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Main Articles

My Watch List Oct 22 by Kyle McKeown 17

Kyle McKeown gives a run down of the watch list from one of his 12-team leagues. 

Week 1 Preview Oct 19 by Matt Smith 31
Western Conference Injury and Rotation Updates Oct 18 by Kyle McKeown 8

With preseason finishing this Friday, rotations and player roles have become more apparent, so Kyle McKeown takes us through a quick hit on everything we've heard about the Western Conference injuries and rotation notes going into Friday evening.

Eastern Conference Injury and Rotation Updates Oct 17 by Kyle McKeown 5

With preseason finishing this Thursday and Friday, rotations and player roles have become more apparent, so Kyle McKeown takes us through a quick hit on everything we've heard about the Eastern Conference injuries and rotation notes going into Thursday evening.

Preseason Fact Or Fiction Oct 16 by Josh Lloyd 42
Western Conference Preseason Notes Oct 10 by Kyle McKeown 18
Eastern Conference Preseason Notes Oct 9 by Josh Lloyd 7
Rotisserie Strategy and Draft Review Oct 8 by Kyle McKeown 15

BBM analyst Kyle McKeown offers thoughts on his strategy for rotisserie leagues and breaks down a recent league draft he did with other BBM users. 

Preseason News Roundup for Sunday Oct 5 by Kyle McKeown 10

With training camps nearly done and preseason games tipping off, we're getting a lot of news to chew on that's affecting our expectations about rotations and player production, so let's do a quick hit on everything we've heard going into Sunday morning.

Deep One Man Mock Oct 2 by Josh Lloyd 10
Preseason News Roundup for Saturday Sep 28 by Kyle McKeown 7

A quick hit on all the NBA news going into Saturday afternoon.

Bounceback Candidates Sep 21 by Josh Lloyd 3
Dynasty Draft Review, H2H, 16-team, 9-cat Sep 20 by Kyle McKeown 16

Kyle McKeown reviews a recent head-to-head dynasty draft he participated in for a 16-team, 9-category league. 

Categorical Scarcity Sep 20 by Matt Smith 39
Dynasty Stash Options Sep 19 by Josh Lloyd 1
Auction Draft Review, H2H 12-team Sep 17 by Kyle McKeown 20

Kyle reviews his recent H2H 12-team expert league auction draft and offers some insight on his auction draft strategy. 

Dynasty Rookie Ranks Sep 16 by Josh Lloyd 4

Here are my ranks for rookies in dynasty drafts

Second Half Risers/Fallers Sep 16 by Josh Lloyd 7

Lots of players values change in the second half of the NBA season. Being aware of some of those spots can be useful as you head into your fantasy draft

Where should I draft Kristaps Porzingis? Sep 11 by Kyle McKeown 8

Porzingis is coming off knee surgery and has a lot of people wondering where he should go in fantasy drafts this season. BBM fantasy analyst Kyle McKeown breaks down where he's willing to consider drafting KP and offers an argument for why we shouldn't be too worried about KP missing games for load management.

Auction Draft Strategies Sep 10 by Josh Lloyd 23

I will be doing an Auction Draft next week, but for now, here is a primer if you've never done an auction, or are an auction veteran and want to see how your method stacks up

Josh vs Kyle Sep 10 by Josh Lloyd

Kyle and I recorded a show where we looked at players with decent discrepancies between our two projection sets and discussed our reasoning behind it

Where should I draft Chris Paul? Sep 10 by Kyle McKeown 15

Chris Paul's per-game projections have him coming out as a first-round player for this season, but he's a risky investment too early in drafts given the possibility of him missing 20+ games and potentially seeing his FG% drop even further. So, where should we target him? 

Who To Take With First Overall Pick? Sep 9 by Greg Ehrenberg 20

This is the toughest year to select at 1.1 that I can ever remember. We aren’t just debating between a couple of players, five guys have a case for being the first overall pick. Karl-Anthony Towns, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis, Steph Curry and James Harden are all viable options as the first pick and I can’t fault anybody for selecting any player from this group at the top of the draft. Josh, Kyle, Matt and I (Greg) have been discussing what to do at the top of the draft for over a month and we have some different opinions. Here we each make a case for who to take first overall in standard H2H leagues.

Where should I draft Danilo Gallinari? Sep 8 by Kyle McKeown 9

Danilo Gallinari was a steal in the final few rounds of drafts last season and then went on to have the best year of his career. He's going a lot higher in drafts this season, but where should we plan on drafting him?  

Questions for New Coaches Sep 5 by Kyle McKeown

What should we expect from first-time NBA head coaches John Beilein and Taylor Jenkins? Kyle McKeown breaks down the questions we have in two situations without a lot of answers. 

2019-20 Team Previews Sep 3 by Josh Lloyd

On my show, I've been doing a preview show on all 30 NBA teams with local hosts from the Locked On Podcast Network. Here is a playlist with all the shows.

Don't Draft This Guy Sep 3 by Josh Lloyd 3

If you're looking for a reason to hate every pick you make or consider making, read this, where I go through reasons to not draft all of the top 40 players.

High Variance Projections Sep 1 by Josh Lloyd 11

If you just look at per game projections, so names may not be quite as they seem. Here is some info on players with a decent amount of variance in their possible outcomes for the season.

The 2019 Rookies To Know Sep 1 by Josh Lloyd

We've been spoiled with rookie production over the last couple of years. But, will it happen again?

Sleepers, Breakouts, And Busts Sep 1 by Josh Lloyd 7

I canvassed all of the Basketball Monster contributors for their sleepers, breakouts, and busts for this coming season. Let us know if you agree or disgree with our picks.

Position Tiers

Overall Ranking Tiers Sep 27 by Matt Smith 49
Positional Tiers - Centres Sep 15 by Matt Smith 18
Positional Tiers - Power Forwards Sep 12 by Matt Smith 7
Positional Tiers - Small Forwards Sep 11 by Matt Smith 11
Positional Tiers - Shooting Guards Sep 4 by Matt Smith 9
Positional Tiers - Point Guards Sep 1 by Matt Smith

Punt Guides

Punt Steals Guide Sep 15 by Josh Lloyd

If you want to punt steals, take a read of this

Punt FT% Guide Sep 15 by Josh Lloyd 1

Taking a look at punting free throw percentage in a head to head league

Punt Assists Guide Sep 10 by Josh Lloyd 8

Punt assists shakes out as a very strong option this season. Here's some thoughts on the strategy

Punt FG% Guide Sep 2 by Josh Lloyd 5

I love punting field goal percentage and here is a look at players who can fit that build for your head to head leagues

How To Punt In H2H Leagues Sep 1 by Josh Lloyd 19

If you've never punted in a fantasy basketball league, this is the place to start.

Punt Points Guide Sep 1 by Josh Lloyd 2

If you are considering punting points in your head to head league, check this out

Punt Blocks Guide Sep 1 by Josh Lloyd

Before you consider punting blocks, have a read of this

Punt Threes Guide Sep 1 by Josh Lloyd

If you are looking to punt threes, an abundant category, have a read of this and offer your thoughts in the comments

Mock Drafts

Mock Drafts Oct 3 by Josh Lloyd 22
One Man Mock Draft Sep 23 by Josh Lloyd 29

How many personalities are too many personalities? Well, we are about to find out as I take the reins for 12 teams in a mock draft and try and form fantasy teams that make sense.

H2H 9 Cat Mock Draft (Yahoo Default 2 Centres) Sep 13 by Josh Lloyd 20

Another H2H Mock draft, this time with the Yahoo default roster construction of two centres

Roto 9 Cat Mock Draft Sep 4 by Josh Lloyd 8

This mock draft looked at the strategy of drafting in a 9 cat rotisserie league

H2H 9 Cat Mock Draft Sep 3 by Josh Lloyd 10

Another mock draft, this time a 9 cat H2H league.

Roto 8 Cat Mock Draft Sep 2 by Josh Lloyd 7

Here is the first mock draft I am writing up for the site, looking at a standard 8 cat roto league. Who do you think is the best?