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Main Articles

Week 1 Preview Dec 21 by Matt Smith 13
Western Conference Preseason Notes Dec 17 by Josh Lloyd 4
30 Deep Industry Draft Review LIVE Dec 16 by Josh Lloyd 17

This article will be continually updated as picks are made, but I thought it would be interesting to see the draft in progress

Sleepers, Busts and Breakouts Dec 16 by Matt Smith 15
Eastern Conference Preseason Notes Dec 16 by Josh Lloyd 3
Matt Smith Fantasy Basketball Q&A Chat Recap Dec 16 by Matt Smith 11

Matt Smith answers your Fantasy Basketball questions every Wednesday at 6ET.

Aucton League Draft Results and Strategy Dec 16 by Kyle McKeown 20

Kyle gets excessively verbose breaking down a recent H2H Auction League Draft he did, 9-cat, 14 teams, 14 roster spots. He gets into strategy and tries to paint a picture of what to expect in aucitons this season. 

League Draft Review: 12-team, 9-cat, H2H Dec 12 by Kyle McKeown 12

Kyle runs through his first real league draft, a 12-team, 9-cat Head-to-Head league. 

New Coaches In The NBA Dec 11 by Josh Lloyd 1
Training Camp Notes: Between the Rockets and a Harden Place Dec 7 by Kyle McKeown 11

We had an interesting weekend in the NBA with teams starting to hold practices, while James Harden decided to extend his hold out amidst reports that he was at a birthday party in Atlanta last week. Kyle McKeown covers all the injury, rotation, and oddball notes from camp.

Categorical Scarcity Dec 5 by Matt Smith 25
Thursday Training Camp Notes: Stiffness in the Morning Dec 3 by Kyle McKeown 1

A rundown of the news, injury, and rotation notes from Thursday. 

Notes On The Western Conference Dec 2 by Josh Lloyd
Training Camp Notes Dec 2 by Kyle McKeown 6

Training camps opened Tuesday, and we got a ton of information about injuries, starting lineups, and rotations after coaches and players met with the media over the last day and a half, so I tried to break it all down.

Notes On The Eastern Conference Dec 1 by Josh Lloyd 1
BBM Discord Nov 29 by Josh Lloyd 643
Bounceback Candidates Nov 28 by Josh Lloyd 5

Who are the guys we should be looking at who could be ready for a nice bounceback year?

Trade Candidates Nov 28 by Josh Lloyd

It feels like this season we are going to get a lot of players traded, which will have an impact in fantasy. Who are those guy?

Sleepers Nov 28 by Josh Lloyd 1

Let's look at some sleepers for this year's drafts!

Busts Nov 28 by Josh Lloyd 3

Let's look at players who may end up being busts this season.

Position Tiers

Dynasty Rookie Tiers Dec 4 by Josh Lloyd 4
Overall Ranking Tiers Dec 4 by Matt Smith 37
Centre Positional Tiers Dec 2 by Matt Smith 10
Power Forward Positional Tiers Nov 30 by Matt Smith 4
Small Forward Positional Tiers Nov 30 by Matt Smith 8
Shooting Guard Positional Tiers Nov 29 by Matt Smith 2
Point Guard Positional Tiers Nov 28 by Matt Smith 5

Punt Guides

Punt Steals Guide Dec 3 by Josh Lloyd 9
Punt Points Guide Dec 1 by Josh Lloyd
Punt Blocks Guide Dec 1 by Josh Lloyd 1
Punt Assist Guide Nov 30 by Josh Lloyd 6
How To Punt In H2H Leagues Nov 29 by Josh Lloyd 8
Punt FG% Guide Nov 29 by Josh Lloyd 3
Punt FT% Guide Nov 29 by Josh Lloyd 2

Mock Drafts

One Man Mock Draft Nov 30 by Josh Lloyd 10