Top Players (Per-Game) - Last Season (14-15) (view all)

  11.20Anthony DavisNORF6836.12.21-1.181.80-0.351.103.812.310.580.50
  21.00Stephen CurryGSWG8032.72.083.04-0.532.282.42-0.780.721.59-1.80
  30.86James HardenHOUG8136.82.851.850.021.922.100.11-0.762.59-2.94
  40.82Chris PaulLACG8234.81.070.81-0.413.462.10-0.830.571.34-0.74
  50.74Kevin DurantOKCF2733.82.431.610.380.55-0.260.421.451.37-1.30
  60.58Kawhi LeonardSASF6431.80.520.050.62-
  70.57Russell WestbrookOKCG6734.43.020.330.662.682.54-0.78-1.471.62-3.51
  80.53Jimmy ButlerCHIG6538.
  90.48Klay ThompsonGSWG7731.91.632.48-0.95-0.020.300.180.000.94-0.22
  100.45DeMarcus CousinsSACC5934.12.15-1.152.770.301.221.830.130.21-3.40
  110.44Kyrie IrvingCLEG7536.41.641.29-0.961.081.21-0.690.151.17-0.95
  120.40LeBron JamesCLEF6936.12.400.870.172.111.350.060.82-1.30-2.91
  130.40Pau GasolCHIC7834.40.96-1.012.42-0.11-1.592.030.830.38-0.35
  140.39LaMarcus AldridgePORF7135.42.00-0.581.81-0.56-0.760.480.090.990.07
  150.36Paul MillsapATLF7332.70.560.060.860.061.820.450.31-0.21-0.68

Top Players (Per-Game) - NBA Summer League 2015 (view all)

11.03Myles TurnerINDC329.11.61-0.321.48-1.34-0.664.582.730.270.90
20.99Oleksiy PecherovDENC119.92.152.461.34-1.34-1.61-0.901.473.242.12
30.94Justin DentmonDLGG524.71.223.17-1.100.512.40-0.651.471.270.18
40.91Seth CurryNORG633.12.930.47-0.200.552.93-0.900.321.790.30
50.65Dante ExumUTAG128.71.920.080.082.21-1.61-0.900.103.120.90
60.57Russ SmithMEMG529.30.71-0.16-
70.47Erick GreenDENG524.10.710.55-1.441.500.97-0.901.31-0.081.63
80.45Rodney HoodUTAF227.42.03-0.521.130.44-0.18-0.272.15-1.000.30
90.43DJ KennedyHOUG429.20.46-
100.41Dwight PowellDALF632.31.651.461.830.44-0.18-0.27-0.36-0.970.10
110.40Keith ApplingORLG526.30.89-0.64-1.530.792.69-0.650.621.71-0.31
120.39Glen RiceHOUF529.91.681.27-0.090.511.83-0.90-0.700.74-0.79
130.39Aaron GordonORBF332.62.311.272.890.550.301.211.16-3.83-2.33
140.38Sean KilpatrickMILG628.71.492.06-0.70-0.750.54-0.480.450.720.10
150.37Marcus SmartBOSG524.90.991.50-0.771.641.83-0.39-1.760.87-0.55
Isaiah Thomas G BOS
15h 8m ago
 Open link
Isiaiah Thomas said he is motivated for the upcoming season and wants to accomplish more as a team.
Paul Pierce F LAC
16h 37m ago
 Open link
Clipper head coach Doc Rivers said he plans to experiment with newly signed Paul Pierce at the "stretch" four position this season.
Dwight Howard C HOU
16h 43m ago
 Open link
Dwight Howard was detained in a Houston airport for having a gun in his carry-on.
Jarell Martin F MEM
17h 57m ago
 Open link
Grizzlies rookie Jarell Martin broke his left foot in a workout Wednesday, per team. Martin will have surgery on September 3.
19h 18m ago
Cavaliers have officially re-signed J.R. Smith.
Chandler Parsons F DAL
19h 23m ago
 Open link
Chandler Parsons has added 1-dribble pull-ups to shooting routine. Has also been doing heavy lifting with his surgically repaired leg.
Marcus Smart G BOS
20h 3m ago
 Open link
Marcus Smart has been cleared for all basketball activities.
20h 9m ago
Glen Davis is having surgery to repair torn ligaments, a cyst and bone spurs in his left ankle Wednesday.
Ricky Rubio G MIN
 Open link
Ricky Rubio (ankle) has been fully cleared to play.
Deron Williams G DAL
 Open link
Deron Williams has been impressive in pre-training camp workouts in Dallas.
Chuck Hayes has signed a one-year deal with the Clippers.
Marcelo Huertas, one of the Euroleague’s most accomplished playmakers, has agreed to a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.
Bucks have agreed on a deal with guard Charlie Westbrook.
The 76ers have expressed interest in signing Kendall Marshall.