Draft Kit 2021-22

The Draft Kit is included with the Monster and Super Monster Memberships.

Draft Kit articles will be added throughout the pre-season.

Main Articles

Week 1 Preview Oct 17 by Matt Smith 11
Yahoo Points League Draft Review Oct 8 by Kyle McKeown 3
Sleepers, Breakouts, And Busts Oct 7 by Josh Lloyd 14
Western Conference Training Camp Notes Oct 6 by Kyle McKeown 1
Eastern Conference Training Camp Notes Oct 5 by Kyle McKeown 7
Sleepers, Busts and Breakouts Oct 4 by Matt Smith 7
The Backup Plan Oct 3 by Matt Smith 9
BBM Member Mailbag Oct 1 by Josh Lloyd 80
COVID Vaccination Status/Impact Sep 29 by Josh Lloyd 19
9-Cat Yahoo H2H Draft Review Sep 20 by Kyle McKeown 17
Alternate Categories Sep 19 by Josh Lloyd 14
Categorical Scarcity Sep 11 by Matt Smith 15
Early ESPN Sleepers Sep 8 by Josh Lloyd 5
Early Yahoo Sleepers Aug 28 by Josh Lloyd 5
Coaching Changes Aug 27 by Kyle McKeown

BBM analyst Kyle McKeown takes a look at the nine teams that switched coaches this offseason and how that could change fantasy value for those teams. 

Category Weighting Aug 24 by Josh Lloyd 18
Resting & Injuries Aug 24 by Josh Lloyd 12

Position Tiers

Dynasty Rookie Tiers Sep 21 by 6
Position Tiers Sep 1 by Matt Smith

Punt Guides

Punt Steals Guide Oct 3 by Kyle McKeown 2
Punt Points Guide Sep 30 by Kyle McKeown 4
Punt Assists Guide Sep 28 by Kyle McKeown 10
Punt Blocks Guide Sep 26 by Kyle McKeown
Punt FG% Guide Sep 15 by Kyle McKeown 15
Punt FT% Guide Sep 9 by Kyle McKeown 15
Punt Guide: Turnovers Sep 3 by Kyle McKeown 2

In the second article of the Punt Guide series, BBM analyst Kyle McKeown breaks down the importance of punting turnovers in head-to-head leagues. 

How to Punt in Head to Head Leagues Aug 31 by Kyle McKeown 31

BBM Analyst Kyle McKeown offers an introduction to punting in head-to-head leagues, the first article in a series of punt guides. 

Mock Drafts

Dynasty Start Up Mock Draft Oct 16 by Josh Lloyd 6
Dynasty Mock Draft Sep 19 by Josh Lloyd 5
One Man Mock Draft Sep 15 by Josh Lloyd 15
First Mock Draft Of The Season Aug 23 by Josh Lloyd 10