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NEW ARTICLE - Week 20 Schedule Analysis

<October 2017>

ViewSAS 87@ ORL 1147:00 pmFinalSAS by 5.5 o/u 207.0SAS 106 @ ORL 101
ViewHOU 109@ CHA 937:00 pmFinalHOU by 2.5 o/u 214.5HOU 108 @ CHA 106
ViewDEN 105@ ATL 1007:30 pmFinalDEN by 7.0 o/u 210.5DEN 109 @ ATL 102
ViewBKN 86@ NYK 1077:30 pmFinalNYK by 2.5 o/u 222.5BKN 110 @ NYK 112
ViewOKC 116@ MIN 1198:00 pmFinalOKC by 2.0 o/u 218.0OKC 110 @ MIN 108
ViewWAS 117@ GSW 12010:30 pmFinalGSW by 11.5 o/u 230.0WAS 109 @ GSW 121
ViewTOR 101@ LAL 9210:30 pmFinalTOR by 6.5 o/u 221.0TOR 114 @ LAL 107

Central Standard Time


SAS (87) @ ORL (114)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  80.95LaMarcus AldridgeF 99  SASY29:3024111001.643141.00051023.11.70-0.472.07-1.53-2.220.674.083.261.00
  380.07Pau GasolC 82  SASY25:3212011100.71471.00021013.8-0.54-1.542.07-1.04-2.22-1.292.901.291.00
  56-0.21Rudy GayF 40  SAS 23:53207404.1676.00002213.5-2.40-1.540.530.42-2.226.53-2.97-0.03-0.19
  72-0.43Kyle AndersonF 34  SASY21:52406310.25041.00021110.8-2.03-1.540.15-0.070.00-1.29-1.401.291.00
  80-0.56Brandon PaulG   SAS 21:26502111.6673.5002139.4-1.84-1.54-1.39-
  91-0.69Davis BertansF 2  SAS 15:14611001.28671.00010220.0-1.66-0.47-1.77-1.53-2.220.67-2.090.632.20
  95-0.75Dejounte MurrayG 51  SASY20:15704420.2229.75042025.8-1.47-1.54-0.620.422.23-1.29-3.65-0.59-0.19
  102-0.83Patty MillsG 16  SAS 20:371212310.286141.00033135.2-0.54-0.47-1.39-0.070.00-1.29-4.231.94-1.39
  114-0.91Bryn ForbesG 1  SAS 17:24511101.2229.00000221.4-1.84-0.47-1.77-1.04-2.220.67-3.65-0.032.20
  125-1.10Manu GinobiliG 3
bruised sternum
 SAS 14:00600010.11191.00041333.9-1.66-1.54-2.16-1.530.00-1.29-5.312.601.00
  131-1.16Derrick WhiteG 
 SAS 12:00103200.0002.5002019.7-2.59-1.54-1.01-0.56-2.22-1.29-1.50-1.912.20
  149-1.55Danny GreenG 23
  00.00Tony ParkerG 4  SAS 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:00874491988.33789.852271715
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  110.73Evan FournierF 83  ORLY26:502545210.83312.50023125.81.882.72-0.24-0.560.00-1.297.30-1.91-1.39
  250.32Aaron GordonF 91  ORLY25:561626201.63611.00001120.20.210.590.15-0.56-2.220.673.10-0.031.00
  280.30D.J. AugustinG 2  ORLY24:28713620.6005.0000039.1-1.47-0.47-1.011.392.23-1.291.14-0.032.20
  310.25Nikola VucevicC 94  ORLY22:561532302.6679.00003122.80.021.66-1.39-0.07-2.222.623.00-0.03-1.39
  410.03Jonathan IsaacF 2
right ankle
 ORL 19:24604121.25041.00041215.6-1.66-1.54-0.62-
  58-0.22Shelvin MackG 1  ORL 22:59801510.6676.00001113.3-1.28-1.54-1.770.900.00-1.292.02-0.031.00
  83-0.57Mario HezonjaG 9  ORL 12:00912010.6676.00003232.8-1.10-0.47-1.39-1.530.00-1.292.02-0.03-1.39
  98-0.77Jonathon SimmonsF 29  ORL 22:581704300.61513.25040328.10.39-1.54-0.62-0.07-2.22-1.293.19-6.972.20
  99-0.77Wesley IwunduF   ORL 7:05402010.6673.00002131.3-2.03-1.54-1.39-1.530.00-1.291.04-0.03-0.19
  103-0.83Terrence RossG 15
right mcl and tibial fracture
Est. Return 3/9/2018
INJ 6g
  133-1.16Marreese SpeightsF 1
Est. Return 2/28/2018
INJ 1g
 ORL 6:10001000.0002.00000214.6-2.77-1.54-1.77-1.53-2.22-1.29-1.50-0.032.20
  138-1.20Arron AfflaloG   ORL 6:10000000.0002.00000114.6-2.77-1.54-2.16-1.53-2.22-1.29-1.50-0.032.20
  140-1.25Bismack BiyomboC 22  ORL 18:54508002.4005.25042420.2-1.84-1.540.92-1.53-2.222.62-0.52-6.97-0.19
   0.00Totals    240:0011411452297.57184.500141824

  • This game was a blowout, so there is very little to take out of it, except that LaMarcus Aldridge continues to feast without Kawhi Leonard. If you can sell high, it might be worth investigating.
  • Back to back quiet games for Dejounte Murray. I think he remains starting when Tony Parker comes back, but I don’t think he is a must-own guy, even now.
  • Are the Magic legit? Maybe. Evan Fournier is roasting as is Aaron Gordon. One thing to remember when looking to sell these guys high is that you better actually be selling high. There is a chance that both players remain top 50 players and Gordon, in particular, could be a top 40 guy.
  • Terrence Ross struggled again and he is a streaming player only in standard leagues.

HOU (109) @ CHA (93)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  71.01Luc Mbah a MouteF 3  HOUY40:461228223.6258.00002211.0-0.540.590.92-0.562.234.582.12-0.03-0.19
  90.86Ryan AndersonF 50  HOUY34:412166111.438161.00010221.21.144.850.15-
  100.75James HardenG 100  HOUY36:56274101110.44418.87585432.42.252.721.693.820.00-1.29-0.712.04-3.78
  45-0.05Clint CapelaC 94  HOUY16:327060011.00031.0001059.1-1.47-1.540.15-1.53-2.220.672.700.632.20
  48-0.06P.J. TuckerF 10  HOU 37:099313201.30010.00001313.4-1.101.662.84-0.56-2.220.67-2.77-0.031.00
  75-0.46Bobby BrownG 
 FA 26:09714310.3758.00001215.6-1.47-0.47-0.62-0.070.00-1.29-1.21-0.031.00
  88-0.64Eric GordonG 85
right knee bruise
Est. Return 2/26/2018
  124-1.08Tarik BlackF   HOU 8:57002000.0000.0000155.0-2.77-1.54-1.39-1.53-2.22-1.290.06-0.031.00
  00.00Gerald GreenG 14  HOU 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Joe JohnsonG 2  HOU 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Trevor ArizaF 82  HOU 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Chris PaulG 100  HOU 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:0010922512156.44785.846131526
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  120.72Kemba WalkerG 100  CHAY38:372643511.364221.00061029.12.072.72-1.010.900.000.67-3.843.911.00
  370.11Jeremy LambG 46  CHAY29:582033311.50016.50022227.90.951.66-1.01-
  51-0.11Michael Kidd-GilchristF 30  CHAY13:54407111.5004.00000412.6-2.03-1.540.53-
  54-0.19Malik MonkG 5  CHA 27:431023210.33391.00020115.6-0.910.59-1.01-0.560.00-1.29-1.991.292.20
  97-0.77Johnny O'Bryant IIIF 
waived by knicks
 FA 13:38202110.2504.00000112.6-2.40-1.54-1.39-1.040.00-1.29-1.40-0.032.20
  101-0.82Frank KaminskyF 38  CHA 29:32814001.273111.00011118.4-1.28-0.47-0.62-1.53-2.220.67-3.550.631.00
  115-0.92Marvin WilliamsF 46  CHAY25:38312100.3333.0000116.8-2.21-0.47-1.39-1.04-2.22-1.29-0.62-0.031.00
  151-1.78Dwayne BaconF   CHA 29:06104100.0006.50022213.6-2.59-1.54-0.62-1.04-2.22-1.29-4.63-1.91-0.19
  153-1.93Dwight HowardC 94  CHAY31:5419016211.53813.333152229.90.77-1.543.99-0.560.000.671.53-22.08-0.19
  00.00Treveon GrahamG   CHA 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Michael Carter-WilliamsG   CHA 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Cody ZellerC 6  CHA 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Nicolas BatumG 79  CHA 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:009311441665.37588.57128914

  • Clint Capela saw a disappointing 17 minutes, but that due to foul trouble, racking up five. It’s not any reason to panic.
  • Bobby Brown weirdly got the backup point guard minutes over Demetrius Jackson and Isaiah Canaan. I would disregard until further notice.
  • Eric Gordon took a whopping 22 shots and I believe he is a key sell high type of guy. If you can get any sort of top 60 player for him, I would.
  • Malik Monk saw a lot of minutes with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist still limited, but wasn’t overly successful and I would only be using him on a daily basis or in deeper leagues as when MKG gets back to 30 minutes, he won’t see this level of playing time.
  • Marvin Williams was bad again. He is not a 12 team guy.

DEN (105) @ ATL (100)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  200.47Nikola JokicC 100  DENY32:3118015510.500161.00022024.40.58-1.543.610.900.00-1.290.851.29-0.19
  230.39Gary HarrisG 85  DENY34:161823320.53813.66730217.90.580.59-1.01-0.072.23-1.291.53-1.252.20
  350.17Mason PlumleeC 19  DEN 20:53905613.7504.50060113.5-1.10-1.54-0.241.390.004.581.92-5.662.20
  420.01Emmanuel MudiayG 5  NYK 28:001604400.417121.00060122.30.21-1.54-0.620.42-2.22-1.29-1.013.912.20
  43-0.02Paul MillsapF 87
left wrist sprain
Est. Return 3/11/2018
INJ 7g
  53-0.17Will BartonG 78  DEN 29:071826320.47117.00005232.30.580.590.15-0.072.23-1.290.07-0.03-3.78
  100-0.80Malik BeasleyG   DEN 10:38203100.5002.0000007.7-2.40-1.54-1.01-1.04-2.22-1.290.16-0.032.20
  126-1.10Wilson ChandlerF 30  DENY22:41201100.3333.0000117.4-2.40-1.54-1.77-1.04-2.22-1.29-0.62-0.031.00
  135-1.16Kenneth FariedF 4  DEN 11:31000000.0000.0000103.6-2.77-1.54-2.16-1.53-2.22-1.290.06-0.031.00
  148-1.40Jamal MurrayG 81  DENY20:06603000.25012.00001127.7-1.66-1.54-1.01-1.53-2.22-1.29-4.33-0.031.00
  00.00Trey LylesF 36  DEN 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Devin HarrisG   DEN 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:001054462484.46291.739231112
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  170.51Dennis SchroderG 95  ATLY32:312023610.438161.00040124.40.950.59-1.011.390.00-1.29-0.812.602.20
  220.40Taurean PrinceF 54  ATLY32:421937320.57114.00004224.70.771.660.53-0.072.23-1.292.41-0.03-2.58
  270.30Dewayne DedmonC 32  ATLY30:5313110101.44491.00040415.7-0.35-0.471.69-1.04-2.220.67-0.332.602.20
  50-0.10Marco BelinelliG 16  PHI 28:101552200.6258.00003017.80.023.79-1.39-0.56-2.22-1.292.12-0.03-1.39
  60-0.24Kent BazemoreG 78  ATLY26:36716412.3339.00003120.2-1.47-0.470.150.420.002.62-1.99-0.03-1.39
  73-0.43Malcolm DelaneyG 
 ATL 18:49711400.7504.00001011.9-1.47-0.47-1.770.42-2.22-1.291.92-0.031.00
  74-0.44Ersan IlyasovaF 33
buyout possible
  87-0.62Mike MuscalaF 1  ATL 20:42403111.16761.00021217.0-2.03-1.54-1.01-
  112-0.89Isaiah TaylorG   ATL 5:092000001.0001.0000019.1-2.40-1.54-2.16-1.53-2.22-1.290.94-0.032.20
  117-1.00John CollinsF 55  ATL 14:20608000.182111.00020538.5-1.66-1.540.92-1.53-2.22-1.29-
  121-1.03Luke BabbittF   MIA 0:23000000.0000.000001 -2.77-1.54-2.16-1.53-2.22-1.290.06-0.032.20
  00.00Tyler DorseyG   ATL 000000.0000.000000
  00.00DeAndre' BembryF   ATL 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:0010014432374.416891.000121221

  • Add Paul Millsap to the list of players that didn’t flourish in their ‘revenge game’. Millsap continues to struggle, with his lack of defensive numbers a real problem.
  • The Blue Arrow Jamal Murray was putrid. I understand dropping him, as his production and playing time have been below par, but I would only do it if there was an awesome free agent around. I still am maintaining a level of faith, but it is dwindling.
  • This is why Taurean Prince shouldn’t be on the waiver-wire. Even before this, he was barely outside the top 100, yet many people were dropping him. I would not have and I would add him if he is around. His minutes aren’t going anywhere.
  • The Baptist John Collins had five fouls in only 14 minutes. That’s bad. The Hawks use of Mike Muscala is also a little concerning for his short-term minutes, but The Baptist has proven to be useful in backup minutes so he is worth a hold.
  • Dewayne Dedmon looked the best he has all season and this is why we drafted him at the end of drafts. I am fine with him being a 12 team league guy as his field goal percentage has been well down to start the season and that will rise.
  • Dennis Schroder was back from his ankle injury and straight back into the action, while Marco Belinelli continues to light it up, providing a handy boost for triples and points. I wouldn’t label him a must-own though.

BKN (86) @ NYK (107)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  47-0.05Quincy AcyF 1  BKN 18:471244000.6676.00001117.8-0.542.72-0.62-1.53-2.22-1.292.02-0.031.00
  63-0.27Timofey MozgovC 2  BKNY13:55605001.7504.00000013.8-1.66-1.54-0.24-1.53-2.220.671.92-0.032.20
  66-0.30Spencer DinwiddieG 71  BKN 22:054001110.33331.00022112.9-2.03-1.54-2.163.820.00-1.29-0.621.29-0.19
  70-0.34D'Angelo RussellG 88  BKNY17:361512100.600101.00022234.60.02-0.47-1.39-1.04-2.22-
  78-0.48Joe HarrisG 6  BKN 27:09621110.3336.00000410.7-1.660.59-1.77-1.040.00-1.29-1.31-0.032.20
  89-0.66Jarrett AllenC 48  BKN 15:32203020.2504.00001115.1-2.40-1.54-1.01-1.532.23-1.29-1.40-0.031.00
  105-0.83Tyler ZellerC 1  MIL 9:58402100.6673.00001119.3-2.03-1.54-1.39-1.04-2.22-1.291.04-0.031.00
  110-0.89DeMarre CarrollF 58  BKNY23:09615000.2005.75040314.2-1.66-0.47-0.24-1.53-2.22-1.29-2.19-0.592.20
  116-0.96Trevor BookerF 18  PHI 18:021014000.5008.50022229.2-0.91-0.47-0.62-1.53-2.22-1.290.46-1.91-0.19
  128-1.11Allen CrabbeG 45  BKN 20:22001100.0002.0000004.8-2.77-1.54-1.77-1.04-2.22-1.29-1.50-0.032.20
  130-1.13Sean KilpatrickG 1  MIL 9:58801100.2867.80051049.3-1.28-1.54-1.77-1.04-2.22-1.29-
  139-1.22Rondae Hollis-JeffersonF 66
right groin strain
  152-1.79Caris LeVertG 19
  00.00Dante CunninghamF 1  BKN 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:008611341851.40574.714211620
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  31.53Kristaps PorzingisF 100
Out for season
acl surgery
  320.24Enes KanterC 84  NYKY16:231206102.7508.00001322.9-0.54-1.540.15-1.04-2.222.623.78-0.031.00
  46-0.05Courtney LeeG 63  NYKY29:501333110.364111.00020016.1-0.351.66-1.01-1.040.00-1.29-1.891.292.20
  52-0.14Kyle O'QuinnC 10  NYK 18:114012311.4005.00002215.8-2.03-1.542.45-
  61-0.25Doug McDermottF 2  DAL 20:391225000.6676.66730014.2-0.540.59-0.24-1.53-2.22-1.292.02-1.252.20
  69-0.33Jarrett JackG 10  NYKY25:30817510.4297.50021213.9-1.28-0.470.530.900.00-1.29-0.42-1.911.00
  94-0.74Frank NtilikinaG 5  NYK 22:30912510.36411.00003325.9-1.10-0.47-1.390.900.00-1.29-1.89-0.03-1.39
  118-1.01Michael BeasleyF 34  NYK 14:32402100.4005.00001216.3-2.03-1.54-1.39-1.04-2.22-1.29-0.52-0.031.00
  119-1.02Tim Hardaway Jr.F 79  NYKY36:441113200.33312.66731215.7-0.72-0.47-1.01-0.56-2.22-1.29-2.67-1.251.00
  123-1.07Lance ThomasF   NYK 6:28001000.0001.0000016.8-2.77-1.54-1.77-1.53-2.22-1.29-0.72-0.032.20
  146-1.34Damyean DotsonG   NYK 6:24001000.0004.00000027.1-2.77-1.54-1.77-1.53-2.22-1.29-3.07-0.032.20
  150-1.60Willy HernangomezC 27  CHA 13:26404120.5004.00042124.3-2.03-1.54-0.62-1.042.23-1.290.26-10.16-0.19
  00.00Emmanuel MudiayG 5  NYK 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Trey BurkeG 2  NYK 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:001079551976.44998.588171119

  • The Nets got blown out, so Kenny Atkinson had even more of an excuse to limit his players’ minutes. D’Angelo Russell was back after a one-game absence and played just 18 minutes. He was always going to be a little limited, but the blowout pushed it further down.
  • That gave Spencer Dinwiddie a chance at another fantasy relevant line, and he posted 11 assists in 22 minutes. I had a number of people tell me Dinwiddie was coming for LeVert’s minutes because the Nets were going to push Russell to the two, but Dinwiddie and Russell played exactly zero seconds together in this game, so I’m not worried about Dinwiddie replacing LeVert.
  • It was not Caris’ best game, though, I would still own him.
  • Allen Crabbe was not good, going scoreless in 20 minutes. He has a habit of doing this and it’s what makes him not a lock as a must-own player.
  • Jeff Hornacek loves jerking us around with his centre rotation. Imagine when Joakim Noah returns. He played three centres in this game, with Willy Hernangomez returning to the rotation and started Enes Kanter played only 16 minutes. No one can work this guy out, so don’t spend too much time trying to do it yourself. I don’t believe Willy is a ten or 12 team guiyu.
  • The best thing for Knicks’ fans was that Frank Ntilikina was back and he looked good. In the preseason I said he would be starting by December and I feel good about that after his 23 minutes, rendering Ron Baker and Ramon Sessions as inactives. He is more a 14 team guy.
  • Jarrett Jack became the starter and he was decent, but he is more a deeper league guy as well , as he is in danger of getting cut when Noah returns from suspension.
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. was still bad, but I am holding. Maybe, I’m too stubborn.

OKC (116) @ MIN (119)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  61.06Paul GeorgeF 100  OKCY38:212335421.500161.00042422.51.511.66-0.240.422.230.670.852.60-0.19
  140.63Steven AdamsC 89  OKCY31:402008101.800101.00042418.60.95-1.540.92-1.04-2.220.675.542.60-0.19
  210.42Carmelo AnthonyF 97  OKCY36:512312211.53315.85771422.31.51-0.47-1.39-0.560.000.671.631.381.00
  360.13Jerami GrantF 3  OKC 27:24602113.33361.00020211.0-1.66-1.54-1.39-
  390.06Russell WestbrookG 100  OKCY36:462718920.55618.75088534.52.25-0.470.922.852.23-1.292.61-1.15-7.36
  57-0.22Raymond FeltonG 1  OKC 13:43711110.7504.00000012.4-1.47-0.47-1.77-1.040.00-1.291.92-0.032.20
  86-0.61Patrick PattersonF 2  OKC 18:45313101.2504.0000009.1-2.21-0.47-1.01-1.04-2.220.67-1.40-0.032.20
  96-0.75Josh HuestisF   OKC 15:25313001.2005.00000314.4-2.21-0.47-1.01-1.53-2.220.67-2.19-0.032.20
  107-0.87Terrance FergusonG 1  OKC 2:42000010.0001.00000314.4-2.77-1.54-2.16-1.530.00-1.29-0.72-0.032.20
  111-0.89Andre RobersonG 4
Out for season
ruptured patellar tendon
  129-1.12Alex AbrinesG   OKC 8:28000000.0001.0000035.4-2.77-1.54-2.16-1.53-2.22-1.29-0.72-0.032.20
   0.00Totals    240:001168351989.50086.880251429
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  11.75Karl-Anthony TownsC 100  MINY36:0333119004.50024.88991432.83.37-0.475.14-1.53-2.226.531.242.701.00
  130.68Taj GibsonF 76  MINY36:271608321.66712.00002315.80.21-1.540.92-
  160.61Jimmy ButlerG 100
right knee injury
Est. Return 3/30/2018
INJ 13g
  65-0.28Andrew WigginsF 94  MINY36:281433122.33315.33331319.6-0.171.66-1.01-
  82-0.57Gorgui DiengC 35  MIN 11:57602000.66731.00020513.2-1.66-1.54-1.39-1.53-2.22-
  92-0.71Jeff TeagueG 92  MINY37:0817241010.50010.62586321.50.390.59-0.623.340.00-1.290.55-4.34-4.97
  93-0.71Nemanja BjelicaF 1  MIN 7:583110001.0001.0000005.1-2.21-0.47-1.77-1.53-2.22-1.290.94-0.032.20
  120-1.03Marcus Georges-HuntF   MIN 0:31000000.0000.000000 -2.77-1.54-2.16-1.53-2.22-1.290.06-0.032.20
  132-1.16Shabazz MuhammadG   MIN 11:32001000.0002.0000016.8-2.77-1.54-1.77-1.53-2.22-1.29-1.50-0.032.20
  144-1.31Jamal CrawfordG 10  MIN 13:24510000.2867.00002128.2-1.84-0.47-2.16-1.53-2.22-1.29-2.09-0.03-0.19
  145-1.32Tyus JonesG 2  MIN 10:21001200.0002.00002016.3-2.77-1.54-1.77-0.56-2.22-1.29-1.50-0.03-0.19
   0.00Totals    240:001198442357.48886.771351521

  • All of Steven Adams, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George scored 20 points or more. No one else got into double digits. That will be the case a lot this season.
  • Andre Roberson is very much out of favour, playing under ten minutes. He wasn’t a big fantasy guy anyway, but his minutes don’t look like they are coming back anytime soon.
  • Josh Huestis has replaced Terrance Ferguson in the rotation for now.
  • Jimmy Butler is back. Remember, don’t panic to start the season.
  • This will be my last reminder - drop Gorgui Dieng.

WAS (117) @ GSW (120)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  41.34Kelly Oubre Jr.F 41  WASY38:351948022.545111.00031413.60.772.720.92-1.532.232.621.431.941.00
  51.19Otto PorterF 97  WASY33:3329710211.68816.00030520.32.635.921.69-0.560.000.675.84-7.632.20
  300.26Marcin GortatC 77  WASY32:341804402.500161.00021021.60.58-1.54-0.620.42-2.222.620.851.291.00
  49-0.08Mike ScottF 1  WAS 24:021407100.57171.00062319.3-0.17-1.540.53-1.04-2.22-
  68-0.32John WallG 93
sore left knee
Est. Return 3/21/2018
INJ 11g
  77-0.46Jodie MeeksG   WAS 27:211023110.33312.00000217.7-0.910.59-1.01-1.040.00-1.29-2.67-0.032.20
  106-0.84Bradley BealG 100 
  134-1.16Tim FrazierG 3  WAS 12:39001610.0004.00003121.4-2.77-1.54-1.771.390.00-1.29-3.07-0.03-1.39
  137-1.20Ian MahinmiC 1  WAS 12:39203000.3333.00002215.3-2.40-1.54-1.01-1.53-2.22-1.29-0.62-0.03-0.19
  143-1.31Tomas SatoranskyF 26  WAS 5:32100000.0001.50020012.5-2.59-1.54-2.16-1.53-2.22-1.29-0.72-1.912.20
  00.00Markieff MorrisF 66  WAS 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:0011715413076.44397.727221421
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  21.61Kevin DurantF 100  GSWY38:4531411612.450201.00094228.33.002.722.071.390.002.62-0.625.89-2.58
  190.47Stephen CurryG 100  GSWY36:122035820.368191.00032224.40.951.66-0.242.362.23-1.29-3.161.94-0.19
  290.29David WestF 2  GSW 15:261604111.8899.00003231.50.21-1.54-0.62-
  400.05Kevon LooneyF   GSW 11:359050011.00041.00010314.6-1.10-1.54-0.24-1.53-2.220.673.580.632.20
  44-0.05Klay ThompsonG 100  GSWY31:111822302.42119.00001425.40.580.59-1.39-0.07-2.222.62-1.50-0.031.00
  55-0.19Omri CasspiF   GSW 13:09813111.6673.75041117.5-1.28-0.47-1.01-
  59-0.24Patrick McCawG 1
left wrist fracture
 GSW 15:50402111.6673.0000007.4-2.03-1.54-1.39-
  67-0.31Draymond GreenF 100 
  81-0.56JaVale McGeeC 2  GSW 9:16004111.0001.0000118.8-2.77-1.54-0.62-
  90-0.67Andre IguodalaG 16  GSW 31:05702400.6005.5002007.5-1.47-1.54-1.390.42-2.22-1.291.14-1.912.20
  108-0.88Zaza PachuliaC 3  GSWY13:07409100.2867.00001324.3-2.03-1.541.30-1.04-2.22-1.29-2.09-0.031.00
  113-0.89Nick YoungG 7  GSW 7:47003101.0003.00000114.8-2.77-1.54-1.01-1.04-2.220.67-2.28-0.032.20
  00.00Shaun LivingstonG 1  GSW 000000.0000.000000
  00.00Jordan BellF 6
left ankle
 GSW 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:00120105333713.48495.900201720

  • Some people are going to buy Otto Porter as a top 20 player. I am not. I would sell him immediately if someone offers you that sort of value back, but you can’t deny just how great he has been to begin the season.
  • Kelly Oubre has also been much improved, but with Markieff Morris set to return next week most likely, his upside is going to be capped. But, he still is worth a look if the Wizards take a while to get Morris back to full playing time, or, if Scott Brooks just decides to keep Porter and Oubre ahead of him. Oubre has been inconsistent though, so it isn’t like he is totally balling out every night.
  • Bradley Beal and Draymond Green were ejected in the first half.
  • Steve Kerr’s backup centre rotation is amoung the most fickle in the league and relying on that, or the backup shooting guards is going to be impossible.

TOR (101) @ LAL (92)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  150.62Pascal SiakamF 1  TORY24:581815120.80010.50020418.00.58-0.47-0.24-1.042.23-1.295.54-1.912.20
  180.51Kyle LowryG 100  TORY36:19113101220.28614.00001117.2-0.721.661.694.312.23-1.29-4.23-0.031.00
  260.31Serge IbakaF 91  TORY33:461808000.800101.00021414.40.58-1.540.92-1.53-2.22-1.295.541.291.00
  340.21Jakob PoeltlC 5  TOR 18:46707112.60051.00011314.0-1.47-1.540.53-
  64-0.28C.J. MilesF 8  TOR 25:12922012.3339.50020316.3-1.100.59-1.39-1.530.002.62-1.99-1.912.20
  71-0.41DeMar DeRozanG 100  TORY37:032405530.42921.66794132.31.70-1.54-0.240.904.45-1.29-1.40-3.69-2.58
  109-0.88O.G. AnunobyF 2  TOR 18:30711110.2508.66730121.4-1.47-0.47-1.77-1.040.00-1.29-2.87-1.252.20
  122-1.04Fred VanVleetG 11  TOR 13:15200410.2005.00002322.2-2.40-1.54-2.160.420.00-1.29-2.19-0.03-0.19
  127-1.10Delon WrightG 7  TOR 11:41201100.3333.00001113.8-2.40-1.54-1.77-1.04-2.22-1.29-0.62-0.031.00
  141-1.27Norman PowellF 5  TORY20:30301210.12581.00012321.5-2.21-1.54-1.77-0.560.00-1.29-4.530.63-0.19
  00.00Jonas ValanciunasC 86  TOR 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:0010174027124.43093.700201224
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  240.34Julius RandleF 84  LAL 23:411805311.7508.75081322.70.58-1.54-0.24-
  330.22Josh HartG 9  LAL 20:069040211.0004.50020310.6-1.10-1.54-0.62-1.532.230.673.58-1.912.20
  62-0.26Brook LopezC 77  LALY23:481305213.42914.50023232.5-0.35-1.54-0.24-0.560.004.58-0.91-1.91-1.39
  76-0.46Lonzo BallG 91
  79-0.55Larry Nance Jr.F 42  CLEY16:317021101.0003.50021412.5-1.47-1.54-1.39-1.040.00-1.292.70-1.911.00
  84-0.57Kyle KuzmaF 79  LAL 32:0015110100.50014.00004224.50.02-0.471.69-1.04-2.22-1.290.75-0.03-2.58
  85-0.61Corey BrewerF   LAL 22:11303301.0001.7504025.5-2.21-1.54-1.01-0.07-2.220.67-0.72-0.592.20
  104-0.83Kentavious Caldwell-PopeG 71  LALY27:54207200.2005.0000037.8-2.40-1.540.53-0.56-2.22-1.29-2.19-0.032.20
  136-1.20Jordan ClarksonG 69  CLE 13:521112000.364111.00024249.5-0.72-0.47-1.39-1.53-2.22-1.29-1.891.29-2.58
  142-1.28Tyler EnnisG   LAL 5:00002100.0003.00001034.9-2.77-1.54-1.39-1.04-2.22-1.29-2.28-0.031.00
  147-1.39Brandon IngramF 82  LALY23:27902100.3339.75043126.1-1.10-1.54-1.39-1.04-2.22-1.29-1.99-0.59-1.39
  00.00Isaiah ThomasG 92  LAL 000000.0000.000000
   0.00Totals    240:00923492076.45679.708242122

  • Pascal Siakam was great in another start, but has he done enough to remain in the rotation when Jonas Valanciunas returns? You’d have to think yes, but who else is going to miss out? He is a deep league guy at the moment.
  • Delon Wright, who had been fantastic to begin the season, played only 12 minutes, exclusively as a backup to Kyle Lowry, which is weird considering he played at the one, two , and three in the early games. He is not a strong hold, but he can still have value.
  • Julius Randle showed signs of life, scoring 18 points in 24 minutes, but Kyle Kuzma continues to play more and Larry Nance Jr. continues to start. Randle is fine to own and i]I’d own him over Nance, but probably not Kuzma, who had his first career double-double.
  • The Kentavious Caldwell-Pope inconsistency train rolled on. After two strong games, he scored two points. New city, same old KCP.
  • I love Josh Hart. I think he is getting all of Jordan Clarkson’s minutes by the end of the season (you should not own Clarkson in 12 team leagues, by the way) and Hart has a very high upside in dynasty leagues, especially if KCP is gone next season.