Box Scores

<October 2018>
ViewBKN 100@ DET 1037:00 pmFinalDET by 6.0 o/u 212.0BKN 103 @ DET 109
ViewMIL 113@ CHA 1127:00 pmFinalMIL by 3.0 o/u 221.5MIL 112 @ CHA 109
ViewMEM 83@ IND 1117:00 pmFinalIND by 7.5 o/u 205.0MEM 99 @ IND 106
ViewMIA 101@ ORL 1047:00 pmFinalMIA by 2.5 o/u 209.0MIA 106 @ ORL 103
ViewATL 107@ NYK 1267:30 pmFinalNYK by 3.5 o/u 217.0ATL 107 @ NYK 110
ViewCLE 104@ TOR 1167:30 pmFinalTOR by 13.0 o/u 215.0CLE 101 @ TOR 114
ViewNOR 131@ HOU 1128:00 pmFinalHOU by 8.0 o/u 232.5NOR 112 @ HOU 120
ViewMIN 108@ SAS 1128:30 pmFinalSAS by 2.5 o/u 212.0MIN 105 @ SAS 107
ViewUTA 123@ SAC 11710:00 pmFinalUTA by 8.5 o/u 205.0UTA 107 @ SAC 98
ViewDAL 100@ PHO 12110:30 pmFinalDAL by 2.5 o/u 213.0DAL 108 @ PHO 105
ViewDEN 107@ LAC 9810:30 pmFinalDEN by 2.0 o/u 224.0DEN 113 @ LAC 111

Central Standard Time


BKN (100) @ DET (103)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  160.61Jarrett AllenC 94  BKNY30:0917210004.60010.75042419.80.340.591.36-1.45-2.105.391.75-0.26-0.15
  280.41Caris LeVertG 52INJ 31g BKNY33:592704411.55618.87583231.32.17-1.47-0.660.440.000.462.022.02-1.23
  83-0.24Joe HarrisG 60  BKNY37:081316510.42914.00002218.7-0.39-0.440.010.910.00-1.19-0.920.01-0.15
  89-0.31Ed DavisF 7  BKN 17:368073101.0004.00012215.9-1.31-1.470.35-0.030.00-1.192.96-1.97-0.15
  91-0.34Spencer DinwiddieG 66  BKN 32:172304610.55618.60054132.51.44-1.47-0.661.380.00-1.192.02-2.24-2.30
  130-0.53Jared DudleyF   BKNY35:51103330.0005.5002057.1-2.59-1.47-1.00-0.034.20-1.19-3.32-1.402.00
  159-0.75D'Angelo RussellG 87  BKNY24:58812510.3339.50022120.6-1.31-0.44-1.340.910.00-1.19-1.78-1.40-0.15
  170-0.84Rodions KurucsF   BKN 10:37311100.5002.00001212.3-2.23-0.44-1.67-0.98-2.10-
  182-0.90Treveon GrahamG INJ 19g BKN 17:25002110.0002.0000147.5-2.78-1.47-1.34-0.980.00-1.19-1.310.010.92
    DeMarre CarrollF 16  BKN                       
    Shabazz NapierG   BKN                       
    Rondae Hollis-JeffersonF 65Q BKN                       
    Allen CrabbeG 39  BKN                       
   0.00Totals    240:001005392895.48882.682221723
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  370.26Blake GriffinF 100  DETY34:172618600.47117.818111026.91.99-0.440.681.38-2.10-1.19-
  450.13Andre DrummondC 100  DETY32:1224120201.47621.75044533.61.62-0.444.72-0.50-2.100.460.01-0.26-2.30
  600.00Zaza PachuliaC 1  DET 14:43607421.33361.00022524.4-1.68-1.470.350.442.100.46-1.181.15-0.15
  88-0.31Reggie JacksonG 63  DETY35:011922410.350201.00032126.90.700.59-1.340.440.00-1.19-3.531.72-0.15
  114-0.43Luke KennardG 3INJ 8g DETY19:21714001.6005.00001112.5-1.49-0.44-0.66-1.45-2.100.460.890.010.92
  129-0.53Glenn Robinson IIIF 1  DET 20:04400011.6673.0000108.1-2.04-1.47-2.01-1.450.000.460.820.010.92
  141-0.64Langston GallowayG 5  DET 33:00603100.40051.0002007.2-1.68-1.47-1.00-0.98-2.10-1.19-0.511.152.00
  143-0.66Ish SmithG 7  DET 28:451110300.45511.00001416.9-0.76-0.44-2.01-0.03-2.10-1.19-0.320.010.92
  190-0.96Zach LoftonG   DET 3:45000010.0001.00001021.6-2.78-1.47-2.01-1.450.00-1.19-0.650.010.92
  211-1.03Bruce BrownG   DETY18:52002101.0003.0000148.6-2.78-1.47-1.34-0.98-2.100.46-1.980.010.92
    Stanley JohnsonF 3  DET                       
    Reggie BullockF 9  DET                       
   0.00Totals    240:001036462155.42492.864221420
Josh Lloyd:
  • The Nets were short-handed, but Caris LeVert should remain starting and should remain very good. Make sure he isn't on your wire, please.
  • Spencer Dinwiddie also played over D'Angelo Russell, with Russell sitting the final 18 minutes of the game. I wouldn't overreact, but grabbing Dinwiddie is a solid move.
  • Jared Dudley played 36 minutes and I'm not sure what year it is.
  • No SVG means point guards can play normal minutes again. Reggie Jackson getting 35 minutes was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
  • Bruce Brown and Luke Kennard started as Reggie Bullock and Stanley Johnson were out, but didn't play like starters.
  • Langston Galloway's big minutes doesn't bode well for Kennard moving forward.
Kyle McKeown:


  • DeMarre Carroll could be out for as long as 4-6 weeks following arthroscopic ankle surgery; Rondae Hollis-Jefferson was held out as he nears his return from an offseason groin injury; Allen Crabbe was out with a preseason ankle injury but is also expected to return soon; and Shabazz Napier is nearing a return from a hamstring injury but was also out, opening up some extra minutes in this game that won't be there all season for several players. Carroll and Napier should be used off the bench when they return, but Hollis-Jefferson and Crabbe are expected to reclaim their starting spots once fully healthy.
  • With Hollis-Jefferson out, Jared Dudley was given the interim start at power forward and played an obtuse 36 minutes that will is unlikely to be duplicated again this season. While Dudley has a chance to be in the rotation most nights as RHJ''s backup at PF early this season, I wouldn't expect him to retain a spot in the rotation consistently this season. Coach Kenny Atkinson has other options he'll want to look at there whether it's Kenneth Faried, more Treveon Graham, or Dzanan Musa. Don't look at Dudley in anything beyond the deepest of leagues where it simply helps to have live bodies on the roster.
  • Caris LeVert played his ceiling of 34 minutes, and he looks poised to hold down a starting job all season regardless of who else is healthy. He should be rostered everywhere as he could finish the season as the Nets' leader in minutes, scoring, and assists if D'Angelo Russell doesn't finally iron out the wrinkles that still appear to be in his game.
  • Don't overreact to Russell's poor outing and low minutes, but it is disappointing to see him come out so cold on Opening Night with several rotation players out and the opportunity there for the taking.
  • Spencer Dinwiddie stepped up off the bench and put up a nice line, but his production and opportunity will likely become much less consistent when Crabbe and Napier return to the rotation. I'd only be adding Dinwiddie in deeper leagues or as a stream option to see where things go for the next couple games.
  • The same goes for goes for Joe Harris, the interim starter at shooting guard with Crabbe out. Leave Harris on the wire in most leagues. His opportunity will shrink a lot from the 37 minutes he played Wednesday as the Nets get healthy.


  • The Pistons' starting SG (Reggie Bullock - illness) and SF (Stanley Johnson - toe) were out, allowing Luke Kennard and Bruce Brown to make spot starts so coach Dwane Casey could keep his bench rotation together. Both Bullock and Johnson should return soon, and when they're healthy, Brown may not be in the rotation most nights early in the season, and Kennard will move to a more inconsistent bench role.
  • Reggie Jackson played a gargantuan 35 minutes after being limited to 30 or less minutes for most of his time under former coach Stan Van Gundy. If Jackson is available, he's definitely worth grabbing for points, threes, and some decent assists if available on the wire. See where this goes. The opportunity looks great.
  • Ish Smith and Langston Galloway played 29 and 33 minutes off the bench, essentially claiming the starter-level minutes that Bullock and Johnson left behind for the night, but Smith and Galloway will likely slide into roles closer to about 20 mpg most nights when the Pistons are healthy.

MIL (113) @ CHA (112)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  110.87Khris MiddletonF 99  MILY32:461939421.500141.00022321.50.701.621.020.442.100.460.481.15-0.15
  480.09Ersan IlyasovaF 16  MIL 29:001319200.6679.00000613.0-0.39-0.441.02-0.50-2.10-1.192.420.012.00
  510.07Eric BledsoeG 98  MILY33:321734301.53813.00002418.70.341.62-0.66-0.03-2.100.461.150.01-0.15
  530.03Brook LopezC 84  MILY21:271423110.57171.00042321.0-0.210.59-1.00-0.980.00-1.190.952.29-0.15
  93-0.34Donte DiVincenzoG 1INJ 3g MIL 22:04822110.5006.00001013.3-1.310.59-1.34-0.980.00-
  111-0.43Malcolm BrogdonG 75  MILY38:011023610.4449.00004314.3-0.940.59-1.001.380.00-1.19-0.380.01-2.30
  147-0.69John HensonF 4INJ 21g MIL 12:00406001.33331.00022120.5-2.04-1.470.01-1.45-2.100.46-0.581.15-0.15
  152-0.70Christian WoodF GLG MIL 4:573110001.0001.0000008.4-2.23-0.44-1.67-1.45-2.10-1.190.760.012.00
  196-0.98Giannis AntetokounmpoF 100  MILY34:4625018801.42921.583128541.21.80-1.474.052.32-2.100.46-1.39-5.90-6.61
  201-1.00Sterling BrownG GLG MIL 0:07000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  210-1.02Tony SnellG 1  MIL 11:20002100.0002.0000007.4-2.78-1.47-1.34-0.98-2.10-1.19-1.310.012.00
    Thon MakerC 1  MIL                       
    Pat ConnaughtonG 3  MIL                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011314572654.49485.750202125
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  41.25Kemba WalkerG 100  CHAY38:394172420.51729.80053037.74.745.75-1.340.442.10-1.191.680.31-1.23
  180.58Malik MonkG 17  CHA 33:351844212.43816.00000120.30.522.65-0.66-0.500.002.10-0.850.012.00
  65-0.05Nicolas BatumF 84  CHAY31:49517322.2508.00002113.4-1.86-0.440.35-
  77-0.17Cody ZellerC 18  CHAY21:065131101.00011.0002033.8-1.86-0.44-1.00-0.980.00-1.190.761.152.00
  103-0.40Jeremy LambG 55  CHAY20:481022110.36411.00000222.5-0.940.59-1.34-0.980.00-1.19-1.720.012.00
  113-0.43Marvin WilliamsF 31  CHAY25:51519104.2867.00021214.6-1.86-0.441.02-0.98-2.105.39-1.85-3.950.92
  133-0.56Tony ParkerG 5  CHA 19:48803700.5008.00002221.5-1.31-1.47-1.001.85-2.10-
  139-0.62Michael Kidd-GilchristF 6OUT CHA 21:381006101.5006.66761319.0-0.94-1.470.01-0.98-2.100.460.22-1.670.92
  145-0.67Willy HernangomezC 6  CHA 12:16905010.6005.60051328.5-1.13-1.47-0.33-1.450.00-1.190.89-2.240.92
  229-1.27Miles BridgesF 8  CHA 14:30100100.0001.5002128.5-2.59-1.47-2.01-0.98-2.10-1.19-0.65-1.400.92
   0.00Totals    240:0011216412189.44692.636221119
Josh Lloyd:
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo played 35 minutes, but he was in foul trouble at one point. Still, Budenholzer will be cautious at times. His percentages were rough, but everything else was nice.
  • It was interesting to see Donte DiVincenzo in the rotation ahead of Sterling Brown and Matthew Dellavedova. Deep leaguers should pay attention.
  • Huge minutes for Malcolm Brogdon, but he didn't do much with them. He is a peripheral standard league player.
  • Malik Monk is the big story here. I'd be fine with adding him in most leagues. He carried over his April form to October, which is a positive.
  • As for Jeremy Lamb, it wasn't good. Is Monk capping his value already?
  • The Hornets went small a lot with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist at centre. This isn't good for Willy Hernangomez, while Frank Kaminsky is out of the rotation.
Kyle McKeown:


  • The Bucks were healthy Wednesday, so we got a great look at what to expect from their rotation this season.
  • Malcolm Brogdon played a whopping 38 minutes as the starting SG, and he should be rostered in most leagues if that's the kind of opportunity coach Mike Budenholzer is planning on giving him. Brogdon won't put up great per-minute counting stats, but he should be efficient and a particularly great end-of-bench piece in rotisserie leagues thanks to his percentages.
  • Brook Lopez was good, but he only played 21 minutes as the starting center. If Lopez isn't going to play north of 25 mpg, he might struggle to be a consistently useful option in standard leagues.
  • Ersan Ilyasova played 29 minutes off the bench, and he's at least worth having on watch lists in case he gets 27-plus mpg most nights and finds his way into nice high-floor value.
  • Rookie Donte DiVincenzo appears to have the backup PG job. Matthew Dellavedova was on the bench all game.
  • Coach Budenholzer is going to lean on his starters for most of the minutes, but beyond the 38 minutes he gave Brogdon, no other starter played over 35 minutes, and the cap on the Bucks players' ceilings may be there.


  • The Hornets roster is healthy too, so also we got good look at what to expect from their rotation.
  • Kemba Walker kicked off the season with 39 minutes played, and coach James Borrego might end up playing him 36-38 mpg this season. Color me excited.
  • Jeremy Lamb started at SG but only played 21 minutes. A lot of people want to dump Lamb for Malik Monk, who played 34 minutes off the bench, and while Monk is absolutely worth grabbing as a flier to see where his minutes go, I am not panicking with Lamb in 12 teams leagues, and it'd take a really good player becoming availble in a 10-team league for me to consider discarding him. The Hornets ran some unique small lineups Wednesday, and that could easily lead to both Lamb and Monk retaining good value this season. Although it may be more likely that we'll see the Monk and the Lamb in a battle for each other's minutes all season long.
  • Where things got weird for the Hornets rotation was with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist getting minutes as the small-ball center even though the Bucks had Brook Lopez in the game. If MKG is going to play minutes as the backup center in some lineups, and Nicolas Batum is going to slide up to use PF minutes, that's going to put the squeeze on at least Cody Zeller and Willy Hernangomez's minutes at center, depressing both of their values.
  • If you took a flier on Miles Brdiges in standard leagues, he doesn't appear to have a big enough piece of the rotation carved out yet MKG taking one more kamikaze run for a consistent role on the Hornets.

MEM (83) @ IND (111)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  200.58Jaren Jackson Jr.F 78  MEM 25:181005131.33361.00060215.4-0.94-1.47-0.33-0.984.200.46-1.183.432.00
  350.30Marc GasolC 99  MEMY30:111326330.18211.87580021.7-0.390.590.01-0.034.20-1.19-4.522.022.00
  460.12JaMychal GreenF 5INJ 6g MEMY24:59917220.5717.00001214.5-1.13-0.440.35-0.502.10-1.190.950.010.92
  95-0.36Mike ConleyG 97  MEMY28:581122310.273111.00031120.8-0.760.59-1.34-0.030.00-1.19-3.121.720.92
  121-0.47Garrett TempleG 15  MEMY24:301240201.30813.00001425.8-0.582.65-2.01-0.50-2.100.46-
  140-0.62Chandler ParsonsF INJ 6g MEMY22:33601011.3339.00000318.0-1.68-1.47-1.67-1.450.000.46-1.780.012.00
  149-0.69Wayne Selden Jr.G   MEM 6:00510000.6673.00000022.6-1.86-0.44-2.01-1.45-2.10-1.190.820.012.00
  218-1.15Shelvin MackG 20  MEM 29:55303310.1258.50021314.9-2.23-1.47-1.00-0.030.00-1.19-3.92-1.400.92
  220-1.17MarShon BrooksG 1  MEM 22:04902100.2229.71470024.7-1.13-1.47-1.34-0.98-2.10-1.19-3.19-1.102.00
  222-1.19Dillon BrooksF 1INJ 27g MEM 6:17000000.0001.00001114.4-2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-1.19-0.650.010.92
  231-1.30Kyle AndersonF 61  MEM 19:15502100.3336.50022220.8-1.86-1.47-1.34-0.98-2.10-1.19-1.18-1.40-0.15
    Omri CasspiF   MEM                       
   0.00Totals    240:0083102816113.29884.82128718
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  310.34Cory JosephG 3  IND 28:171116312.7147.00002314.0-0.76-0.440.01-
  420.16Myles TurnerC 95  INDY20:22808104.5008.00001319.5-1.31-1.470.68-0.98-2.105.390.290.010.92
  440.15Bojan BogdanovicF 62  INDY27:061936000.77891.00023021.00.701.620.01-1.45-2.10-1.193.821.15-1.23
  86-0.28Victor OladipoG 100  INDY25:471635500.54511.50023325.50.151.62-0.330.91-2.10-1.191.08-1.40-1.23
  97-0.36Doug McDermottF 1  IND 24:241211110.5569.50020217.9-0.58-0.44-1.67-0.980.00-1.191.02-1.402.00
  98-0.37Tyreke EvansG 51  IND 23:341414600.50012.50021126.0-0.21-0.44-0.661.38-2.10-1.190.42-1.400.92
  122-0.47Thaddeus YoungF 63  INDY27:431008301.7147.00013216.6-0.94-1.470.68-0.03-2.100.462.36-1.97-1.23
  132-0.56Kyle O'QuinnC 5  IND 3:58203300.00001.0002029.8-2.41-1.47-1.00-0.03-2.10-
  134-0.57Domantas SabonisC 79  IND 28:3314015200.63611.00023323.0-0.21-1.473.04-0.50-2.10-1.192.49-3.95-1.23
  186-0.93Aaron HolidayG   IND 3:58310000.5002.00001133.4-2.23-0.44-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  189-0.95Edmond SumnerG GLG IND 3:51200000.5002.00000022.9-2.41-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  204-1.00T.J. LeafF  QRIND 0:58000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  233-1.43Darren CollisonG 74  INDY21:29001500.0005.00003416.4-2.78-1.47-1.670.91-2.10-1.19-3.320.01-1.23
   0.00Totals    240:0011110572927.56683.538132024
Josh Lloyd:
  • The Grizzlies were a mess. Shelvin Mack played 30 minutes. Yuck. Don't add him outside of deep leagues.
  • Kyle Anderson was very disappointing. I have to think that some of the reason for the low minutes is the heel injury he dealt with in preseason, as well as him now having the worst coach in the NBA. I'm holding, barely.
  • Marc Gasol dealt with a small injury, but he played on, so it's all okay, for now.
  • Playing Dillon Brooks just six minutes is a disgrace.
  • Myles Turner only played 20 minutes, but he blocked four and the rebounds are a nice surprise, but I still think you will be disappointed if you grabbed him in the top 50, due to Domantas Sabonis' presence.
  • The low minutes across the board, though, are due to just how big of a thumping this was.
Kyle McKeown:


  • The Grizzlies are likely going to be a point of contention in fantasy early this season as coach J.B. Bickerstaff figures out how to run his rotation. With this game being a blowout, we can't take too many long-term lessons from Wednesday's rotation, but we did learn some things.
  • Garrett Temple, Chandler Parsons, and JaMychal Green started, but none of their jobs are secure. Mike Conley and Marc Gasol are the only locked-in starters, and we should eventually see Kyle Anderson replace Parsons at SF and Jaren Jackson Jr........... replace Green at PF. Temple should also eventually move to a bench role, or completely out of the rotation. Dillion Brooks would be the obvious choice to start at SG and develop this season, but with MarShon Brooks, Wayne Selden, and Aaron Harrison all capable of playing at SG, we'll probably see Bickerstaff cycle through them all for different stretches.
  • Kyle Anderson only played 19 minutes off the bench. I'm worried, but I'm not dropping him yet anywhere unless some other manager in my league makes a drop I can't pass on claiming. One move I know I'd be comfortable making is adding Caris LeVert over Anderson if Anderson is your worst player. However, if I see someone drop Anderson in a league, I'll be trying to find a way to add him to my roster.


  • As stated above, this was a blowout game, so you don't want to try and draw too many conclusions from how the rotation played out.
  • Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis aren't expected to play together much this season, so don't expect Sabonis to get anywhere near 28 minutes most nights. Leave Sabonis on the wire. He's not the dragon I'd be chasing right now.
  • T.J. Leaf was in the game for less than one minute before he was forced to leave with a sprained ankle. Probably the most surprising thing is that he got on the court at all with the Pacers' frontcourt depth.

MIA (101) @ ORL (104)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  340.30Goran DragicG 91  MIAY32:542634401.64314.71473523.71.991.62-0.660.44-2.100.463.29-1.10-1.23
  590.00Hassan WhitesideC 93  MIAY33:3512018012.40015.00011219.0-0.58-1.474.05-1.450.002.10-1.59-1.970.92
  67-0.06Josh RichardsonF 93  MIAY37:352125311.381211.00033326.11.070.59-0.33-
  124-0.50Bam AdebayoC 9  MIA 22:00908210.4449.50021319.2-1.13-1.470.68-0.500.00-1.19-0.38-1.400.92
  131-0.56Tyler JohnsonG 35  MIA 23:46710010.4297.00000111.4-1.49-0.44-2.01-1.450.00-1.19-0.450.012.00
  156-0.72Rodney McGruderG 61  MIAY31:30823301.2229.66731313.9-1.310.59-1.00-0.03-2.100.46-3.19-0.830.92
  181-0.90Derrick JonesF   MIAY17:13512200.4005.00002615.8-1.86-0.44-1.34-0.50-2.10-1.19-0.510.01-0.15
  209-1.01Kelly OlynykC 24  MIA 15:25401000.25041.00021314.8-2.04-1.47-1.67-1.45-2.10-1.19-
  232-1.30Dwyane WadeG 17Q MIA 26:029011200.23113.75044228.0-1.13-1.471.69-0.50-2.10-1.19-4.46-0.26-2.30
    Wayne EllingtonG 14  MIA                       
    Dion WaitersG 2INJ 3g MIA                       
    James JohnsonF 38INJ 3g MIA                       
    Justise WinslowF 18  MIA                       
   0.00Totals    240:001019521645.39297.727221628
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  410.17Terrence RossG 49  ORL 25:32404424.2229.00001415.7-2.04-1.47-0.660.442.105.39-
  470.09Aaron GordonF 99  ORLY38:1826416200.50018.66764325.81.992.653.37-0.50-2.10-1.190.61-1.67-2.30
  68-0.09Mohamed BambaC 61  ORL 24:581317002.7508.00020114.3-0.39-0.440.35-1.45-
  85-0.27D.J. AugustinG 43  ORLY22:171111210.400101.00020119.6-0.76-0.44-1.67-0.500.00-1.19-
  137-0.59Jerian GrantG 3  ORL 25:42702120.4297.50021213.9-1.49-1.47-1.34-0.982.10-1.19-0.45-1.400.92
  154-0.71Jonathon SimmonsF 3  ORL 33:261205101.36411.66760416.4-0.58-1.47-0.33-0.98-2.100.46-1.72-1.672.00
  157-0.72Nikola VucevicC 96  ORLY28:071208410.33312.80054226.0-0.58-1.470.680.440.00-1.19-2.390.31-2.30
  158-0.74Jonathan IsaacF 55  ORLY18:08616100.5004.50021413.0-1.68-0.440.01-0.98-2.10-1.190.15-1.400.92
  215-1.09Evan FournierF 84  ORLY23:321302510.33315.50061431.8-0.39-1.47-1.340.910.00-1.19-2.99-4.220.92
   0.00Totals    240:001047512077.41594.613311225
Josh Lloyd:
  • Josh Richardson is on the wire in some leagues. Rectify that if it's yours.
  • Kelly Olynyk was a big disappointment after Erik Spoelstra went with a weird lineup, starring Rodney McGruder at power forward. When James Johnson returns, it could get worse for Olynyk.
  • Hassan Whiteside looked great, but so did Bam Adebayo, so if Miami ends up trading Whiteside at any point, Bam is a must-own player.
  • Jonathan Isaac battled foul trouble, hence his low minutes. It's going to be rocky, but he will be better than this.
  • Jerian Grant playing more than D.J. Augustin was something I thought would happen before the preseason, but it could just be one-game thing here. Monitor it, but neither guy has high upside.
  • You have to love what Mohamed Bamba brought, especially playing alongside Nikola Vucevic a bit. He is worth a grab.
  • Like Isaac, Evan Fournier had foul issues. He will be much better, I hope.
Kyle McKeown:


  • The Heat's tradtion from last season of having at least 3-4 players out every game seems to be in practice again this season. James Johnson (hernia), Dion Waiters (ankle), Justise Winslow (hamstring), and Wayne Ellington (ankle) were all out Wednesday, opening up a lot of minutes in the rotation that usually won't be there.
  • Josh Richardson lead the team in shot attempts, and that's one of the only takeaways from this game that I think has long-term implications. It appears the Heat are truly trying to get him to become more of a legitimate second or even first scoring option on offense.
  • Kelly Olynyk onlly played 15 minutes off the bench, and if that's all he can muster with four other players out, I wouldn't want to waste time with Olynyk in standard leagues.


  • The Magic are healthy, giving us a good look at their rotation Wednesday.
  • Aaron Gordon played 38 minutes, and if coach Steve Clifford is going to lean on Gordon for 34-plus mpg this season, the breakout many of us thought might be coming last season may finally be here for Gordon.
  • Jerian Grant came off the bench but played 26 minutes to starting PG D.J. Augustin's 22 minutes, and that positional battle will be one to watch to see if either player can stake their claim to 28-plus mpg nightly.
  • Mohamed Bamba should be on watch lists in case he finds his way into good production in even a limited bench role. I'm watching his role closely.
  • Jonathan Isaac only played 18 minutes, but I wouldn't overreact. If anyone drops him, be ready to grab him.

ATL (107) @ NYK (126)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  390.20Kent BazemoreG 75  ATLY30:161426021.50012.00002318.2-0.210.590.01-1.452.100.460.420.01-0.15
  63-0.04Omari SpellmanF 7  ATL 8:19713011.7504.00000118.9-1.49-0.44-1.00-1.450.000.461.560.012.00
  76-0.17Taurean PrinceF 88D ATLY32:192136600.467151.00046427.71.071.620.011.38-2.10-1.19-0.192.29-4.45
  119-0.45Jeremy LinG 10  ATL 13:42805110.50061.00022025.5-1.31-1.47-0.33-0.980.00-
  125-0.50Miles PlumleeC   ATL 9:227000001.00021.00030214.0-1.49-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-1.191.491.722.00
  126-0.51DeAndre' BembryF 4  ATL 23:19204420.2504.00002110.1-2.41-1.47-0.660.442.10-1.19-1.250.01-0.15
  138-0.61Vince CarterG 1  ATLY23:581222000.44491.00022519.5-0.580.59-1.34-1.45-2.10-1.19-0.381.15-0.15
  175-0.88Trae YoungG 90  ATLY33:081416500.35714.75044423.5-0.21-0.440.010.91-2.10-1.19-2.32-0.26-2.30
  178-0.89Tyler DorseyG   ATL 14:36603000.3758.00000221.6-1.68-1.47-1.00-1.45-2.10-1.19-
  183-0.91Alex LenC 20P ATLY21:26704201.5006.50023418.1-1.49-1.47-0.66-0.50-2.100.460.22-1.40-1.23
  187-0.94Alex PoythressF   ATL 20:43912010.5008.00013421.7-1.13-0.44-1.34-1.450.00-1.190.29-1.97-1.23
  191-0.96Kevin HuerterG 1  ATL 4:35003000.0001.0000008.6-2.78-1.47-1.00-1.45-2.10-1.19-0.650.012.00
  195-0.98Jaylen AdamsG GLG ATL 4:17001100.0001.0000009.2-2.78-1.47-1.67-0.98-2.10-1.19-0.650.012.00
    Dewayne DedmonC 50IN ATL                       
    John CollinsF 89P ATL                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010710451973.45690.833182430
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  21.36Tim Hardaway Jr.F 93  NYKY28:513136520.455221.00080233.02.901.620.010.912.10-1.19-0.664.572.00
  240.47Enes KanterC 90  NYKY27:1216011311.5569.85771217.90.15-1.471.69-
  560.01Frank NtilikinaG 7  NYKY33:38515131.2867.0000118.9-1.86-0.44-0.33-0.984.200.46-1.850.010.92
  66-0.06Allonzo TrierG 3  NYK 26:171514002.55691.00043019.5-0.03-0.44-0.66-1.45-
  71-0.13Noah VonlehF 17  NYK 16:22120103001.0005.50040115.4-0.58-1.471.36-0.03-2.10-1.193.69-2.812.00
  74-0.17Mario HezonjaG 29  NYK 19:141533130.42914.00013533.8-0.031.62-1.00-0.984.20-1.19-0.92-1.97-1.23
  108-0.42Trey BurkeG 7  NYKY20:341523400.54511.50022225.2-0.030.59-1.000.44-2.10-1.191.08-1.40-0.15
  151-0.70Ron BakerG   NYK 27:26204410.00031.0002248.0-2.41-1.47-0.660.440.00-1.19-1.981.15-0.15
  161-0.75Lance ThomasF INJ 12g NYKY15:30310001.5002.0000147.2-2.23-0.44-2.01-1.45-2.100.460.090.010.92
  173-0.87Mitchell RobinsonC 24  NYK 1:182000001.0001.00000028.7-2.41-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-1.190.760.012.00
  224-1.21Kevin KnoxF 34  NYK 23:381010021.25016.33332230.5-0.94-0.44-2.01-1.452.100.46-5.06-3.38-0.15
    Damyean DotsonG 8  NYK                       
    Emmanuel MudiayG 2  NYK                       
    Kristaps PorzingisF 53INJ 42g NYK                       
   0.00Totals    240:00126124621126.45599.774311523
Josh Lloyd:
  • Foul trouble killed Alex Len. He is still a hold.
  • Jeremy Lin playing just 14 minutes is a surprise though. If someone like Malik Monk, or heaven forbid, Caris LeVert, is available, I'd be okay dropping Lin.
  • A lot of minutes for Allonzo Trier. He is still a two-way guy, but Emmanuel Mudiay and Ron Baker are expendable on this roster, so he could be converted at any point. We do need to remember that Courtney Lee was out in the game as well, but there is no guarantee he remains on this roster all season.
  • Noah Vonleh looks like he has the backup centre role for the time being over Mitchell Robinson. He is someone in the Ed Davis mold - player to add for rebounds.
  • Kevin Knox struggled, but at least he played more than Lance Thomas.
  • This was the close to the Mario Hezonja performance taht had me interested in him in the offseason. He is still a borderline guy if David Fizdale is going to continue these nonsense lineups.
  • I'm a little surprised to see Trey Burke play only 21 minutes. I would still hold him, but Frank Ntilikina playing 34 minutes is interesting.
Kyle McKeown:


  • The Hawks had John Collins (ankle), Dewayne Dedmon (ankle), and Justin Anderson (leg) out.
  • Collins will start at PF when he returns, bumping Vince Carter to at least a backup PF role and maybe out of the rotation entirely. Dedmon may not reclaim the starting center job initially, but he'll certainly dig into Alex Len's value there when healthy. Justin Anderson should wiggle into the bench rotation at both forward spots when he returns.
  • Trae Young was exactly what we thought in his first game, inefficient, but he put up nice counting stats and played 33 minutes as the starting PG. It's extremely encouraging to see coach Lloyd Pierce giving his key starters over 30 mpg.
  • Kent Bazemore and Taurean Prince may be in line for more minutes than I expected under Pierce. Prince is already rostered, but Bazemore is certainly worth watching over the next few games to see if he continues to get extended minutes.
  • Alex Len was a streaming option coming into the week, so while I think he could have some nice games coming as long as Dedmon is out, Len is also a good candidate to drop if you need to pick up someone who is more guaranteed to have long-term value this season.


  • Courtney Lee (neck) was held out. He's apparently healthy now after missing all of the preseason, but coach David Fizdale sold some malarky about it not being right to just throw Lee into a game without letting him get some practices in. Lee may not even be a consistent part of the rotation, so speculation on his role may end up being much ado about nothing.
  • Chicken Fizzy said during the preseason that he probably wouldn't play anyone over 28 mpg this season, and he held everyone to that ceiling except Frank Ntilikina who played 34 minutes as the starting SF.
  • This game was a blowout of sorts, so it's hard to read too much into the Knicks' rotation. I'm reserving judgment on most things until we see how things unravel in their next game, but I'm not overly excited about any of the Knicks.
  • Ntilikina is worth a flier, and so is Trey Burke.
  • Allonzo Trier is worth a flier in deeper leagues to see what happens with him, but he's on a two-way deal and could get sent to the G-League as soon as his shot stops falling for a game or two.
  • Leave Noah Vonleh on the wire.
  • Kevin Knox is a drop candidate for the right player but can be held for a another couple games.
  • Enes Kanter did what we should expect from him. He gets a "thumbs up" emjoi.
  • Mitchell Robinson can be dropped if you took a flier on his blocks potential in standard leagues.

CLE (104) @ TOR (116)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  290.40Cedi OsmanF 22  CLEY33:0517210420.50010.83363119.10.340.591.360.442.10-1.190.350.88-1.23
  81-0.21George HillG 9INJ 5g CLEY31:271522700.45511.75041317.7-0.030.59-1.341.85-2.10-1.19-0.32-0.260.92
  117-0.45Rodney HoodG 26  CLEY26:191202110.385131.00020321.4-0.58-1.47-1.34-0.980.00-1.19-1.651.152.00
  123-0.49Jordan ClarksonG 37  CLE 23:091513000.46715.00000326.2-0.03-0.44-1.00-1.45-2.10-1.19-
  146-0.67Ante ZizicF 1  CLE 14:245032001.0002.5002028.1-1.86-1.47-1.00-0.50-2.10-1.191.49-1.402.00
  166-0.81Kyle KorverG 4P CLE 14:01310000.5002.0000015.8-2.23-0.44-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  176-0.88Sam DekkerF 1INJ 5g CLE 16:16406010.5002.50041111.9-2.04-1.470.01-1.450.00-1.190.09-2.810.92
  203-1.00David NwabaG 1  CLE 1:42000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  214-1.07Collin SextonG 44  CLE 17:43903000.28671.00054430.2-1.13-1.47-1.00-1.45-2.10-1.19-1.852.86-2.30
  227-1.25Tristan ThompsonC 61  CLEY27:053013100.2005.50024214.8-2.23-1.472.36-0.98-2.10-1.19-1.92-1.40-2.30
  228-1.25Kevin LoveF 93INJ 22g CLEY34:052117200.27818.714143532.31.07-0.440.35-0.50-2.10-1.19-4.99-2.21-1.23
    Larry Nance Jr.F 63  CLE                       
   0.00Totals    239:161047491740.40085.744391625
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  31.25Kyle LowryG 100  TORY35:352752811.83312.66733119.72.173.68-1.342.320.000.466.02-0.83-1.23
  210.55Danny GreenG 52  TORY32:451135022.4449.00000311.8-0.761.62-0.33-1.452.102.10-0.380.012.00
  500.09Pascal SiakamF 77  TORY19:571312201.7508.00000217.2-0.39-0.44-1.34-0.50-2.100.463.090.012.00
  82-0.23Serge IbakaF 90  TOR 27:11917123.20010.66762623.1-1.13-0.440.35-0.982.103.75-3.85-1.67-0.15
  90-0.33Kawhi LeonardF 100  TORY37:1524112200.40922.83363331.91.62-0.442.03-0.50-2.10-1.19-2.060.88-1.23
  102-0.40Jonas ValanciunasC 88  TORY20:246012300.3758.00000216.8-1.68-1.472.03-0.03-2.10-1.19-
  148-0.69Norman PowellF INJ 14g TOR 12:25510000.6673.00000410.4-1.86-0.44-2.01-1.45-2.10-1.190.820.012.00
  155-0.71O.G. AnunobyF 9QOUTTOR 17:32400010.6673.0000119.8-2.04-1.47-2.01-1.450.00-1.190.820.010.92
  172-0.86Fred VanVleetG 45  TOR 25:241412500.42914.33331427.6-0.21-0.44-1.340.91-2.10-1.19-0.92-3.380.92
  192-0.96Lorenzo BrownG   TOR 0:44001000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-1.67-1.45-2.10-
  207-1.00Malachi RichardsonG   TOR 0:25000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  230-1.29C.J. MilesF 1INJ 1g TOR 10:23311000.3333.00020316.0-2.23-0.44-1.67-1.45-2.10-1.19-0.58-3.952.00
    Delon WrightG 3  TOR                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011614442167.48992.600201029
Josh Lloyd:
  • Yeah, Cedi Osman is a must-own player. He benefitted marginally from Larry Nance Jr......... being out, but not really.
  • I also liked Geroge Hill. Collin Sexton is nowhere near ready, so Hill is solid as an add off the wire.
  • I love seeing 37 minutes for Kawhi Leonard. He wasn't 100 percent himself, but this should give you confidence if you grabbed him in your drafts.
  • Pascal Siakam stared and got in foul trouble. The Raptors are going to rotate that frontcourt a lot, but Siakam has some intriguing potential. He isn't a must-add, but he is someone to watch.
  • Danny Green was also free from the Gregg Popovich rotation shackles, and his defense alone makes him potentially worthwhile to add.
Kyle McKeown:


  • J.R. Smith (elbow) and Larry Nance (ankle) were out, but we still got a good look at what to expect from the Cavs rotation.
  • Cedi Osman is legit, and it showed in the box score with him playing 33 minutes and putting up nice across-the-board production. Congrats to everyone that drafted him this season. I'd like to express a personal thanks to Matt Smith for helping put a brighter spotlight on Osman's potential early in the projections process this season. Make sure Osman isn't sitting on any wires.
  • George Hill and Collin Sexton got a couple minutes on the court together, but Hill is the PG to roster from the Cavs. He played 31 minutes and should be grabbed anywhere he's available to see where this goes.
  • For really deep leagues, Sam Dekker is in the rotation over David Nwaba to begin the season.


  • Coach Nick Nurse said he was going to be experimental with his rotations this season, and it looks like he meant what he said. Beyond Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard, it would appear anyone could be used in the starting lineup on a given night. Danny Green also likely has a starting job most nights, but after him, we could see anyone else from the Raptors roster step into the starting lineup on a given night. On Opening Night, Pascal Siakam and Jonas Valanciunas started in the frontcourt with O.G. Anunoby and Serge Ibaka coming off the bench. While the Raptors could be unlocking a great strategic weapon by adpating to each opponent they face this season, it's going to create some awkwardness with several of their players' value.
  • Now that Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green are away from the strict minutes structure the Spurs like to hold their players to, we may see both players enjoy expanded opportunities this season. Leonard played 37 minutes after regularly being held to 33-34 mpg in San Antonio, and Green played 33 minutes after regularly being held to 26-27 mpg on the Spurs. Make sure you give Green a decent look as a potential pickup.
  • Anunoby left the game with a left orbital contusion, and it's unclear if he'll miss more time.
  • In general, I'm not going to want to try and figure out the Raptors frontcourt rotation all season with Ibaka, Valanciunas, Anunoby, and Siakam, so I'll generally let other people chase them in standard leagues while I look for less aggravation elsewhere.

NOR (131) @ HOU (112)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  12.43Anthony DavisF 100  NORY39:0732016833.61921.85771525.73.09-1.473.372.324.203.754.221.450.92
  120.85Nikola MiroticF 95  NORY29:5430610300.55020.66731129.92.724.721.36-0.03-2.10-1.192.08-0.830.92
  190.58Julius RandleF 93 LRNOR 23:492528300.60015.83360429.71.800.590.68-0.03-2.10-1.192.620.882.00
  300.37E'Twaun MooreG 57  NORY33:442113210.667121.00042518.71.07-0.44-1.00-0.500.00-
  84-0.27Jrue HolidayG 100  NORY38:161003820.41712.00003315.7-0.94-1.47-1.002.322.10-1.19-0.990.01-1.23
  105-0.41Elfrid PaytonG 72Q NORY36:52100101010.38513.00021316.2-0.94-1.471.363.260.00-1.19-1.65-3.950.92
  162-0.76Solomon HillF   NOR 12:02312100.3333.00000210.0-2.23-0.44-1.34-0.98-2.10-1.19-0.580.012.00
  184-0.92Cheick DialloF   NOR 1:35002000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-1.34-1.45-2.10-
  199-1.00Frank JacksonG   NOR 1:35000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  206-1.00Kenrich WilliamsG   NOR 1:35000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  217-1.10Darius MillerF 1  NOR 19:56000110.0002.0000228.0-2.78-1.47-2.01-0.980.00-1.19-1.310.01-0.15
  226-1.24Jahlil OkaforC   NOR 1:35000000.0000.00002050.7-2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
    Ian ClarkG 1  NOR                       
    Wesley JohnsonF   NOR                       
   0.00Totals    240:0013110543683.53198.773221225
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  130.77James HardenG 100  HOUY34:4318391031.40015.75044225.10.521.621.
  150.66Chris PaulG 100  HOUY32:211935620.50012.80051319.70.701.62-0.331.382.10-1.190.420.310.92
  230.48P.J. TuckerF 36  HOUY34:191942111.54511.75040215.60.702.65-1.34-0.980.000.461.08-0.262.00
  400.19Eric GordonG 74  HOU 29:212123100.500141.00050023.11.070.59-1.00-0.98-2.10-1.190.482.862.00
  100-0.39James EnnisF 16  HOUY24:43821010.4297.00000411.9-1.310.59-1.67-1.450.00-1.19-0.450.012.00
  120-0.46Clint CapelaC 99  HOUY26:11808101.4449.00001316.0-1.31-1.470.68-0.98-2.100.46-0.380.010.92
  150-0.69Michael Carter-WilliamsG   HOU 17:441014202.40010.50023332.8-0.94-0.44-0.66-0.50-2.102.10-1.05-1.40-1.23
  169-0.84Gerald GreenG 1IN HOU 10:28001011.0004.00000116.0-2.78-1.47-1.67-1.450.000.46-2.650.012.00
  202-1.00Gary ClarkF 2  HOU 1:35000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  208-1.00Isaiah HartensteinF   HOU 1:35000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  223-1.19Carmelo AnthonyF 43INJ  HOU 27:00914001.30010.50042421.4-1.13-0.44-0.66-1.45-2.100.46-2.45-2.81-0.15
   0.00Totals    240:0011216372187.42492.750241122
Josh Lloyd:
  • Elfrid Payton had the Ray Felton triple-double, but I'm more impressed with the 37 minutes. He needs to be owned.
  • E'Twaun Moore shot very well, and while he is a good shooter, he won't be this good. He is a stream guy, who will not continue at this level most nights.
  • P.J. Tucker is looking like a standard league player this season.
  • James Ennis and Carmelo Anthony are not. I would still hold Melo, but it may not last long.
  • This wasn't a great matchup for Clint Capela, and I imagine his minutes will increase next game.
Kyle McKeown:


  • Elfrid Payton posted a triple-double, but more importantly, he played 37 minutes, and Ian Clark wasn't in the rotation at all. I had some reservations about Payton, but with so many minutes seemingly waiting for him, he should be great this season. Make sure he isn't on your wire.
  • Anthony Davis is amazing. He didn't want anyone to lay claim to his fantasy basketball thrown for even one night. Outrageous performance with eight assists.
  • I'm not rushing out to grab E'Twaun Moore, but with the Pelicans running just an 8-man rotation, if that sticks, so could Moore's minutes.


  • There's nothing too surprising in the Rockets box score, but P.J. Tucker might be worth grabbing as a flier to see if his increased scoring is going to stick.

MIN (108) @ SAS (112)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  61.18Jeff TeagueG 89  MINY31:322721420.667121.00092227.12.170.59-1.670.442.10-
  140.73Jimmy ButlerG 100  PHIY31:362317341.39123.80051220.01.44-0.440.35-0.036.300.46-2.730.310.92
  520.05Andrew WigginsF 90  MINY37:272026310.444181.00022326.50.890.590.01-0.030.00-1.19-0.791.15-0.15
  550.03Gorgui DiengC 2  MIN 24:031205221.5008.66760421.0-0.58-1.47-0.33-0.502.100.460.29-1.672.00
  107-0.41Taj GibsonF 61  MINY26:576011000.7504.0000158.8-1.68-1.471.69-1.45-2.10-1.191.560.010.92
  128-0.53Karl-Anthony TownsC 100  MINY22:23819300.33361.00033621.9-1.31-0.441.02-0.03-2.10-1.19-1.181.72-1.23
  179-0.89Anthony TolliverF 1  MIN 19:03002200.0001.0000012.5-2.78-1.47-1.34-0.50-2.10-1.19-0.650.012.00
  197-1.00Derrick RoseG 81  MIN 30:31804200.250121.00021221.6-1.31-1.47-0.66-0.50-2.10-1.19-3.791.150.92
  219-1.15Tyus JonesG 3  MIN 16:28401100.2867.00001223.1-2.04-1.47-1.67-0.98-2.10-1.19-1.850.010.92
    Dario SaricF 80  MIN                       
    Robert CovingtonF 94  MIN                       
   0.00Totals    240:001086462092.42991.889271127
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  570.01Rudy GayF 63  SASY23:291817001.66712.50021324.10.52-0.440.35-1.45-2.100.463.22-1.400.92
  64-0.04LaMarcus AldridgeF 100  SASY41:3921019213.30423.700102228.81.07-1.474.38-0.500.003.75-5.53-1.94-0.15
  73-0.16Davis BertansF 3  SAS 17:50931200.7504.0000009.1-1.131.62-1.67-0.50-2.10-1.191.560.012.00
  80-0.21Bryn ForbesG 14  SASY30:021113220.400101.00022517.5-0.76-0.44-1.00-0.502.10-1.19-1.051.15-0.15
  87-0.28Marco BelinelliG 11  SAS 21:471024200.50061.00021114.7-0.940.59-0.66-0.50-2.10-
  92-0.34Pau GasolC 13Q SAS 22:41517600.25041.00021210.6-1.86-0.440.351.38-2.10-1.19-
  142-0.65Jakob PoeltlC 16  SASY7:52404200.5004.00000320.7-2.04-1.47-0.66-0.50-2.10-
  160-0.75DeMar DeRozanG 100  SASY38:112814400.47621.636113330.82.35-0.44-0.660.44-2.10-1.190.01-3.92-1.23
  171-0.85Patty MillsG 14  SAS 29:53622100.2867.00001210.9-1.680.59-1.34-0.98-2.10-1.19-1.850.010.92
  221-1.17Dante CunninghamF   SAS 6:36001100.0002.00001118.5-2.78-1.47-1.67-0.98-2.10-1.19-1.310.010.92
    Lonnie WalkerG 1INJ  SAS                       
    Derrick WhiteG 40  SAS                       
   0.00Totals    240:0011211522234.43093.724291222
Josh Lloyd:
  • Derrick Rose played 31 minutes. And was garbage. Welcome to 2018-19.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns was limited by foul trouble. He was also limited by Rose, Tom Thibodeau, and passivity. Jimmy Butler leaving will help, but it could be a disappointing season if this continues.
  • Gorgui Dieng is still good, but the minutes came because of Towns' foul trouble. Although, Taj Gibson isn't someone who should be playing 34 minutes a night, so perhaps Dieng can resurrect his value a bit.
  • Jakob Poeltl made the start, but three fouls in eight minutes doesn't get it done. The Spurs went small a lot more.
  • Bryn Forbes started at point guard and was serviceable, but he is more of a 14 team or 16 team guy. Both he and Patty Mills played 30 minutes.
Kyle McKeown:


  • Andrew Wiggins had a really nice game. I don't want to be too callous about him having a bounce back season, but if Wiggins gets off to a nice start to the season, I might be looking to unload him before a lull happens.
  • Karl Towns was in foul trouble, and that opened minutes for Gorgui Dieng that usually won't be there.
  • Taj Gibson looks like his minutes could be reduced this season with coach Tom Thibodeau having another veteran he can trust at the position in Anthony Tolliver.
  • Derrick Rose played 30 minutes, and as gag-inducing as his production can be, Rose may have a lot of opportunity to at least provide cheap scoring this season.


  • LaMarcus Aldridge played 42 minutes, and DeMar DeRozan played 38 minutes. That's overload for the Spurs, but it's possible coach Gregg Popovich simply sees the writing on the wall this season and realizes he may have to let his work horses play huge minutes in order to survive the Western Conference. It'll be interesting to see how minutes get doled out for Aldridge and DeRozan in the next game.
  • Bryn Forbes and Patty Mills will likely continue to play big minutes with Derrick White and Lonnie Walker out, but neither Forbes or Mills are guaranteed to offer consistent production despite the opportunity.
  • Jakob Poeltl started at center, and that's a good indication that his ceiling has a little extra height this season, but he played just eight minutes Wednesday and collected three fouls.
  • Rudy Gay had a nice game, but he only played 24 minutes, and I have concerns that Gay will be the next SF Popovich decides to limit to around 27 mpg for no good reason. If Gay isn't playing 29-plus mpg, his value is going to be a lot less consistent than I think a lot of people expect.

UTA (123) @ SAC (117)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  81.11Joe InglesF 92  UTAY35:132241640.75012.00005320.61.252.65-1.671.386.30-1.194.620.01-3.38
  101.00Rudy GobertC 100  UTAY37:1619015003.77891.00052315.10.70-1.473.04-1.45-2.103.753.822.86-0.15
  360.28Alec BurksG 2  UTA 17:591333410.57171.00021121.0-0.391.62-1.000.440.00-1.190.951.150.92
  78-0.17Donovan MitchellG 100  UTAY36:122433220.38121.83364532.51.621.62-1.00-0.502.10-1.19-2.790.88-2.30
  99-0.37Jae CrowderF 60  UTA 33:131325000.4005.77890211.5-0.390.59-0.33-1.45-2.10-1.19-0.510.042.00
  112-0.43Derrick FavorsF 57  UTAY23:331809101.8758.50082124.40.52-1.471.02-0.98-2.100.464.49-5.63-0.15
  168-0.83Dante ExumG 2  UTA 26:071314400.4449.57171121.3-0.39-0.44-0.660.44-2.10-1.19-0.38-3.650.92
  185-0.93Ricky RubioG 91  UTAY21:52102410.00041.00012312.5-2.59-1.47-1.340.440.00-1.19-2.650.58-0.15
  200-1.00Georges NiangF   UTA 1:59000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  225-1.22Royce O'NealeF   UTA 6:36002000.0004.00000025.8-2.78-1.47-1.34-1.45-2.10-1.19-2.650.012.00
   0.00Totals    240:0012313442184.51979.737381719
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  170.59Nemanja BjelicaF 58  SACY27:091828210.66712.00000219.00.520.590.68-0.500.00-
  220.52Willie Cauley-SteinC 85  SACY38:252307412.66715.50060219.71.44-1.470.350.440.002.104.02-4.222.00
  380.22De'Aaron FoxG 89  SACY37:302104730.50016.71473525.31.07-1.47-0.661.854.20-1.190.55-1.10-1.23
  94-0.35Yogi FerrellG 1  SACY30:181221100.42971.00041213.8-0.580.59-1.67-0.98-2.10-1.19-0.452.290.92
  96-0.36Justin JacksonF 1  SAC 30:30802120.40010.00000214.1-1.31-1.47-1.34-0.982.10-1.19-
  115-0.43Buddy HieldG 87  SACY31:501916111.50018.00014630.20.70-0.440.01-0.980.000.460.61-1.97-2.30
  144-0.67Marvin Bagley IIIF 63  SAC 12:07605000.5006.00000221.2-1.68-1.47-0.33-1.45-2.10-
  165-0.81Frank Mason IIIG 1  SAC 4:59310000.5002.00000017.2-2.23-0.44-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  174-0.88Iman ShumpertG 3  SAC 17:34513000.2867.00000217.1-1.86-0.44-1.00-1.45-2.10-1.19-1.850.012.00
  194-0.98Harry GilesF 3  SAC 9:38201100.5002.00001413.4-2.41-1.47-1.67-0.98-2.10-
    Bogdan BogdanovicG 59  SAC                       
   0.00Totals    240:001177371783.51695.66718927
Josh Lloyd:
  • Dante Exum outplayed Ricky Rubio. Last year, Rubio struggled to begin and flew home, but now with Exum in the mix, is he in trouble again? I'm still holding, but it will be something to watch as the season progresses.
  • I thought in the offseason that we would see Jae Crowder play more than Derrick Favors often and that is what happened today. Crowder is still a fringe fantasy guy, but so too is Favors.
  • Nemanja Bjelica looked solid starting, but I do not trust the Kings' lineups. They changed their starting lineup twice today, and both of those were different from what was expected a few days ago.
  • I don't think you should be rostering Marvin Bagley III or Harry Giles III. They will be better than this, but Joerger hates young guys, and they are young guys.
  • Huge nights from Buddy Hield and De'Aaron Fox. They could be on the wire, and they shouldn't be.
Kyle McKeown:


  • Rudy Gobert played 37 minutes, and if he can stay healthy this season, I think he may be in line for more minutes than most are expecting.
  • Derrick Favors put up a nice line, but he only played 24 minutes, and that's going to limit his ceiling.
  • Dante Exum played 26 minutes to Ricky Rubio's 22, and I am a little concerned. Yes, Rubio has a habit of getting off to slow starts, but Exum is also kind of viewed as the Jazz's backcourt partner of the future for Donovan Mitchell, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see Exum at least occasionaly carve deep into the heart of Rubio's minutes this season.


  • Coach Dave Joerger is probably going to shock and amaze us with a different starting lineup often this season, and that will be endlessly frustrating, but he did some very lovely things Wednesday. While I may not agree with whom received the minutes, Joerger at least gave big minutes to several players and made them fantasy relevant, even if just for one night in the Dave Joerger NBA Cabaret.
  • Willie Cauley-Stein played 38 minutes, and with that opportunity seemingly possible, he should be rostered. Pitfalls certainly remain with several other players expected to demand more frontcourt minutes as the season wears on, but we can't ignore a starting center potentially getting 38 mpg.
  • And the same can all be said for De'Aaron Fox. He played 37 minutes and needs to be rostered if he happens to be sitting on any wires.
  • The Pizza Man, Nemanja Bjelica (Bee-Uh-Leet-za), get the start at PF and had a nice showing. I like him and think he should get 28 mpg between SF and PF this season, but I am also worried that Joerger will continue to burn money by often giving unwarranted minutes to Justin Jackson over Bjelica. Belly is worth a flier, especially in deeper leagues.
  • It was good to see Buddy Hield begin the season in the starting lineup. Let's all put out good vibes to try and will that into a permanent reality.
  • Yogi Ferrell could be a decent stream option for a couple weeks if he keeps getting big minutes while Bogdan Bogdanovic (knee) remains sidelined, but I'm not too excited about Yogi.
  • Neither Marvin Bagley nor Harry Giles played the minutes I was expecting. They should see more run going forward, but it's hard to say how much and when.

DAL (100) @ PHO (121)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  270.42Dorian Finney-SmithF 3  DALY30:211223103.57171.00020211.8-0.580.59-1.00-0.98-2.103.750.951.152.00
  330.32DeAndre JordanC 97  DALY30:3111012111.55691.00010514.0-0.76-1.472.03-0.980.000.461.020.582.00
  490.09Dwight PowellF 6Q DAL 17:291605011.7508.66760127.60.15-1.47-0.33-1.450.000.463.09-1.672.00
  72-0.15Wesley MatthewsG 49D DALY34:211522510.40010.83362019.3-0.030.59-1.340.910.00-1.19-1.050.88-0.15
  75-0.17J.J. BareaG 11  DAL 20:399131010.3758.66731122.7-1.13-0.44-
  79-0.18Dennis Smith Jr.G 82  DALY27:551312530.31619.00001232.5-0.39-0.44-1.340.914.20-1.19-
  104-0.40Maxi KleberF 2  DAL 16:458220001.0003.00001110.8-1.310.59-1.34-1.45-2.10-
  164-0.80Jalen BrunsonG   DAL 19:07311100.3333.0000017.1-2.23-0.44-1.67-0.98-2.10-1.19-0.580.012.00
  177-0.89Ryan BroekhoffF   DAL 3:59310000.3333.00000034.2-2.23-0.44-2.01-1.45-2.10-1.19-0.580.012.00
  198-1.00Ray SpaldingF GLG DAL 0:54000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
  216-1.09Devin HarrisG  OUTDAL 6:12000100.0002.00000014.6-2.78-1.47-2.01-0.98-2.10-1.19-1.310.012.00
  235-1.61Luka DoncicG 94IN DALY31:471008400.31316.00024329.8-0.94-1.470.680.44-2.10-1.19-3.66-3.95-2.30
    Dirk NowitzkiF 32INJ 5g DAL                       
    Harrison BarnesF 85  DAL                       
   0.00Totals    240:0010010382875.43288.70020916
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  51.23Trevor ArizaF 66OUT PHOY37:012158710.583121.00020215.91.073.680.681.850.00-1.191.821.152.00
  71.12Devin BookerG 100  PHOY33:273564700.63219.83363433.63.644.72-0.661.85-2.10-
  91.03Deandre AytonC 96  PHOY36:2918010611.727111.00020214.90.52-1.471.361.380.000.463.891.152.00
  540.03T.J. WarrenF 71  PHO 23:451731120.417121.00043332.20.341.62-1.67-0.982.10-1.19-0.992.29-1.23
  69-0.11Josh JacksonF 19  PHO 28:231832301.63611.50023123.90.521.62-1.34-0.03-2.100.462.49-1.40-1.23
  106-0.41Isaiah CanaanG 3  PHOY33:34826700.30010.00001415.0-1.310.590.011.85-2.10-1.19-2.450.010.92
  135-0.58Tyson ChandlerC 9  LAL 11:31005010.0000.000004 -2.78-1.47-0.33-1.450.00-
  163-0.80Ryan AndersonF 2  PHOY24:01207300.2504.0000109.5-2.41-1.470.35-0.03-2.10-1.19-
  180-0.90Elie OkoboG 1GLG PHO 7:30200100.5002.00000212.2-2.41-1.47-2.01-0.98-2.10-
  193-0.96Troy DanielsG   PHO 4:08001000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-1.67-1.45-2.10-
  205-1.00Mikal BridgesF 3  PHO 0:11000000.0000.000000 -2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-
    Richaun HolmesF 2  PHO                       
   0.00Totals    240:0012119443552.54381.875161122
Josh Lloyd:
  • The Mavs got killed, and not a lot stood out from a fantasy point of view. But, it is important to note the final score when looking at Luka Doncic and Dennis Smith's minutes.
  • Wes Matthews led the team in minutes with 34, so hopefully, there are better days to come.
  • Trevor Ariza will not shoot like this, but he is someone to consider grabbing/ .I'd prioritize him behind Osman or even Monk as I know 70 percent shooting won't stick.
  • Isaiah Canaan started at point guard and was solid. The 31 minutes were a surprise, but I don't think that will be a nightly occurrence.
  • If T.J. Warren is hitting threes, his value spikes, especially with Ryan Anderson remaining terrible. It should be obvious that Anderson isn't a 12 team guy.
  • I don't think Josh Jackson is worth a 12 team roster spot either. His minutes will be crunched by Warren and now Canaan.
Kyle McKeown:


  • Luka Doncic had a rough game, but he still played 32 minutes, took the second-most shots on the team, and collected eight rebounds and four assists. Fear not, and if he is available on a discount, I'd try to buy him from a concerned owner.
  • Jalen Brunson getting 19 minutes was a bit of a surprise. He looked confident, although too passive.
  • Harrison Barnes (hamstring) was out but is expected to return soonish.


  • Devin Booker had a broken hand? Who knew? He may never be a good source of defensive stats, but Booker isn't even 22 yet and is UNSTOPPABLE as a scorer from pretty much anywhere within a half mile of a basketball hoop, or any hoop-shaped object for that matter.
  • Deandre Ayton played 37 minutes, and I think I need to go to the doctor because I just experienced a hot-flash at the age of 35. If Ayton is going to play that many minutes regularly, he'll essentially be guaranteed to be a second-round player this season. Great googily moogily. Congrats to anyone who drafted him.
  • Trevor Ariza played 37 minutes, and while he may have just had his best game of the season, it's also possible that we just saw an example of how Ariza is going to be asked to do a little more on the Suns than he was on the Rockets. Make sure he isn't sitting on your wire.
  • Isaiah Canaan is an interesting flier, but I don't trust his long-term value at all.
  • Josh Jackson is a decent flier, too, but his production could be erratic to begin the season, so I'd be careful about who I drop if considering adding him.

DEN (107) @ LAC (98)

OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  250.45Will BartonG 82INJ 12g DENY34:461935202.500121.00042218.70.701.62-0.33-0.50-
  320.32Nikola JokicC 100  DENY33:322118511.46213.800102423.81.07-0.440.680.910.000.46-0.250.61-0.15
  580.00Juan HernangomezF 5  DEN 15:03516111.6673.0000018.2-1.86-0.440.01-0.980.000.460.820.012.00
  70-0.12Gary HarrisG 96  DENY34:252003200.375161.00080323.40.89-1.47-1.00-0.50-2.10-1.19-2.264.572.00
  109-0.42Monte MorrisG 17B DEN 16:23712410.3339.00000022.6-1.49-0.44-1.340.440.00-1.19-1.780.012.00
  118-0.45Paul MillsapF 92  DENY30:1911016011.1437.750122219.4-0.76-1.473.37-1.450.000.46-3.25-0.80-0.15
  136-0.58Trey LylesF 15  DEN 18:471007010.5006.66761221.1-0.94-1.470.35-1.450.00-1.190.22-1.670.92
  153-0.70Jamal MurrayG 98S DENY31:38715310.25012.00001216.9-1.49-0.44-0.33-0.030.00-1.19-3.790.010.92
  167-0.82Mason PlumleeC 2  DEN 13:22203203.3333.00021515.0-2.41-1.47-1.00-0.50-2.103.75-0.58-3.950.92
  188-0.94Malik BeasleyG   DEN 11:45511100.3336.00001124.5-1.86-0.44-1.67-0.98-2.10-1.19-
    Isaiah ThomasG 45INJ 9g DEN                       
   0.00Totals    240:001078562068.37987.786421022
OwnRankValueNamePosY!%InjInj gTeamstartminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatopfUSGpV3VrVaVsVbVfg%Vft%VtoV
  260.42Tobias HarrisF 99  LACY40:3119210103.46213.83362418.70.700.591.36-0.98-2.103.75-0.250.88-0.15
  430.15Boban MarjanovicC 10  LAC 17:511808000.75081.00062330.50.52-1.470.68-1.45-2.10-
  61-0.03Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderG 57  LAC 28:121102411.83361.00013114.4-0.76-1.47-1.340.440.000.463.020.58-1.23
  62-0.04Danilo GallinariF 82  LACY33:531648100.385131.00021618.90.152.650.68-0.98-2.10-1.19-1.651.150.92
  101-0.39Lou WilliamsG 92  LAC 24:251421500.40010.80051423.3-0.210.59-1.670.91-2.10-1.19-1.050.310.92
  110-0.42Montrezl HarrellF 76  LAC 16:19605102.25081.00020323.4-1.68-1.47-0.33-0.98-2.102.10-2.521.152.00
  116-0.45Marcin GortatC 20  LACY18:10606200.6005.00000311.8-1.68-1.470.01-0.50-2.10-1.190.890.012.00
  127-0.52Avery BradleyG 5Q LACY27:56802012.40010.00002218.5-1.31-1.47-1.34-1.450.002.10-1.050.01-0.15
  212-1.06Patrick BeverleyG 21  LACY19:31004601.0008.00001519.8-2.78-1.47-0.661.38-2.100.46-5.320.010.92
  213-1.07Mike ScottF   LAC 3:59000000.0001.00000010.8-2.78-1.47-2.01-1.45-2.10-1.19-0.650.012.00
  234-1.48Luc Mbah a MouteF INJ 2g LAC 9:13001110.0005.00020127.4-2.78-1.47-1.67-0.980.00-1.19-3.32-3.952.00
   0.00Totals    240:00988472139.40287.833241232
Josh Lloyd:
  • Jamal Murray's shot wasn't there, like the beginning of last season, so see if you can throw a buy-low offer at his owner. Last season, many people were sucked in.
  • Trey Lyles was solid, but that sort of playing time and production isn't enough for 12 team leagues to bother with him.
  • Boban Marjanovic seems to always kill the Nuggets. He did it again. I am not adding him outside of deep leagues. We have seen this story so many times before.
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander looks great. He looks like he could hurt Lou Williams, Avery Bradley, and Patrick Beverley.
  • As for Beverley, foul trouble limited him, but Shai is gunning for his minutes, so if you have a free agent to add, I'd consider dropping Bev. I'd drop Bradley first, though.
  • Oh, and Marcin Gortat is a 16 team guy at best.
Kyle McKeown:


  • Nothing surprising happened for the Nuggets, which makes sense with them returning largely the same roster.
  • Isaiah Thomas remains out as he continues to rehab from hip surgery.
  • I was worried that Jamal Murray would just role into this season and slide into his role as the in-kind scorer with Gary Harris and Will Barton behind Nikola Jokic, and it appears that will likely be the case. Murray will still be what we thought, but any hope of a breakout or considerable growth this season is unlikely with the rest of the talent on the roster.


  • Tobias Harris and Danilo Gallinari are going to have tons of opportunity on the Clippers this season, but everyone else on the roster may have their minutes shuffled on a nightly basis.
  • I was never on the Montrezl Harrell train, and after seeing coach Doc Rivers turn to Boban Marjanovich on Opening Night for matchup reasons, I'm completely out the door on Harrell.
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander played a salivating 28 minutes, while Lou Williams played just 24, Patrick Beverley played 20, and Avery Bradley played 28. If someone makes you a decent offer for Williams, I'd strongly consider it. Williams' minutes were bloated last season because the Clippers had so many injuries. Now they have too much depth, and everyone is going to get squeezed.