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 FilterAnthony Davis4/20/2015 2:34 PMmbuser 0% (0)He averged 3.2 after the break with a bit of help from the absence of Jrue Holiday, but his AST% has gone up in consecutive seasons (while his TO% has declined in both) and there's no good reason to think he won't be at 3.5+ as an eventuality. Freakish growth curve and he's still just 22 years old!
 FilterAnthony Davis4/20/2015 2:06 PMhsahardid 0% (0)After the all-star break, I recall Anthony Davis average over 3.5 assists/game. I always thought playmaking would be a natural progression in his game but I think didn't expect it to happen so fast. Do you think he can sustain 3.5/assists game over a whole season in the future?
 FilterAnthony Davis4/4/2015 9:37 PMImadogg 0% (0)AD now is a really good time NOT to suck in your last 2 games of the year for me and kill my FG%. Please finish the game strong thanks. (0-5 in the 1st qtr so far).
 FilterAnthony Davis4/4/2015 3:53 AMcastorius 0% (0)He's only had 3 games all season where he didn't have at least 1 block (only 3 block-less games this season). His most recent zero blk game (14 games ago) was when he got injured and only played 8 minutes. Prior to that, he went 25 straight games with at least 1 blk; again prior to that streak, his block-less game was due to another injury. He's only had 1 game w/o blk where he didn't get injured.
 FilterAnthony Davis4/4/2015 3:46 AMcastorius 0% (0)Wow, I'm really surprised how much BBM factors neuter his projections for tonight's game vs POR (from 2.8 blk to 0.7 blk). Now do we really think Davis is very likely to get less than a block (0.7 blk) tmrw? I think this is the first time I've ever seen his block projection below 1.0. Keep in mind, he hasn't had less than 1 block in a game in his last 13 games he's played.
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 6:51 PMcastorius 0% (0)JPAY23 - ya, sorry if I seemed a bit snippy with my replies. I also have AD and hope for the best, but I don't mind if he's given a lower projection than I want; it makes it that much greater when he exceeds that projection for me. Assume the worst and you'll be happy :)
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 6:13 PMJPAY23 0% (0)castorius - understood, I've loved AD this season and used him on FD many times, today his value per dollar was projected a bit lower than usual, which is why I asked about it.
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 5:59 PMcastorius 0% (0) Generally speaking from my experience, you're not gonna find a lot of value (high ratio scores) from star players. The more "known" they are, the more they usually expect from them, hence the high cost.
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 5:56 PMcastorius 0% (0)I would assume the price he's going for ($11,400 on drafkings) is expecting a little more production.
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 5:49 PMJPAY23 0% (0)By using the term "low" as I was referring to his "ratio" score in terms of his value relative to his price tonight
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 5:44 PMJPAY23 0% (0)mbuser - thanks...handn't seen the comments from Monty.
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 5:30 PMAnkimo 0% (0)he's projected for first tonight for me...
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 5:30 PMmbuser 0% (0)He's been playing 40+ minutes in a lot of recent games, and Monty Williams said he's going to limit his minutes the rest of the season from a relative perspective, with 35-38 as the target.
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 5:30 PMcastorius 0% (0)What is the world coming to when a +1.06 (23.5pts, 9.2reb, 2.3ast, 1.2st, 3.2blk) game is a low projection? :D :D - that's still the top score for the day in 9 cat
 FilterAnthony Davis4/3/2015 5:23 PMJPAY23 0% (0)Can you elaborate on his low projection tonight? Thanks.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/25/2015 9:33 PMcastorius 0% (0)Hope it doesn't swell overnight. I need him!
 FilterAnthony Davis3/25/2015 9:24 PMpkliewer79 100% (1)It's a miracle!
 FilterAnthony Davis3/25/2015 9:08 PMcastorius 0% (1)Nooooooooooooo!!!
 FilterAnthony Davis3/21/2015 12:44 AMmbuser 0% (0)Best available player > handcuff. Davis returns and Ajinca is affected negatively, unlike a potential add from another team.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/21/2015 12:29 AMLowkey 0% (0)As a Davis owner with, Ajinca on waivers, how hard should I be trying to get him as a handcuff? Davis seems day to day.....
 FilterAnthony Davis3/19/2015 8:45 PMpkliewer79 0% (0)At least, if you're gonna make it to next week, he plays Wednesday as his first game. Hopefully he's back by then or I'm screwed.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/19/2015 8:25 PMWonderllama 0% (0)ugh, and I just dropped Ajinca too!
 FilterAnthony Davis3/19/2015 8:03 PMjphanned 0% (0)Added more detail to the update, but Monty said the Pels weren't being cautious here holding him out. Could miss more time.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/19/2015 7:57 PMDonnie99 0% (0)Porpensity to get injured.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/17/2015 8:09 PM#46845 0% (1)Why he only gets 5 shots in the first half is beyond me.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/15/2015 7:40 PM#27680 100% (3)My goodness...
 FilterAnthony Davis3/2/2015 12:26 AMjphanned 0% (0)Tough to tell as there haven't been any updates here at all. The team didn't even officially rule him out for Sunday. Given lack of updates I'd be surprised if he plays 2 games.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/2/2015 12:21 AMterryalj 0% (0)How likely is it he plays at all this week?
 FilterAnthony Davis2/24/2015 4:59 PMjphanned 100% (1)Situations differed some, but keep in mind that he's missed the last few games of each of the past 2 seasons due to injury. This is more relevant for H2H playoffs.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/24/2015 4:57 PMJMega 0% (0)I doubt they shut him down. It's not an overly serious injury and they need to sell tickets.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/24/2015 4:40 PMgcbillinois 0% (0)Shutdown if the Pels lose contact with OKC?
 FilterAnthony Davis2/22/2015 3:06 PMjphanned 0% (0)Ajinca in 14+ team leagues.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/22/2015 2:50 PMehrenberggreg 0% (0)Ajinca is the only player I would consider adding, he has put up some nice lines when given bigger minutes
 FilterAnthony Davis2/22/2015 2:39 PMImadogg 0% (0)Could have been worse but really sad about this :(. Who looks like the best add with AD/Ryno out?
 FilterAnthony Davis2/21/2015 7:09 PMjphanned 0% (0)Would be shocked if he doesn't miss more time.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/18/2015 1:15 PMjphanned 100% (2)Just posted an update - looks promising.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/18/2015 11:20 AMAaronCassaro 0% (0)Do you think Davis will play Friday?
 FilterAnthony Davis2/8/2015 6:53 AMDonnie99 0% (0)ajinca.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/8/2015 6:15 AMtremajj 0% (0)If he does miss time is there anyone to target?
 FilterAnthony Davis2/7/2015 8:08 PMmbuser 0% (0)Spears reporting that he's just dealing with some soreness, so that is good news.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/7/2015 7:46 PMmbuser 0% (0)Good to see the report that X-rays were negative. That was nasty, although he looked for a few minutes there that he could play through it.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/7/2015 7:13 PMehrenberggreg 0% (0)Brutal fall he took
 FilterAnthony Davis2/7/2015 1:01 AMJorgo 100% (1)Time for FT% bump?
 FilterAnthony Davis2/6/2015 9:54 PMjyang61107 0% (1)OMG here it comes. Those 3's in the making.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/6/2015 9:49 PMjphanned 100% (2)He double clutched too!!! UNREAL.
 FilterAnthony Davis2/6/2015 9:47 PMisaiahcho 100% (1)This guy is UNREAL. Game winning 3 at the buzzer, from your BIG MAN?
 FilterAnthony Davis1/28/2015 9:06 PMmbuser 0% (0)Crisis appears to be averted. Called a "painful" groin strain by the sideline reporter but he's back.
 FilterAnthony Davis1/28/2015 8:58 PMmbuser 0% (0)Here's the replay:
 FilterAnthony Davis1/28/2015 8:53 PMmbuser 0% (0)Wouldn't be surprised to see it called a groin strain, although we're still waiting. Don't think it's anything to do with his knee.
 FilterAnthony Davis1/28/2015 8:47 PMbhart71 0% (0)uh oh...that looked bad
 FilterAnthony Davis12/14/2014 3:32 PMjphanned 0% (0)Pelicans/Heat minute and rate updates will be done by 1:45 pm PT.
 FilterAnthony Davis12/12/2014 7:56 PMjphanned 100% (1)Update posted.
 FilterAnthony Davis12/12/2014 7:50 PMjphanned 0% (0)I watched video of it a couple times, and it looked like it might've just been a glancing light elbow from Kyrie as he was setting a screen. Didn't look too hard. Maybe took a shot earlier in the game and it took a while for him to really feel it.
 FilterAnthony Davis12/12/2014 7:43 PMak murthy 0% (0)Can anyone describe the blow he took to the chest? Any video would be much appreciated
 FilterAnthony Davis12/11/2014 5:21 AMclips 0% (0)Haven't seen it noted anywhere, but I noticed Davis had index and middle fingers on left hand taped together vs Dallas, FWIW
 FilterAnthony Davis12/10/2014 10:00 PMmbuser 0% (0)Was seen limping a bit towards the end of tonight's game but said afterward that he just jammed his toe and will be fine.
 FilterAnthony Davis12/10/2014 9:22 PMWiseguy 100% (1)I take it all back!
 FilterAnthony Davis12/10/2014 7:48 PMWiseguy 0% (3)What the heck is wrong with this guy lately??? He's really underperforming (by his standards). Is he sick or something?
 FilterAnthony Davis11/19/2014 1:41 PMyoudacao 60% (5)Bump may be warranted. Significantly outperforming every single stat projection thus far. The current line may be unsustainable but he's clearly improved strength and offensive repertoire.
 FilterAnthony Davis11/1/2014 8:56 PMjyang61107 100% (2)Just WOW...I heard he was working on corner 3's in the off season? I be in awe if I ever see it this season... Well deserved rank 1...One brow to rule them all...
 FilterAnthony Davis10/21/2014 12:19 PMjphanned 0% (0)Practiced Tuesday with a wrap on his right wrist, so nothing to worry about here.
 FilterAnthony Davis6/5/2014 7:31 PMmbuser 100% (1)Link also mentions working on more post moves and a pull-up jumper, which would certainly get more use. Good read, it reinforces that his drive and work ethic are on par with his freakish talent.
 FilterAnthony Davis6/4/2014 10:02 PMkdavehill 100% (1)AD is "working on adding a corner 3-pt shot".
 FilterAnthony Davis4/9/2014 5:50 PMbolt 100% (1)It would be nice but not always possible if the team makes a late decision (or witholds the information). Still waiting on Wade news myself which I'm sure they'll post as soon as it's available.
 FilterAnthony Davis4/9/2014 3:28 PMdrstats 0% (0)Come on AD, don't fail us now! It's the fantasy playoffs!
 FilterAnthony Davis3/31/2014 5:42 PMdunishr 100% (2)Welcome back, Brow! I was able to get by in the semis with 2 games... gonna need the full 4 in the finals.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/29/2014 2:26 PMjphanned 80% (5)The only effect his health will have on his value is whether he'll be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th overall pick next year. You're keeping him, no question.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/29/2014 2:14 PMskitns 0% (0)Thoughts on Davis as a keeper? Is there any shadow of a doubt even with the injury concerns?
 FilterAnthony Davis3/29/2014 9:58 AMj_diggs 100% (1)Guess I'll continue the AD sadness thread. I have AD, korver, Kyrie (dropped), Allen, Danny green, Beverly, and boogie (might as well not have been playing last night). That was therapeutic.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/29/2014 8:43 AMcmm325 100% (1)I feel your pain! I've got AD, Chalmers, Thomas, and B Roberts
 FilterAnthony Davis3/29/2014 1:10 AMbalogunad 100% (2)I've got Beverly, AD, Chalmers and Kaman. Friday was the day my season ended. We had a good run but damn it hurts to lose this way. Anyhow thanks BBall Monster 4 the great season. In need of miracle!
 FilterAnthony Davis3/28/2014 10:49 PMinspiron22 0% (0)This cat produces top 3 per game value but not sure he can stay healthy for a full season...
 FilterAnthony Davis3/28/2014 10:01 PMjphanned 0% (0)Slightly. AD's more tied to Aminu as Monty will be forced to downsize a bit more and play him at PF.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/28/2014 9:58 PMmrg12686 0% (0)Does this make Morrow more attractive b/c of increased usage? I've got AD and not sure who to pick up btw Aminu and Morrow
 FilterAnthony Davis3/28/2014 9:05 PMmbuser 0% (0)He has a history with this same ankle, so general wear/tear soreness can't be taken lightly. Hoping for the best, but they certainly won't take any chances.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/28/2014 9:00 PMdunishr 0% (0)They're saying it's just soreness, but just like I speculated back on 3/1, don't be surprised if the Pelicans shut him down... I'd love to be wrong.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/28/2014 7:53 PM#26133 0% (0)there goes my fantasy season!
 FilterAnthony Davis3/21/2014 2:26 PM#28271 0% (0)Good to go for tonight.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/20/2014 1:03 PMjphanned 0% (0)Status updated, and doesn't look like he'll miss much more time.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/20/2014 11:32 AMmrg12686 50% (2)"Upper respiratory infection" is the medical name for a cold, although it can encompass more than that. Hopefully it's just a really bad cold...
 FilterAnthony Davis3/20/2014 10:20 AM#28271 0% (0)"Upper respiratory infection" didn't sound good. Will he be good to go for Friday/Saturday? Huge implications.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/16/2014 7:58 PM#28271 100% (7)I think he just put up the line of the year.. 40/20 game with crazy shooting percentages plus more.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/2/2014 6:54 AMJJBOODA 100% (3)Foul trouble. Actually picked up 6pts, 4 boards and a block in the 4th. Appears all good.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/2/2014 5:48 AMawinters 0% (0)Did anyone see the game last night? He only played 20 bad minutes in a blowout with a terrible line and foul problems. Is the shoulder still a problem or was it just an awful night?
 FilterAnthony Davis3/1/2014 2:27 PMjphanned 100% (1)Yep, basically any sort of injury that would jeopardize his long-term health they'll be cautious with. But they're not going to go out of their way to shut him down.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/1/2014 2:25 PMmrg12686 0% (0)Not really for a bogus injury, he wouldn't have played last night if that was the case. But if he gets any injury that could be aggravated (like a knee or something) then I think he'd be shut down.
 FilterAnthony Davis3/1/2014 2:05 PMdunishr 0% (2)Is anyone worried about NO shutting down AD with a bogus injury? Their pick is top-5 protected, so they have every incentive to tank (a la GSW in 2011-12).
 FilterAnthony Davis2/26/2014 8:25 PMbalogunad 100% (4)WIDESPREAD PANIC!!!! Hopefully its not serious.
 FilterAnthony Davis1/10/2014 11:02 PMkahlev 0% (4)what has happened to my free throw shooting, and our offense has no rythym
 FilterAnthony Davis1/9/2014 7:37 PMmhubes 0% (0)3.7 offensive Rebs per game, 5th in NBA. He'll stay near the basket, his rebounding is a strength. Has good jumper form tho.
 FilterAnthony Davis1/9/2014 6:40 PMphilzilla 0% (1)Not enough space to keep typing. I mean he could start taking them, but I don't think Monty will let him this year. Still needs to hone his inside and P/R game.
 FilterAnthony Davis1/9/2014 5:14 PMovernerd 0% (0)Trying to make sense of the last comment. You dont think 3s will be a regular thing, but he might start taking them regularly?
 FilterAnthony Davis1/9/2014 1:09 PMphilzilla 0% (2)I don't think 3's will be a regular thing. This was an end of game heave (similar to what Bosh get's periodically). As good as his form is though, I could see him starting to jack 3's on the reg.
 FilterAnthony Davis1/9/2014 8:38 AMinspiron22 50% (2)He hits threes now too?
 FilterAnthony Davis12/18/2013 8:36 PM#28271 0% (0)I guess we will get a taste tonight, but does his return reduce Aminu AND Jason Smith to droppable or have they earned a few permanent minutes?
 FilterAnthony Davis12/18/2013 8:27 PMjphanned 100% (14)UNIBROW BACK!
 FilterAnthony Davis12/3/2013 3:59 PMmhubes 100% (4)Reportedly out 4-6 weeks, so out about 13-20 games.
 FilterAnthony Davis12/1/2013 9:24 PMjphanned 0% (0)He'll be out 20 games if he misses six weeks, 27 games if he's out the full eight.
 FilterAnthony Davis12/1/2013 9:18 PM#22686 100% (1)How many games would he miss if it were 8 weeks?
 FilterAnthony Davis12/1/2013 9:08 PMmhubes 56% (16)This is depressing. I'd say it's fair to label him injury prone now.