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Out Tim Hardaway Jr ATL, Out Open link
Hardaway Jr is inactive for Monday's game.
Out Greivis Vasquez MIL, Out Open link
Vasquez missed last game and is out for Monday (sore right ankle).
Injured Mike Dunleavy CHI, Injured Open link
Dunleavy visited a doctor Monday to have the soreness in his surgically-repaired back analyzed. He will rest for two weeks and get a couple more opinions on the health of his back. It's looking like a January return at best with the rest and timeline that was given.
Active Spencer Dinwiddie DET, Active Open link
Dinwiddie missed the past 3 games and is active Monday (sore knee). It's unclear whether he'll get the backup PG job back or if Steve Blake will keep the minutes.
Active Chris Bosh MIA, Active Open link
Bosh is active for Monday's game (illness). He said he plans to play.

By George, He's Done It Again

November 30, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

Paul George's presence as a top 10 player is certainly surprising to me, as he has overcome a significant mental hurdle to not only get back to his best but to somehow be far and away a better player than he was pre-injury. Congratulations if you drafted him.


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Week 6 Schedule Analysis

November 29, 2015 by Matt Smith

Another week is done, and hopefully your fantasy teams are faring well as the season progresses. By now, you should be getting a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your team, enabling you to make moves for the week ahead with more clarity.


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Anthony Davis, Come Save Us

November 29, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

So, it appears Chris Paul didn't end Anthony Davis' career Friday night, despite Twitter's protests, as AD was back and destroying again. The latest injury scare may be an opportunity to buy him as low as you'll ever see, but Saturday's output might reduce that chance.


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An Almost 5x5 Friday

November 28, 2015 by Kyle McKeown

On a 12-game Friday evening, there were plenty of lineup changes and big fantasy lines to go over, and leading the way was Kawhi Leonard missing a 5x5 performance by one steal.


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All Wired Up - A Capela

November 28, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

As you've probably noticed, the waiver wire section was omitted from the Weekly Primer article last week. That will be the case moving forward, as Matt Smith handles the weekly primer from now on, covering ways to maximise your output from the schedule.


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Turkey Hangover

November 27, 2015 by Josh Lloyd

No games to recap, so today's show is all DFS!


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Matt Smith: @SmanSports


Kevin Martin- Please don't stop Kyle. Your humor is much needed and appreciated here. You even prefaced your comment with "rant". If someone can't tell that it's hyperbole then it's his problem. Ridiculous. [#54982]

DeAndre Jordan- Most of his stats look typical. He got a lot of minutes in December last season and went on that rebounding tear, but he's averaging just 32 mpg right now, so he's only pulling down 12 boards per game, but his blocks are up per-minute. Is there something specific you're hoping he does better in? [kylemckeown16]

Kevin Martin- I like the commentary so I don't think sif2988 speaks for everyone. Feel free to comment. [hsahardid]
100% agree

Kevin Martin- This is the players comments section of the site, not the projections. So, I think it's fair if I offer my commentary on the players here. Also, Martin is taking 8.4 FGA per game over the last two weeks. He's not being aggressive at all despite having a starting role. The comment of "anything but 42-team league" is hyperbole. I'll try to cut back on making any comments that aren't 100 percent void of opinion in the future and just report facts. Sorry if I've mislead at all. [kylemckeown16]
100% agree

Tyreke Evans- Fair enough, but I'm looking beyond the whole B2B/rest issue initially...more concerned about playoffs and ROS. I very much question Payton given what we've seen over the last month, even holding fast. In categories leagues with FG%, I honestly question his value very heavily, even looking optimistically. [Jayde]

Kevin Martin- Kyle, you keep doing this. Your emotions seem to be inseperable from your analysis, and as a result it's making your recommendations hard to trust, which is a shame because you're one of only two guys running this thing day-to-day. "Like" him or not, KM is worth rostering in deep leagues. Just some perspective--I mean for it to be constructive. [sif2988]
0% agree

Thabo Sefolosha- That feels like trading a quarter for two dimes. I'd ride out Green's crappy shooting or look to grab a better H2H player than Thabo who is going to help you more overall. Is TJ Warren available? That's a flier worth taking. [kylemckeown16]

Thabo Sefolosha- Drop Danny Green for Thabo in a 12 Man h2h? [Martiaci]
0% agree

Tyreke Evans- The projections can't always account for every variable. I described a pretty complex situation with a lot of moving parts. It's really about whether or not you want to assume the risk of owning Evans versus owning Payton. [kylemckeown16]
100% agree

Tyreke Evans- Kyle: Not really sure how to reconcile that with the current projections and values? Evans is projected as having generally better stats than Payton (+5 PTS, +1 REB, -1 AST, +5% FG%, double 3s, wash on most other stats) so where are the projections wrong? Just minutes? [Jayde]

Alex Len- ScottKD - Len is only a deep-league option. He has started two games for Tyson recently. He played 16 and 28 minutes, and that will probably continue to fluctuate as the Suns will often go small with neither Tyson or Len playing. [kylemckeown16]

DeAndre Jordan- jordan is usually a slow starter to begin the season right? [illusionz]

Kristaps Porzingis- JBS - Thanks so much for the heads up on that. It's all fixed. [kylemckeown16]
100% agree

Aaron Gordon- AJH22 - Whether or not I'm holding Gordon is dependent a lot on the league and my team. I still have him stashed in some leagues where there's nothing but trash on the wire, but if there's someone worth picking up, I have not hesitated to drop Gordon. The Magic have won 3 straight with Oladipo on the bench. I'm just waiting for all other teams to realize this genius and to start putting their best players in bench roles. Unfortunately, the wins probably keep Gordon in his limited role for now. [kylemckeown16]

Aaron Gordon- How long are we holding onto Gordon? I think we all know his production is off the charts and it is just a matter of playing time. He certainly is not worth starting now, but I don't want to drop only because Skils *could* decide to play him more minutes beginning with any game. With ~25-27 min, this guy is a stud. What to do? [ajh22]