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Active Tyson Chandler PHO, Active Open link
Chandler missed last game with an illness but rejoined the Suns for Friday's shootaround and will be back in the starting lineup against the Warriors.
Questionable Rodney Hood UTA, Questionable Open link
Hood is questionable for Saturday's game (back spasms). He was able to go through Friday's practice, so he looks more likely to play than Trey Burke, who is also questionable with back spasms.
Questionable Trey Burke UTA, Questionable Open link
Burke is questionable for Saturday's game (back spasms). He sat out Friday's practice to continue resting his back after being forced to leave Wednesday's game with the injury.
Injured JJ Barea DAL, Injured Open link
Barea will miss at least the next three games with a sprained ankle, but he's also traveling with the team, so a miraculous recovery could find him back in the lineup at any time. The Mavs play Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday before resting ahead of next Friday's game when he could return.
Questionable Nemanja Bjelica MIN, Questionable Open link
Bjelica missed the past 3 games and is questionable Friday (left knee contusion). Coach Sam Mitchell said that Bjelica is a game-time decision.

Turkey Hangover

November 27, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

No games to recap, so today's show is all DFS!


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James Harden: With A Vengeance

November 26, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

James Harden's early season struggles are a thing of the past, but not so, those of the Houston Rockets. Harden continues to be an awesome fantasy presence, but he has little help.


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John, Paul George, and Ringo

November 25, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

So, apparently Paul George came back being a significantly better player than he was before the injury and is a freak of medical nature. He dominated the Wizards and is thriving playing the four this season.


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Walker, Charlotte Ranger

November 24, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

Kemba Walker showed us what sort of point guard we could have on our hands if he learned how to shoot. Judging by what we've seen this season, maybe he has?


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It's Good To Have AD Back

November 23, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

So, Anthony Davis is back. The injury risk is a legitimate concern, but it's hard to complain when he turns in performances like he did Sunday.


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Week 5 Schedule Analysis

November 22, 2015 by Matt Smith

16 teams have four games this week giving weekly owners plenty of tough start/sit decisions. Of the teams with four games the Timberwolves, Bucks, Celtics and Cavaliers have the more fantasy friendly schedules, while the Suns and Hawks have the least. I’m not suggesting to start Michael Car...

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Josh Lloyd: YouTube - Podcast - @redrock_bball

Kyle McKeown: @RotoKyleNBA

Matt Smith: @SmanSports


Otto Porter Jr- Ronald - Yes. It's hard to find a league where Porter shouldn't be owned right now. [kylemckeown16]

Danilo Gallinari- All of those guys are nice targets, too, if unloading Galo. I believe in all of those guys to maintain relative value moving forward, though we may not see consistenty crazy performances from Knight going forward. Dude has been great so far. [kylemckeown16]

D'Angelo Russell- Russell is rebounding even when he doesn't get the ball enough to be a facilitator, which makes me feel like he's finding ways to stay productive, and that makes me feel good about holding him in most leagues until the damn breaks and Russell is truly allowed to play on the ball more or Kobe is vaporized by Father Time and starts sitting more games to open touches for Russell. [kylemckeown16]

Danilo Gallinari- Thanks Kyle, I'm punting FT's but not FG as I have CP3, Bledsoe, Drum, & DJA. Rondo is interesting to pair with CP3, Conley also since he hits 3's/gets stls as well... what do you think of Knight/Kemba/IT3 as possible targets? [scottkdouglas]

Patrick Patterson- I would much rather take the potential defensive upside of Biyombo than to roster Patterson. Despite playing in every game this season and having plenty of opportunity to try and carve out a larger role, Patterson has only scored in double figures twice, and he doesn't offer much anywhere else. He's a poor man's Marvin Williams. [kylemckeown16]

Robert Covington- McDaniels was a contract holdout after being drafted in the second round and only agreed to a one-year non-guaranteed deal. I was surprised McDaniels was traded, too, but I think he saw the possibility that KJ was going to become an issue off the court and didn't want to deal with it, so he traded for a scoring point guard in Isaiah Canaan, which they needed after trading MCW. It all makes sense from a certain perspective. [kylemckeown16]

Terrence Jones- HairlineAirlines - I wouldn't really be panicking to get rid of Jones. He's actually played pretty well over the last couple weeks besides a couple bummer games. He's played 28+ minutes in 5 of his last 6 games. That's good. It appears he's maybe been on the perimeter more so far this season, because his 3Pt attempts are up, and his rebounds are down, but that is kind of a decent tradeoff. [kylemckeown16]

Robert Covington- You also don't develop players playing with D-League talent. Could argue it actually hurts the development and creates bad habits. Essentially he went too extreme. And the KJ McDaniels trade is still inexcusable. [TFergBaby]

Terrence Jones- BENRV21 - ABSOLUTELY. Middleton's shooting should improve, and hopefully he starts pickpocketting a little more. It's funny, he's shooting 39% from the field but 45% from 3Pt-land. Definitely a slight buy-low and much more security than Terrence. [kylemckeown16]

Robert Covington- Hinkie is Ra's al Ghul from Batman. He thinks you have to burn down the city to bleed out the corruption, and that's what he did to the Sixers. You don't get a high draft pick if you win games, and players don't develop by sitting on the bench behind crappy vets like Jason Thompson. It's ugly, but it's necessary. [kylemckeown16]

Robert Covington- Sure, they definitely have some assets for the future. I just think Hinkie's hardball nitty ways are going to bite him. Like why wouldn't you just keep KJ McDaniels, 3yr/10million is a asset in the current CBA environment. Embiid getting healthy is a long shot. I don't want to flood the comments, sixers def have some potential but they also deserve hate [TFergBaby]

Lou Williams- Too many bodies there for him to get enough run when everyone is healthy. Granted, Byron Scott may decide to start Lou at center the rest of the way and completely make the minutes crunch in the backcourt irrelevant. (Sarcasm.) [kylemckeown16]

Jahlil Okafor- The league has got to come down with a suspension. Not sure how long it will be, but they also might want to send a message to the rookie and make him sit multiple games for such a public incident that involved violence. I would guess a minimum of one game and a potential for three, so we'll probably rest on two games because of how contrite Okafor seems to be. That can weigh when the league contacts the player. [kylemckeown16]

Danilo Gallinari- Might as well aim for guys like Rondo, Reggie Jackson, Jeff Teague, Mike Conley. 9-cat makes Rondo look mediocre in the rankings, but if you're pinting TOs and the percentages, Rondo is the 14th best player in that punt build for H2H. [kylemckeown16]

Robert Covington- As for Covington's FG%, that's reason enough for me not to own him in Roto leagues. To me, he's really only a cumulative plus in H2H leagues where you aren't as worried about him killing you in FG% every week. He'll have both good and bad weeks. A sub-40 FG% is usually something that should be avoided in Roto leagues, where you're aiming to hit 48% or so as a team. [kylemckeown16]