6/2013 3:13 PMNotnac 50% (2)Any concern for Favor losing touches to Kanter? I like Favors' upside this season, but is he a possible sell-high candidate?
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick9/25/2013 11:23 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Dropped him 1 mpg and lowered his BLK rate slightly. There's not a projection log currently, but something along those lines is "on the list."
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick9/25/2013 4:42 AMak murthy 0% (0)I just noticed his projection was updated, looks like lower pts. Were there any other updated stats? Is there a log of the projection updates somewhere?
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick3/28/2013 9:23 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Yes, indeed. UTA updated to reflect Kanter out indefinitely.
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick3/28/2013 7:35 PMTaylor D 0% (0)Seems to me a Kanter injury will open up a few minutes more a night for Favors...
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick3/28/2013 1:39 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Only if 22 mpg is now a reasonable projection for Millsap.
 UnderratedFilterFavors, Derrick3/28/2013 4:30 AMMassmonic 100% (1)Is 25 minutes a game now a reasonable projection for Favors?
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick1/5/2013 10:39 PMTSquaredUA 0% (11)Favors projected 29.5 FanDuel points. He had 19. These daily projections are soo accurate!
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick1/5/2013 4:50 PMTSquaredUA 12% (8)Basketball Monster has a hard on for Millsap and Favors tonight against DEN
 CommentFilterFavors, Derrick11/15/2012 10:16 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (4)Moved BLK up a bit and also +2 mpg for him (-2 for Kanter), a bit more closely aligned to what we've seen thus far.
 UnderratedFilterFavors, Derrick11/15/2012 7:05 AMvtec1jk 100% (3)needs an adjustment in blocks.