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Josh Top 10 (Per Game and Total Values)

11.03 #1 75g 35m1.05 #1-0.05Anthony Davis LAL3F7530.4
20.90 #2 76g 35m0.97 #3-3.32James Harden HOU4G7638.0
30.82 #3 80g 34m0.97 #2-1.20Karl-Anthony Towns MIN5C8031.3
40.74 #4 71g 34m0.67 #4-2.15Stephen Curry GSW4G7133.2
50.71 #5 71g 32m0.63 #5-1.39Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL5F7132.9
60.58 #6 68g 34m0.45 #90.66Kawhi Leonard  LAC3F6829.4
70.57 #7 68g 33m0.44 #100.33Kyrie Irving BKN5G6830.8
80.52 #8 75g 32m0.54 #70.12Nikola Jokic DEN5C7528.0
90.50 #9 76g 36m0.55 #6-1.03Damian LillardPOR5G7628.5
100.49 #10 68g 33m0.36 #13-1.11Joel EmbiidPHI4C6833.9

Kyle Top 10 (Per Game and Total Values)

11.25 #1 75g 36m1.27 #1-0.25Anthony Davis   LAL4F7529.2
21.07 #2 78g 36m1.19 #2-3.56James Harden   HOU4G7839.1
30.87 #3 74g 34m0.87 #4-1.66Stephen Curry   GSW4G7432.3
40.83 #4 80g 34m0.99 #3-1.04Karl-Anthony Towns   MIN4C8031.7
50.81 #5 66g 34m0.60 #70.25Kawhi Leonard    LAC2F6630.3
60.74 #6 74g 33m0.75 #5-1.56Giannis Antetokounmpo   MIL4F7432.5
70.60 #7 67g 34m0.44 #12-1.39Joel Embiid  PHI4C6734.1
80.58 #8 62g 32m0.31 #19-0.67Chris Paul   OKC2G6225.4
90.54 #9 70g 32m0.45 #100.39Kyrie Irving   BKN3G7031.0
100.53 #10 78g 32m0.62 #60.08Nikola Jokic   DEN5C7828.7

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