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Derrick Favors

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 FilterDerrick Favors11/13/2015 1:20 AMFisherman805 100% (3)Favors is only 24, don't forget. NJ Nets absolutely screwed up their ways of developing him AND ultimately trading him away. SMH.
 FilterDerrick Favors11/12/2015 8:44 PMbonezi89 100% (3)I eat crow BBM...the breakout is real.
 FilterDerrick Favors10/31/2015 3:14 PMcincinnnatus 0% (0)i'm guessing the projection is using the out of date ease from last year...would be wary when IND is the opposing team.
 FilterDerrick Favors10/31/2015 2:20 PMJzyls 100% (1)What's up with this guy's projection tonight?
 FilterDerrick Favors10/20/2015 6:13 PMovernerd 0% (0)There are some factors working in his favor. His per 36 numbers have been trending up each year, and his fouls per minute have been trending down. He's got the kind of stat mix that wouldnt require a huge uptick to see him jump into the top 20.
 FilterDerrick Favors10/18/2015 3:02 PMAuzzurri 0% (0)Let me say, Absolutely love Favors. But im with you Bonezi. Where does his breakout come? his splits pre and post Kanter are basically the same plus Burks was out. Unless Snyder bumps him to 33-34min i just don't see where he can make a "Breakout" type impact.
 FilterDerrick Favors10/16/2015 10:42 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)We haven't projected it, but there is a non-zero chane he gets close to 20ppg. So, to me, he has a chance at being a breakout, and at worst, he is tremendously undervalued
 FilterDerrick Favors10/16/2015 7:09 PMbonezi89 0% (0)Just on this, wouldn't his breakout be limited to points? His big man stats are capped with the presence of Gobert and he's likely not going to begin dishing or stealing the ball at a higher rate. For me a breakout for Favs would be if he pushed 20ppg but I just can't see it though.
 FilterDerrick Favors10/14/2015 2:30 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (2)Gobert is not really an offensive factor, so a lot will go through Hayward and Favors. He is going to get a lot of post touches, more than last season I'd think.
 FilterDerrick Favors10/14/2015 12:05 PMjohnd2442 0% (0)"Breakout candidate" I'm reading? i'm it because he doesn't have to compete with Kanter for minutes?