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 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 7:35 PMLagunaLaker 0% (1)Drop TJones for Meyers Leonard?
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 7:20 PMcbishop1 0% (0)Not starting tonight?
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 3:22 PMkylemckeown16 100% (1)HairlineAirlines - I wouldn't really be panicking to get rid of Jones. He's actually played pretty well over the last couple weeks besides a couple bummer games. He's played 28+ minutes in 5 of his last 6 games. That's good. It appears he's maybe been on the perimeter more so far this season, because his 3Pt attempts are up, and his rebounds are down, but that is kind of a decent tradeoff.
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 3:16 PMkylemckeown16 100% (1)BENRV21 - ABSOLUTELY. Middleton's shooting should improve, and hopefully he starts pickpocketting a little more. It's funny, he's shooting 39% from the field but 45% from 3Pt-land. Definitely a slight buy-low and much more security than Terrence.
 FilterTerrence JonesYesterday 7:05 AMHairlineAirlines 0% (1)Hey Kyle, at what point should we start to consider offloading t-jones for a hot free agent? I'm starting to lose some hope of him turning this negative trend around.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/26/2015 9:36 AMbenrv21 83% (6)was offered middleton for Jones...take it since hes either injured or sucks
 FilterTerrence Jones11/25/2015 10:12 PMageorgis 0% (0)Didn't watch the game, but the matchup seems the most likely explanation. Grizzlies started Barnes at the 4 and look like they played natural wings at the 4 all game. Looks like Rockets countered with Ariza sliding to 4 with Brewer playing a lot at 3.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/25/2015 9:45 PMkrzychnip 0% (0)Anyone see why his minutes were so low tonight? I only saw box scores and he wasnt in foul trouble
 FilterTerrence Jones11/25/2015 8:52 PMcbishop1 75% (4)Getting fed up with this guy...
 FilterTerrence Jones11/23/2015 9:01 PMjaviers 100% (2)Trade my Rajan Rondo for Terrence Jones? In need for block and offensive rebound, too many assists.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/21/2015 7:46 PMkylemckeown16 100% (2)I'm intrigued to see if Jones' role can be expanded with Bickerstaff taking over as the head coach, but in general, I'd be reluctant to move Deron Williams for Jones. Williams is playing well, and assists are hard to find. Despite being annoying to own, Williams always finishes in the top-75 of fantasy players. Always. I don't think Jones is a lock, and his value is more replaceable than Williams'.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/21/2015 5:25 PMtjf673 33% (6)Trade my Deron Williams for T Jones? Thumbs UP for yes, thumbs DOWN for no
 FilterTerrence Jones11/20/2015 8:38 PMhsahardid 0% (1)Why is season projection for points low? I know Dwight Howard has been out half the time but he seems like he has some knack for scoring.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/20/2015 8:29 PMkrzychnip 100% (1)You've got to be kidding. This guy... If he doesn't get back into this game....
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 6:15 PMak murthy 100% (1)He should legally change his name to Terrence Jones, DTD
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 5:48 PMBucketts 100% (1)Just saw Jones shooting the ball without any wraps on his hand
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 5:10 PMdishinNswishin 0% (0)Any update with that wrapped hand?
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 12:02 PMJewcy 50% (2)Don't really think it's fair to judge Mchale on a 4-7 Record when they've been dealing with all these BS injuries.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 11:45 AMLGLP86 0% (0)He probably punched something hard with McHale getting fired...McHale got them far last year...
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 11:15 AM#15147 100% (2)Hand wrapped at practice. Don't know whether it is serious or not.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 11:13 AMrexs 0% (0)where did you see another injury for T Jones?
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 10:56 AMajh22 100% (3)another injury?! What is wrong w this guy. BRUTAL
 FilterTerrence Jones11/18/2015 12:46 AMkopitar112 18% (17)Got offered Danny Green for MY Jones in H2H 9 cat. Thumbs UP if I should do it and DOWN for no. Much appreciated thanks!!
 FilterTerrence Jones11/15/2015 9:42 AMjbs5635 100% (1)Seems like a bit of an overreaction because of the 7 blocks in the last 2 games. Don't get me wrong I like Jones and of course didn't drop him because of some silly cut. But, it's a long season and until we see more the projections seems fine for now.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/15/2015 9:19 AMDominic-Nguyen 25% (4)Why his blk projections are only at 1.6? Achieved 1.8 last year kind of banged up. Don't see him exceeding 1.8 blks on a contract year? We know d12 will miss a ton of games
 FilterTerrence Jones11/13/2015 11:58 PMtylerbraun 100% (8)Tonight's line was worth the wait.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/13/2015 10:39 PMgehrenberg 100% (2)Great game although I have no clue what to expect from the rockets rotation on a day to day basis. I'm guessing we will see jones start tomorrow with Howard resting.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/13/2015 10:32 PMdishinNswishin 100% (7)No drop him immediately because he has a cut on his eye!!!
 FilterTerrence Jones11/13/2015 10:29 PMastearns 100% (4)Welcome back T. Jones! Boom!
 FilterTerrence Jones11/11/2015 1:44 PMFisherman805 100% (3)McHale: "If you step into a basketball game saying I'm only going to do this, you're limiting yourself. I don't know what I'm going to do. I watch the game. If our small lineup is rebounding the ball, they're having a hard time guarding, we're getting shots, you like it. If you're not doing that, you change it." My Guess = McHale sticks with small ball starting lineup (4-1) at the moment.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/11/2015 10:22 AMgehrenberg 0% (1)It's possible he won't start but there are zero Twitter or roto world stoires I can find that substantiate anything as a fact
 FilterTerrence Jones11/11/2015 10:08 AMjbs5635 100% (3)I see nothing where McHale has come out and said it's a fact Jones will come off the bench tonight. Please don't post things as such unless they are.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/11/2015 9:51 AMbostonrider 0% (5)mchale will stick with small lineup tonight, jones off the bench, hope this is just a 1-2 games thing
 FilterTerrence Jones11/9/2015 1:57 PMdishinNswishin 100% (5)Let me just say i love how people want to stash Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans but because a guy is out with stitches in his eye for a week they want to drop him immediately....
 FilterTerrence Jones11/7/2015 2:32 PMkylemckeown16 0% (0)Coffee - Jones' upside remains good, and he'll be back soon. Even when Motijunas returns, there's not guarantee that Moti plays a lot this season. With all that said, if the Rockets end up liking these smaller lineups, every Rockets big man could be marginalized. If you have an IR spot in standard league, hold Jones. If you don't, it really depends on if you can pick up someone who is going to have better overall value than him this season.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/6/2015 11:22 PMcoffeelover665 0% (0)What is terrence Jones value when Dmo comes back? Marcus Thornton looks like h's carving a nice role for himself here also.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/4/2015 6:15 PMbbm1516 0% (0)I had to restrain myself from picking him up in my auction draft. He seems to yield the best value when you compare his BBM rank with Yahoo ranks but after dealing with his mysterious leg ailment all of last year, I'd rather look for mid-round value elsewhere. (He has almost zero trade value when playing amongst novices to boot)
 FilterTerrence Jones11/4/2015 5:41 PM#49292 30% (10)I'll be continuing to watch owners comments as they remain to hold... kinda fun :)
 FilterTerrence Jones11/4/2015 12:02 PMthanvor 0% (0)That injury was just bad luck, the thing is his is swollen and he can't see clearly... but it's true that he has some weird injuries if you consider last year...
 FilterTerrence Jones11/4/2015 11:56 AMtylerbraun 0% (0)I'm holding, but it's not often a guy misses this many games from stitches.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/4/2015 11:19 AMgehrenberg 100% (6)Change our expectations because he got elbowed in the eye and had to get stitches?
 FilterTerrence Jones11/4/2015 11:04 AMtylerbraun 0% (4)Are we changing our expectations on him? Frustrating guy to own despite the obvious upside.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/2/2015 5:33 PMgehrenberg 0% (0)Last two years he was ranked top 70 per game in standard leagues if your dropping I am adding
 FilterTerrence Jones11/2/2015 5:17 PM#49292 17% (6)As I said... good luck owning him. I've moved on.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/2/2015 3:45 PMelbowslayer 100% (5)hes out, this guy is difficult to own
 FilterTerrence Jones11/1/2015 5:45 PMajh22 0% (0)Any updates on TJones status for this week? Sitting out tonight versus Heat but HOU plays again tomorrow v OKC.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/1/2015 10:33 AMJuggernaut 0% (0)Hayes should have no Impact on any of the Houston Bigs and will only play if people are hurt (Dwight, TJones). Capella and Harrell will eat before Chucky.
 FilterTerrence Jones11/1/2015 9:35 AMslimax 0% (0)What does Chuck Hayes signing mean for T Jones?
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 11:50 PMelbowslayer 0% (0) Terrence Jones or Aminu? 10 team 9 cat h2h
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 6:17 PMdaguyondacouch8 100% (2)You'd think people who care enough to be on this site would be smarter than dropping Jones for missing one game
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 6:10 PMjoshlloyd48 100% (3)I think that dropping Jones is a little reactionary.
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 5:25 PMmookie11 0% (0)Not sure how you can class a guy as injury prone because he got clopped on the head. Unless his head is so large as to make it a statistical probability, this just seems like a random blow.
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 5:02 PMkoplin 0% (0)Lol, the use of small sample sizes to predict moving forward (and the tendency for people on here to do so) always makes me laugh..
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 4:54 PM#49292 0% (10)Dropped him for Aminu and I'm not looking back. Hope you'll have fun owning TJones.
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 4:31 PMdishinNswishin 100% (6)Guy has had some pretty bad luck with that nerve inflammation last year but don't get this injury prone panic. Got a silly cut on his eye and people are ready to cry out in frustration. He'll be back in a game or so geez.....
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 4:15 PM#49292 0% (11)pls tag him as Inj Prone so non-owners would know the risk. I'm definitely dropping him for the next hot/trending player *sighs*
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 3:00 PMbostonrider 0% (0)won't play on sunday. come on terrence
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 2:32 AMjoshlloyd48 80% (5)I would not be dropping him for WCS under any circumstance
 FilterTerrence Jones10/31/2015 12:15 AM#49292 0% (6)Agree. And I'm now tempted to drop him for WCS
 FilterTerrence Jones10/30/2015 11:39 PMh0wodd 100% (2)This guy is an injury magnet
 FilterTerrence Jones10/21/2015 5:23 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (1)I don't think D-Mo will be limited all season, but Jones should have enough of a role all season to be worthwhile. The projection is basically exactly what you've said.
 FilterTerrence Jones10/20/2015 4:05 PMhegotsgame 0% (0)Josh, is the projection for Jones a mix of him being a big contributor while D-Mo is out, and then cooling off when D-Mo returns? Or are you anticipating D-Mo being limited on a consistent basis? Thinking TJ could be a great steal, just trying to assess how much of a risk is built in to the projection.
 FilterTerrence Jones10/19/2015 5:04 AMjoshlloyd48 0% (0)Because I anticipate his minutes going up with loss of Josh Smith and D-Mo's back problem. He's always been a great per-minute fantasy producer.
 FilterTerrence Jones10/19/2015 4:12 AM#49292 0% (0)Agree. Also, would like to know why his projection is so high.
 FilterTerrence Jones10/18/2015 10:03 AMNeonChaos 100% (2)When will this guy ever get the injury prone tag? He's got the worst luck with regards to contact injuries!