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Jonas Valanciunas

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 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/22/2015 2:11 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (2)Valanciunas for me and it isn't really close. Second guy is Nurkic
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/22/2015 2:11 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)I would think that JV and Nurkic have the higher upside. I don't see the standard-league value for Jennings this season. He's coming back from an Achilles injury that usually severely hampers non-cyborgs (Wesley Matthews), and Jennings will be coming back into a limited bench role anyway.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/22/2015 1:42 PMkairox13 0% (0)Hey guys, which 2 player is worth the IR spot, JV, Nurkic or Jennings?
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/22/2015 12:56 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Further discussion: Holding Valanciunas in H2H leagues with daily lineups might be possible if you're already at the top of your standings and can weather his absence by stashing him. You have to evaluate for yourself if it's worth holding on to him, but those are the tenants I live by ... generally.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/22/2015 12:54 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)Regarding what to do with Valanciunas: Keep him IF: 1. IR Spot 2. you have an 82-game limit at positions (this is generally only in Roto) 3. you have weekly lineups. *Consider* Dropping him IF: 1. you play in H2H with daily lineups. Holding deadweight in H2H leagues with daily lineups is often the main reason people find themselves sitting on the outside looking in at the playoffs. These are the guidelines I use when determining if I can hold an injured player in a league.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/22/2015 12:16 PMLGLP86 0% (0)Damn...That makes him a drop if you don't have a IR spot....
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/22/2015 10:57 AMKoalaballa 0% (0)Rotoworld reports Yahoo saying six weeks for return.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/21/2015 2:12 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)As I understand it, Yahoo and ESPN use an outside vendor for their injuries, so the only thing that can be done to resolve the issue of a player being left off the IR list is to e-mail ESPN or Yahoo to let them know that it needs changed. Unfortunately, us NBA crazies don't get as much love as the NFL crazies for fantasy. :)
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/21/2015 2:05 PMfiestaoffire 100% (1)Yahoo has him "out", but you need the "Inj." status to use IL. Maybe they're waiting for official Raptors timetable.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/21/2015 1:38 PMkylemckeown16 100% (1)That's frustrating. It should be a no-brainer to put JV on the IR list for fantasy with a broken hand.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/21/2015 12:18 PMdylan33 0% (0)why ESPN doesn't update status DTD to OUT ?
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/21/2015 8:24 AMPippen 0% (2)why is a left hand injury assumed to be weeks ? Jonas chews on nails for breakfast
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/21/2015 12:12 AMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)Seems fair
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/20/2015 11:12 PMBrosencephalon 0% (0)Fractured left 4th metacarpal. No timetable atm. I'm blaming Casey.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas11/8/2015 7:19 PMPippen 0% (0)8/11 in 1st half. Gets one FG attempt in 2nd half....
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/29/2015 3:07 AMBenniepie 0% (0)Yea, I have been doing so. I also want to use the Player Analysis feature to get a second opinion.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/29/2015 3:03 AMmattd630 0% (0)You should use the excellent features of BBM to get an idea of their comparative value in your league.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/29/2015 1:29 AMBenniepie 100% (1)Should I drop Tyson Chandler for Jonas Valanciunas? My league does not include percentages or turn overs but do include DD
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/28/2015 10:01 PMWeimador 0% (0)He only sat the first half of the fourth quarter, and that was because he played basically the entire third quarter. He played all of the last 5:30 of the fourth except for one defensive possesion. Kids gotta get a breather some time.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/28/2015 8:45 PMimits 0% (1)Wow - watching this game right now, can't believe Jonas is riding pine yet again in the 4th Q - especially with a great game he's had tonight
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/13/2015 9:51 PMCantstandya 78% (9)I'm struggling with JV or Monroe. Monroe should be good for 16-10-2 dimes and 1.2 steals. JV 13 and 9 with 1.3 blocks and superior percentages. Up for JV Down for Monroe.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/10/2015 8:25 AMbiff_tannen 100% (2)They are using him a lot more so far in Pre-Season. I am not expecting a huge jump, but it's certainly looking like an improvement on last year is coming
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/10/2015 6:43 AMkslight 100% (1)Thanks, and his RFA tag has been removed.
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/10/2015 6:09 AMamtai04 0% (0)he aint RFA.. just signed a big contract.. Status needs to be updated
 FilterJonas Valanciunas10/7/2015 5:12 PMblandfor 100% (5)Those per 36 board numbers need to come up, he was at 11.9 last year and at 10.8 for projections on here, all toronto did was take out amir johnson and Tyler H and now patterson and carrol will see time at the 4, his boards are gonna go up not down