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Kelly Olynyk

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 FilterKelly Olynyk4/1/2015 7:07 PMmbuser 0% (0)Somehow playing despite this being the current state of his left eye:
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/24/2015 12:29 AMmbuser 0% (0)Dropped him much earlier in the day to acquire quality games. Perhaps I look at adding him again after he clears waivers for the Saturday game, but he wouldn't have played for me on the heavy days as it was.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/23/2015 9:22 PMmh0408 0% (0)mbuser, are you still dropping him after tonight's game? The plan was to drop him tonight to grab Splitter for tomorrow. Worth the hold now with this game?
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/23/2015 8:36 PMdishinNswishin 75% (4)Have picked up and dropped this guy 3 times in the past 2 weeks, and every time i do, he has a great game....
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/21/2015 1:34 PMmbuser 100% (1)I have him in one h2h league where I have a Rd1 bye but the current plan is to drop him after the Monday quality game.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/21/2015 1:30 PMmh0408 0% (0)Is anyone else still holding on to this guy with hopes of him getting on track? I seem to keep giving him chances but I'm really considering dropping him for Adams
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/21/2015 11:14 AMmarkalbert2kx 0% (0)No longer interested. Glad I dropped him.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/20/2015 9:02 PMmh0408 100% (2)Roller coaster ride
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/19/2015 2:53 AMgcbillinois 0% (0)Rested, healthy. Could be the start of a prime time run for fantasy playoffs
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/18/2015 9:49 PMmh0408 0% (0)Let's see how long it'll last, then again, there had to be rust after coming back from such a long layoff. Glad I hold onto him for tonight..hopefully he keeps it up
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/18/2015 9:46 PMshotcaller510 100% (1)This guys finally decides to show up after dropping him
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/17/2015 3:31 PMmcoleman 40% (5)Oh wow...Olynyk has been a total bust all year? I swear everybody on BBM hyped him through consistent subpar performances and disagreed with anybody that saw this coming.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/17/2015 1:36 PM#19032 0% (0)I think his injury then Boston actually being in playoff contention has really set him back. Otherwise, the hype probably would've been justified. But yeah in the midst of H2H playoffs, tough to wait for him to come around.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/17/2015 1:18 PMpostfire888 100% (3)Olynk has been over hyped all year . Drop him especially in h2h!
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/17/2015 1:01 AMmbuser 0% (0)Yes, that's a no-brainer.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/17/2015 12:58 AMcadavi 0% (0)no brainer to drop him for Butler if you're locked in for playoffs and this week's meaningless?
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/17/2015 12:52 AMmbuser 0% (0)Completely different lines, so your team and matchup should really be pointing one direction vs. the other.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/16/2015 9:40 PMmarkalbert2kx 100% (2)I think I am losing all 3 h2h leagues this season because of Olynyk
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/12/2015 2:33 PMmbuser 67% (3)Still not completely smooth sailing here, but no Thomas for the next two games eases the playing time squeeze a bit, with the ripple effect getting Crowder more run at SF.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/12/2015 1:37 PMterryalj 0% (0)Do you think he'll get more run with that nice line? Excluding TOs those #s would be nice to have this week.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/9/2015 8:24 PMbonezi89 0% (0)Fantastic per minute production tonight, a bit tentative hustle wise though. Definite ease in, slow and steady...
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/8/2015 9:47 PMmbuser 0% (0)Good take by bonezi but I'm fine with grabbing Ersan ahead of him, especially if there are any needs in the short-term.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/8/2015 8:57 PMbonezi89 100% (2)Guys like Jones and Hill had similar issues raised after their first games back from various injuries and look where they are now. Too small a sample size to panic just yet.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/8/2015 7:03 PM#46845 100% (2)Not stepped on the court in the 2nd half. Great game for Bass, but nothing special from Zeller or Crowder. Jerebko has played more than Kelly. I'm about ready to move on from this guy. Been waiting all season for signs of life. About to drop him for Ilysova.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/7/2015 8:09 AMgholdbhurg 0% (0)Olynyk or Nurkic for Weeks 21 to 23? Thanks.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/4/2015 7:52 PMdyraks 0% (0)I went with illyasova, felt the same as 19032..not to mention I asked 5 minutes before tip opps
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/4/2015 6:33 PM#19032 0% (0)I'm keeping Olynyk benched tonight personally. He's been off for awhile and I'm sure they'll ease him in slowly.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/4/2015 6:25 PMdyraks 0% (0)tonight olynyk or illyasova
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/4/2015 5:56 PMjphanned 0% (0)Gorgui.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/4/2015 5:52 PMdishinNswishin 0% (0)Start Kelly or Gorgui tonight?
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/4/2015 4:55 PMisaiahcho 100% (1)Finally!!
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/3/2015 10:30 AM#46608 0% (0)held him all season and almost about to crumble. playoffs in less than two weeks and a lot of depth as weell as getting into form. ffs
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/2/2015 8:26 PMgart888 0% (0)He's been a half week from returning for about 3 weeks now. :(
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/2/2015 7:12 PMmbuser 0% (0)He's close enough to be considered day-to-day. He may not go Tuesday, but he's almost there.
 FilterKelly Olynyk3/2/2015 7:00 PMmarkalbert2kx 0% (0)Updated return date? It just keep getting moved :/
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/28/2015 3:31 PMjphanned 83% (6)What do you mean by "their gig"? Olynyk hasn't started a game since late November. There's no question he'll come off the bench when he returns.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/28/2015 2:56 PMdishinNswishin 0% (7)Olynyk missed a month, there are players who missed more time to come back and reclaim their gig with ease. The likes of Bass and Zeller are not legitimate competition to me. Olynyk is their future, bass is a journeyman who got dropped by like 3 teams.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/28/2015 2:48 PMmbuser 50% (2)Give the podcast a listen. They are both very good spec adds in their own right, and both provide their reasons for optimism and pessimism.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/28/2015 2:43 PMdishinNswishin 0% (7)To suggest Ersan is a better add than Olynyk is ridiculous to me.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/24/2015 3:28 PMisnamedmichael 50% (2)dropped Kemba and picked this bad boy up. hopefully he doesn't get stuck in a timeshare with zeller / weird rotation and gets closer to 30 mins a game.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/23/2015 3:52 PMmbuser 0% (0)Do you have a Rd1 bye locked up? That March 16 date is a "best-case" for Kemba and there's a very real chance he's limited upon his return, whenever that happens to be.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/23/2015 3:11 PMmh0408 0% (0)Kemba would kill your FG
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/23/2015 2:33 PMisnamedmichael 0% (0)Would you rather own Kemba Walker or Kelly Olynyk during H2H play offs Week 21-23? Trying to win 3's, FG%, Points, Rebounds and Assists
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 11:31 PMmbuser 0% (0)Olynyk's higher ceiling and the nature of their lines (Zeller more concentrated and efficiency-driven) are why Olynyk is ahead of Zeller on the list, although they are both desired adds.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 11:15 PMcalvers 0% (0)Can we get an explanation why he's a higher priority add in the primer when he's projected below Zeller and still out with injury? Are we expecting higher upside that isn't factored into the projections?
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 10:01 PMjyang61107 0% (1)Agree I figure he will be a good play toward the end but at this point of the season why risk your spot right now if your not already in 1 and 2 rank. I'll be playing the wire to make sure I'm in the playoff.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 9:36 PMmbuser 100% (1)Not expecting too much to change with Olynyk. Again, it's going to come down to how healthy he is after he returns from the long layoff.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 9:33 PMChubs33 0% (0)I see it says that his projection was updated today but I still see the same stats as I did yesterday. Just a glitch or is this what we are expecting moving forward?
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 9:02 PMmbuser 0% (0)BOS is updated. More concerned with Olynyk's minutes ceiling in relation to his not being limited from the ankle injury, although Jerebko will have to play at least some as the fourth big in any case.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 8:05 PMpostfire888 100% (1)Where are updated projections on site?
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 5:04 PMJornViggo 0% (0)Anyone else getting a feeling like Stevens is going to be running a lot of crap with Jerebko or Crowder at the 4 and cut into his minutes?
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 3:50 PMjphanned 0% (0)Once games tip off and things calm down a bit, will make some tweaks to Bass, Zeller, and Olynyk.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 3:48 PMhalpink31 0% (0)This projection updated with Sully news?
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 1:52 PMisnamedmichael 0% (0)Should I drop any of these players for him? Joe Johnson, Jusuf Nurkic, Pekovic, Jordan Hill. I'm comfortably in 2nd place so I'm also stashing PG and Kemba
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 11:13 AMChubs33 100% (3)Would love to see his updated projection. This guy could be a stud down the stretch here.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/22/2015 10:39 AMdishinNswishin 100% (2)Olynyk sitting real pretty on my bench right now.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/21/2015 10:15 PMshotcaller510 0% (1)Olynyk or B. Wright ROS?
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/21/2015 3:27 PMjphanned 100% (1)Remember, Sullinger is out and is expected to miss substantial time. It's Bass, Zeller, and little else for the time being.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/21/2015 2:37 PMjustinthestats 0% (1)Is the C's frontcourt too crowded? With Bass staying put, lack of playing time could hurt Olynyk's value.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/21/2015 12:00 PMjphanned 100% (2)The most up-to-date news is in his last status update. Guessing he's about a week out. Given Sully's injury I'd hold Olynyk.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/21/2015 11:55 AMjyang61107 0% (1)Any news of him coming back sooner or later. My option of Isiash Cannan and Marcus Smart are on the wire and thinking of picking them up and dropping Olynk. Sitting at rank 2 with 10 point lead over 3rd H2H.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/19/2015 5:14 PMdustinrae 0% (1)Olynyk or Nurkic ROS?
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/18/2015 3:41 PMjphanned 100% (1)It would, as he'd really be just one of three frontcourt options they'd have left next to Sully and Zeller.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/18/2015 3:40 PMAnkimo 0% (0)If Brandon Bass gets bought out or traded, does this change his projection?
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/11/2015 1:23 PMrighaya 0% (0)Punting PTS and FT%, Ed Davis or the Kellinator? Currently tied for 3rd.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/10/2015 2:29 PMAnkimo 0% (1)No, you aren't. His upside's definitely within the top-50.
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/10/2015 2:21 PMjonathanzhang89 0% (0)Am I crazy to think Olynyk can work himself up to a top 75 or even 50 player given his unique skill set and position, despite an unstable rotation in dynasty format? I have Tyler Zeller as well and I really can't make heads or tails on either of these guys' dynasty outlook despite clear talent (they seem to like Sully and Bass is probably gone?)
 FilterKelly Olynyk2/5/2015 8:34 PMdishinNswishin 0% (1)Time to add?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/29/2015 10:11 PMtransition3s 100% (2)worth a hold in 20 team (8cat h2h) league?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/28/2015 12:40 AMmbuser 0% (0)I'd roster Olynyk for the stretch run if you don't have to worry about production in the short-term.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/27/2015 11:22 PMyzaker 0% (0)1st place in my league. Should I add him and drop Ersan? Whose better to roster?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/26/2015 2:59 PMjphanned 100% (1)Also the eventual trade of Brandon Bass.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/26/2015 2:53 PMmh0408 0% (0)if you're firmly in a playoff spot, I'd hold. I'm currently in 2nd place and I'm holding him. His playoff sched. warrants the hold imo
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/26/2015 11:44 AMcanaanko 0% (0)Hold or a drop in H2H?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/25/2015 5:44 PMjphanned 0% (0)Definitely, given the gap in their playing time and Zeller's extended shooting slump.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/25/2015 5:40 PMtc2000 0% (0)until he's back, bass > zeller?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/24/2015 10:37 AMthisguy 0% (0)He's only 23% owned in ESPN leagues, so you could probably drop him during his 2-3 week absence and then pick back up of the wire
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/24/2015 10:20 AMjyang61107 0% (0)If you are tight on the playoff spot I would drop him in H2H and in Roto its most likely a drop too to play waiver. No more top 50 now this year.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/24/2015 12:46 AMbrycee 0% (0)Bye bye Kelly. Been wanting to drop him for a while now, this forces my hand
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/24/2015 12:42 AMthesparkman77 100% (1)Going to drop him just due to the fact I've held onto so many injuries this year and am fighting for final spots in the top 6 for playoffs
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/24/2015 12:39 AM#46845 0% (0)Dropped him for Bass, but only b/c I'm carrying another injury. I'm going to pounce on him again right away though. I doubt anyone in my league values him as highly as BBMers do.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/24/2015 12:33 AMBeard 0% (0)You guys dropping?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/23/2015 11:12 PMjustinthestats 0% (0)Globe reporting Olynyk misses 3 weeks
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/21/2015 12:20 PMjyang61107 50% (2)Take George Hill for your positional needs but if your talking about the effect of Bass being gone, then you can see a 3-5% usage uptick for Olynyk which will push him to top 50 I'll say.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/21/2015 12:14 PMJornViggo 0% (0)What do you all project his numbers look like if/when Bass gets traded? Does he have a higher upside than someone like George Hill, who fills a positional need for me at PG?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/19/2015 5:36 PMjphanned 100% (3)Turner.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/19/2015 5:35 PMelementlu 0% (0)who has the lowest potential: smart, olynyk, or turner?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/18/2015 12:20 AMjasonbourne888 0% (0)Seems to do good when getting 25+ mins.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/12/2015 8:05 PMthisguy 0% (0)This is what happens when you TRY to defend Anthony Davis,
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/12/2015 8:05 PMjphanned 0% (0)5 fouls in 11 minutes, good lord.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/12/2015 7:29 PMkahlev 0% (0)ok... how do you get the fouls in 5 minutes lol. his per 36 fouls just went up again :)
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/11/2015 12:54 PMthisguy 100% (4)Yes, but only if Sonny Weems isn't available
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/11/2015 6:01 AMblackthug 30% (10)omg, only top 85 on the season. Should I drop for Perry Jones?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/11/2015 12:48 AMMuggsy Bogues 100% (5)patience rewarded tonight, hopefully his big games become a bit more frequent
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/9/2015 5:36 PMjasonelman5 91% (11)I think people are underestimating the impact on Olynyk's potential value of Green leaving. Green had a very high usage rate in the Boston offense, without Green there, who is going to be absorbing that usage? As Olynyk is arguably Boston's most versatile offensive option, down low and from mid-range, I can't help but think the ball is going to keep finding its way into his hands.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/9/2015 5:05 PMthisguy 100% (1)Bass leaving will make a much bigger difference for Kelly than Wright leaving. Wright was only seeing about 10mins/game, whereas Bass is around 20min/game
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/9/2015 4:38 PMjphanned 100% (2)Brandon Bass is next. Will soon be just Sully, Olynyk, and Zeller in that frontcourt.
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/9/2015 4:37 PMzheeduh 0% (1)Handcuffs are for football. How are you going to decide who to play when both players share time and are inconsistent?
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/9/2015 4:36 PMJornViggo 0% (0)HES FREE!
 FilterKelly Olynyk1/9/2015 10:07 AMYahnee 89% (9)Olynk on waiver on my 10 team H2H, worth a claim?