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Ben McLemore

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 FilterBen McLemore10/31/2015 2:41 AMwebslinger48 50% (2)Gehrenberg...not everbody plays in shallow 10-teamers like you. In 200-deep leagues McLemore is definitely on the radar. P.S. 3rd year is a typical breakout year for many players. Since you are obviously new to fantasy basketball. Sheesh.
 FilterBen McLemore10/30/2015 1:23 AMjoshlloyd48 100% (1)McLemore is not someone who is must own in 12 team leagues any more. Karl has clearly favoured Collison and Belinelli and has said nothing positive about McLemore. Game 1 just reinforced that trend.
 FilterBen McLemore10/29/2015 11:55 PMstomper90 0% (0)Karl has come out an said there's a log jam at SG and there may be only 20-25 minutes a night depending on who has the hot hand.
 FilterBen McLemore10/29/2015 4:58 PMgehrenberg 67% (3)for mclemore I disagree it's been two years and he's shown no signs of being a contributing fantasy player
 FilterBen McLemore10/29/2015 4:56 PMwebslinger48 0% (0)I know we need to wait and see, but that first game was not promising.