Questions Answered

How have players performed in the past?
Our z-score-based Player Rankings provide objective rankings customized to your settings.  Choose current season, past seasons, date periods, past # of days, or past # of games.
How will players perform this season?
Our rest of season projections are updated daily based on today’s news and changing player roles. Josh Lloyd maintains our main projection set plus you can get an additional opinion by adding Kyle McKeown’s projections.
Who should I add or drop?
Who should I add or drop? Using our Advanced Ownership % (more relevant than the one you see from your provider), you can see who other users are adding and dropping. This also helps determine who will be popular when waivers run.
When should I draft a player?
The player's Value is only one thing to consider. ADP is helpful to make sure you don't draft someone too early, Positional Value shows the scarcity of the player's position, and Dynamic Value helps you draft players providing scarce stats.
What help do I get when drafting?
Using our Draft Tracker, you can import from Yahoo!, ESPN, FanTrax, and CBS to see your live projected standings and team analysis. This allows you to adjust your strategy on the fly to attack your opponents' strengths.
How do I win a competitive league?
In H2H leagues, punting can be your best strategy to win your league. Punting is deciding to ignore certain categories so you can concentrate on enough other categories to win your matchups. We provider punt instructions along with articles explaining how to punt major categories.
How strong is my team compared to others?
Our Team Analysis shows the total strength of your team and your strength in each category.  It also shows how balanced your categories are along with the individual balance of each player.   Building a balanced team can help defend against injuries.
Which players have potential?
Most pages allow an analysis based on Skill Level letting you to see which players produce on a per-minute basis.  This can be helpful to determine the upward potential of players while drafting or determining who to add/drop.
Will my H2H team make the playoffs?
Projected Standings estimate your wins/losses vs. all opponents letting you know if our analysts like your chances.  Once the playoffs are likely, you can then plan your potential matchups.
Will I win my matchip this week?
Using the H2H daily tool and the SmartTool, you can see estimated wins/losses vs. your opponent. You can then use the SmartTool for add/drop suggestions during the week to improve your chances.
What place will my Roto team finish?
Projected Standings combine current standings with the remaining projections to estimate your league's final standings. You can then use the SmartTool to get suggested adds/drops to improve your results.
How did players do today?
Our Live Results page along with live Box Scores let you see how players are doing today.  Each night, our analysts comment on relevant players letting you know who may be worth adding or dropping.
How difficult is a player's schedule?
Daily and short-term projections include an Ease value letting you know what the difficulty of their matchup will be. This can be used to determine who to start or who to add.
What does the community think of players?
Using our Polls, Message Boards, and User Comments, you can query the community to see what they're thinking.  Before making a questionable move, it's best to post a Poll to get quick feedback from our educated community.
What do analysts think of my players?
Analyst posts their comments on players nightly which can be seen through the Box Scores or the Monster Page.  The Monster Page will also show recommended adds/streams/drops/holds based on your league size.
Someone just got hurt, what do I do?
By watching our news feed, subscribing to our alerts, or following our private Twitter feed you can see injuries as they're reported. We also include a brief suggestion of who will likely benefit. Further analysis can be done with Usage Monster to see who benefits when a player is out.