Top Players (Per-Game) - Last Season (14-15) (view all)

  11.20Anthony DavisNORF6836.12.21-1.181.80-0.351.103.812.310.580.50
  21.00Stephen CurryGSWG8032.72.083.04-0.532.282.42-0.780.721.59-1.80
  30.86James HardenHOUG8136.82.851.850.021.922.100.11-0.762.59-2.94
  40.82Chris PaulLACG8234.81.070.81-0.413.462.10-0.830.571.34-0.74
  50.74Kevin DurantOKCF2733.82.431.610.380.55-0.260.421.451.37-1.30
  60.58Kawhi LeonardSASF6431.80.520.050.62-
  70.57Russell WestbrookOKCG6734.43.020.330.662.682.54-0.78-1.471.62-3.51
  80.53Jimmy ButlerCHIG6538.
  90.48Klay ThompsonGSWG7731.91.632.48-0.95-0.020.300.180.000.94-0.22
  100.45DeMarcus CousinsSACC5934.12.15-1.152.770.301.221.830.130.21-3.40
  110.44Kyrie IrvingCLEG7536.41.641.29-0.961.081.21-0.690.151.17-0.95
  120.40LeBron JamesCLEF6936.12.400.870.172.111.350.060.82-1.30-2.91
  130.40Pau GasolCHIC7834.40.96-1.012.42-0.11-1.592.030.830.38-0.35
  140.39LaMarcus AldridgePORF7135.42.00-0.581.81-0.56-0.760.480.090.990.07
  150.36Paul MillsapATLF7332.70.560.060.860.061.820.450.31-0.21-0.68

Top Players (Per-Game) - NBA Summer League 2015 (view all)

11.03Myles TurnerINDC329.11.61-0.321.48-1.34-0.664.582.730.270.90
20.99Oleksiy PecherovDENC119.92.152.461.34-1.34-1.61-0.901.473.242.12
30.94Justin DentmonDLGG524.71.223.17-1.100.512.40-0.651.471.270.18
40.91Seth CurryNORG633.12.930.47-0.200.552.93-0.900.321.790.30
50.65Dante ExumUTAG128.71.920.080.082.21-1.61-0.900.103.120.90
60.57Russ SmithMEMG529.30.71-0.16-
70.47Erick GreenDENG524.10.710.55-1.441.500.97-0.901.31-0.081.63
80.45Rodney HoodUTAF227.42.03-0.521.130.44-0.18-0.272.15-1.000.30
90.43DJ KennedyHOUG429.20.46-
100.41Dwight PowellDALF632.31.651.461.830.44-0.18-0.27-0.36-0.970.10
110.40Keith ApplingORLG526.30.89-0.64-1.530.792.69-0.650.621.71-0.31
120.39Glen RiceHOUF529.91.681.27-0.090.511.83-0.90-0.700.74-0.79
130.39Aaron GordonORBF332.62.311.272.890.550.301.211.16-3.83-2.33
140.38Sean KilpatrickMILG628.71.492.06-0.70-0.750.54-0.480.450.720.10
150.37Marcus SmartBOSG524.90.991.50-0.771.641.83-0.39-1.760.87-0.55
Dante Exum G UTA
15h 18m ago
 Open link
The Jazz announced that Dante Exum had successful surgery on his ACL on Thursday.
Ricky Rubio G MIN
16h 5m ago
 Open link
Ricky Rubio is said to be confident that the Timberwolves are not looking to trade him.
Eric Moreland F SAC
16h 17m ago
 Open link
The Kings have reached agreement on a one-year contract to re-sign Eric Moreland.
Quincy Pondexter G NOR
18h 11m ago
 Open link
Quincy Pondexter said that his rehabilitation work after undergoing surgery on his left knee in May is moving along slowly, but he remains hopeful.
Eric Moreland F SAC
18h 41m ago
 Open link
Eric Moreland has reached agreement on a one-year contract to re-sign with the Sacramento Kings.
18h 46m ago
Free agent guard Landry Fields undergoes hip surgery and will miss five months.
Isaiah Thomas G BOS
 Open link
Isiaiah Thomas said he is motivated for the upcoming season and wants to accomplish more as a team.
Paul Pierce F LAC
 Open link
Clipper head coach Doc Rivers said he plans to experiment with newly signed Paul Pierce at the "stretch" four position this season.
Dwight Howard C HOU
 Open link
Dwight Howard was detained in a Houston airport for having a gun in his carry-on.
Jarell Martin F MEM
 Open link
Grizzlies rookie Jarell Martin broke his left foot in a workout Wednesday, per team. Martin will have surgery on September 3.
Cavaliers have officially re-signed J.R. Smith.
Chandler Parsons F DAL
 Open link
Chandler Parsons has added 1-dribble pull-ups to shooting routine. Has also been doing heavy lifting with his surgically repaired leg.
Marcus Smart G BOS
 Open link
Marcus Smart has been cleared for all basketball activities.
Glen Davis is having surgery to repair torn ligaments, a cyst and bone spurs in his left ankle Wednesday.
Ricky Rubio G MIN
 Open link
Ricky Rubio (ankle) has been fully cleared to play.
Deron Williams G DAL
 Open link
Deron Williams has been impressive in pre-training camp workouts in Dallas.