Basketball Monster Memberships

Option 1 - H2H/Roto

  • Determine players to add/drop using our instantly updated In-Season Projections.
  • Manage rosters with our automated imports for Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, and FanTrax.
  • See your strengths and weaknesses using our Team Analysis tool.
  • Analyze benefits of trades using our Trade Analysis tool.
  • See where you stand using our Projected Standings for Roto and H2H.
  • Determine your best daily pickups using Daily Projections.
  • Determine your best weekly pickups using Weekly Projections.
  • Win your H2H matchups using H2H Daily and Weekly tools.
  • Improve your fantasy knowledge by reading our Member Content.
  • Get your questions answered during our scheduled chats.
  • Interact with your fellow members using our Member Message Boards.
  • Express and grade your opion using our User Polls.

Option 2 - Playoffs DFS (2 rounds)

  • Comprehensive provider support including FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo! DFS, FantasyDraft, and many more all for one price.
  • Experienced projections from Basketball Monster with 10+ years generating projections.
  • Up to date projections updated in real-time as news occurs.
  • Be prepared with the ability to view "What If" scenarios showing projections for a player being in or out.
  • Dynamic projections based on our unique factors including opponent strength, NBA odds, home/away, player rest, and recent performance.
  • Anayst advice including daily podcasts and recommended plays for FanDuel and DraftKings.

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  $4.95  H2H/Roto

  $9.95  Playoffs DFS (2 rounds)

  $12.95  H2H/Roto+Playoffs DFS

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