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 FilterMirza Teletovic3/2/2015 11:29 AMjohnd2442 0% (0)Can this guy be realistically viewed as a keeper under any circumstances?
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/23/2015 3:48 PMgrandmaster2 0% (0)Koalaballa, In his case, id think it was either due to flying, he has a condition predisposing him, or a combo of the two. Def not a "small problem" by sorta have an idea since i was hospitalized for the same thing last year!
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/23/2015 10:04 AMKoalaballa 0% (0)wow, sad news! How do you get blood clots in the lungs?
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/23/2015 10:03 AMdunishr 0% (0)His twitter page said "I had a small problem, but now everything is ok...". MULTIPLE blood clots in his lungs doesn't strike me as a small problem. I wonder if there was a language barrier with the doctor or something.
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/23/2015 9:58 AMEnderDantes 0% (0)Done for the season
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/16/2015 1:35 PMjphanned 0% (0)With BKN breaking off trade talks recently, I'd go with Mirotic now.
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/16/2015 11:33 AMjphanned 0% (0)That's close. I think Mirotic is the more productive player, but I'd lean Mirza because Lopez's absence would be permanent compared to Noah's short-term absence.
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/16/2015 9:45 AM#47843 0% (0)assuming Lopez gets moved, how to compare ST value of a guy like Mirotic (Noah injury) to Mirza?
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/16/2015 8:05 AMDonnie99 0% (0)std 14 teamers = 182. your league, 180 players. So yeah.
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/16/2015 7:54 AMCuseNation 0% (0)how bout 12 team league with 15 man rosters?
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/15/2015 11:09 PMjphanned 0% (0)Worth a stash in 14+ teamers now in case this 3-way deal goes down.
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/12/2015 9:06 PMDonnie99 0% (0)yeah, was benched. a block , a reb and a fg made. ease the sting a bit.
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/12/2015 8:34 PMjphanned 0% (0)No word of one, so presumed to be a coach's decision at the moment. And understandable too given he's been terrible lately.
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/12/2015 8:28 PMDonnie99 0% (0)injured?
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/6/2015 11:43 AMmbuser 0% (0)There's not an inevitability to BroLo being traded, given his $17M salary next season, but Mirza certainly gets more run in the hypothetical where he is indeed dealt.
 FilterMirza Teletovic1/6/2015 8:20 AMjyang61107 100% (1)Any chance after trades of BKN that this guy would start?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/28/2014 7:25 AMneilrizo 0% (1)Is Mirza still a hold given the health issues of Lopez and Garnett? He's been awful since he returned from his hip pointer injury and I've been itching to drop him.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/19/2014 10:35 PMmbuser 0% (0)Karasev is a SG. Mirza didn't have it in his 17 minutes tonight (0-2 FG) and Hollins went five deep with his bigs.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/19/2014 10:22 PMTFergBaby 0% (0)reason for his low minutes tonight? Hip pointer bothering him? Or is Sergay a serious threat?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/17/2014 11:36 PMcanaanko 100% (1)Nets will probably shake up the roster soon enough hopefully allowing Mirza to really become a solid fantasy asset
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/16/2014 5:09 AMsrelizalde 100% (1)Any news on Mirza playing tonight?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/15/2014 4:40 PMmbuser 0% (0)Nothing as of yet, you'll see a Status Update as soon as there is something. It seems that he should be close but this day-to-day status has lasted longer than was expected.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/15/2014 3:47 PMWMark1 100% (2)Any update on his so-called hip pointer? Will he back this week?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/7/2014 3:56 PMmbuser 0% (0)Check Rankings -> Weekly Projections for the Nets and you'll see he's projected for more than that while BroLo sits.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/7/2014 3:46 PMJR Smoove 0% (1)will he get a minimum of 25 mins?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/4/2014 9:25 AMthisguy 0% (0)i'm still not picking him up, not until another big goes down at least, to unpredictable
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/3/2014 9:13 PMgklee87 0% (0)Crap. I just dropped him too. Suffice to say, there is a very high correlation b/w Mirza doing well and the other bigs not?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/3/2014 8:26 PMbrandonislegend 0% (0)Good god, Garnett and Lopez need to sit out more often.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/2/2014 10:36 PMmbuser 0% (0)The 64 combined minutes for BroLo and KG was a season-high for a non-OT game. And a combo of factors tonight that we haven't seen too often to this point: (1) good BroLo (2) good Plumlee and (3) bad Mirza.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/2/2014 7:39 PMbrandonislegend 100% (2)This guys struggling lately, barely getting any PT tonight.
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/21/2014 11:05 PMyzaker 0% (0)I think his project 3pt % is a bit high at .394. (In a league where 3pt % is a cat)
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/21/2014 12:01 AMthisguy 100% (1)Seems like he was just in a mini slump, I think now is the time to capitalize since he will have been dropped in a lot of leagues
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/19/2014 5:25 PMmbuser 100% (2)Foul trouble vs. Portland but otherwise hasn't been severely reduced. 24 mpg over his first five games, 22.4 mpg over his past five games.
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/19/2014 5:02 PMthisguy 0% (0)still worth holding? Severely reduced minutes is unsettling
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/16/2014 6:42 AMehrenberggreg 0% (0)What struggle are you talking about? He is ranked top 100 making 2.2 threes a game
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/16/2014 4:38 AMsrelizalde 0% (0)Just picked up Mirza from the wire. Should get back to making his 3s soon ...I hope. What to expect from him moving forward and why the struggle?
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/16/2014 12:36 AMdraftkings2016 0% (1)One more Chance Mirza.....
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/15/2014 11:05 PMbolt 0% (0)Looks like zero points in two games..spectacular commenter's curse.
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/13/2014 1:16 PMmbuser 0% (0)Looks locked into that 25ish mpg role, with upside if/when KG or BroLo miss games. Won't shooting 52% all season, but no need to sell, just keep running him out there.
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/13/2014 12:56 PMbrandonislegend 0% (0)I think he will be good for rest of season
 FilterMirza Teletovic11/13/2014 5:10 AMbolt 100% (2)Doing very well so far. Does he need a bump or is he a sell high?
 FilterMirza Teletovic10/30/2014 7:11 AMliam4 100% (2)Thoughts on this guy? Will he get the playing time?
 FilterMirza Teletovic10/26/2014 10:27 AMmbuser 0% (0)Mirza didn't practice today with what is being called a sprained ankle, but he's not in a boot or anything and this appears to be purely precautionary.
 FilterMirza Teletovic2/20/2014 7:15 PMbalogunad 0% (0)He's really been sucking it up as of late. Reducation in 3pt fg adn 3pt%. Seems like his usage has taken a dip.
 FilterMirza Teletovic2/1/2014 11:41 PMjharristemp 0% (0)He's not the star the Russians were hoping for. Look at his last 8 games.
 FilterMirza Teletovic2/1/2014 8:55 PMhsahardid 100% (1)In the last two games, I've noticed that Kidd is favoring the three guard lineup. Is this a trend or matchup?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/30/2013 4:53 PMjbffed 100% (1)Might lose minutes when AK is healthy, but when is AK ever healthy?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/29/2013 4:11 AMmkmk 100% (1)He'll lose those minutes when AK is back.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/28/2013 2:05 PMMLDIII 33% (3)Minutes bump? 30+ 3 of last 4 games.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/28/2013 10:53 AMDfish 0% (0)What's the word on this guy? he passes the eye test?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/25/2013 2:10 PMwshuford 67% (9)All I want for Christmas is an uptick in MIN, PTS, 3PT, BLK, & FG%, Merry Christmas to BBM staff, thanks for all you do.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/21/2013 5:15 PMDrRazvi 67% (9)Any uptick in value now with Lopez out?
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/3/2013 12:47 AMmbuser 0% (0)Takes and makes a lot of threes, but he's more of a PF than SF. He'll get run at least while Pierce and AK are both out.
 FilterMirza Teletovic12/2/2013 8:47 PMkoplin 0% (0)What kind of potential does he have with Pierce going down?
 FilterMirza Teletovic3/7/2013 12:48 PMmbuser 100% (1)PJC is likely to give Evans/Blatche/GWall enough minutes at PF that Mirza won't play much. Hump himself was only averaging 12 mpg over the past month.
 FilterMirza Teletovic3/6/2013 1:54 PMdevo1099 0% (1)I love Mirza's game. If they "give him a chance" to play is that going to translate into 20+ min/g? Can he defend any better than Hump?