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Probable DeMarcus Cousins SAC, Probable Open link
Cousins missed the past 3 games and is probable Monday (lower back strain). All signs are pointing toward him playing Monday.
Injured Nikola Pekovic MIN, Injured Open link
Pekovic (Achilles) is about two weeks away from starting to practice in a limited capacity. It's hard to imagine him returning to games before January with that timetable just to get into limited practice.
Probable Ricky Rubio MIN, Probable Open link
Rubio missed the past 2 games and is probable Tuesday (ankle). He practiced fully Monday, but until we actually see Rubio announced as being the starter Tuesday, there's going to be a fair amount of skepticism regarding his availability given some of the late scratches that have been handed out by the Timberwolves this season.
Out Chris Kaman POR, Out Open link
Kaman missed the past 5 games and is out Monday (ankle).
Probable Norris Cole NOR, Probable Open link
Cole is probable for Tuesday's game (ankle sprain). Coach Gentry said that Cole and Tyreke Evans should play Tuesday unless something bizarre happens.

By George, He's Done It Again

November 30, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

Paul George's presence as a top 10 player is certainly surprising to me, as he has overcome a significant mental hurdle to not only get back to his best but to somehow be far and away a better player than he was pre-injury. Congratulations if you drafted him.


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Week 6 Schedule Analysis

November 29, 2015 by Matt Smith

Another week is done, and hopefully your fantasy teams are faring well as the season progresses. By now, you should be getting a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your team, enabling you to make moves for the week ahead with more clarity.


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Anthony Davis, Come Save Us

November 29, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

So, it appears Chris Paul didn't end Anthony Davis' career Friday night, despite Twitter's protests, as AD was back and destroying again. The latest injury scare may be an opportunity to buy him as low as you'll ever see, but Saturday's output might reduce that chance.


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An Almost 5x5 Friday

November 28, 2015 by Kyle McKeown

On a 12-game Friday evening, there were plenty of lineup changes and big fantasy lines to go over, and leading the way was Kawhi Leonard missing a 5x5 performance by one steal.


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All Wired Up - A Capela

November 28, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

As you've probably noticed, the waiver wire section was omitted from the Weekly Primer article last week. That will be the case moving forward, as Matt Smith handles the weekly primer from now on, covering ways to maximise your output from the schedule.


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Turkey Hangover

November 27, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

No games to recap, so today's show is all DFS!


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Josh Lloyd: YouTube - Podcast - @redrock_bball

Kyle McKeown: @RotoKyleNBA

Matt Smith: @SmanSports


TJ Warren- Thanvor - I have Warren stashed in most of my leagues, especially anything 14-team or larger. His FG% is amazing for Roto leagues, and there's plenty of upside in pretty much every category except blocks. I'd recommend taking a flier on him in all 12-team H2H leagues and larger, and 10-team leagues where you have someone worth dropping. I'm not guaranteeing that his minutes stay big, but I believe in the kid to eventually become the third option on that team behind Bledsoe and Knight. [kylemckeown16]

Ish Smith- I don't think we're getting an answer on the Ish Smith situation until Friday or next Monday. The Pelicans will probably run a weird deep rotation Tuesday and Wednesday for the B2B. Until we see the minutes distribution on a non-b2b game, we aren't going to have a true idea of whether or not Ish can hold any value moving forward. [kylemckeown16]

TJ Warren- @kylemckeown16 - @joshlloyd48: what do you think about this guy, 4 games in a row with 15 pts or more... is he finding his rhythm? [thanvor]

Ish Smith- Haha 7 votes against this? So dont sell Ish. Ok got it. [#18948]

Tony Wroten- Depends on who you have to drop and whether or not you're employing a punt strategy. I'd only be rostering Wroten in H2H leagues where I don't care about the percentages or turnovers, and I wouldn't stash him in a 12-team league because I don't think he plays more than backup guard minutes. Also, he could very well be under restrictions when he first returns. I think people's expectations for him are too high if they're stashing him in anything but deeper H2H leagues. That's my opinion. [kylemckeown16]

Isaiah Canaan- LGL - Canaan is a good streaming option for probably another week or two, but when Kendall Marshall and/or Tony Wroten returns, Canaan could find himself on the bench again and will likely have a lot less possessions when he does play. I don't believe too much in his long-term value if the Sixers get healthy. [kylemckeown16]

Nikola Jokic- One fantasy outlet reported news from a week ago this morning. Ridiculously absurd to do so without context. When this report oringially came out last week, I was excited. I went out an added Jokic everywhere. However, with the current trend of his minutes faltering in a deep rotation, I'm either dumping Jokic or at least strongly considering it. He was a flier. Now he's a dyer. It rhymed. I tried. [kylemckeown16]
100% agree

Kevin Martin- Rant: I can't take it anymore. I'm probably dumping this guy in anything but a 42-team league. I'm not offering this as strategy. I just don't like him, and I don't want to weather whatever this funk is. He doesn't do enough or have enough upside in the current T-Wolves offense for me to waste nights losing sleep over his weird jump shot that isn't falling anymore. [kylemckeown16]

Tyreke Evans- I wouldn't look on Tyreke with such optimism that I'd drop someone like Payton for him. Tyreke is supposed to have some limitations in his return. That may mean limited minutes, and it may mean sitting out one game of a few back to backs at first. Evans is also likely playing a lot more at SF this season than PG with Jrue Holiday actually playing this season. Too much risk with Tyreke for that move. [kylemckeown16]

Clint Capela- Capela. He is the starting PF, and it sounds like Bickerstaff is a big believer in what the guy offers. By league type: Capela should be owned in H2H where you don't care about FT%, and Dieng can be grabbed on a flier in 12-team Roto leagues for his help in percentages and the possibility that he is going to earn a bigger role going forward. [kylemckeown16]

Gorgui Dieng- I think we're reacting a little too much to a couple games here. Dieng is stuck behind Towns. Towns isn't going to play less minutes all season. Mitchell said he's been playing Dieng down the stretch to give them better p-n-r defense in the 4th. That won't hold true in the long run, especially in games where they aren't competing. Unless Dieng starts playing A LOT next to Towns, he isn't going to hold value consistently for standard leagues. OK to take a flier right now, but doubtful mins stick. [kylemckeown16]
0% agree

OJ Mayo- It seemed like Mayo was starting in place of Jabari, so I don't know how long he'll keep his job as a starter. I'm not grabbing Mayo anywhere but very deep leagues. [kylemckeown16]

Ty Lawson- I'm not sure how you were seeing that. He hasn't been at that number for a couple of weeks and last night he was set down to 6mpg. [joshlloyd48]

Enes Kanter- I would consider using Kanter in 12-team Roto for his help in the percentages if your draft went poorly in that regard, but otherwise, as long as he's getting just 21 mpg, Kanter is going to be frustrating to own unless you're playing in a deep league. In 10-team leagues, he's generally not getting enough value, as Josh said, but he's a good stash guy where possible in case Adams or Ibaka got hurt. [kylemckeown16]

Nazr Mohammed- Sephiroth_98 [jjhous02]