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Harrison Barnes

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 FilterHarrison BarnesYesterday 10:25 PMTFergBaby 100% (1)landed on markieff's foot. twisted pretty bad imo. hope he is ok
 FilterHarrison BarnesYesterday 10:23 PMeasymoneylife 0% (0)Anybody see the injury? Was it bad?
 FilterHarrison Barnes11/18/2015 1:18 AMdrewskiey 100% (1)I agree about the FT% bump
 FilterHarrison Barnes11/13/2015 2:29 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)While I don't know if the opportunity for enough possessions is there, I do think Barnes has been a lot more assertive and fun to watch this season. He seems to be playing for a bigger role and a big payday.
 FilterHarrison Barnes11/13/2015 7:51 AMLGLP86 100% (1)The ceiling is high for him...I just can't wait to see him hit it. Top 50-75 player is in reach...But realistically he might end up 75-100...Can't go wrong with your 11-13 pick at draft day.
 FilterHarrison Barnes11/13/2015 12:32 AMncognito 0% (0)Playing well. Can he keep this up? A lot of mouths to feed on the Warriors.
 FilterHarrison Barnes11/12/2015 9:57 AMnomster 100% (1)Looks like Barnes has worked considerably on improving his FT% this year. I'd say a bump is in order
 FilterHarrison Barnes10/23/2015 5:42 PMjoshlloyd48 0% (1)I doubt his role changes much this season and while it is a contract year, his ability to breakout is limited by the team he plays for. Tucker is struggling, so adding him for Tucker is fine, but it really depends on what stats you are looking to acquire.
 FilterHarrison Barnes10/23/2015 11:05 AMnzhelev 50% (4)Do you think he will have a larger role this season? Also a contact year, could be due for a breakout. Thinking of dropping PJ Tucker for him. Good move?