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Questionable Nik Stauskas PHI, Questionable Open link
Stauskas is questionable for Wednesday's game (left knee contusion). He left Monday's game with a sore knee, and Tuesday's MRI result were negative. Robert Covington and Hollis Thompson received extra minutes in his absence.
Russell is active for Tuesday's game (ankle sprain).
Active Kobe Bryant LAL Open link
Bryant is active for Tuesday's game (rest).
Probable Hassan Whiteside MIA, Probable Open link
Whiteside is probable for Wednesday's game (illness).
Active Jared Dudley WAS Open link
Dudley started the second half of Tuesday's game against the Pacers. CJ Miles and Paul George were destroying the Pacers with their shooting while Humphries was on the court guarding Miles in the first quarter. Teams will often make a halftime change to the starting lineup that doesn't carry over to the next game, but in deeper leagues, it might be worth taking a flier on Dudley in case he steals the starting job away and finds himself playing more minutes from game to game.

John, Paul George, and Ringo

November 25, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

So, apparently Paul George came back being a significantly better player than he was before the injury and is a freak of medical nature. He dominated the Wizards and is thriving playing the four this season.


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Walker, Charlotte Ranger

November 24, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

Kemba Walker showed us what sort of point guard we could have on our hands if he learned how to shoot. Judging by what we've seen this season, maybe he has?


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It's Good To Have AD Back

November 23, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

So, Anthony Davis is back. The injury risk is a legitimate concern, but it's hard to complain when he turns in performances like he did Sunday.


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Week 5 Schedule Analysis

November 22, 2015 by Matt Smith

16 teams have four games this week giving weekly owners plenty of tough start/sit decisions. Of the teams with four games the Timberwolves, Bucks, Celtics and Cavaliers have the more fantasy friendly schedules, while the Suns and Hawks have the least. I’m not suggesting to start Michael Car...

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Kristaps It

November 22, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

All hail Kristaps Porzingis. I thought he would be good, but not this good, and not this soon. Porzingis eviscerated the Rockets in a big win for the Knicks, with Carmelo Anthony limited by foul trouble, in his best game of his career.


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LaMarcus Aldridge- Last year was only year he attempted more than 1x 3 a game. He is back to less than .5 attempts, so I would be really surprised if he hit .2/game [darthfoz]
100% agree

Pau Gasol- .3 3s/game is high. he shot a career high last year and only hit .2. Again, I see a weird trend with the bigs having unrealistic 3s, I mean you all had Pau at .5/game earlier [darthfoz]
100% agree

Brook Lopez- I think you all should make Lopez's 3s projection go to zero. The dude has made one 3 his entire career, so I think him averaging .1 is a little optimistic. In general, there is a trend with a number of the projections for bigs of having unrealistic 3s, which isn't trivial in terms of their overall projection rank [darthfoz]
100% agree

Klay Thompson- fantastic optimist projection... congratulation [#26633]
0% agree

CJ Miles- needed an streaming option at SG last night and couldn't decide betweeen bradley and miles.. looked out for 3's, pts, stl and ass. went back and fort and settled finally on bradley (had the same projection). goddamit miles.. why you do this to me ^^ [bb142]

Paul George- Paul George [Hawks 20]
100% agree

CJ Miles- And player of the day is... [Hawks 20]

OJ Mayo- I placed him as breakout potential at the start of the season, before I really knew how much Kidd would love using Bayless and before the hamstring issue really took hold. He is in a contract year, and I'd heard so many positive things coming out of Milwaukee about him. I'd hold for a little bit in a deep league [joshlloyd48]

OJ Mayo- Hi Josh/Kyle, why do you think Mayo has the breakout candidate tag? I have him in my 20 teamer as a flier but I will be cutting him or stuckey soon. [Donnie99]

CJ Miles- I don't get what's so hard to grasp here - I've been a fan of Miles since I saw his averages a few weeks ago and saw that he wasn't getting love in the comments. I got confused and thought Josh was anti-Miles and made some ill advised comments. So what? Move guys must be bored than I am for making it all dramatic... [knyx13]

Mike Conley- him projection is still unlogical, he should be in top 50 [liamgallagher]
100% agree

CJ Miles- Told you guys to roster him ;) [falco.]

CJ Miles- @knyx13. Josh Lloyd on Nov 10, 2015, in his show labeled "His Name is Jeff", @ 14:40 mark he talked about the Pacers. "(on Miles' two 3s and two stls game) That's what you bank on him for, 3s and steals, and he gave it you. You can't ask for much more than that" ... Are you mad because he gave you too many 3s, or b/c he only provided 1 stl today? LOL [Fisherman805]
100% agree

CJ Miles- I own him in one of my leagues. IMHO, he is on a streak again and won't be able to keep it up. I'll enjoy it while it lasts. [markalbert2kx]

CJ Miles- Didn't mean for that last comment to come off so blunt. Just trying to fit all my thoughts/arguments into the comment box. I'm a super chill and goofy dude who takes his work seriously but not myself. [kylemckeown16]